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Chapter 1: Islamic Virus
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Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected
Chapter 1: Islamic Virus

Part 1, 2

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected
Islam, the Big Lie; Muslims, the Sheeple!
2 Parts
Part 1: Islamic Virus
Ahreeman X
December 18, 2013

The Allahic Virus of Islam
Warning: Highly Contagious!

Islam is a Disease Chapters Index
Chapter I. Islamic Virus
Chapter II. Islamic Facts


I am the voice of millions of Iranians inside Iran or scattered around the globe in exile; you American Liberals with your “Political Correctness” cannot silence us!

I can prove in a court of Law via evidence, documents and proof that Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected! Surprised? Well, allow me to inform and enlighten you.

At the end of this document, I will bring forward 10 important facts about Islam and Muslims which the “American Liberal Biased Media” and the “Politically Correct American Liberals” do not want you to know! The Holy Muslim Clerics, the Ayatollahs and Imams would also hate you to be aware of these facts. They do anything to avoid you from learning these facts. Please comprehend that these are not opinion but they are facts.

Below, I will prove that Islam is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology. Islam is the most inhuman and the most dangerous and bloodthirsty political ideology of them all, simply because it is posing as a religion and as we are aware, religion can be used as a powerful tool in the hands of the controllers to control the herds of the uninformed, the illiterate, the obedient followers and the Sheeple (Sheep People) to blindly follow this inhuman ideology. Majority of Muslims have not even read the Quran or Hadith (their holy books), yet they are ready to kill for Islam! They are ready to kill for a slight criticism or an insult to Islam, yet they have no clue about the history of Islam or biography of Muhammad and other Islamic Saints (Rashidun Caliphs)!

Allah blesses Hitler!
Good Muslim Women’s Protest Placard reads:
God Bless Hitler!

Islam is an inhuman political ideology far worse than Nazism, Fascism and Communism. In comparison to each other, considering each one’s in its own time period and historical era, Muhammad was a far worse mass murderer than Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin combined, simply because Muhammad destroyed complete civilizations and cultures while the three others have never been able to do!

Existence of Good Muslims does not Justify that Islam is Good!

In WWII there existed good Nazi Germans but that did not provide justification for the Nazi Ideology to be good in nature, on the contrary the Nazi ideology was one of the most inhuman ideologies in the history of humanity.

Just because there exists good Muslims, that does not automatically justify that Islam is good in nature! In fact Islam is the most inhuman political ideology in the history of the Earth which poses as a religion!

On the contrary, these so-called “Good Muslims” and “Moderate Muslims” are not even “True Muslims”, simply because they do not follow the words of Quran, Hadith and Muhammad. They are misguided Muslims and actually they are not even considered Muslims by the True Muslims!

The True Muslims and the true followers of Muhammad are IRI, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Islamist Jihadists and the Terrorists. The True Muslims are Mullahs of Iran, IRGC, Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO and what the Western Liberals call “Islamist Fundamentalists”!

What is True Islam?

Islam does not have 3 faces of Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist! Islam only has one face and that is the true Islam in accordance to the teachings of Muhammad and words of Quran. The only Islam is the true Islam and the true Islam is what the Western Liberals refer to as the “Fundamentalist Islam”, the “Political Islam” or the “Radical Islam”.

No Islam – No Allah
No Allah Sign (English)
No Allah Sign (Arabic)

Islam in its nature is a political and a radical fundamentalist ideology. What is preached by the American Liberals and the Western Liberals as “Islam, Religion of Peace” and the “Moderate Muslims” are nothing but myths and “politically correct rubbish” fantasies created out of Liberal Rectums! There are no truth and reality to these terms!

To believe in “Islam, Religion of Peace” and the “Moderate Muslims” defies and contradicts the “History of Islam” which is decorated with blood and can be symbolized with only one logo, a “Blood Drenched Islamic Scimitar”!

Scimitar, the True Flag of Islam (Islamic Tolerance Flag)
In the Ideal Global Islamic Caliphate,
Islam offers the Non Muslims, 3 Choices:
a) Convert to Islam.
b) Pay High Taxation and live under the domination of Islam.
c) Be beheaded by the sword of Islam!
The choice is yours? What will it be infidel?

“Islam, Religion of Peace” and the “Moderate Muslims” are garbage terms created in Washington DC by the American Liberals, Islamist Apologists and the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Lobbyists.

These terms are repeatedly preached by Marxist Islamists such as Hussein Obama, American Liberals and IRI Lobby Groups such as NIAC, AIC and PAAIA. They assume if you keep on repeating something, then eventually it becomes true! They assume if they keep on misguiding the American people about the true nature of Islam and Muslims, and they keep on trying to sell Islam and Muslims as the “American Mainstream”, then eventually Islam and Muslims will become a part of the American Pop Culture and they become Hip!

Allah blesses Obamas!
Left: Closet Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama wearing a traditional Muslim Turban and Somali Garb during a visit to Kenya, near the Somali border, Africa.
Right: Closet Black Militant Marxist, Michelle Obama wearing a traditional Muslim Hijab Scarf during a visit to a Mosque in Indonesia, Asia.

Well, read my lips, No matter how they propagated it, Nazism did not become a part of the American mainstream culture and neither will Islam ever become a part of the American Democratic Mainstream Culture and nor will Muslims ever become hip! American “Political Correctness” is nothing but a Liberal Disease!

Liberalism and Islamism go Hand in Hand!

Liberals often bend over backwards for Islamists and Muslims! They would even flip over and tumble for Islamists! If they will be allowed, then Liberals would even roll over, bark and play tricks to satisfy the Islamists and Muslims! … Good Liberals, good boys … now can you jump through the hoops?!

Western Liberals due to misinformation and ignorance go hand in hand with Islamists! Are you puzzled? Allow me to elaborate and get you out of the obscurity and the haze!

Majority of the Westerners are ignorant about the history of Islam and that is why they scream “Political Correctness” and “Hate Speech” when an “Expert on Islam” reveals the truth about Islam!

Today’s America and Iran are both under the occupation of Islam! America is under the occupation of Islam because the US president is a Kenyan Muslim, a closet Muslim who got in the office by the combine efforts of the Islamists and Liberals. Hussein Obama became president, financed by the Saudi Arabian money and American Media, Hollywood, Corrupt Labor Unions and Academia’s money and efforts.

In today’s America there is a combine effort of selling “Islam” to the American public as “Islam the Religion of Peace.”; furthermore, to get Islam in to the mainstream of the American lives. Liberals, IRI Lobbyists and Islamists under the leadership of a Marxist Islamist named Hussein Obama are trying to sell Islam to the American public as a mainstream part of the American Pop Culture and politically correct lifestyle. These are the same people who are trying to sell the inhuman regime of IRI to the American public as “The misunderstood and the reform-able Iranian Regime”.

This is why the majority of the Americans are ignorant about the true nature of Islam and Muslims.

Liberals, Islamists and IRI Lobbyists are actively silencing anyone’s voice who unveils the truth about Islam and Muslims. Liberal Democrat Westerners have No Clue What Islam is?!

Historical Lessons for Liberals

Historically Illiterate Liberals have no clue that historically speaking, once upon a time, there existed two superpowers on Earth. Basically, half of the known civilized world belonged to the “Persian Empire” and the other half to the “Roman Empire”. Arabo-Islamic Barbarians invaded both Empires, destroyed the Persian Empire and almost destroyed the Roman Empire. Arabo-Muslims invaded and occupied the complete territories of the Persian Empire (in Asia) and all of the Asian and African territories of the Roman Empire.

If Arabs had a powerful navy, then they would have easily cross over to Europe and also completely destroy Rome, the same as they destroyed Persia. If so, then today’s Italy would have also been “Islamic Republic of Italy” and the Europeans would also be Muslims! Imagine that if you can?! That is how close Rome came to absolute collapse!

Yesterday’s Persia and Rome (in their own historical time period context) were far more powerful than today’s European Union and America! It is much easier for Arabo-Muslims to completely annihilate Europe and America. Arabo-Muslims are already taking over the Europe with mass migrations (thanks to the politically correct Euro-Pee-On Liberals)! America comes next (thanks to Hussein Obama, the Marxist Islamist)!

Have in mind that even before the Arabo-Muslims invaded the Persian and the Roman Empires, they have managed to destroy “complete civilizations” in the Arabian Peninsula. These civilizations were Jewish, Christian, Pagan and Non Muslim Arab Civilizations! Islam destroys “Complete Civilizations”!

Arabo-Muslims occupied and enslaved Persia (Iran) for 222 years. For over two centuries, Arabo-Muslims pillaged Persia, Killed Persian men, raped Persian women, molested Persian little girls and made slaves out of little Persian boys. Arabs had mass migrated many Persians as slaves to Mecca and the Arabian Peninsula; the rest of the Persians became slaves in their own Empire. For over two centuries they turned Persians to the second rate and the third rate citizens of the Islamic Caliphate. It took over two centuries of sacrifice and bloodshed to finally kick the Arabo-Muslims out of Persia.

Please educate yourselves to the true history:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD) [Book in 15 Chapters]

8000 Years of Iranian History [Book in 8 Chapters]

23 Years: Study of Muhammad’s Prophetic Career [Book in 8 Chapters]

Understanding Muhammad and Muslims, a Psychobiography [Book]

Islam a Dangerous Political Ideology [2 Chapters]

History of Slavery in Iran

History of the Persian Empire and Modern Iran

History of Islam

Iran Online Library

Clueless Liberals

These Politically Correct Liberal Westerners did not wake up one day and see that their lives, their families and their country had turned upside down by Islam and Muslims!

They did not wake up one day and witness that the Mosque took control over the government, the nation and every aspects of their lives.

They did not wake up one day and see the Mullahs dictate to the people on how to speak, what to wear, what religion to believe, what music to listen and how to live their lives!

They have no clue how it feels to live under Islam!

They have no clue about how to lose everything to Islam and be forced to start over from zero in exile!

They have no clue about how to lose half of their family either executed or in prison by Islam and Muslims!

They have no clue about having psychological and physical damages that agonize them on every day of their lives and remind them of how their lives had turned to nightmare under Islam and Muslims!

They did not experience these catastrophes first hand, because if these Liberal Westerners have experienced what we did, then they would have never lectured us about stopping The “Hate Speech”!

These Little Sissy Faggy, Wishy Washy, Piss Ant American Liberals or Euro-Pee-On Liberals have no clue whatsoever on how a family’s life can be destroyed under Islam and Muslims. They have no clue how tens of thousands of Iranians died under Islam, another tens of thousands are in prisons and 7 million Iranians were forced to leave their homeland, to live in exile around the globe!

These little out of touch liberals live their comfortable lives in the west and preach “Political Correctness” and they have the nerves to preach to us about “Hate Speech”, “Bigotry” and how not to “Insult Islam”!

These liberals have no clue that Islam is Hate, Islam is Bigotry and Islam is Mass Murder!

A Comparison

Pay attention thee, historically ignorant, philosophically illiterate and realistically challenged American Liberals:

Do you accuse the Blacks of “Bigotry” against the Ku Klux Klan, tell them to be “Politically Correct” and order them to seize the “Hate Speech”?

Do you accuse the Jews of “Bigotry” against the Nazis, tell them to be “Politically Correct” and order them to seize the “Hate Speech”?

Do you accuse the Armenians of “Bigotry against the Turks, tell them to be “Politically Correct” and order them to seize the “Hate Speech”?

Do you accuse the East Europeans of “Bigotry” against the Russian Communists, tell them to be “Politically Correct” and order them to seize the “Hate Speech”?

Then what on Earth gives you buffoons, the right to accuse the Free Thinking Iranians and Middle Easterners of “Bigotry” against the Muslims and Islamists, tell them to be “Politically Correct” and order them to seize the “Hate Speech”?

What Islam, Islamists and Muslims have done to us is far worse than all the above cases!

My Firsthand Experience with Islam and Muslims!

Allow me to elaborate to you about the “Religion of Peace”! Let me tell you what I have lost personally to Islam and Muslims!

As the results of an Islamic Infection (1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran),

I have lost friends and family, murdered by Muslim Executioners.

I have lost friends and family, prisoned by the Muslim Jailers.

I have lost friends and family contacts, scattered around the world in exile because of the Muslims.

I have lost great amounts of family real estate, stocks, funds, houses and property to the Muslims.

I have lost my choice to live free inside of my own country because of Muslims.

I have lost my right to live or visit my own country in safety, thanks to Muslims.

I have lost my youth wanting to have a joyful life in Iran but forced to exile by Muslims.

I have lost many family memorabilia, relics, collections and other treasures to the Muslims.

I have lost my rightful early good memories and peaceful family environment to the Muslims.

I have lost the joys of the gatherings of my greater family and friends due to Islam and Muslims.

I have lost my peaceful relationship with my immediate and distant family due to Islam and Muslims.

I have lost my joyful, lively, friendly and happy go lucky nature, thanks to Islam and Muslims.

I have lost my scar-less mental health due to Islam and Muslims.

I have lost my stain-less physical health due to Islam and Muslims.

I have lost my people to Islam and Muslims.

But most important,

I have lost my country to Islam and Muslims!

Arabo-Muslims have destroyed my country in two separate occasions, once on 651 AD and once on 1979 AD.

Who Will Pay for Our Pains and Sufferings?

Who will pay for my pains and sufferings? Who will pay for our pains and sufferings? Millions of Iranians have been suffering in pain since 1979, who will reimburse us?

Carter, Obama and Liberals are responsible for creation and establishment of IRI. Carter gave birth to Khomeini and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). Obama’s appeasements and now diplomatic relations and flirtations have allowed Islamic Republic of Iran to grow and get established. Throughout the past three decades, the Liberals have been appeasing the IRI and sabotaging the Iranian Opposition.  

Reasons for the Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

What would you donate to Jimmy Carter?

Obama and Khomeini, Great Similarities

Iranian and American Politics

Are Carter, Obama and American Liberals going to reimburse millions of Iranians for 3 decades of suffering? Is IRI going to reimburse us? Are IRI Lobbyists in America going to reimburse us? Are Trita Parsi, NIAC, AIC, PAAIA and other IRI Lobby Groups and Agents in USA going to reimburse us?

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America [3 Chapters]

Now that “Islamic Republic of America” (Obama’s Socialist Regime) and Islamic Republic of Iran are butt buddies; furthermore, Obama and Rouhani are having phone sex and cyber ejaculations, let’s say hypothetically, the case goes to the court and somehow somebody agrees to pay us. Now these questions come to the mind,

What amount of money would cover our loss?

How much money will reimburse us for our psychological scars and permanent mental damages?

After 1979, you go around and you will notice that many Iranians in exile have huge baggage, emotional scars, psychological disorders, neural issues, mental incapability, behavioral roller coasters, various complexes, massive depressions, unstable and unpredictable behaviors and physical challenges.

How much money will cover millions of screams?

How much money will buy blood?

How much money will buy silence of a nation?

How much money is enough for the millions of lives destroyed?

American Liberals are Responsible for Birth of IRI and Destruction of Iran!

Will money be enough or someone has to pay for these crimes?

Who should we drag to the court? Who should we drag to the International Courts of Law for crimes against humanity? I have millions of people as plaintiffs, but who will be brought up for charges?

Who must be arrested and dragged to trial? Carter? Obama? Liberals? NIAC, AIC, PAAIA? IRI? Islam? Muslims?

Jimmy Carter has Committed Crimes Against Humanity!

They say Carter is the greatest American “Human Rights” president!
I say Carter should be tried for “Crimes against Humanity”!
Crimes against millions of Iranians, precisely 3 generations of lost Iranian lives!
Since 1979, three generations of Iranian lives have been destroyed.
Is Carter going to pay for it?

Just tell me who is responsible and what punishment fits the crime?

That’s all!

The Misinformation

Well, these out of touch American Liberals get their news and information about Iran, from IRI Lobby Groups such as NIAC and AIC. They have no clue about how on daily basis, Iranians are arrested, jailed, tortured, murdered, and are forced to leave Iran and live in exile. They have no clue what Islam and Muslims have done and are doing to the Iranian people.

These American Liberals live in a Democratic Country, work in Academia, Hollywood and Media, lead free lives under democracy and preach to us that:

“Islam is Religion of Peace!”

Why don’t you go and tell that to tens of thousands of Iranian mothers who lost their sons and daughters under Islam and Muslims?!

Yes my friends, these ignorant politically correct American liberals have no clue whatsoever about the true nature of Islam!

For God’s sake, their president is a “Closet Muslim” from Kenya who repeatedly preaches to them that:

“Islam is Religion of Peace!”

A Good Peaceful Muslim is preaching “Islam, Religion of Peace”!
Good Islamic peaceful protests such as this one often end with dozens of infidel casualties!
Good Muslims often peacefully behead the infidels and then peacefully drag the decapitated bodies all over the peaceful Muslim towns!
Allah blesses the Peaceful Religion of Islam!
Allah-o Akbar!

No one in the globe is more ignorant and historically illiterate than the American public! The American public (by majority) gets their information from the Liberal Biased American Media, Hollywood, Celebrities and their “Closet Muslim” President! The American public does not even bother to go and read “Quran” and “Hadith” well translated in to English, so they can judge for themselves on what Islam preaches! The American public does not even bother to go and read the history of Islam and educate themselves on what the true Islam is?!

If the ignorant American public would bother to read the history or even to read “Quran”, then they would have known that:

“Islam is not a Religion, but a Dangerous Political Ideology!”

Islam is nothing but an ideology for the Arab Imperialism, a certificate for Muslims to do as they please with the Infidels (Non Muslims)!

In Islam, a Muslim is allowed to lie, to enslave, to rape and to kill the non Muslims. This is written in Quran. The Muslims’ role model was Muhammad who himself was a mass murderer, rapist, polygamist, pedophile, thief and a mentally twisted megalomaniac.

Now I am going to speak bluntly about the 10 important facts on Islam which has been hidden from you on the next page.

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