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Chapter 2: Islamic Facts
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Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected
Chapter 2: Islamic Facts

Part 1, 2

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected
Islam, the Big Lie; Muslims, the Sheeple!
2 Parts
Part 2: Islamic Facts
Ahreeman X
December 18, 2013

No Islam Logo
Warning: Highly Contagious!

At the beginning of this document (part 1), I have mentioned that I will bring forward 10 important facts about Islam and Muslims which the “American Liberal Biased Media” and the “Politically Correct American Liberals” do not want you to know! The Holy Muslim Clerics, the Ayatollahs and Imams would also hate you to be aware of these facts. They do anything to avoid you from learning these facts. Please comprehend that these are not opinion but they are facts.

Let’s talk about Facts

Facts about Muhammad and Muslims

What is written below, are not opinion but they are hardcore facts which the American Liberal Biased Media does not allow you to hear and learn:

I. Islam is Religion of War and Bloodshed.

Muslims are raised with blood, look at Ashura! Even the mourning for Hussein is a blood fest! Read the complete history of Islam and you will clearly notice that starting from Muhammad all the way to IRI, Islam has been expanded via bloodshed. Like a cancer, Islam has spread throughout the world by force, bloodshed and mass murder. Non Muslims have been forced to convert, die by the scimitar or pay “Jaziyah” AKA Jizyah (heavy Islamic Taxation for non Muslims). Muslims are raised with blood and bloodshed.

Ashura, this is Shiite Islam! [5 Chapters]

II. Islam is an Immoral Ideology

Religion is supposedly created to make people behave better, become moral and become better persons. In Islam the only morality is about women and how to cover them up so other men will not lay a dirty look on them! Everything else goes!

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable [5 Chapters]

You can do whatever crimes and then claim that Devil (Shaytan) twisted your arm and made you do it! You will basically get away with everything including murder, only if you are a man; however, if you are a woman, the highest punishments are well prepared for you, various punishments such as flocking, lashes, torture, rape, dismemberment, jail time and execution via stoning, beheading or hanging!

Stoning and Public Hanging of Women in Islam

There is no morality in Islam and it all started with Muhammad. The Prophet of Islam has done every twisted act to gain money, power, control and expansion of Islam. Every twisted act that Muhammad had done was somehow justified in Quran and Hadith! Everything from murder of non Muslims, possession of their wealth, rape (force marriage with their wives and daughters), enslaving of their children and sending them to Mecca, political marriages, sexual marriages, financial marriages, pedophilia, polygamy, incest, mass rape, mass theft, mass murder, invasion, occupation, colonialism, imperialism, slavery and every other immoral act committed by Muhammad and Muslims were somehow justified in Quran and Hadith!

Muslim Warning Traffic Sign!
Warning: Beware, Muslims Ahead and Nearby!
Enter and get Beheaded at your own risk!

So if Muhammad is Muslims’ role model, then go figure … In Islam everything goes, everything is justified and no one takes responsibilities for anything. Worse comes to worse, the last line of justification is that:

“Shaytan tricked them in to doing all the crimes!”

III. Muhammad was and Muslims are Pedophiles

Muhammad was a pedophile. He made a political marriage to Aisha (Abu Bakr’s daughter). Muhammad at 50 married a 6 year old child, Aisha and supposedly waited until she was 9 to have sex with her! Personally I doubt it that a sexual predator such as Muhammad with ultimate power, would have waited 3 years to have sex with that child! I believe he ripped that child apart at the age of six! But does it really matter if he raped her at age 6 or 9? Of course Islamist Apologists, such as every other issue, try to justify this act as the norm of the era and location. They say to rape children was a normal way of life!

The reality is that a 50 year old man forced himself on a 6 year old child. In the civilized world, this is called pedophilia! Even in that era and in that world, no one in the civilized world force married a 6 year old child for politics and raped her by branding it an Islamic Marriage! No one married children that young except the pedophile Arabo-Muslims of the Arabian Deserts which are still doing it today!

Aisha Child Bride of Prophet Muhammad

Until this day, it is Halaal (Islamically Recommended and Allowed) for Muslim men to marry children as young as 9 years old. This is happening all over the Middle East and North Africa.

Muslims are openly admitting to pedophilia and are justifying it. Islam, Quran and Hadith allows them to do so. Muslims take after Muhammad as the role model!

IV. Muhammad was and Muslims are Polygamists

Muhammad had 21 wives and Allah knows how many concubines! According to Islam (creation of the twisted mind of Muhammad), Muslims are allowed to marry 4 wives but only the prophet was allowed to have 21 wives! In the civilized world, this is called Polygamy but in the Islamic world this is the norm. The ignorant Muslim women are trying to justify this by bringing up 1001 nonsensical reasons. Muslim women are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and they have been slaves for too long that they are identifying with their male masters and accept their roles as slaves!

Until this day, Muslim men are allowed to marry 4 wives. Of course in the civilized world we refer to this immoral act as polygamy!

Juwairiyah Jewish Forced Bride of Prophet Muhammad

Maria the Copt, Christian Sex Slave of Prophet Muhammad

V. Muhammad did and Muslims do Commit Incest

Muhammad made Zayd (his son) to divorce Zeynab AKA Zaynab (his daughter in law), so he could marry her! Muhammad then forced Zeynab in to marriage. The story goes that one day Muhammad was passing by Zeynab’s tent and he saw her naked. Muhammad got so aroused that he decided to add Zeynab to his Harem of wives! Next he forced Zayd to divorce her and then forced Zeynab to marry him!

In the civilized world, we call this Incest! Muhammad committed incest. Until this day, incest is a norm amongst the Muslims. Marrying cousins, specifically first cousins are a norm in the Muslim world.

VI. Muhammad was and Muslims are Murderers

Muhammad committed mass murders. Muhammad massacred tribes and civilizations of Jews, Christians and Non Muslim Arabs. Later on Muhammad’s earls such as Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, the Rashedin Caliphs (Rashidun Caliphs) or Islamic Saints have mass murdered greater communities of Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus and many more.

Islamic Tolerance Coexist Sign for Infidels!
Muslims Respond to Liberals Coexist Offer!
Muslims: Sure, we love to coexist! We kill them all and then we coexist with their memories! We have been doing it for over a millennium!

In Islam it is justified to kill infidels (Non Muslims). Until this day, Muslims are actively mass murdering the Koffar (Non Muslims) and they do indeed justify it in accordance to Quran and Islam. Their role model and the starter of this tradition was their Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon his soul!

VII. Muhammad was and Muslims are Rapists

In Islam, dropping the blood of the infidel is Halaal and once you drop his blood, then his property is Halaal to you. His women and children are considered a part of his property, thus women in Islam are nothing but properties; therefore, they are parts of “Qanimah” Aka Ghanimah (spoils of war). Muslims are welcome to do as they please with them. They can marry (force marry) the wives, in other words rape them and enslave the daughters and sons.

When Muhammad invaded and occupied various Jewish, Christian and other tribes, he kept some of the women as his concubines and distributed others to his generals, commanders and troops.

Today, Muslims carry the torch and continue the traditions, for instance, female political prisoners and minority prisoners (Kurds, Baluch, Turkmen, etc.) in Iran, first get raped by IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards) and second, get executed, because in Islam you cannot execute the virgins; therefore, good Muslims rape them first and execute them second!

Rape of the infidel captured women from the non Muslim tribes during the genocide is a Muslim tradition. For example it has been going on in North Africa, particularly in Sudan for decades.

VIII. Muhammad was and Muslims are Slave Owners

Owning slaves and slavery in Islam is Halaal. Muhammad himself was a slave owner. Even though he freed some and Islam supposed to be the religion of Brotherly Loved, yet slaves were a solid base of the Islamic economy since the golden age of Islam.

Until this day, Arabo-Muslim hold, traffic, sell and buy slaves and sex slaves in the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in the little Sheik-doms of South Persian Gulf and all over North Africa.

Little Indian, Paki, Bangladeshi, Indian Ocean Islanders and African Black boys and girls are being bought and sold on daily basis all over the Islamic world! Arab Sheiks and other Wealthy Arabs from UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and other little South Persian Gulf Arab Sheikdoms buy little boys for house choirs, estate choirs, servitude and sex; the little girls are also bought strictly as sex toys or to perform duties as maids at homes. These children were bought or kidnapped by the dealers in the country of their origin (such as India) and brought to Arabian Peninsula for sales.

In North Africa, Arabs openly hold slave camps and traffic sex slaves and work slaves.

Pay attention thee, American Black Muslims and Nation of Islam who claim that Islam is religion of freedom for Blacks and Islam is a Black religion in contrary to Christianity which is the religion of slavery! Dear American Blacks, go count your blessings for being born in America! If you were born in North Africa, in some Non Muslim tribes and in villages, the odds of you becoming work slaves and sex slaves or both would be pretty high! Arabs would simply enslave you and make good obedient slaves out of you! This has been going on all over the North Africa such as Sudan, Mali, Mauritania, etc.

IX. Muhammad was and Muslims are Thieves

Since the beginning of Islam, Muhammad, Muslim Saints (such as Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein) were robbing caravans, robbing villages, robbing tribes, and if not robbing, then invading and occupying tribes, communities and nations, only to afterwards stealing everything in sight! Of course the same as everything else, this stealing is also justified in Islam and it is called various names such as:

Qanimah = Spoils of War
Jaziyah = Islamic High Taxation for Non Muslims

Muslims always manage to justify stealing non Muslims’ properties!

For instance, after 1979, IRI practically force bought every house and property that they desired at a fraction of their market value, and whatever they could not force buy, they seized by force for free! In other words, IRI gave an ultimatum to the private owners that we seek to own various strategic properties as residence for Mullahs or government offices for Hezbollah. You are welcome to sell them to us at a fraction of what they worth or we will take them over for free! The choice is yours?! This is what they done to my grandmother and hundreds like her.

IRI seized control of our main estate (a city block) and turned it to homes for 2 high level Mullahs. They also seized control of the various other properties of my grandmother (leader of the family) on various locations of Tehran. Islam and Muslims simply do not take no for an answer!

Citizens of an Islamic nation are nothing but subjects to Islam and the Islamic government. If you are a Non Muslim, then you are reduced to a second rate citizen. If you are undesired (Baha’i, Atheist, Political Opposition, etc.) then you are reduced to a third rate citizen very close to animals! The value of the third rate citizens is practically same as animals, and the Muslims can do as they please with the animals!

X. Muhammad did and Muslims do Lie and they Justify the Lies!

Law of “Taqiyah” is an important Islamic Law which allows the Muslims to tell justified lies! Taqiyah teaches Muslims to lie for the benefit of Islam, for a higher purpose and to save their necks. Eventually “Taqiyah” gives justification to Muslims to tell whatever lies for the greater good!

Since the beginning of Islam, Muslims have been telling lies and have been justifying these lies as the “Necessary Lies in accordance to Taqiyah”!

Earlier I have stated that Muslims justify anything. This is an understatement! One of the greatest tools which Muslims use to justify anything that they do and to justify any immoral act committed by them is “Taqiyah”. A Muslim can lie, steal, cheat, deceive, rape and murder and then justify all of these actions as the necessary evil! Don’t for a second imagine that the Muslims only use Taqiyah during the war, espionage and as political prisoners! Do not be naïve because the tradition started with Muhammad and his Islamic Saints justifying every immoral act including the massacre and genocide of tens of thousands of people as justified acts! The tradition continues until this day.

All you have to do is speak to Muslims. Have you ever seen any Muslim to take responsibility for his actions? Anything that a Muslim does is justified via Taqiyah and if it cannot be justified via Taqiyah, then the last recourse will be that “Shaytan” tricked them in to telling lies and committing heinous crimes!

Ask a Muslim why did you lie?
He will tell you because it was a little white lie for a higher purpose!

Ask a Muslim why did you kill this poor bastard?
He will tell you that Shaytan made me do it!

Go and figure the rest …

Now You Understand the True Islam!

Now you understand why Islam is a disease and Muslims are infected by it! Religions suppose to teach the “weak minded people” good, goodness and how to become better (because they cannot do it on their own), but Islam teaches people that everything goes, just do whatever crime that you please and if you get caught, then lie about it, justify it, use Taqiyah and if that fails too, then just blame the Devil as the cause of your crime. Self responsibility is nonexistent in Islam!

Jihad and murder of Koffar, Murder of Infidels, Rape of women, Enslavement of children, stealing property, looting, pedophilia, incest, forced sodomy, even slavery can be justified. After all, Prophet of Islam and the four infallible Saints (Rashidun Caliphs) have done all the above, so why not simple Muslims?!

Do You Want Proof?

Do you want proof about everything that I have stated above? I do not want you to take my words for all the above statements. Actually unlike the Muslims who believe in Islam and take it for granted without even reading the Quran, I would love you to go and read the Quran!

The best proof that I can give you for my words are the words of Quran.

Quran is the Best Proof about the True Islam!

Go and read Quran (Muslim Holy Book) and Hadith (Islamic Historical Events) which are both the main sources of the religion of Islam. Everything that I have stated above is written in Quran and Hadith.

My best proof is Quran and Hadith. Unlike other holy books, Quran and Hadith are written in simple language and they are understandable to all. You do not need to interpret, narrate, metaphor or justify the words of Quran! The Holy Quran has been written in simple language so it can be understood by the simplest man.

Quran is words of Muhammad, dictated by Muhammad and written by Ali and Salman-e Farsi (Persian Traitor and an original Mazdakite Marxist). According to Muhammad, Quran is words of Allah (The Islamic God) unveiled to him; however, in reality (not in Islamic LaLa Land) we are perfectly aware that Allah was a Psychopathic Figment of Muhammad’s wild imagination!

Allah was originally the main pre-Islamic Totem God in Kabbah which Muhammad was its safe keeper. Allah was a Black Rock worshipped by Arabs. Allah was also a Moon God. Later on Muhammad turned Allah to a Monotheistic God as an Ebrahamites God.

Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol

Muhammad practically stole most of the Quran from Avesta, Torah and Bible, why not stealing their God and name it Allah?! As you can see, the complete religion of Islam is garbage and Muhammad was nothing but a charlatan!

Just go read the Verses of Quran and Hadith and experience it firsthand.

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Islam is not a Religion, but a Dangerous Political Ideology!

History of Islam has been written with blood. Everywhere Islam went, it had left a trail of blood, decapitated dead bodies, raped women, molested little girls, sodomized little boys, enslaved children, massacred tribes, genocide communities, leveled nations and destroyed civilizations. This is Islam in a nutshell!

Islam is nothing but a tool for the Arab Imperialism, Savagery, Barbarism and oppression. Arabs themselves were the original victims of Islam where their tribes and communities were devastated and they were forced to convert to Islam. Later on Arabs become tools and foot soldiers for expansion of Islam and the Arab Imperialism.

Islam is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology which destroys cultures, civilizations and the humanity. Islam has no respect for anyone or any opinion other than Islam and Muslims! Human lives mean nothing in Islam. Every non Muslims’ life, spouse, children and property is Halaal to take, possess and do as the conquering Muslim pleases.

Jihad to expand Islam, holy war and annihilation of Infidel (Non Muslim) cultures and people are Halaal in Islam.

Muhammad started the tradition of genocide and mass murder of the Jews, Christians and other Non Muslim Tribes and Civilizations. Muhammad’s earls (Rashidun Caliphs) and specifically mass murderers such as Saint Omar, Imam Ali, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein continued the tradition and destroyed Empires, Kingdoms, Civilizations and total Cultures. The infallible Imam Ali, the Shiite Islamic Icon, was one of the greatest serial killers and mass murderers in the history of Islam and the history of the world!

Muhammad was a great opportunist who used everything for the progress of his inhuman ideology, personal power control and gains. Every woman that Muhammad married to or enslaves as concubine was due to a reason.

Muhammad married women for money, power, politics, sex or a combination of all. Muhammad was a “political ruler” and everything he did was due to politics. Muhammad was a ruler, a conqueror, a tyrant and Islam is his political ideology and gimmick.

I have Faith in the American People

No matter how hard American Liberals try, they will never be able to obscure the truth about Islam and Muslims from the American public.

You can fool some of the people all of the times,
You can fool all of the people some of the times,
But you can never fool all of the people all of the times!

American people may be affected by the liberal biased American media, academia and Hollywood. They may be influenced to be voting a certain way but liberals always miscalculate one thing about the American people.

American people maybe not the most intellectual people on Earth but they are the most “Free” and “Freedom Loving” people on Earth. That is the American Spirit! American people are smart enough to know what freedom is and they are perfectly aware that Islam is neither compatible with democracy nor it is compatible with freedom! On the contrary Islam is the most Undemocratic and Anti Freedom Ideology on Earth!

American people will never grasp Islam and Muslims as mainstream America and mainstream American Culture. Islam stands against everything that America stands for.

The only way that Muslims can enter the American mainstream culture is to go under the mental and health rehabilitation to cleanse the “Allahic Virus” off of their brains, so they can think clearly! For Muslims to truly grasp the “American Unique Democracy” and the “American Culture” is to primarily go under the “Mental Health Rehab” to become in the clear and “Islam free” ; once they are “Infection Free” and no more diseased (Muslim), then they can get out of their “Reservations” and “Herds”, mingle and become a part of the “Melting Pot”. Dress normal and for God’s sake get rid of the head to toe hijabs, scarves, turbans, rags, baggy pajama pants and specifically those damn beanie hats! Start behaving civilized, speak civilized, talk less and listen more ….. Hey what do you know; maybe you can leave this disease (Islam), become cured from this infection and join the “Human Civilization”!

You want to be accepted in America as an American?
Then act as an American,
But most important,
Break the Walls around your mind and …
Think as a “Free American”!

As I have always stated in the past:

Iranians should choose between “Iran” or “Islam”?
You cannot be both because they contradict each other!

Now I will state here that:

American Muslims should choose between “America” or “Islam”?
You cannot be both because they contradict each other!

“American Democracy” and “Islamic Tyranny” do contradict one another.

Muslims respond to Freedom and Democracy!

Liberals can preach “Politically Correct Lies” throughout the next century but Liberal Biased American Media, Hollywood and Academia cannot change the history and reality, and surely they cannot change the American Free Spirit! No matter how much the Liberals propagate these lies, the reality cannot be obscured:

“Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!”

Truth shall be unveiled …


Dr. X

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