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Islam: The Religion & The Constitution (Persian)

Quran: In-Depth Analysis (Persian Book)
Islam: The Religion and The Constitution

Amid Haghighatjoo
1st Edition: August 16, 2011
2nd Edition: May 14, 2018

Amid Haghighatjoo stares at Quran
Quran, product of religious expansion via sheer force and violence

Ta’amoqi dar Quran
Din-e Eslam va Asasname-ye An

Quran: In-Depth Analysis
22 Chapters
End Notes

Quran is based on the power of the Sword.
Quran and crossed scimitars, a Law to live by for the True Muslim Brotherhood and Umma’

Quran: In-Depth Analysis Index

Index of Material
I. Allah According to Quran
* Information from Allah and Mohammed about Creation
- Creation of Universe
- Creation of Human
* Fear from Allah
- Versus which are directly putting the fear of Allah in to the people
- Destruction of tribes who rejected Mohammed
- Treachery and Conning of Allah
* Experiments of Allah
- Allah owns everything and his will is our command
- Infidel in Quran
- Hell in Quran
- Reincarnation in Quran
- Separation of Muslims and Infidels at Reincarnation
* Characteristics of Allah
- Allah’s Strength – His will occurs
- Allah’s Swears
- Allah’s Slogans
- Allah’s Sadism
* Allah provides
- Charity, Loans and Tax
* Reasons for Sincerity of Allah’s Words
II. Prophet and his duties in Quran
III. Pious Muslims in Quran
IV. Paradise in Quran
V. Fundamentals of Islam

* Major Fundamentals
* Minor Fundamentals

VI. Values of Life and Humans in Quran
VII. Value of Woman in Quran
VIII. Superstition in Islam and Quran
IX. Childish Promises of Rewards in Quran
X. Equality of Mohammed and Allah
XI. Prophets amongst themselves
XII. Versus about Quran in Quran
XIII. Mohammed’s Characteristics According to Arabs
XIV. Sainthood and Holiness in Quran and Islam
XV. The God which was created by Mohammed
XVI. Reasoning and Logic in Quran
XVII. Morality in Islam and Quran
XVIII. Contradictions in Quran
XIX. Mohammed, a prophet or …
XX. Critics about this Research
XXI. Conflicts between Fundamentalists and Moderates
XXII. Religions and Religious Propaganda
End Notes

Request from the Readers

Questions which come to the mind?

Muslim clerics often state:

“The True Quran is flawless; whatever flaws which you notice is ours!”

“The criticism of Quran are fabricated and far from the Truth of Quran!”

Islam provides two options for infidels: Quran or Sword?
Two Choices for Koffar: Believe in Quran or be Beheaded!
Time is running out, choose your option infidels?

People often question that:

* Is Quran truly a miracle of Mohammed and words of Allah, or is it a tool which he used to convince people of his prophet-hood?

* Are religions truly sent by God or have they been made by their creators for their personal agendas?

* If religions are sent by God, then do God’s characteristics mentioned in the holy books match the reality of God?

* If religions have been created by their creators for their personal agendas, then how do we define God?

* Is it really true that Islam is flawless and all the flaws are ours?

On Creation of the Universe

Can we believe in the Creation while until this day, Islam and other religions have failed to answer these valid questions:

* Where was Allah before the creation of our known universe and all other universes?

* If Allah needed Mud to create Human, then where did he get all the matters needed to create this grand universe?

* How did Allah create all the matter amounts in the universe which is defined by an infinite number, from nothingness which is a finite number?

And so on ……

Quran: In-Depth Analysis

For answers, you are now ready to read the book “Quran: In-Depth Analysis - Islam: The Religion and The Constitution”:

Quran: In-Depth Analysis (Persian)

Quran: In-Depth Analysis (English)

Amid Haghighatjoo

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