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Part Three

8000 Years of Iranian History!
The Oldest Civilization in the World: 3 Parts
Ahreeman X
December 8, 2006

Part Three

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part Three:
Chapter Seven: Second Revival of Iran
Chapter Eight: Conclusion
Bibliography and Sources

Chapter Seven
Second Revival of Iran

7. The Second Imperial Era
873 AD - 1979 AD

Horse Column Top at Persepolis

We have much more information about this period than the past ones. We had great rulers and then miserable ones! After the first Islamic Invasion, Iran could never straighten its back all the way like it was before! The glory days of the Persian Empire were never repeated as the past, yet we had our blooming moments during certain eras of Safavids, Afsharids, and Zand. Yaqub Leis Saffarid was the savior of Iran and then Iran had her high times with Shah Abbas The Great, Nader Shah The Great, and Karim Khan Zand. The dark ages of Qajar were not far off. Besides Aqa Mohamad Khan who was a worthy protector for Iran, the rest of the family were weak minded, promiscuous, leeches who sucked Iran dry and gave away all its great states and cities to British and Russians. Aside Aqa Khan (Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar), the last Persian Emperor (Shahanshah), the rest of Qajar kings were sad politicians and weak leaders. Great parts of Iran which been protected for centuries were lost during this dynasty. The only worthy person after Aqa Mohamad Khan was Abbas Mirza, The Qajar Prince who never became King, yet he fought bravely with Russian Aggressors of the North. Abbas Mirza could win the war if Tehran would have sent him proper supplies, but the supplies never reached the front! Great States of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ariana and Bakhtar (present Afghanistan), the Baluchistan half (of present Pakistan), Bahrain Island all and all got separated from Mother Iran and all these "istan" nations were formed!

L. Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar
The Last Persian Emperor and the only worthy Shahanshah of Qajar who kept the integrity of the Persian Empire with the skin of his teeth. During his reign, Russians, British and Ottoman Turks dared to even develop the desires to invade or annex parts of Iran. Aqa Khan was a powerful Emperor and a formidable Monarch. Aqa Khan and Abbas Mirza were Two Aces of Qajar Dynasty. They make one proud to be a Qajar!
R. Abbas Mirza Qajar
Prince Abbas Mirza was a great General. His legendary military campaigns are known to be strategical masterpieces. He kept the Russian forces at the gates and defended Caucasia as long as he could. He gave Russians a hell of a time! He was expecting supplies, cannons and fresh backup cavalry from Tehran. Unfortunately, while Abbas Mirza was saving the integrity of Iran, Fath-Ali Shah was too busy in Tehran to send troops to the border! Fath-Ali Shah was busy playing Sex-Slide with his 1000 wives! He would order each wife to go on top of the special slide (made in France) and then he would lay around naked under the slide, get an erection and order the naked wives to slide on down to hit his penis! His goal was to get the perfect aim, so the vagina would land exactly on top of the penis! He would have kept this Sex-Game up until he achieved the perfect aim! Even though this was a painful game for him and his wives, yet Fath-Ali Khan was a great Sado-Masochist (Qajar Style)! Qajar Shahs were famous for inventions of various S&M Sex Styles! So this was the reason that Fath-Ali Khan was too busy to finance and support Abbas Mirza's (his son) military campaign in Caucasus! Abbas Mirza done his best with so little that he had, yet finally due to lack of troops, equipment, weapons, cannons and disgraceful failure from Tehran, Russians won the war and annexed Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ossetia from Iran! This is the true history which they never teach you in the school!
Let the truth be heard…

For more information on Aqa Mohammad Shah and Abbas Mirza read:

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms: Chapter 20: Qajar

First and Last Persian Emperors and Kings

Shahanshah Aryamehr had warned Iranians that please do not let Iran become Iranistan! What he meant was that in ancient past due to Qajar's unworthiness all these states of Iran became some kind of "istan country" like Afghanistan or Tajikistan! What British or Russians done was to steal every little piece of Iran, every vein, blood vessels, or body part of Iran and colonized them for as long as they could, and after ward, when they could not use them any more, they gave them superficial independence and created all of these "istans" nations out of their rectums! They created countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc., during the last 200 or so years! Shah warned Iranians to not let Iran, the very heart of Persian Empire to become Iranistan. Unfortunately Iran did become Iranistan and under the direct supervision of the British Empire and their servant cleric mullahs and Ayatollahs, now Iran had become KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic)!

L. Shah Abbas The Great
The most powerful Shahanshah of Saffavid Dynasty and the great organizer and builder of the Persian Empire.
R. Shah Abbas in an Abbasi Persian Banquet
Nothing but the best was good enough for Abbas Khan: Shah Abbas' Persian Banquets were legendary. The best food, the best drinks, the best entertainment and the most beautiful Persian Dancers and Maidens (That's Life, Abbasi Style)!

After the disgrace, and religious dark ages of Qajar, there came another savior, Reza Shah The Great, the head of Pahlavi Dynasty who practically saved Iran out of the Quick Sand of Superstition and dragged her into the 20th Century and modern ages. He massively industrialized Iran. He built everything that Iran had and Iran has. He was truly the Father of Nation and the Greatest Nationalist that Iran has ever had. Later on Mohamad Reza Shah, Shahanshah Aryamehr also continued the same path, which Reza Khan took, yet he was never as determined and strong as his father. Specifically in his later years, he developed cancer, he became indecision, he could not make up his mind to stop the Reaction of 1979 by all costs! He never used his full power to eliminate even ten thousand of the traitors and Muslim terrorists who caused the reaction of 79. If he would even opened fire and eliminated 10, 000 of these Islamists, then the reaction of 79 would have never occurred.

L. Nader Shah Afshar
The All Times greatest military genius of Iran (Persian Napoleon) and the starter of Afsharid Dynasty in 18th Century. Nader was the highlight of the Persian Colonial Empire Era. His campaigns in India, Central Asia and West are still being taught in Iranian War University (Daneshgah-e Jang) and other military universities around the globe. This is a statue of Nader during one of his campaigns standing next to his famous Naderi Horse.
R. Nader Shah The Great
Statue of Nader in the park. During his reign, boundaries of Persian Empire became the largest, next to the Pre Islamic Persian Empire. Iran was once more a relevant Empire. The name of the country during his reign was: "Emperaturi-ye Pars-e Naderi". Nader had his own style of governing, politics, military campaigns, reign and lifestyle which was called "Naderi". He lived as a simple man, he was never found of luxury. He was a simple son of Khorasan and a true Parthian in heart. His dream was to revive The Arsacid Parthian Empire. He made his dream to come true. Nader, the architecture of The Persian Afsharid Empire.

For more information on Safavids and Afsharids read:

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms: Chapter 17: Safavid

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms: Chapter 18: Afsharid

Atlas of Iran Maps: Chapter 9: Safavid and Afsharid

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags: Chapter 2: Persian Colonial Flags: Safavid and Afsharid

Shah cared too much about the world's public opinion! Obviously Islamic Republic, later on did not care a bit about world's public opinion and they mass executed about 15, 000 of our best sons and daughters only in one shot and without even show trials! Back then, if Shah would have prison only after a show trial of about a thousand communists and Mojaheds, the whole western world, the confederation of anti government students in west, and all the western media would have crucified him by twisting the issue out of proportion! But the same western nations, mass media and confederation of anti government students had shut the hell up when Khomeini's Regime executed 15,000 political prisoners only in one shot and then eliminated another 15,000 during a few later years, bit by bit!

Reza Shah The Great - Father of Nation
Reza Khan, simple son of Mazandaran whom we owe everything which Iran owns today, to him. You name a modern industry of Iran, and I will trace it back to Reza Khan! He started it all. He is the Father of Modernization. Reza was Iran and Iran was Reza. Reza Khan was man of steel and iron-will.

For more information on Reza Shah the Great read:

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms: Chapter 21: Pahlavi

Shah would prison between a 1000 to 3000 terrorists and anarchists, and the liberal west would scream murder, yet Khomeini's regime mass eliminated 30,000 people mostly without even show trials, and not a sound or a single peep came out of these western liberal nations, these civilized nations. Why? Because they were all in cahoots to destroy Iran, to steal Iran blind out of her resources, to create a puppet regime of Ayatollahs which have already lasted 28 + years, to take as much cheap oil as they want, especially when the leader of OPEC, the leader of a powerful independent Iran, The powerful Shah is not in the picture any more. Now the whole Western Europe and Japan can dance like vultures on top of the dead body of Iran while their puppet Ayatollah Regime can rob what's left of Iran, blind! Great Britain as the leader of the game done a perfect job. The only loser of this game was United States, who thought they would gain by creating a Green Islamic Belt around the Communist Russia of then, but it simply back fired in their face and the bastard sons that Carter and CIA gave birth to, like Taliban in Afghanistan, and IRI in Iran became USA's worst enemies and heads of international terrorism. On the other hand Russians started the sale of all their old military junk to Iran, Chinese also got rich by selling all kinds of things from Atomic Technology to industrial plants to Islamic Regime of Mullahs. Everybody is happy, except that it backfired on USA's face and of course it destroyed Iran and Iranians.

Shahyad Monument in Shahyad Circle of Tehran
Symbol of Modern Tehran

The prestigious Imperial Iran had turned to IRI, the number one supporter of Terrorism in the whole world! USA lost a great ally and gained a greater enemy! Thanks to Carter and CIA!

Shahyad Monument of Tehran
Up Angle View

Now I would like to mention about a few Shahanshahs which are called "The Great". In history of Iran we only have a few Emperors or kings who have this title and are worthy of it:

Shahanshahs with title of "The Great"

Cyrus The Great of Achaemenid
Darius The Great of Achaemenid
Xerxes The Great of Achaemenid
Mithradates The Great of Arsacid
Shapour The Great of Sassanid
Yaqub Leis The Great of Saffarid
Shah Abbas The Great of Safavid
Nader Shah The Great of Afsharid
Reza Shah The Great of Pahlavi

Mithradates The Great of Arsacid Parthian Dynasty
Mithradates II The Great (123 BC - 88 BC). His efforts to re-invent the Persian Empire after the liberation from Greeko-Macedonians, cannot be denied. In this picture, we see Mehrdad (Mithradates) posed (Alexander Style) for the artist to build his sculpture! There is a story about this sculpture and it goes like this: In the Parthian court, Parthian noblemen asked Mehrdad,

Noblemen: Why did you pose as Alexandar The Macedonian?
Mehrdad: This is a statement to the world.
Noblemen: What does this statement mean?
Mehrdad: This statement is a reminder for the world. It is easy to conquer Persia but it is hard to govern and keep it! Alexandar, Seleucids and Greeko-Macedonians roamed our land, burned Persepolis and enslaved us for a while. But where are they now?

The few and the best that Iran had. The Nine Greats, The Greatest Persians of all times.

Shapour The Great
Shapour I The Great (241 AD - 272 AD) of Sassanid Dynasty

8. The Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era
1979 AD - present

The Nightmare years had started from 1979 until the present day. The glorious progressive Iran, the second economic power of Asia, only second to Japan, the greatest military power of Asia only second to China got reduced to ashes. The war with Iraq which could last a couple of weeks during the Imperial Military, lasted 8 long years, cause IRI killed, retired or exiled all the officers above the rank of lieutenant! Iran had no pilots to fly her massive and numerous jet fighters and bombers, Iran had no military commanders to lead the military with tactics and strategies! Iranian Glorious Imperial Military was reduced to nothing with servants, lampoons, buss-boys and Tea-boys (servants who bring tea to people) running the headquarters as Generals! Yesterday's Tea-Boys (Abdarchi) became today's Generals! Both IRI and Iraqi regime needed an 8 years war to distract people from ills of their societies, to twist people's attention to the war so they would not commit a revolution to overthrow both regimes! And that's why the 8 years war happened and it lasted that long!

Iran had collapsed, practically all shreds of the society including economy, social structure, work environment, security of nation, world's prestige and influence is trashed. There is no morality left in Iran. Crime rate, drug use, prostitution, inflation, unemployment, murder, corruption, are sky-high. Iran is barely alive, yet Mullahs are still sucking the very last drops of blood out of her veins. A fanatical religious government, a theocratic dictatorship under Imam, the descendant of Allah, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is the absolute ruler of Iran and he is the crown prince of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the great leech! Other bastards are sharing the wealth such as Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani! This man, Rafsanjani is the most powerful and the richest man in Iran. He is one of the richest men in the globe. He used to be a construction worker, a contractor who built fixer upper houses and sold them for much more before the revolution, now he is the ultimate power and the greatest land owner/farm owner in Iran. Khamenei himself was the boy toy and the party boy of Imam Khomeini, doing all kinds of favors for him, now he is the leader of all Shiite Muslims in the world! Another idiot, a puppet-like toy called the Ex president of Islamic Republic named Seyed Mohamad Khatami were appointed as the president of the nation and played the role of the good liberal guy just to calm the ever growing unhappy voices of the people. He was specifically there as the leader of Reformist liberal fraction of IRI, just to convince this fraction that they own the legislative and the executive branch of the government but any fool knows that both branches are powerless in comparison to Judicial, military, police, revolutionary guards, Basij Militia, Fanatical Ansare Hezbollah, and the right wing clerics who are all and all under the leadership of the supreme religious leader of the land, Imam Khamenei!

On the other hand Rafsanjani and his Kar Gozaran moderate branch and fraction of Islamic Republic of Iran are simply getting rich and running the whole nation's business! Islamic Republic and all its fractions of Reformists, Moderates, and Conservatives are all and all playing a game at the cost of death for the nation of Iran. They are all dancing on the grave of Iran and Iranians. Iran will never be free, will never see a day of Democracy until state and religion, Mosque and Government are separated. This task is not possible in an Islamic government, because in an Islamic Regime, the Government, Judicial, Economics, State and all other aspects of the society are a part of the Religion. Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology. Mohammed the Arab prophet was not your average messenger of God, yet he was a Ruler, a Caliph, a Sultan and the leader of all Muslims in the world. Muhammad was a ruler first and a prophet second. He governed, actually he was the only prophet who was also the head of state! After him, the tradition kept on going and all his descendants became leaders of the land. A Caliph in an Islamic Nation is the leader of the government and also the supreme religious leader. It has been like this since Mohammed and it is like this now during Imam Khamenei in Iran! Therefore, to achieve democracy in Iran, the very fundamental of the Islamic Ideology and the Islamic Regime must be destroyed. Islam is the central heart of this inhuman regime; therefore we must primarily deal with Islam!

The latest events proved that Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) headed by Qods Special Forces in fact made a coup and taken over the Islamic Republic of Iran's Government and appointed their spokesman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president! Of course in Iran of today, this action is called "Elections"!

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Chapter Eight


Islam should only be allowed to live inside the Mosques and inside peoples' houses, other than that it should get out of every single aspect of the Iranian Society. As I mentioned before, Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology. It is a cancer, it works like a virus and it destroys the nation's governing body and eliminates it like it has done to Iran.

L. Homa (Mythical Iranian Bird)
R. Homa at Apadana Hall of Persepolis

People like Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, the great Nationalist Historian, educator, author, journalist, and exposer of Islam had paved us the way to freedom with their blood. They paid for every bit of knowledge they gave us with their lives. Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh "The modern reviver of Persian Culture" done the same thing for The Persian Culture as Ferdowsi done for The Persian Language. Some call him "The Modern Day Ferdowsi". These legends showed us the way to salvation, now it's up to us to continue the battle, and fight to preserve our culture and our lifeline or just stand by and let it all rot. It will be a slippery and winding road to save our traditions, The anti Iranian sellout opportunists and Persian Traitors are everywhere and bound to serve their Beast Master Ayatollahs. Islam has both hands around our necks, choking the very essence of life out of our Mother Land, Tazi Forces are out to destroy our Persian Way of Life, seems like the darkness is all over the place......

Apadana Hall

However, the bright sun will come out from beneath the dark clods of Islam, and the true shining light of Aryan civilization and Persian traditions will shine once more from beneath the Islamic clouds of ignorance. Iran must and will be free once more, we the free sons and daughters of Iran will make sure of it...

L. Winged man-beast lions and Faravahar
Glazed designed carvings of two Persian Sphinx and Farvahar
R. 5th Century Mug
Persian artifact Lion head Rhyton from 500 BC, Achaemenid Period.

What we need to know is that, all the great ancient cultures of the world by the order of their historical age, including:

Egypt with about 6000 years of history
China with about 5200 years of history
India with about 4600 years of history
Peru (Aspero) with about 4600 years of history
Greece with about 4000 years of history
Mexico (Olmec) with about 3200 years of history
Lebanon (Phoenicia) with about 3100 years of history
Tunisia (Carthage) with about 2800 years of history
Italy (Rome) with about 2500 years of history
Japan with about 1700 years of history

Are no match and by no means even near the:

8000 years of Iranian History
The Oldest Civilization in The World

Shapour The Great (241 AD - 272 AD)
A classic Carving
Valerian The Roman Emperor, defeated and humiliated by the mighty Persian Army and Immortals, is kneeling in front of Shapour on horse top. The merciful Shapour had mercy on him and spared his life. After this point, once more, The Persian Empire became the sole superpower of the globe. Shapour built many monuments, dams, administrative buildings and he built the Gondi Shapour University. He brought scholars from around the world to teach in Gondi Shapour. The Town "Gondi Shapour" in Khuzestan and its University became the most sophisticated hangout for global scholars. In later years, Arabo-Muslim savages led by Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other barbarians, same as Ctesiphone, had also destroyed this town, along with everything else in Iran. After Arab invasion-occupation, this town could never regain the glory of its past. Today we know this town as "Jondi Shapour". Shapour himself was a great scholar, horseman, archer, military commander and a solid Persian. Shapour was the jewel of Sassanid Dynasty and one of the Nine Iranian Great Shahanshahs.

Iran will be free
Iran will live forever
Iran is eternal
Iran will rise again
Like it always has done before.......
We, The Free Thinkers of Iran will do this task.
We make sure Mother Persia will rise and live forever.

Persians gave meaning to the Global Culture. Persians invented The True Civilization. You shall always remember that:

We have two types of people:
Those Who are Persians,
Those who want to be Persians!
It is Great to be Persian.

Shapour The Great
Sketch of the classic carving
Defeated Valerian The Roman Emperor kneeling in front of Shapour and begging for his life and begging for mercy for Rome. Shapour spared both Valerian and Rome. Shapour was a forgiving man. Persians were famous for tolerance and forgiveness (Persian Style). After this point, Shapour assigned a puppet regime and Emperor of Pro Persia in Rome. Once more, Persian Empire became the sole super power of the world. Shapour revived the Achaemenid's glory and golden years. Unfortunately West keeps on forgetting that Persians defeated Rome in 3 occasions and became the sole super power of the globe. West also forgets that Persians were the fathers of Civilization. Rome and Greece owe their cultures to Persians. They both copy/pasted much of their Gods, Goddesses, Myths, Culture and Traditions from Persia. When Persia (Iran) ruled the world, Greeks were dozens of scattered city-states fighting amongst themselves and philosophizing nonsense in Grecian Peninsula, and Romans did not even exist! Unfortunately, West has a short and selective memory!

More Power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran

Pure Persian Pride

A Lover of Iran

Dr. X

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* * *


Below Historical documents written by Persian, Arabic, English, Greek, Armenian, and American Historians, Geographers and Philosophers, also different documents and historical articles researched and written by myself has been used to create this series of articles.


I. History of Tabari by Abu Jaffar Tabari compiled by Dr. Mohamad Javad Mashkur
II. Iran in Ancient Times (Iran dar Ahde Bastan) by Dr. Mohamad Javad Mashkur
III. History of Bel-Azari by Abu Al Abbas Bel-Azari
IV. Asar Al Baqiyeh by Abu Reyhan Biruni translated by Ali Akbar Dana Seresht
V. History of Early Iran by George G. Cameron
VI. Delegation in Perse Memoirs by M De Morgan
VII. Papers on Susa by M De Morgan
VIII. Tarikhe Sani Moluk Al Arz by Hamzeh Esfahani
IX. Tarikhe Beyhaqi by Abolfazl Mohammad ibn al Hussein Beyhaqi
X. Tarikhe Bal'ami by Abu Ali Bal'ami
XI. History of Qaznavids by Kelifor Edmond Bazos
XII. Travel Diaries of Faustus de Byzantine by Faustus de Byzantine
XIII. History of Herodot by Herodot translated by Hassan Pirnia Moshir ol Douleh
XIV. History of Plutark by Plutark translated by Dr. Ahmad Kasravi
XV. Book of Veda
XVI. Book of Avesta by Zarathustra Spitmata
XVII. Shahnameh by Abolqasem Ferdowsi Tusi
XVIII. Farsnameh by Ibn Balkhi
XIX. Siyasatnameh by Khajeh Nizam ol Molk
XX. Atlas of World History by John Haywood Ph.D.
XXI. Atlas of World History by Rand McNally
XXII. Atlas of The World History by Hammond
XXIII. Rome's Enemies: Parthians and Sassanid Persians by Peter Wilcox
XXIV. New Kingdom Egypt by Mark Healy
XXV. The Greek and Persian Wars 500 BC - 323 BC by Jack Cassin-Scott
XXVI. Reza Shah Dar Ayeneyeh Khaterat compiled by Ebrahim Safaee
XXVII. Under Five Shahs by General Hassan Arfa
XXVIII. Iran and The Great Powers by Dr. Iraj Zoqi
XXIX. Majma'ol Tavarikh compiled by Malek ol Shoara-ye Bahar
XXX. History of Iran after Islam by Dr. Abdol Hossein Zarrinkub
XXXI. The Complete History of Iran by Dr. Abdollah Razi
XXXII. The Modern Encyclopedia of 21st Century by Fereydoun Safari
XXXIII. The Center of Universe: The Geopolitics of Iran by Graham E. Fuller
XXXIV. Collection of Iranian Historical Maps # 1 by Geographical and Cartographic Institute of Sahab
XXXV. Collection of Ancient Historical Maps # 2 by Hammond
XXXVI. A number of historical documents, essays, articles and illustrations - researched, written and graphic designed by Ahreeman X.

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