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Philosophy Book in English

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation
Philosophy Book in English

Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Nicholas Ginex
October 25, 2022

Ankh Symbol of Truth – Ancient Egyptian Origin
Nicholas Ginex: Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Philosophy Book

For the first time, this book is being published on the Internet. It is a philosophical adventure about Ginex’ original Egyptian God Amen and Jesus’ Revelation. The book is a collective of dialogues and opinions from all sides of the philosophical spectrum. It is an interesting read but it takes an open mind to go through it.

Ginex is the author of various philosophy books such as “Future of God Amen” and “God, Us and the Universe.” In these historical novels, Ginex focuses on historical events with objective analysis and factual discoveries. In his historical novels, Ginex never discusses his personal thoughts, opinions and philosophical beliefs; however, in the “Amen and Jesus’ Revelation,” in addition to historical facts, Ginex inputs the personal beliefs of agnostics, atheists and theists which has been documented through a series of dialogues.

The book has been written using many comments, inputs and dialogues from various members of two respected Internet Forums Gather and Theology Web. These dialogues between Ginex and various respected members were assembled in the book to provide personal interactions about their religious and philosophical beliefs and present many questions and answers which may help increase the religious and philosophical perspectives of all of us to become more constructive.

Gather or was a social networking website designed to encourage interaction by discussion of various social, political, philosophical and cultural topics. Its headquarters were in Boston, Massachusetts. It became defunct in 2015.

Theology Web or is a forum which its web URL has changed since to:

Theology Web

About the book “Amen and Jesus’ Revelation,” Ginex further elaborates:

“Future of God Amen presented the historical development of how mankind conceived one universal God by revealing facts and applying logical deductions and assertions based upon them. It would have been highly inappropriate to provide opinions or points of view that may discredit the beliefs of the religions discussed. For this reason, this book has been written to present the beliefs by members of two Internet forums and this author’s responses. Such comments and responses allowed for an exchange of ideas and religious points of view between skeptics and devout believers of God.

The responses given by this author provides an understanding of his beliefs and hopes for the future. His scope of thought transcends theological dogma and looks to the future aspects of morality and a unity of religious beliefs that allows beings to advance to the next stage of their spiritual development. Too few people have been exposed to the history of our religious past, and only by having a true understanding of how our beliefs in God originated can we proceed on a path of knowledge about God and our purpose in life.

This book reveals truth is not static, but must change based upon continued experiences and acquired knowledge. Presented are the views and opinions of the members of two different forums: one is and the other is You have the benefit of reading stimulating and mind-awakening conversations by people who are deeply religious and knowledgeable of scripture. It is instructive to read how they supported their beliefs; some had well-founded reasons based upon scripture, while others resorted to circular reasoning and defensive comments. It should be of interest to observe how the author supports his assertions and conclusions, many of which were presented in Future of God Amen.

It will become obvious that religious views are not easily changed, which is one of the reasons why this book is written. Only by airing our religious views can a better understanding of what we believe and why we believe can be appreciated. It allows for the next phase of spiritual development in mankind based upon truth. By exchanging points of view, the truth will begin to surface, if not today, certainly in the future so that people around the world can have a better understanding of their belief in God.

It is the author’s hope that by discussing our religious views freely and honestly, we can someday not only agree to disagree, but come to a clearer understanding that we all pray to the same God. Such an understanding will precipitate a movement whereby people from the major religions will put pressure to bear on their religious leaders to unify their beliefs in God.

Unity in the belief of God is a challenge for the future. We are still in an infant stage in the understanding of God and our purpose as creatures of God. There is no doubt that to break the chains of dogma that restrict religious leaders to have an open mind and provide the mandate of their profession, which is to teach us to love one another, they will need the assistance of perceptive and loving daughters and sons of God.”

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Table of Contents
A Father Seeks to Reveal Truths to All
What Does Amen Mean?
Jesus’ Revelation of Amen
Author Bio

Nicholas Ginex: Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Philosophy Book Cover

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book

Now you are ready to read the book. Enjoy the informative and entertaining read:

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation

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“Knowledge Without Action Means Nothing”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

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