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Obama, Islam and Benghazi
English Book in 6 Chapters
Forewords: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Nicholas Ginex
August 29, 2015

Partners in Crime
Hillary Clinton (with Islamic Hijab) and Hussein Obama in the Middle East, laughing out loud and celebrating their fabrication of the “Arab Spring” which has resulted in a Mass Chaos and instability of the Region, and later slaughter of the Americans in the Benghazi, Libya.
Obama and Clinton are directly responsible for the Benghazi tragedy, Benghazi cover-ups, e-mailgate, creation of the Socialist Regime in America, Trillions of National Debt, Mass Unemployment, Mass Inflation, Mass Corruption, Big Government Bureaucracy, Failure of American Foreign Policy, Catastrophe of the American Domestic Policy, Disaster of Obama-care, Fundamental Transformation of America to a Socialist State and Destruction of America.

“Knowledge without action means nothing.”
(Nicholas Ginex)

“This book is dedicated to those courageous men and women who, throughout the ages, have faced adversity and death to enlighten us with the truth about Islam.”
(Nicholas Ginex)

Obama, Islam and Benghazi Book by Nicholas Ginex
Extremely controversial expose of Ginex on Obama and Clinton


It is the best of times to publish this book! As I have predicted in my past writings, Obama has managed to literally bring the greatest nation in the world to the brink of destruction. After eight years of Obama’s Socialist Regime, this closet Muslim has destroyed the American economy, military, morality, domestic and foreign policy, healthcare, and social fabrics.

Obama has turned the leading economy of the globe and leader of the free world in to a Rag Tag Banana Republic and the comic relief of the world. Russia mocks us, China owns us and Mullahs of Iran urinate all over us.

No one in the world respects us. Our Arab allies basically do not trust us because Obama had erected the “Arab Spring” (same as Carter’s Human Rights Spring), and via this shenanigan, he had transformed all the “Secular and Stable Dictatorships” of the Middle East to either “Civil War Infested Chaotic States” or flat out “Islamic States”!

Michelle Obama with Islamic hijab during a visit to the mosque at Indonesia
Hussein Obama in Islamic turban and garb at Somalia and Kenya

Thanks to Hussein Obama, the complete Middle East is in chaos and going towards Islamism. So our Arab allies mistrust us because Obama did not support our Arab allies; furthermore, he sparked the fire to overthrow them and turned their stable nations in to anarchies!

Jews absolutely believe that they cannot rely on us as an ally anymore! Obama clearly portrayed his administration as an Anti Semite Regime.

By making a dirty deal with the Mullahs of Iran, Hussein Obama had openly shafted the Iranian Opposition, Student Movement, Democratic Movement and Freedom Seeking Iranian people. Obama aligned himself with the Terrorist Islamist Regime of the Mullahs and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), rather than the Iranian Opposition.

Hussein Obama (with Mussolini pose), Michelle Obama (with arrogant pose) and Imam (Indonesian Mullah) at the mosque in Indonesia

Obama has shafted the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian people once in 2009 and once in 2015. In both occasions, instead of backing the Iranian Opposition, he flirted with the Islamist Thugs Ahmadinejad and Rouhani.

Obama has crippled the American economy and turned America to a welfare state. In reality the Unemployment Rate is 20 % because many Americans have dropped out of the job market permanently!

Obama’s incompetent domestic policies and no foreign policy has caused high inflation, high unemployment, poverty, disastrous race relations, class warfare, division and a nation on food stamps.

Obama at Kindergarten in Indonesia 1967
Obama studied Islamic Studies courses at the Elementary School in Indonesia.
Obama’s own autobiography and multiple other biographies state that Obama has attended the Elementary School (Kindergarten – Fifth Grade) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Obama at Ms. Sakai’s kindergarten class at Noelani Elementary School during 1966 - 1967. Obama is red circled in the picture. Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng confirms that the boy is Hussein Obama.

Obama’s regulations and environmental shenanigans have caused many corporations and businesses to leave America, loss of jobs and miserable stock market results.

At this sensitive point of the American history, we are yet facing another “Liberal Liar” bidding to become another “Presidential Disaster”! Hillary Clinton, as Obama’s partner in crime and his secretary of state is now bidding for presidency, so she can finish Obama’s job and finish the total destruction of America by turning her to a third world Banana Republic.

Obama during Kindergarten years in Indonesia 1967
Obama was Islamically indoctrinated throughout the elementary school years in Indonesia.

Hillary Clinton is a compulsive Liar who has been through one scandal after another. On and on she has deceived the American people and performed financial and political cover-ups for her personal gains. Now Hillary wants to become president.

Another Old Establishment Liberal Politician aching to continue the same old corrupt Big Liberal Government ruling America and destroying America. Hillary is another Obama and frankly America cannot take another 4 to 8 years of Obama! America is on the verge of collapse. Obama has destroyed everything and all social fabrics are rotten to the core.

That is why it is a perfect time to publish this book.

Obama during third grade elementary school Indonesia 1969
Obama with a third-grade classmate at Noelani Elementary School, Indonesia1969

On Nicholas Ginex

Ginex is a valuable philosopher, Egyptologist, scholar, author, and a scientific person. Inside IPC, he needs no introduction and outside IPC, all you need to know is that he is a true American Patriot, Concerned Global Citizen and a Lovely Humanitarian. Ginex is well educated and radically logical. Ginex seeks the truth, exposes corruption and offers solutions. His writings are strongly recommended to read.

On Obama, Islam and Benghazi

This is one of Ginex’s most controversial books. Ginex bravely exposes the corrupt Obama – Clinton cover-ups, lies and treacheries. Ginex digs deep in to the Obama – Clinton’s Benghazi cover-up, political lies and incompetent administration.

Once you read this book, you will get a better understanding on why Hillary is now desperately lies and tries to cover-up her crimes in her e-mailgate where she covered up her mischief exposing top secret e-mails for everyone’s eyes and specifically for Chinese, Russian and Iranian hackers to read and inform themselves about!

Obama Muslim Beanie and Garb Kenya Campaign
Obama is wearing a white kufi beanie hat which only the devout Muslims wear. This photo belongs to the time that Obama was campaigning for the Kenyan Muslim Riala Odinga.

Hillary Clinton has a history of scandals and lies going back to decades. With Hillary, it is one cover-up after another. This book exposes a good number of them and digs deep in to the psyche of Clinton and Obama as professional liars who do not hesitate to sacrifice America and American Lives for their own ideological and financial gains. They have a Socialist vision for America and to reach their goals, everything goes including the welfare of America and the American lives.

I strongly recommend the reading of this book to all. Inform and educate yourselves, thus the Obama’s Socialist Regime and the Big Corrupt Government will not!

Dr. X


This book exposes why President Obama has deceived the American public and why he and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. The first chapter reveals Obama’s early Islamic indoctrination and will lead us to understand why he must be impeached for deceiving Americans by advocating he had a strong foreign policy. His propensity to lie again after the Benghazi attack, to improve his chances to be reelected in the November 2012 presidential election, was revealed by blaming the terrorist attack on a YouTube video.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be disgraced for her culpability in the Benghazi debacle for not responding to the urgent requests by Ambassador Chris Stevens for military support. Clinton supported Obama’s foreign policy deceit, which caused her to neglect her duty to provide for the safety of the Benghazi embassy resulting in the loss of American lives.

Hillary Clinton with hijab at the Middle East

Chapter two has been provided to unfold the early years of President Obama as a young boy who was exposed to the beliefs of Islam. It reveals why he had a mental lapse to state “my Muslim faith” in a public interview. His indoctrination of the Qur’an gives credence why he has an affinity for Muslims and honors the Islamic religion.

Chapter three presents the president’s concerns for the Muslim people by making it a practice to praise Muslims at his annual White House meetings for their values and contributions made in creating America. This overreach by an American president to protect the safety and economic welfare for a specific people does not serve him well by overlooking the contributions of the many immigrants from Europe that helped to build America and create its basic values.

It is an undisputed fact that it was the beliefs of Judaic-Christian Americans that served to instill the humanity values of America and establish both the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. These two documents far excel the values and beliefs documented in The Qur’an and implemented with Sharia law, which guide the lives of all Muslims. Unlike the religious freedoms offered by America for all people, since the inception of Islam, indoctrinated Muslims have wrought destruction of cities and towns and murdered people who subscribe to another faith.

To fully understand the scope of the problem that affects the President from making clear and decisive decisions to protect the safety of Americans, it was necessary to present a brief history that reveals why Islam is a threat to the world; chapter four serves that purpose. Chapter 5.0 informs and educates the reader to fully understand why it is The Qur’an that has made Islam not a religion of peace but an organization that creates the many terrorist organizations that now exist throughout Europe and is insidiously growing like a cancer in America and many parts of the world. This chapter introduces atrocities advocated in The Qur’an by indicating the warnings, punishments, and commands that are applied for indoctrination of the Muslim mind; an indoctrination that begins at a very early age and subconsciously exists throughout the life of the initiate.

The groundwork of the preceding chapters helps the reader to understand why the president has been weak in applying defensive military strikes against Muslim terrorists. The inculcation of Islamic beliefs, his early years with Muslims and exposure to their views rather than the values and appreciation for the freedoms and opportunities offered by the capitalistic economy of America affects his decisions as president.

Finally, chapter six explains what were the negligent mistakes, fabricated lies, and actions by President Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton that led to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, State Department Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who worked for the CIA.

Hussein Obama as the best man in his brother Malik Obama’s first wedding.
Malik Obama married 12 times. This is his first marriage to his first of 12 wives!

This book serves to clarify why President Obama has been a weak leader and indecisive president to protect Americans from terrorist expansion and allowing open borders that facilitate incursion by terrorist elements. It describes why his values for America lean towards one of government control rather than initiatives by free and innovative Americans. For example, his idea for health care for all Americans was a good one but his lack of leadership to work in a transparent mode with both Democrats and Republicans caused the ObamaCare bill to be a poorly drafted document that was not even read and scrutinize by the Congress and Senate before being passed.

For students that desire to report the news as a profession, there is a need to instill values of truth, integrity, and objective reporting in all of our colleges and universities. We have seen that the news media has been infected with bias caused by lobbyists and large sums of money to support self-serving political agendas. To allow this direction of selfishness for one’s own aspirations or a particular organization, such as the many Muslim organizations that have infiltrated into the American political system under President Obama’s administration will surely cause the demise of America.

With the present threat of ISIL and other terrorist organizations there is need for a turnaround in the way people and free-democratic nations perceive Islam. If Islamic, Judaic, and Christian religious leaders really desire to fulfill their responsibilities as representatives of God they must teach the greatest God inspired command. A Man of God was so emphatic that he stated it three times – love one another. This command needs to be implemented in the scriptures of world religions and taught by leaders of all faiths.

President Obama Must be Impeached
With sincere regret this article informs Americans why our president, Barack Obama, must be impeached for lying to the American people about the Benghazi attack and is ultimately responsible for the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. As U.S. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces, Obama did not act to protect four Americans by providing the support Stevens requested months before the Benghazi attack. Inaction by Obama and his administration to assume the leadership to provide security and protection caused the death of the four Americans. His inaction was due to: deceiving the American people that he had a strong foreign policy to enhance his election, issuing a Stand-Down Order during the Benghazi fiasco, and lying to the American people by blaming the Muslim terrorist attack on a video.

President Obama has unequivocally shown he supports Islam both within America and around the world. Such support has been demonstrated by his annual White House speeches to encourage Americans to accept the core values of Muslims in the United States.

Malik Obama holds the family picture to the camera.
Malik is Hussein Obama’s Kenyan older and ambitious brother. Malik had connections to Muslim dictators and has political ambitions in Africa.
L-R: Hussein Obama, Malik Obama (Big Brother) and another Kenyan Muslim family member

Obama’s concern for Americans to accept Muslims has been a realistic challenge because throughout history Muslims have followed a religion that does not tolerate the existence of other religions. In the many countries they have conquered, they have subjugated people to follow Islam, which is specified by the teachings, admonitions, and punishments compiled in The Qur’an and implemented under Sharia law.

To validate the assertion that President Obama must be impeached by the American people, the following subsections present an overview of the Benghazi attack and Obama’s poor leadership as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Care has been taken to present only facts and findings; opinions and suppositions have been avoided so that the American liberal media could not assert this book has been written without evidence. This effort is provided to dispel any Obama administration assertion that this article is an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the president.

Table of Contents


Book Reviews

► Allah, We, Our and Us
► AMEN, the Beginning of the Creation of God
► Amen and Jesus’ Revelation
► God, Us and the Universe
► Future of God Amen


1.2 The White House ineffectual response.
1.3 The Stand Down Order.
1.4 Hillary Clinton is culpable for ignoring requests for military support.
1.5. White House lies dictate Impeachment by the American people.
1.6. Poll Provides if Americans want to Impeach Obama.

2.1 The slip of 57 states in the US.
2.2 The slip of indicating his religious faith is Muslim.
2.3 The early transformative years of Obama.

3.1 Obama orders preferential treatment for Muslims in NASA efforts.
3.2 President Obama annually honors Muslims at the White House
3.2.1 The 2009 White House Address for Muslims.
3.2.2 The 2010 White House Address for Muslims.
3.2.3 The 2011 White House Address for Muslims.
3.2.4 The 2012 White House Address for Muslims.
3.2.5 The 2013 White House Address for Muslims.
3.2.6 The 2014 White House Address for Muslims.
3.3 Other US Presidents praise the values and contributions of Islam.
3.4 President Obama’s 2009 Cairo Speech.
3.4.1 A New Beginning between America and the Muslim world.
3.4.2 America and Islam principles of justice, progress, tolerance and dignity overlap.
3.4.3 Obama believes Europe’s Renaissance was due to Islam.
3.4.4 The partnership between America and Islam.
3.4.5 Islam and women’s rights.
3.4.6 Does Islam promote peace or violent extremism?

4.1 The Rise of an Islamic Empire
4.2 Islam Spreads by Conquering Other Countries
4.2.1 Hezbollah Statement of purpose
4.2.2 Muslim Conquests under the First Caliph.
4.2.3 Muslim Conquests under the Second Caliph.
4.2.4 Muslim Conquests Under the 3rd and 4th Caliph.
4.3 Islam Spreads into the Western World.
4.3.1 The Intolerance of Islamic Extremists.
4.3.2 What Prevents Muslims from Worldly Successes?
4.4 Abominations by Fanatical Muslim Extremists.
4.5 The Worldwide Enemy to America and the World is Islam.
4.5.1 The World is at War
4.5.2 The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
4.5.3 Sweden.
4.5.4 France.
4.5.5 Germany.
4.5.6 United Kingdom.
4.5.7 China.
4.5.8 Austria.

5.1 We, Our and Us Identify a Party of Men
5.1.1 Party of men appoints camels to feed their worshippers.
5.1.2 Party of Men decree preservation of Muhammad’s honor
5.1.4 Party of Men Abrogates God’s Commands.
5.1.5 The Religion of Peace Sanctions Fighting and Killing.
5.1.6 A Party of Men destroys towns and punishes disbelievers.
5.1.7 Severe penalties for those who wage war against Allah.
5.1.8 The Qur’an Promotes Suspicion and Animosity.
5.1.9 The Qur’an Advocates Terror against Christians.
5.1.10 The Qur’an Incites and Advocates Hatred and Violence.
5.1.11 The Qur’an promotes Muslim suicides to kill for Allah.
5.1.12 The Qur’an incites anger and creates enemies.
5.1.13 The Qur’an Commands Muslims To Behead Disbelievers.
5.1.14 A Party of Men Use The Qur’an to Command Atrocities.
5.2 Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind
5.2.1 The Muslim mind is indoctrinated at an early age.
5.2.2 The false teaching that We, Our and Us is Allah.
5.2.3 Indoctrination abuses transforms humans to be killers.
5.2.4 Recommendations to countries facing an Islamic threat.
5.2.5 Islam is in Need of a Religious Revolution.
5.3 Has Islamic Indoctrination Affected Obama’s Actions?
5.4 A Challenge for Islamic Leaders
6.1 Obama Ineffectiveness as Commander-and-Chief
6.2 Obama Hurts his Character, Integrity and Leadership
6.2.1 Obama’s denial of any Muslim influence or teaching.
6.2.2 Obama’s inability to be transparent with Americans.
6.2.3 Obama’s favoritism for Muslims.
6.3 Obama Affinity, Actions, and Support for Islam
6.3.1 Obama has Muslim Advisors in his Administration
6.3.2 Obama treatment of America’s most trusted alley.
6.4 Why President Obama Must be Impeached
6.4.1 Al Qaeda terrorism prior to the Benghazi attack. The Action Memo of December 27, 2011. The March 2012 Memo. Chris Stevens e-mails to Secretary of State. Stevens cable on the day of his murder.
6.4.2 The Stand Down Order given During the Benghazi attack.
6.4.3 White house Response after the Benghazi attack.
6.5 Americans are beholden to impeach President Obama.
6.5.1 Ten questions provided by Ted Cruz.
6.5.2 More questions that address the Benghazi attack.
6.5.3 Status of Benghazi Select Committee as of 9/16/2014
6.5.4 Impeachable actions of Obama verses Nixon.
6.5.5 Another author’s assessment of the Benghazi fiasco.
6.5.6 Conclusion why Obama must be impeached.

Muslim Atrocities in Just One Month

Author’s Biography

List of Figures

Figure 1. Obama as a young man proud of his Muslim faith.
Figure 2. Obama receiving Muslim instruction.
Figure 3. The older brother Malik Obama embraces Barack Obama
Figure 4. Rise of the Islamic Empire from 632-750 CE.
Figure 5. The expansion of Islam in the Eastern world.
Figure 6. Islamic expansion into the Western World.
Figure 7. Muslims inciting hate, terror and violence.
Figure 8. Iranian woman about to be stoned to death.
Figure 9. Control of Iraq and Syria by ISIL as of Sept 11, 2014.
Figure 10. Sweden is faced with the expansion of Islam
Figure 11. An Islamic mob in London advocating beheadings.
Figure 12. Islamic terrorists advocate Islam will Dominate the World.
Figure 13. Violent attacks by Islamic terrorists in China.
Figure 14. Prayer on a city street in New York
Figure 15. Muslims from infancy are trained to go through the paces of Islamic rituals in order to instill strict, unquestionable belief and piety in them.
Figure 16. Muslim children are brainwashed at an early age. They are made to memorize the Qur’an without understanding. It becomes a part of their thinking mind. An extreme case of child abuse.
Figure 17. Young jihadi: It seems there is no age limit to attend an Islamic State school where children are 'brainwashed.'
Figure 18. Photo from a video shows a boy about 10 years old shoot an Islamic State hostage in the head

Obama, Islam and Benghazi – The Online Book

Learn why President Obama must be impeached and Ex Secretary of State Clinton disgraced:

●          Before the September 2012 Benghazi attack, Obama deceived the American public that he had a strong foreign policy to enhance winning the November 2012 presidential election. 

●          Obama and Hillary Clinton announced that it was a spontaneous rather than a preplanned terrorist attack caused by a YouTube video to cover-up their culpability of four Americans killed in Benghazi. 

●          As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, only Obama could have given the Stand Down Order during the Benghazi attack.

●          Secretary of State Clinton supported Obama’s deception of a strong foreign policy.  She neglected to provide military support for the Benghazi consulate despite documents from Chris Stevens indicating increasing terror attacks.

●          Taught the Qur’an as a young boy, Obama venerates Islam and in an address to the United Nations stated, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

●          Obama’s early indoctrination of the Qur’an increased his affinity for Muslims and wrote, “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”  A statement that lacks judgment by a U.S. president.

Obama in Muslim Garb with his Kenyan Muslim Family
L - R: Hussein Obama, Malik Obama (Big Brother) and another Kenyan Muslim family member

Now you are ready to dig deeper and read the complete book. It is now available for free in IPC. Enjoy the online book:

Obama, Islam and Benghazi

If you want a more complete hard copy of the book, we recommend this one:


May the truth be unveiled and shines a light on to the darkness.


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