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IPC Attacked by IRI Internet Police Bureau

ran Politics Club Attacked by IRI Cyber Terrorists
IPC Attacked by IRI Internet Police Bureau

Ahreeman X and IPC
January 4, 2011

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Warning Signs

On the morning of Christmas Eve (December 24, 2010), primarily I have received 2 different “Death Threats” via e-mails. This is nothing new, thus by average I receive at least one death threat every other week (e-mail, instant messenger, etc.). Receiving death threats from IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Ministry of Information, also known as Ershad (Islamic Propaganda), Ansar Hezbollah (Headquarter of Iranian Hezbollah) and now the new and improved IRI Internet Police Bureau, also known as “Iran Internet Crime Police” and other thugs, agents and IRI Lobby Groups’ goons in USA are nothing new to me and the IPC Operations.

Left: No Sunni Islam
Right: No Shiite Islam

In these “Death Threat” e-mails, they clearly stated that if we do not immediately seize the broadcast of the IPC Networks, then they will do it for us! We have to immediately seize all our rhetorics and insults to Allah, Prophet of Islam, Government of Allah on Earth (IRI) and the representative of Allah and Prophet on Earth (Imam Khamenei). So far so good and nothing new, I have heard this many times before; therefore, I did not take these e-mails seriously.

I surely did not expect the Islamists to make a move and actually turn these threats in to reality. I was skeptic, not because I have doubted Hezbollah’s misfits for a second, yet because I was pretty proud of our latest security system and wall of defense on our server (after the last IRI attack).

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So as usual I played around with these Islamists and their silly IMs and E-mails. On Christmas Eve, I have attended a party and during the party, a couple of friends tried to log in to IPC on their Cell Phones and Blackberries. What they got was a blank page! I told them maybe due to massive demand of our readers during the holidays, the server is jammed at the time but at the back of my mind, I started to wonder about the e-mails!

After the party, I went home and contacted our Server tech in regards to the issue. Next day, on Christmas Day, we have found out that we were attacked!

Christmas Present from IRI

By Christmas Day (December 25, 2010), we have found out that same as last year (2009), once again Islamists have managed to spend hours and write many programs to break our lines of defense.

I should have known better. Last year, when riots exploded in the streets of Iran, they retaliated by taking IPC off the air for a month (longest period ever achieved). This year, due to hyper inflation in Iran, various protests and unrests around the nation were bothering the regime; therefore, it was only logical for them to once more target IPC.

Why IRI Targets IPC?

In the new millennium, wars are fought on cyber space. Internet is the most explosive tool in the hands of the Iranian opposition. In 1978, Khomeini achieved his Islamic Revolution via distribution of cassettes in the mosques. Khomeini could only dream of having this wonderful tool named Internet! Imagine if Khomeini had Internet, then his revolution would have been more self sufficient, organized, accelerated and well propagated.

Today, we have this amazing tool named Internet. We use it for various tasks such as mass information, mass education, mass communication and mass propaganda.

Every single unrest during the past 31 years have been planned and organized by the Iranian Opposition inside and outside Iran. IPC represents and supports the Iranian Opposition (All Opposition Groups). IPC represents and supports the Student Movement. IPC informs the world of what is truly going on inside Iran. IPC is a 24 hour information, communication and propaganda machine in the hands of the Iranian Opposition. As the largest Iranian Online Website / Network in the globe, IPC is a thorn in the eye of IRI. IPC is not just the largest Iranian website, but the most complete cyber general encyclopedia about Iran. IPC is the only Iranian website in English with massive readership inside Iran!

To damage Opposition, IRI must damage Opposition Websites and naturally one of the major targets on the black list is IPC. History of IRI Cyber Sabotage, Attacks and Terrorism against IPC goes back ten years in time.

Recovery and Security Steps

By December 25, 2010, we have found out the depth of the latest IRI attack and we were amazed of how much efforts and how many hours they must have put together to bring down IPC’s latest security system!

Right away we started a cyber net-meeting. Our DB Tech (Holland), Web Mistress (Morocco), Web Tech (LA) and myself (San Diego) have spent almost a complete day of net-meeting, cleaning the cyber infection, putting the network back intact and installing yet a much formidable security system on the server / Network.

This was a great victory because last time (2009) they have managed to bring down the network for a month, but this time (2010) they have only succeeded to do it for a day!

By December 27, 2010 everything was back to normal. It took us one day to put the network back online and it took us less than 4 days to restore and reinforce the complete server and network with a much stronger security system.

With Love to IRI Internet Police Bureau

IRI Internet Police Bureau, also known as “Iran Internet Crime Police” (created on 2009) is a clear effort to silence the opposition's Internet outlets. Iranian authorities have deployed a special police force to search and sweep websites for political material and prosecute those deemed to be spreading so-called anti regime lies!

Iran Internet Crime Police” is not truly a Police Unit, yet in reality it acts as “IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force”. This is a unit established to search, sabotage and destroy Opposition Websites / Networks.

IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force” (Iran Internet Crime Police) implements the latest cyber terrorist tactics to achieve its strategy. Tactics such as building the most sophisticated virus, worm, leech and programs to sabotage and damage the opposition websites.

Cyber Wars are the New Face of Wars

In the new millennium and decade 10s (2010s), wars are fought online. Today’s most effective wars are not fought in the air, sea or on the ground, but they are fought on Cyber space.

Obama’s Appeasement Policies and Growth of Islamism

War on Terror has been declared; however, Hussein Obama’s Regime is pussyfooting around with the terrorists; furthermore, Washington DC shows urges to flirt and meet with the terrorists (Ahmadinejad, Chavez, North Korea, IRI, IRGC, Hezbollah, etc.). While Obama’s Socialist Regime is flirting with the terrorists, bending over backwards for Islamists and welcoming the IRI Lobby Groups in the wide arms of the American Family, we the Iranian Opposition have a crucial duty and a much difficult task to battle the Islamist Beasts abroad (Iran Internet Crime Police) and the domestic IRI Agents in Suits and Ties (IRI Lobby Groups in USA).

Through his appeasement policies, Hussein Obama has provided nourishment for the blooming State Sponsor Terrorists (IRI, Syria, North Korea, etc.) and Nourishing Islamist Terrorist Organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) around the globe, while at the same time his incompetent liberal regime is welcoming and empowering the Terrorist Lobby Groups in America (IRI Lobby Groups in USA).

Hussein Obama is not commander in chief but he is Enemy of the State. Hussein Obama has brought to power by American Liberal Media, Special Interest (George Soros, etc.), Corrupt Labor Unions (AFL, CIO, etc.) and Arab Oil to destroy US Constitution, US Capitalism, US Exceptionality in the globe and to make sure that US seizes drilling her own oil, so she can stay dependant to the Arab Oil.

Hussein Obama’s job during the last 2 years, has been bowing to the Arab Kings, Bending Over Backwards for Muslims, Destroying the Social Fabrics of America by trying to replace them with Euro-Pee-On Socialism and indeed going around the globe and conducting his “American Apology Tour”!

Hussein Obama will be remembered as the worst president in the history of America. I never thought that someone can possibly top Carter, but obviously Obama did!

Future Agenda

Job is well done, everything is back to normal and IPC is up and running smooth. It is amazing that every time the political situation gets hairy inside Iran, then right away, IRI Cyber Terrorists around the globe and IRI Servants in America start a sabotage campaign against IPC! The timing cannot be possibly more descriptive!

Operation Retaliation

Once again I am terribly sorry to inform IRI Cyber Terrorists that, “Yes, We Will Retaliate”! Same as 2009, we shall retaliate and creatively build programs special made to bring down a various number of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government websites! During the upcoming months we will interrupt the broadcast of a number of important Iranian Government Sites. In the upcoming months we will enhance exposing the new and the old IRI Lobby Groups and IRI Agents in USA.

Islamic Republic of Iran is trying hard to use Cyber Terrorism (outside America) to interrupt the opposition websites’ broadcast and also trying hard to use its intimidation campaign (Lobby, Conning the Congress, Conning and drafting the Iranian Celebrities, Court Cases against Opposition, Distribution of Media Lies, Political Pressure) using the American Democratic System to pressure and silence the Iranian Opposition in America.

These petty servants of IRI and Islamist Thugs do assume that with these intimidation campaigns, we will pack up and leave the political battleground. We were fighting IRI since its birth. We were fighting IRI since your grandfather Ayatollahs wrote the doctrine, your fathers in 1979 established the regime and now that you, the third generation (Bache Akhunds) in various forms of Fundamentalist, Moderate, Reformist or Green (inside Iran) and IRI Lobbyist, IRI Agent, Liberal College Professor, Liberal Reformist Media Lord, Iranian American Green Scholars or Islamic Author (inside America) are trying to postpone the death of this Islamist Regime.

For 31 + years (with Opposition) and for 10 + years (with IPC) we have been fighting IRI. We shall continue fighting Islamic Republic of Iran’s many faces (Fundamentalist, Moderate, Reformist, etc.), organizations (Ministry of Ershad, Ansar Hezbollah, Iran Internet Crime Police, etc.), and the 5th column in America posing as IRI Lobby Groups in USA (NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, etc.). The battle will go on until the achievement of the ultimate victory over IRI.

No Deals
No Reforms
Only Absolute Overthrow of IRI
More power to the Iranian Opposition
More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran

Ahreeman X and IPC Office

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