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Democrats Will Not Support Iranian Opposition!
Democrats Will not Support Iranian People’s Fight for Freedom!

Ahreeman X
October 29, 2022

Iranian Woman Protester with Lion and Sun Banner in Background
Istanbul Protests - Global Protests in Solidarity with Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

Democrat Bullets are Killing the Iranian People!

The bullets killing the Iranian protesters are made with $150 Billion which Hussein Obama gifted to the Mullahs. The $150 Billion which the $1.8 Billion of it was a plane load of cash to Tehran, has been used funding the manufacturing of the Iranian made machineguns and ammunition used to kill the people in the streets by IRGC, Basij and the Iranian Ansar-e Hezbollah. Also, the rest of the dollars were sent abroad to the Iranian terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Iraqi Shiite Militia, Syrian Shiite Militia and other mercenaries of IRI!

After over 4 decades of repeated uprisings, the Iranian school girls, university students, young women and freedom fighters are finally having a chance to topple the IRI oppressive Islamic Theocratic Dictatorship Regime, but neither Democrats and Biden Regime, nor EU and UN are truly behind them and back them up! It’s all pretense show support and cheap talk! Iranian women are risking their lives, taking the Islamic hejabs off and burn them in the streets but American Democrats as always betray them and still hope to cut a deal with the Mullahs! Democrats and Muslims are best of friends!

How come Biden illegitimate regime is sending billions of dollars and guns to Ukraine to agitate a world war but not a dime or a pistol to the Iranian people and opposition? Because Ukraine is the corrupt money laundry country for the Biden Crime Family where they made billions but the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian people’s fight for freedom has no kickbacks for the Biden Crime Syndicate!

Iranian Opposition Needs Guns

Hussein Obama, the first Muslim Gay Black President of USA and Democrats have been financing and supporting the Mullahs, Hezbollah and Iran Lobby for decades! Many Democrat Senators, congressmen and politicians have been on the payroll of the Iranian Lobby Billion Dollar Industry for decades. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and many others have been on the Iran Lobby payroll and their bubble baths have been drenched by the Iranian people’s blood for decades!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA 1

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA 2

Iranian Woman Protester Watching the Sea of People on Car Rooftop at Mahsa Amini’s 40th Day Wake. 60,000 People Pilgrimage to Mahsa Amini’s Wake which ended up in shootout because IRI Regime’s police started shooting at the people.
Saqqez, Kurdistan, Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

Iranian American Democrats are Traitors to Iran!

Why don’t we just be honest with one another and accept that The Iranian American Democrats are traitors to Iran and America both! With their votes and support, they betray both the Iranian people and the American Patriots!

Democrats Can Pressure IRI but They Will Not!

Democrat Regime in America can truly press IRI in all aspects such as real heavy sanctions, diplomatic pressures, UN sanctions, global sanctions, global trade pressure, end the nuke deal prospect, and various other methods to get the EU on board and bring IRI Regime to their knees, but they will not because deep inside, they are still hoping to cut a deal with IRI.

Democrats are hoping to steal the Iranian Revolution and bring the Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime to power, so they can cut deals with them, collude with them, and plunder Iran together!

Iranian Woman Protester’s Victory Sign, Watching the Sea of People on Car Rooftop at Mahsa Amini’s 40th Day Wake. Complete road to Saqqez was loaded with 60,000 People Pilgrimage to Mahsa Amini’s Wake which ended up in shootout because IRI Regime’s police started shooting at the people. Iranians came from all over Iran to pay respect to Mahsa as the symbol of 2022 Uprising. Many Saqqezi people opened their houses to the people as guests to stay the night for coming from all over Iran. Many police families in police housing opened their doors to the protesters to refuge them from their police husbands! There are already noticeable cracks amongst the IRI Regime’s people!
Saqqez, Kurdistan, Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

US and EU Will Not Support the Iranian Opposition

US, EU and UN are only shedding Alligator Tears for the Iranian people. US and EU are not doing anything substantial to help the opposition because they are still hoping to deal with IRI on trades and nuke deal. Biden’s Illegitimate Regime in USA, UK Globalist Regime, French Socialist Regime and German Corrupt Liberal Regime have been wheeling and Dealing with the Mullahs and getting rich off of these deals! Business has been good, so why end a great business deal?!

Iranian Woman Protester’s Victory Sign, after burning her Islamic Hejab, while protesters take control of the street. Inside Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

Democrats Show Abandoned the Mullahs for the Midterm Elections!

Democrats are only cooling down on their support for the Mullahs due to the election year! Otherwise, Obama’s advisors are Trita Parsi and the Iran Lobby! Obama ordered Biden to cool down on the Iran Nuclear Deal but don’t kill it.

Hussein Obama is the head of the cabal which runs America. Hussein Obama as the 3rd term president, ordered his brain-dead senile puppet Joe Biden to ease down on supporting the murderous Mullah Regime. That’s why Biden came up with that asinine statement that, “I was caught by surprise on the Iranian people’s protests!” Obama himself released nonsensical statements such as “There were many conflicts in my administration on making the nuclear deal with IRI!” Really Hussein? Who are you fooling Hussein?

Hussein please, give it up with the ignorance is my defense case! Your administration was Iran Lobby Heaven and your foreign policy advisers were Iran Lobby criminals! Trita Parsi made 30 trips to the White House during your administration! There were Iran Lobby characters all over your administration! Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was only one of the many!

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC
Highest Ranking NIAC Alumni Still in the US Government  

You helped bloom and grow Iran Lobby’s power in USA and when the Iran Lobby Fathers jailed in Iran due to the internal rivalry between the Fundamentalists (Khamenei fraction) and the Reformists (Iran Lobby Fraction), you done your best to propagate via the lying Media that the Iran Lobby Fathers are innocent Iranian American Hostages! Finally, you broke a deal with the Mullahs to release the Iran Lobby Godfather Baquer Namazi!

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

Hussein Obama, your administration was in bed with Iran Lobby, got kickbacks from the Iran Lobby and in no other time in the history, the Iran Lobby got so powerful as during your administration. Your administration allowed Iran Lobby to create a vast network of organizations along with their own bank to do money laundry for them!

How Trita Parsi and NIAC Advance IRI Iran’s Agenda in USA?

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC 1

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC 2

Eventually Iran Lobby got so bold that they even threatened the Iranian Opposition!

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X
PCC Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank

It all started with your administration, when Iran Lobby owned the power grid, broke deals with Iran, and routinely performed as your foreign policy advisors! Down the road they grew to the point that they owned various city halls in America and put a great number of local city halls all the way to US congressmen on their payroll!

San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism
PCC SD - Persian Cultural Center of San Diego

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?
San Diego City Government Finances Iran Lobby

Iranian Women Protesters burn their Islamic Hejabs, while dance around them in the street protests. These are historic images of the Iranian women finally taking their hejabs off.
Inside Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

History of Democrats and Mullahs Cooperation

Over 4 decades of love affair between the Democrats and the Mullahs:

Jimmy Carter and Democrats aided Khomeini to create IRI and Neo Islamism in the World. By creating a Green Belt around the USSR in the region (IRI, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.), Carter helped to create IRI; furthermore, by not backing the Shah and Imperial Iran, due to his human rights shenanigan, he backstabbed Iran and the Iranians. In return, Khomeini created the Neo Islamism in the world. In a way, Carter’s plan backfired. America’s greatest friend in the region (Imperial Iran) had become America’s worst enemy (Islamic Republic of Iran)! Carter is not that bright, is he?

Hussein Obama did not support the Iranian Opposition in the streets of Iran but instead he flirted with the Mullahs, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and the IRI Regime. Obama appeased the Mullahs rather than supporting the Opposition. Obama closely worked with the Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi in USA. Obama helped IRI and Iran Lobby to grow in USA. Iran Lobby exists because it has powerful friends amongst the Democrats, GOP Establishment and Oil Cartels; the IRI Regime’s money, finances it but Iran Lobby’s greatest friend and benefactor was and is Hussein Obama.

Hussein Obama and Democrats once again betrayed the Iranian Opposition by granting the IRI Regime access to $150 Billion frozen assets and handing them $1.8 billion in cash. This was not Mullahs’ money but it was people of Iran’s money (from the Imperial Regime era) and should have been given to the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition but instead was given to the Mullahs to support terrorism around the Middle East by supporting its many proxies around the region. Obama as a Muslim was very keen on his Fellow Muslim Mullahs, IRI Regime and Iran Lobby.

Protests break out across Iran. Once again Democrats back the IRI Regime and the Iran Lobby. Democrats appease the Islamist Regime and line up against the Iranian people. Fortunately, the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People find their greatest supporter named Donald John Trump. No one in the history of over 40 years of IRI occupation has been supporting the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition such as Trump had done and is doing.

Once again (until complete victory) protests break out across Iran. Once again (as usual) Democrats are conferencing and flirting with Iran Lobby and IRI. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are conference calling with the Iran Lobby of Mullahs on the Facebook. Democrats support General Qasem Soleimani the Terrorist Boss. Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Candidates shed crocodile tears, so hard for the Terrorist that they top Chucky Doll Schumer’s famous crocodile tear shedding! Liberal Media started another pro IRI appeasement campaign. Once again, Democrats, Media and Oil Cartels support the Iran Lobby and IRI. GOP Establishment is silent! Once again, Trump is the best and only friend for the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition. Every day that passes by, the Iranian People find more and more that Trump is the only ally they have in America.

History repeats itself. Protests and riots are expanding around Iran but Democrats, their Media partners and their senile puppet regime leader Joe Biden (Obama’s 3rd Term Presidency) are silent; furthermore, the media (State Media) is not covering the protests to satisfy the Democrats whom are trying to make the Democrat – Mullahs Nuke Deal 2.0. Since the stolen 2020 election and the ousting of Trump, Democrats and Deep State erected a Usurper President from the Nursing Home (Beijing Joe Biden) and in reality, Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, George Soros, CIA, FBI, Media, Tech Giants and Deep State combinedly run America. As usual, the occupational Democrat Socialist Regime is seeking appeasement and nuke deal with the Mullahs. Democrats as always are hostile to the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People. Mainstream Media which is basically the State Media is narrating the memos sent by the White House and DNC to not cover the protests and riots across Iran.

So, as you can see, this pattern of behavior has become a habit for the Democrats! This way, Democrats get rich, Big US Government gets rich, Mullahs get rich, the West plunders Iran and indeed the Iranians remain dwelling in the gutter!

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires Thread

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Iranian Woman Protester on cartop burns her Islamic Hejab set on a stick, while gives a victory sign in the street protests. People are cheering her on. Iranian women said No to Hejab on 1979 Islamic Revolution and they are saying No to Hejab now in 2022. Iranian Women never accepted the Islamic Hejab which was forced upon them since 1979. Finally, they found the courage to openly jump start not only the Hejab Burnings but a Nationwide Uprising! Iranian Women are on the frontline of the Iranian National Uprising. Inside Iran Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

Why Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran?

Reasons for Democrats Not Wanting a Free Iran
*  Democrats are Making Beneficial Deals with the Mullahs
* UK and EU are Making Beneficial Deals with the Mullahs
* Globalist Corporations are Making Beneficial Deals with the Mullahs
* Iran Lobby Billionaire Financiers are Making Beneficial Deals with the Mullahs
* Oil Cartels are Making Beneficial Deals with the Mullahs
* Liberal Plantation Masters are Making Sweet Deals with the Mullahs
* MIC Sells Arms to Arabs While Mullah Boogeymen Exist
* CIA, FBI and Deep State Better Control the US Government While Mullah Threat Exists
* Iran Lobby Benefactors of the Democrat Party Benefit from Mullahs’ IRI Regime
* Great Number of Democrat Politicians Remain on the Steady Iran Lobby Payroll

Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran!

Yes, Democrats don’t want a free Iran!

Trump is the Only Friend of the Iranian People and Opposition

If Trump was in power, he would support the Iranian people’s fight for freedom, heart and soul. Trump almost choked the IRI Regime with substantial sanctions. Trump truly cares about the Iranian people’s rights for freedoms. Trump means what he says because he is a not a politician and he runs America like a business. That is why America owned the greatest economy in the history of earth during the Trump, and IRI was down to its knees and about to fall apart during the Trump era!

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history

Iranian People are on their Own!

In reality, all the global support by the global people is real but all the global support by the US and EU is fake and only show support! In reality, the Iranian people and the Iranian Opposition are on their own, the Lone Ranger rides again!

Iranian Women Protesters Abroad in Solidarity and Support of the Iran Anti Hejab Protests of inside Iran. Signs read “From Kurdistan to Sistan, from Khuzestan to Gilan, I Sacrifice My Life for Iran,” and “We Neither Want Sheikh Nor Mullah, Condemn the Ayatollah,” and of course on the big banner says “Woman, Life, Freedom,” which has become the official song and slogan of the Iran Anti Hejab Protests by Shervin Hajipour the popular singer who was arrested for singing a song! Outside Iran Global Protests - Iran Anti Hejab Protests 2022

Shervin Hajipour: Baraye (For)

Shervin Hajipour YouTube Channel

Shervin Hajipour: Baraye (For) - Collage

Shervin Hajipour’s Woman, Life, Freedom Iran Protest Anthem

We the People

Dearly beloved people of Iran, the Iranian Opposition has been with you for over 4 decades. IPC supports all the Iranian opposition groups; therefore, IPC has been with you for decades. I have been with you since 1979! Death of IRI Regime has been my goal since 1979.

True, we are all alone. The globalists and the global politicians, businessmen and bankers as always are not on our side; furthermore, they are on our enemy’s side! Democrats, Hollywood, EU and Iran Lobby only shed Alligator Tears for Iran. They have been doing so for decades. In reality, they have been funding and supporting the Mullahs and Islamic Republic of Iran for decades.

Don’t Let the Iran Lobby Steal the Revolution Again!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA 1
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Iran Democratic Movement

Iranian Patriots, we are all alone, take away your eyes from the west, the Democrats and the EU, thus these insects are only keeping the track of their global deals and bank accounts. We are the orphan children of Ariana! We must fight all alone to free the Mother Persia.

A Nightmare, Together We Share! – Persian Poetry

We shall overcome this dark chapter of the Iranian history and dump the IRI decades in the dumpster of the history. This will pass too! Future is ours and future is bright. Iran will be free because Iranians are fed up, the bottleneck of pressure is about to explode in full. The Revolution has begun, people are in the streets, people want freedom and they have nothing left to lose. Over 4 decades of oppression is enough! The Iranian Young Generation and the Iranian Women will be the end of the IRI Islamic Regime.

This time, Iranians will fight until the end to free Iran. The motto is Freedom or Death. Stick with the manual.

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual: Control the Streets

We only need to believe in ourselves and our power to end oppression in Iran. Our future is in our own hands. All we need is the faith in our power which can shake the world. We are Persians, we can do anything.

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X


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