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Future of Iran
Catayoun Razmjou
February 18, 2022

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Can we do some clarifications (Shafaf Sazi) for the Iranian people and the global citizens?

Future of Iran is not decided by the IRI Iran Lobby, their Billionaire Iranian American Democrats Supporters and their masters, the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg on the left or the New IAL RINO Liberal Monarchists, their CPI Liberal Monarchist Party, VOA (Voice of CIA) and their RINO Republican Establishment Globalist Masters such as the Bush Family, Koch Brothers and the GOP Establishment.

Both these so-called Iran Lobby groups of Liberal Democrats (NIAC, PAAIA and PCC) and RINO Monarchists (IAL) are brothers and the two sides of the same coin. Sometimes they collude because one is backed by the Reformist Hezbollah (NIAC) and the other is in alliance with the Reformist Hezbollah and the Moderate Hezbollah (IAL) and then sometimes they slander each other indirectly on the tabloid American Media of the left and the right. This is all a show put forward for the Iranian people and the world.

NIAC and IAL race with each other for government grants and corporate grants. Their cause is not freedom of Iran but money and power.

We have 2 superficial groups with no support amongst the core Iranian Americans and definitely not inside Iran, one on the left and one on the right but both are Liberal Globalists and not Patriots.

Fake Iran Lobby in America

IRI Iran Lobby
NIAC, PAAIA and PCC (Their Bank)
Backed by the:
Iranian American Democrats Establishment
Oil Cartels
Globalist Corporations
George Soros

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

PCC (Persian Cultural Center San Diego) – Iran Lobby Bank

RINO Monarchist Iran Lobby
Backed by the:
CPI Liberal Monarchists
RINO Republican Establishment
VOA (Voice of CIA) and Radio Farda
Globalist Crony Capitalists

Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection

IAL (Iranian Americans for Liberty)

CPI (Constitutional Party of Iran)

Both groups are in collusion underneath but at fight in surface. Both groups are Globalist Establishment pretending to be pro the common man and working class. Both groups are con artists but one on the left and one on the right.

Both groups have no public support but are supported by Special Interest.

Future of Iran

The future of Iran is not decided by these fake Iran Lobby groups, Democrat Establishment, Republican Establishment and Globalist Corporations. The future of Iran is not decided by the Charlatans on the left and right. The future of Iran is not decided by the Iranian Billionaires who support these groups. The future of Iran is not supported by the Foreign regimes like USA, UK or Germany. The future of Iran is not decided by the Socialist Dictatorships like Russia and China.

The Future of Iran will be decided by the Iranian people, the oppressed, long suffered masses of Iran and the Iranian opposition is a tool in their hands.

Iranian Democratic Movement

The Iranian Democratic Movement consisting of the Student Movement, Workers Movement, Technocrats Movement and the Exiled Opposition are wings of the Iranian Opposition who supports the Iranian people’s fight for freedom.

Iranian Democratic Movement

We in IPC have a duty to distribute the voice of the Iranian Opposition worldwide. We are the Iranian Opposition. We are not on anyone’s payroll and pocket. We do not appear on American TVs and American Media by paying them for minutes of appearance and articles. We do not pay American Congressmen for their support; we do not lobby anyone and for anyone. We are only the voice of the Iranian Patriots and the Global Anti Establishment Workers. We are the Real Deal.

Friends of the Iranian Opposition

If we are honest with each other, then we must recognize that neither Democrats nor the Republican Establishments are friends of the Iranian people. The only friends of the Iranian people are Donald John Trump, MAGA Movement and the National Populists. The only True Friend of the Iranian people has been, is and will be Donald John Trump and also the Patriots.

Future of Iran will be decided by the Iranian People.

Everything else is Bollocks and Rubbish.

Death to IRI Regime
Death to US Deep State
Death to Globalist Establishment

Long Live Patriots

Persian Cat Wide Awake


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