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Gun Rights Protect Freedom & Democracy
Armed People are Free People


Gun Rights Protect Freedom and Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment
Armed People are Free People

Ahreeman X
June 7, 2022

American Patriot Punisher Skull Flag
Liberty or Death: 2nd Amendment

Important Historical Lesson

Back in Imperial Iran where I lived for the first 16 years of my life, people had guns. I was a young teenager and I had two rifles. People used guns for target practice, hunting, collecting, security and professional sports. Specifically, after the revolution, people ended up having more guns because they raided the armories and military storages; therefore, there were more guns distributed to the public.

As soon as the Islamists taken over the government, they banned guns, started gun grabs and disarmed the people. Right after that, they started to ban every single political party except Hezbollah (Party of Allah). Yes, Hezbollah originated from Iran, Hezbollah of Lebanon is only a proxy of Iran. Very soon, Islamists taken full control of the government and the country, established a theocracy and Mullahs had become the absolute rulers of the complete massive country of Iran.

Easily, a progressive westernized Imperial Iran regime, changed to a backward and fanatical Islamist Regime of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)! The key point here is that “Armed people are free people”! No guns, and you simply lose your freedom!

American Patriot Punisher Skull Flag

On Guns, Democrats are Same as the Islamists

Democrats and Muslims have many similarities and, in the future, I shall write an article about it; however, one of the most important one is the gun grab. To establish totalitarianism, you need gun grab.

To establish a desired Big Government Control, strong central power and a totalitarian regime, you need to make the people dependent to the government, dependent in every aspect of life. To create dependent people, primarily you need to disarm them, so they cannot defend themselves against the government oppression and dictatorship.

All totalitarian systems including Socialist, Communist, Nazi, Fascist and Islamist follow the same recipe of primarily disarm the people, so they can easily control them and turn them to slaves, dependent to the Big Government and the strong central power.

Globalism vs. National Populism

If you take a good look around today’s world, you will notice that Globalists including Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Islamists along with their arms of International Corporations, Tech Giants, Social Media, Media, Hollywood, Academia and Deep State and their show organizations under the façade of UN, WHO and other international globalist structural orgs are globally disarming the people, brainwashing the people, silencing any opposing voice and packing people in to the safe spaces like a pack of cattle. They use lockdowns, pandemic scare, martial law, emergency police force, police state rules and special executive orders to do gun grabs, oppress the masses and force them into submissive obedient slaves.

Liberal Plantation System is the desired system for the globalists to establish their New World Order, Great Reset, Green New Deal, Climate Change Hoax, LGBTQIA Queer Revolution, and Absolute Wokeness, globally. One world, one government and one order under the UN authority with absolute obedience to the Big Brother Globalists.  

The Liberal Plantation Jew Masters who run the west, including the Tech Giants, Social Media, Corporate Media, Globalist Corporations, Hollywood, Woke Corporations, MIC, Deep State, Big Governments, and Liberal Socialist Regimes are speedily forcing this recipe down people’s throats.

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

American Patriot Trump with Machinegun and Bald Eagle
National Populist Trump stumping over Globalist Corporate Robotics and Cash!

Liberal Plantation Jew Masters are Anti-Israel, USA and Iran

Big Globalist Liberal Jew Bosses have no allegiance to Nationalism, Individualism or even Zionism. These Liberal Jews despise Israel, Conservative Jews and their own kind! They surely despise American National Populism and Iranian Nationalism because the Israeli, American and the Iranian National Populism are all blocks on the way of Globalists swallowing the world and creation of the New World Order via establishment of the Big Brother’s Totalitarian System.

The Liberal Jew has nothing in common with the Conservative Nationalist Jews of Israel. The Liberal Jew Bosses who run the western world such as the Rothschilds Family, George Soros, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), American Corporate Mainstream TVs (NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.), American Hardcopy Media (New York Times, etc.), Hollywood, Academia, Deep State and Big Government entities are all about Global Control and establishment of the New World Order by hardcore push of the extreme wokeness, social justice, CRT, Climate Change Hoax, Queer Revolution of LGBTQIA, and specifically gun grabs. They control the minds and propagate their twisted worldview using extreme censorship and silencing of all opposing voices on the social media (Google’s YouTube, Facebook, etc.), Mainstream Media, and Gun Grabs.

Liberal Plantation Seeks Happy Negroes and Illegal Alien Slaves

The Liberal Plantation have been losing its grip on the Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities wising up to decades of Democrat Slavery and being pawns to the Democrat Socialist System. Blacks and Latinos are leaving the Liberal plantations; therefore, now the Liberal plantation is importing millions of illegal aliens from Central America and Muslim Refugees from North Africa and Middle East, hand them citizenship to replace the old slaves (blacks and Hispanics) with the new slaves (illegals and Muslims)! Liberal Plantation needs slaves to operate the system; therefore, it must always maintain a massive slave force!

Liberal Plantation has no choice because Blacks and Hispanics are becoming wise, smart, aware and are leaving the plantations! Due to this fact, the Liberal Plantation Jew Masters are importing caravan loads and boat loads of Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees to Americas and Europe!

Globalist Gun Grabs

Take a good look of north of the border at Canada. An Absolutist Socialist Dictatorship is forming via gun grabs, silencing, executive orders, confiscation of truckers’ bank accounts, revoking protest licenses, oppression of the patriots and dismantle of any resistance. Canada is the perfect example of Globalist takeover to rapidly establishing a Socialist Dictatorship to rule the nation.  

Look what the Big Government Globalists done around the world, using the pandemic excuse to establish absolute police state, socialist dictatorship and globalist New World Order rules in the hearts of Democracy such as Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

In today’s Europe, people are living under the Socialist Tyranny of the Globalists. Freedoms are being plucked one by one from them. They are forced to live with a huge illegal immigration slave force of the Globalists consisting of Muslim Refugees and Migrants from the 3rd world. Rapes, Murders, Crimes, Filth, and Lawlessness everywhere.

America is the Last Stand for Freedom

Founding Fathers have warned us about the Big Government Control:

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Today, Democrats with their slave force of ANTIFA, BLM and other Degenerated Thugs, break down the Founding Fathers’ statues because they resemble American Freedoms, Culture, Democracy and Free spirit. To enslave a nation, the heart of freedoms, they have to destroy the American Culture. If Democrats manage to enslave America, then they can easily enslave the world. America is the last stand for Freedoms.

Democrats are Destroying the US Constitution

All of these CRT, Wokeness, LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup and other PC garbage are a part of the complete plan to destroy America. Democrat Party as the American Arm of the Globalists, plays a crucial role to destroy America. Propaganda, Censorship and Executive Orders are important but the ultimate tactic to enslave Americans is via Gun Grab and to do that, they need to change the Constitution. Democrats are already destroying the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments but are aiming to completely eliminate the 2nd amendment.

1st Amendment
What happened to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of religion and right to petition the government (1st amendment)? They all went out the door with Tech Giant Censorship, Media Collusion, Supreme Court Corruption hearing the January 6th petitions, and the Big Government suppression of the people’s rights.

4th Amendment
What happened to unreasonable searches, seizures, search warrants and invading patriots’ homes (4th amendment) such as Roger Stone, and many others? They arrested, handcuffed and foot cuffed Peter Navarro and dragged him to their kangaroo court, Gulag Jail, and Establishment Sham System via their Corrupt FBI and DC Police! Do you know who is Peter Navarro? A major economics theoretician in Trump’s arsenal, responsible for the creation of the greatest economy in the history of the earth by Donald John Trump! This man has significant intellectual, economical and technical value. Today, dirt bags like the Braindead Criminal Biden, that witch Pelosi, that Liberal Plantation Jew Master Schumer, that Kenyan Gay Muslim Hussein Obama and other crooks and charlatans in DC are arresting the patriots!

5th Amendment
Today, we have political prisoners in America. DC jails are loaded with patriots held without charges, bail, due process and legitimate accusations for over a year!

What happened to rules of indictment by the grand jury, due process and prohibition of self-incrimination (5th amendment)? Did the government use them when arrested Trumpists and National Populists?

6th Amendment
What happened to the speedy public trial by the jury, notification of the criminal accusations, confronting their accusers, and obtaining witnesses for the January 6th Patriots (6th amendment)?

Democrats are literally pissing on the US constitution because they have no respect for the Constitution or the Greats who created the Constitution and envisioned America, the visionary Founding Fathers. Democrats have no respect for Freedom and Democracy.

2nd Amendment
The last task is to destroy the right to keep and bear arms (2nd amendment)! Grab people’s guns, so they cannot protect themselves from the criminals and specifically from the government by forming militia! Grab people’s guns, so the Big Government can do whatever they want with the people and enslave them as the government dependent Liberal Plantation Negroes, Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees!

Destroy America to Control the World

Turn America to a 3rd World Shiite Hole, import mass criminals and riff raffs from around the world, destroy the American Culture, Arrest the patriots, eliminate people’s rights, destroy the constitution, destroy the Founding Fathers’ statues, destroy the American History, destroy the American Culture, replace all the above with Globalist Liberal Plantation Masters and Globalist Rules. Turn people to Government Mules and slaves. Destroy the American Family and turn people to LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup liberal made 6 to 60 genders gays! Destroy the foundation of the American Spirit and Lifestyle, and then establish mass Liberal Plantation System via Globalism to create the New World Order in America and the World!

Logic or Conspiracy Theory?
I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I’m also not a believer in mass coincidences! Have you noticed that always on election years when we get close to the elections, many mass shootings happen?! How’s that? Does it have anything to do with the Democrats who will do anything to win (including cheating) and to their never-ending thirst to cling to the power? Democrats are immoral, criminals, and beings without principles. I do not believe in pure good or evil. As a scientific atheist, I do not believe in these religious concepts; however, Democrats are the closest that we can get to the true definition of the term “Evil”! So, why are all of these mass shootings occurring, always a few months before elections in the election years? Think about it, will ya?

How to Keep Our Schools Safe Without Gun Grabs?
Media never talks about thousands of cases every year where citizens defend themselves against the crimes or avoid the crimes.

A fraction of the trillions and billions of dollars the US Government sends overseas to Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ukraine, Pakistan, Africa and so on, can be spent inside USA to secure our schools with metal detectors, secure fences, Security Gates, Security Classroom doors and armed guards.

Fraction of the 42 billion dollars the Democrats sent to Ukraine to agitate the World War III, can secure all American Public Schools!

Democrats borrow money from China and send it to overseas by the billions, so even your great grandchildren will be under the debt of China! US national debt is now $ 30.37 Trillion! Democ-Rats have no concept of economy or how to run a laundromat set aside a country!

You see, Democrats have no intentions of solving the school shooting problem because that is their biggest gimmick and Boondoggle to scam people in to believing in to their gun grabs!

Democrats want to ban guns not to save lives but to establish communism. If Democrats want to save innocent lives, then they need to have tough judges, capital punishment, closed borders, untie police force’s hands and give police a raise.

Democrats nag and bitch about the pandemic rise, while they have open borders, pouring COVID-19, Monkeypox, Tuberculosis and 101 other epidemics in to the USA because at least a fourth of the illegal aliens have diseases! Same way, Democrats bitch and moan about the guns, while the greatest mass shootings, homicide rate, crimes and murders are happening in the Democrat Run Large Cities of America with the toughest gun laws! Look at New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly and other Liberal Shiite Holes?

In addition to all the hoopla and Liberal Bull Shiite propaganda, they have the border wide open for the cartels, gangs, terrorists and criminals to not only pour illegal guns but also drugs, murderers, rapists and pedophiles in to all over our country!

Do as the liberals tell you to do, but never as they do! Liberals don’t have to wear mask, they can throw large parties and have private security with big guns, but you the people must mask up, vax up, no assembly, remain silent and no guns for you!

American Patriot Trump with Machinegun Riding the Trump Tank
American Bald Eagle Flies and Shoots Machinegun
National Populist Trump Rides to Level Globalists: You are Fired!

We the People Everywhere have Only One Enemy!

The enemy of the American Patriots, European Free Thinkers, Israeli Free People, Iranian Nationalists and Global National Populists is the same. We the people have only one enemy, a common enemy who seeks to destroy our freedoms and livelihood! Our natural enemy who wants to enslave us and impose New World Order, the Great Reset, Green New Deal, Climate Change Hoax, Critical Race Theory, LGBTQIA Queer Revolution, Social Justice Sham, and other Politically Correct Garbage upon us.

True, we are one people, one human race, one urge to survive, one goal for happiness and one task to become a better world by evolving humanity.

Our Enemy is also one! The enemy of the people worldwide, the bloodsucking, brainwashing, falsifying, oppressing, enslaving inhuman enemy who is indoctrinating the humanity is one. The enemy is Globalists who are enslaving the world with Globalism. They are enslaving the world with Socialism, Communism and Wokeness as tools. They enslave the world to braindead zombies on their Liberal plantation System.

The propaganda, indoctrination, censorship, silencing, jailing and oppression is already here. The final step to enslave America, so they can enslave the world is the gun grab! As I have always stated:

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Armed People are Free People!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Doom and Abyss to the Globalists
Power to the People


Dr. X


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