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Why Iran Politics Club is Still with Amazon?


Why IPC is Still with Amazon?
Ahreeman X
July 21, 2021

Ahreeman X the Founder of Iran Politics Club Pilgrimage to the Founding Fathers at the Mount Rushmore, SD, USA
“I believe in the American Founding Fathers, American Exceptionality, American Unique Form of Democracy, American Patriots, Iranian Nationalism, Iranian Opposition, Iranian People and the Global Workers. In our global battle between the Individualist Workers and the Globalist Establishment, I am with the Workers. More power to the people.”
(Ahreeman X)

Some of you have been e-mailing me and asking why am I still with Amazon? Many of you who have been following me since the beginning are well aware that I have been with Amazon since Jeff Bezos created Amazon. Despite the Amazon ANTIFA Censorship and despite the fact that Jeff Bezos is 180 degrees on the opposite of the political spectrum, yet I still continue on with Amazon. So, some of you have been wandering why?

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Below, I shall elaborate why:

Reasons Why IPC is Still with Amazon?

I. Using the Money for Patriotic Good

I have been with Amazon since the beginning. I am an Amazon Stockholder, Affiliate, Customer and Ex Reviewer. A man such as Jeff Bezos who created Amazon from the garage of his home and turned it to a global giant and then created a dozen other companies is in my book admiring. Amazon created a new way of shopping without going to the store. Huge selection, better prices, and some fine quality products, all in one place. Amazon is the greatest market place on earth. This is moving humanity forward. This is a progress for mankind. Despite the fact that Mom and Pop businesses may lose but in general humanity wins. Today, Jeff Bezos is exploring space with Blue Origin, wanting to colonize space. Sky is the limit. I can sit aside and lick my wounds but I decided to make money and use the money exactly in the opposite direction of Jeff Bezos’ politics! It is still a free country! For instance, if Jeff Bezos funds a communist with $100 Million, I use the money made from Amazon, supporting IPC which supports the Iranian Opposition, Persian Nationalists and American Patriots.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Gives $100 Million to Van Jones for ‘Courage and Civility’

II. Lesser of 2 Evils

Google is the prime evil wanting to enslave humanity, so a few Tech Oligarchs, a couple of Liberal Jew Plantation Owners, a Dog Face Hindu Water Boy CEO and a Gang of Iranian Upper Management Liberal Plantation Foremen can brainwash and control the global public opinion and indoctrinate our children. Google is the cancer of the globe. Google is also Social Media through YouTube. Google is also in cahoots with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. Amazon is a shopping site which is needed for public. We are not even talking about Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Audible, Prime Books and tons of other benefits which Amazon provides for its customers! Google wanted to control IPC; Amazon knows better not to! I choose the lesser of 2 evils. After all, this is a business world. You snooze, you lose! You gotta play the game but be wise to play for the right team with the patriots and make the National Populist Movement, globally benefit from it.

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

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III. I have a History with Amazon

I have a history with Amazon which I cannot just dump it in trash can! In 1997 Amazon stock was $18.00 and peanuts. Today, Amazon stock is $3,550.00. Amazon was created in 1994 and today is an empire. I am not reluctant to state that I made out like a bandit on Amazon stocks. Amazon has been great to me and I have done great goods for the Iranian Opposition and the American Patriots. I am not about to dump all of that in trash! Despite various conflicts with Amazon Community ANTIFA and problems of the past, this relationship continues and it works both ways.

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict

IV. Welcome to the Business World

Iranian Opposition Groups are a scattered bunch, each in their own tribe and a world apart. To be frank, they really do not know what they are doing on their own! That’s why it is 42 years plus, we are wanking in exile! What connects this scattered opposition and supports all of them is IPC. The IPC is one thing this opposition has in common. At least they all know that we got their backs. We promote them equally. Now the question is: Would you rather see a world without IPC or with IPC? Do you really think that the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People would have been better off without or with IPC during the past 20 years? To keep IPC alive, business moves on and the world turns! We are an affiliate of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos has been good to me for decades. Let’s see if Andy Jassy will be good to me as Jeff Bezos has been? Andy Jassy just took over but Jeff Bezos is still the Big Man behind the scene. Time will tell of what will happen to the IPC – Amazon Relationship.

Jeff Bezos Retires as Amazon CEO at Age 57

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Now the Richest Man in the World!

Amazon ANTIFA Cyber Censorship & Espionage! + Cartoons

V. My Priority is Iranian Opposition

Whatever I do and whatever I decide is for the benefit of the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People. This is where I come from. Having stated that, I know what I am doing and I have been doing it for 40 years on my own and for 20 years with IPC. It is called the Ahreemanic Way! So, the question remains:

Do you trust me keeping this opposition intact and moving forward as we know that they will never unite? I paid my dues for 42 years. Do you trust me or do you trust Hassan, Hussein and Abdol Kos Kharneh who have been Bull Shiiting you for decades? Some are long gone and some are still Bull Shiiting! At least I have been here and I am here and I will be here, right by your side, doing my best for the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian people.

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

Give me your hand, grab my hand and I will never abandon you. I have been fighting for you since 1979 and I will be there until the end, win or lose, I will live by the sword, die by the sword and I will always stand by the sword. I am my word and I will never Bull Shiite you and hand you Bull Shiite Full O Shiite!

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A Pictorial History: IPC Founded on March 30, 2000

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Ends Justifies the Means

When you purchase products from Amazon through IPC, you are supporting the Iranian Opposition and the American Patriots. That is a statement of Facts.

I shall now hit you with 3 of quotes to end this note. They will clarify more on where I stand and what is my mindset:

“The world changes and moves forward but some Persians remain amazed! The Amazed Persian stands in the middle of a field of prairie naked, with his right hand’s thumb up his butt and his left hand’s index finger in between his teeth, staring at the sky with the googly wide eyes, wondering what has happened and why he was left behind?!”

“To keep the Revolution Train moving, sometimes we have to not only dump coal to fuel the engine but even the fine wood furniture!”

“During every Revolutionary’s life, there were times that he had to get help from all the wrong sources to continue his Revolution. After all, Ends justifies the Means!”

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran
More Power to All American Patriots


Dr. X


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