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How to Surf IPC Safe & Secure?

Iran Politics Club Super Security and IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe and Secure?

Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
Catayoun Razmjou
July 8, 2020

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IPC Official Announcement

Honorable and Beloved,
Readers, Members, Patriots, Colleagues, Comrades, Activists and Iran Lovers

Iran Politics Club is a Super Secure website on the Internet. Iran Politics Club website has been online for 20 years, educating and serving the Iranian people, the Iranian opposition and the global free thinkers. The IPC Security System is Ironclad and Super Secure. IPC is a thorn in the eye of the IRI Islamist Regime. After all the past cyber sabotage attempts and failures, now IRI has no other choice but to spread rumors and fear through its agents, proxies, Hezbollah and Iran Lobby to keep the people away from IPC, so they will remain in the dark, disconnected from IPC and hesitant to tune in to IPC.

Iran Politics Club Operations 20th Anniversary Special

Iran Politics Club Operations 20th Anniversary Special Thread

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Iran Politics Club is One of the Most Secure Websites on the Net

IPC Security System is state of the art. It took 2 decades of hard work to reach perfection. It took 2 decades of cyber battle with the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and victory to reach our present secure system. IRI Cyber sabotage against IPC goes back 2 decades. After 1 decade of cyber battle with IRI (decade 0s AKA 2000s), we have been having a decade of cyber security (decade 10s AKA 2010s) and now Ironclad Security in our third decade (decade 20s AKA 2020s). Every attempt of IRI to destroy IPC has failed and the Islamist hackers have fallen flat on their butts!

Every extreme measure that IRI took to bring down IPC had been confronted by IPC counter attack brining down the IRI Ministries’ sites! We do not believe in eye for an eye but we believe in ten eyes for an eye! The only language that Islamists understand is physical violence and cyber wars. We are experts at both!

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IRI Latest Lies

After 20 Years of IRI Islamist Cyber Sabotage, Hacking and Attempts to bring down the IPC has failed, lately the IRI Regime, the IRI Agents and the Iran Lobby have been spreading rumors that the IPC Website is not secure, it is an attack website, it is a pirate website; therefore, you should not shop, become members and register any type of user name, password and personal information on IPC. Every single one of these accusations are false. Below, we will prove that they are all false.

IPC is a Threat to IRI

Let us be very blunt. Iran Politics Club is a threat to IRI. When you are a threat to the existence of IRI, then IRI will do its best to destroy you. IRI does not care about certain useless and no threat exiled groups, characters and sites whom are more like “Career Exilists” with no backbones. These sorts of movements come and go. They are all talk and no action. IRI only cares about serious opposition who means business.

IRI surely cares about the largest Iranian website in the world which is a 24/7 propaganda machine against Islam, Islamic Republic and Islamism! IRI surely cares about IPC educating, informing and empowering the Iranian youth, exposing the Islamist Regime and mass informing the globe and the free thinkers about what is going on in Iran. Naturally IRI seeks every measure to destroy IPC.

History of IRI Regime’s Cyber Terrorism Against IPC

IPC is 20 years old. IPC is the largest Iranian website in English in the world. IPC is the largest Iranian website on Internet. IPC is the backbone of the Iranian opposition against the IRI Islamist Regime. IRI history of sabotage to IPC goes back 2 decades and until this moment, all of them had failed. Here are some of the incidents:


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IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website 2008


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New IPC Security System Thread 2009

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC (Iran Politics Club) Thread 2008

Iran Politics Club attacked by Hezbollah Thread 2005

IPC Security Steps against Islamist/Other Cyber Sabotage Thread 2005

Filter Breakers to Bypass IRI Filters Thread 2004

Who is the Enemy of the Iranian People and Iranian Opposition?

The answer is very clear:

Mullahs, Hezbollah, Islamists, IRI Agents, IRI Organizations, Iran Lobby and the Appeasement Groups.


IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: 3 Chapters

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC: 2 Chapters


Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread


Iran Movement Index

Why IPC is Super Secure?

Without going to details (for security), we will now elaborate on why IPC is super secure:

* Decade of Sabotage Free Online Broadcasting
Thanks to our state-of-the-art security system, we have been having a decade of Islamist sabotage free online broadcasting. Since 2010, IRI could not infiltrate our system.

* Catayoun Razmjou Factor
IPC Web Mistress is an important factor for the IPC cyber security. Cat is a formidable lioness when it comes to battling Hezbollah, Islamists and Islamic Republic of Iran. Nothing gets pass her and she is similar to a Streel Cyber Wall.

* Encryption
The complete system is encrypted and coded.

* Security System
Super Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Anti Malicious-ware (worms, leaches, etc.), strong passwords, strong codes, strong programs, strong design and strong structure.

* SSL Security Certificate
Iran Politics club website uses a PositiveSSL certificate to secure online transactions for customers.

As a reader, user, member, donor, supporter and a shopper,

What does SSL Security Mean for You?

A) Any data you submit to the IPC website over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms.

B) The SSL certificate used by IPC website carries a $ 50,000 warranty to further protect customer purchases.

C) By choosing PositiveSSL, the IPC website has proven that customer security is their highest priority.

Iran Politics Club has a website warranty of $ 50,000. This means that you are insured for up to $ 50,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on the IPC website.

US Patent Number 7,603,699

Certificate validity checked last at: 08-Jul 2020 20:57:47 GMT

IPC SSL Certificate

IPC Challenge to the IPC Users

I. IPC will guarantee that no one can steal your information from IPC.

II. IPC will back it up by $ 50,000 insurance. If you can prove that any of your personal information has been used, sold or stolen from the IPC website, you will get rewarded $ 50,000 insurance money.

III. IPC will never sell your private information. It is our code of honor.
Once you donate on IPC, shop on IPC or support IPC, then we consider you as one of us and a comrade. We will never betray a comrade.

Support IPC

What IPC Wants You to Do?

We encourage you to use these links to tune in to IPC:

Iran Politics Club

Iran Politics Club Forum

We emphasize that you use the “https” format of our URL.

Great number of our readers and members tune in to IPC directly from their browser. They have IPC in their favorites on their browser. Every day these beloved IPC fans tune in and log in directly to IPC. We want you to use these versions of our URL addresses:

Iran Politics Club

Iran Politics Club Forum

https” assures you that your connection is safe and secure via encryption.

IRI Propaganda and Lies

Fellow free thinkers, Iranian youth, activists and lovers of Iran, please do not fall for the IRI propaganda and lies spewed all over the net. Above, we have proven that IPC is one of the most secure websites and networks on the net. IRI Regime, IRI Agents and Iran Lobby has failed to destroy our network; therefore, now they scoop as low to spread fear to avoid you to connect to us.

Ahreeman X Guarantee

IPC has been here for 20 years and will be here at least for another 20 years. Islamic Republic of Iran will be dead and gone but IPC will still be here. We will celebrate a free Democratic Iran over the bones of the Mullahs! Make no mistake, we have built a foundation as strong as a cyber giant to last decades. We have built a cyber empire to educate, inform and empower the Iranian Youth, the Iranian Activists and the Global Free Thinkers. Everything you need to know about Iran is right here in IPC.

IPC is our baby. IPC is my baby. We have built IPC with blood, sweat and tears. We have spent 2 decades to build IPC. Iran Politics Club is the fruit of our 2 decades of hard work.

Every single one of you IPC Readers and Members is precious and makes a difference. You are the ones who we work for and answer to. Together we are building the future free and democratic Iran.

I will be damned if I let anything happen to IPC. The IPC Networks is safe, secure and calm. Feel free to shop, register, donate and roam around IPC. This is your website.

We are not here to make money by selling information. We are not here to make business. Through the years, everything made from IPC has been put back in to IPC plus much more from us. Our IPC Operations, members, readers and fans have been supporting IPC by shopping, donating and funding.

This is why IPC is 20 years old and we have no desire to stop it here. We will be here until IRI is dead and gone and even then, we will dance over Mullahs’ graves!

IPC is a Cyber Empire of everything you need to know about Iran. IPC teaches everything about Iran, hidden from you by the media, governments, social media, tech giants and the society. We teach you the true history, culture, politics, philosophy, art and everything else about Iran.

Our goal is to build strong and free minds of the Iranian future generation to free Iran and keep it free. IPC Website work is a spiritual and fundamental work. Our best reward is evolving the youth’s mind.

I and we guarantee you that IPC will be here after the death of IRI. We, Cat, Ahreeman and IPC Operations guarantee you that we will outlive Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah and Islamists; morely, we shall dance over their graves!

Stay safe, take steps to safe surf on the net, do as we have stated above, keep hope alive, do not fall for Islamist propaganda and have faith in yourselves, us and our struggle to free Iran.

“We will Teach you the past, so you can build the future!”
(Ahreeman X)

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”
(Ahreeman X)

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More Power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran


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