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Iran Politics Club Operations
Revolutionary Updates 2023


Iran Politics Club Operations Revolutionary Updates 2023
Catayoun Razmjou and IPC Operations
March 21, 2023

IPC Operations Official Announcement

Futurist Faravahar Iran Flag
Present Green, White and Red Order Iran Flag
Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag

Blood Faravahar Flag
Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Blood Trim Iran Flag
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Iran Politics Club Flags

Fellow readers, members, Ops. members, opposition and friends

Through the past weeks, we have been working on updates, new programing codes, maintenance, revamps and installation of new security codes on the website and the networks. Considering the size of the website and complexity of the communication networks, it was a lengthy work. The IPC Website and Networks of Communication are now extra secure and armed with new programs. These actions are to avoid the repeated IRI sabotage of the past:

Iran Politics Club Super Security and IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe and Secure?

Iran Politics Club attacked by Hezbollah!

With respect to the comrades who lost their lives and are in IRI prisons, we are not celebrating the Nowruz Persian New Year and its 2 weeks of holidays this year. It is not proper to jubilee when so many of our comrades have fallen and are incarcerated.

Persian Cultural Month of March is always regarded as great accomplishment, no need to celebrate it in 2582 PIY (Persian Imperial Year).

Persian Cultural Month of March is Alive, Make it Global Thread

Persian Cultural Month of March is Alive!
An IPC Tradition on Month of March

For those who assume the Revolution is lost and the Real Opposition is dead, for those who superficially release shallow sanctions against the IRI but trade as usual under the surface and support IRI, including the institutions of EU, UN, WEF, WTO, WHO and the “Illegitimate Installed Biden Regime in USA,” and for the sake of the Mullahs and Hezbollahis, beg your difference and proud to announce that the Revolution is well and alive, it will never die, but it moved to underground.

The focus of the IPC Ops, Opposition, Student Movement and other Revolutionaries inside Iran is now to infiltrate the Regime’s Security Forces and Ranks, to sabotage and espionage from within and prepare the future death of the regime. The only dying entity is the Islamic Regime, a few years soon or late, will not change the faith of the Regime.

For those usurpers and frauds who jump to take credit for the sacrifices and battles of the Iranian masses inside Iran, for those shameless opportunists, Want to Be Shahs, Hollywood Actors, CIA State Media Anchors on Government Broadcasts and the rest of the nobodies who collude and make cheap collations for photo ops, western TV broadcasts and fooling the public in to believing that they represent the Iranian Revolution and speak for the masses, must understand that your tactics are known to the opposition and the people. Your crocodile tears and cheap talks of 4 decades is known to the Iranians, you may fool the American TVs’ Fake News but not the Real Opposition and Student Movement who are fighting the regime. Your show empathies and conniving remarks on media will never fool the masses.

For those who are indeed have been fighting the regime, are fighting the regime and will fight the regime in the future, you absolutely comprehend that we support you the same as we have been supporting you for decades like in 2009, 2015, 2017, 2022 and forever until the complete victory. Follow the manuals:

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual 2: 5th Column Operations
Freedom Fighters Manual: Communication and Sabotage

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual: Control the Streets
How to Control the Streets?

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 3

Iran Democratic Movement Index

More Iranian Opposition Missions will follow.

Comrades, EU, UN, Globalist Organizations, Illegitimate Biden Regime and their charlatan installed puppets as pacifist liberal monarchists, Hollywood actors, anchors of the state media, Iranian American Democrats, RINOs and Iran Lobby as usual are putting up a show for the global public in solidarity with the Iranian masses, but in real life, these con artists are only actors conducting a show and with no base inside Iran and no leg to stand on. They are conducting their TV and Media shows for the west and attend EU and Biden’s ceremonies and cheap talks while we sacrifice and fight the Islamist Regime. They have been doing this show for over 4 decades. These are not representatives of the people but they are charlatans in search of photo ops and publicity. Self-serving imbeciles and opportunist, that is all that they are.

Cheap Talks on Clubhouse, Paltalk and YouTube will not change anything in Iran. Cheap Talk has been pacifists’ favorite pastime for the past 4 decades! Real Action will force a change in Iran.

In the upcoming days, we will inform you of the revolutionary updates. No revolution comes easy, it takes blood and sacrifice. Hang in there, victory will be ours and we will have the final laughter. IRI will die, it is not matter of if, but when?!

Islamic Republic of Iran will not pack up and leave by non-violence, peaceful protests, western pressure, show sanctions, cheap talks and slogans. Islamic Republic of Iran will never bend and allow Reforms, Referendums and Revisions. The only path is the Bloody Revolution to End IRI’s Life.

Iranian Opposition Missions will continue
Uprising will continue
Iranian Opposition Shall Overcome

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Networks


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