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Iran Anti-Hejab Protests Intensifies!
Ahreeman X
October 21, 2022

No More Islamic Hejab Ahreeman X Graphic Iran Anti Hejab Protests Poster of Iran Politics Club

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 2

Don’t Steal the Iranian Women’s Anti-Hejab Protests!

Don’t Steal the Iranian Women’s Anti-Hejab Protests and Rename it to the General Protests! Shame on those who for ideological gains, want to divert this Anti-Hejab Movement to something else!

It is called the Anti-Hejab Protests and the Anti-Hejab Revolution, do not divert the revolution. Today, we can witness certain forces amongst the Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the Regime and Hezbollah, Iran Lobby in USA, and even opposition are trying to undermine the importance of the Anti-Hejab protests. They are trying to portray to the American and the western media that these protests started with Anti-Hejab sparks but now they are general protests and not about hejab!

Even though the Anti-Hejab movement started the protests and now they have become the general protests, yet still the focus is on the hejab and the Iranian women’s over 4 decades of struggle to dump and burn the Islamic hejab! Do not undermine the Persian women’s brave uprising against the Islamic hejab because for over 4 decades, they have suffered enough under the IRI Islamist regime. I strongly suggest to all to not mess with the Iranian women because they are fed up, mad and ready to burn down the complete Islamic Establishment!

Yes, It is About Hejab!

Yes, it is all about Hejab and it all started with hejab, so the focus of the protests is against the Islamic hejab! It is true that IRI killing a young lady for not wearing hejab properly, sparked the protests. It is also true that inflation, unemployment, astronomic food prices, cost of living, cost of housing, lack of freedoms and other issues have been piled up and people were ready to explode; therefore, the Mahsa Amini’s murder jump started the explosion; however, since the beginning of the protests until this day, the main focus of the protests are about hejab and the 1400 years struggle of the Persian women to dump the Islamic Hejab in the dumpster of history!

Iranian Islamic Stockholm Syndrome!

Only in Islam and the Islamic Iranian Regime of IRI, it is a crime for women to let their hairs loose to blow in the wind! Only the rotten political ideology of Islam posing as a religion can be this ignorant, reactionary and backward to the elementary needs of the women as half of the Iranian population! Unfortunately to this date, many Iranians have Stockholm syndrome and worship the foreign Arabo-Islamic religion which slaughtered their ancestors and turned them to slaves!

A History of Hejab

Just like Slavery, Hejab is an Islamic concept forced upon the Persians. Slavery and Hejab did not exist in Persian Empire, but these are the fruits of Islam, brought to Iran by the Arabo-Muslims!

History of Slavery in Iran - It All Started by Islam!

Muhammad came up with the concept of hejab to coverup and protect his 21 wives, many of them voluptuous teenagers, from the passionate horny Arab Generals and troops! Next thing you know, Muhammad made Allah to release a verse on Hejab!

Muhammad was a Misogynist and a Sexist

Muhammad was a Rapist and a Pedophile

Iranian women by great majority have a problem with wearing hejab. Arabo-Islamic Hejab along with Islam had been forced upon the Persians via the Arabo-Islamic Invasion of the Persian Empire on 635 AD. For 16 bloody years (635 AD – 651 AD) Persians resisted the brutal and blood thirsty Arab invaders to save the Persian culture. After the complete invasion and occupation of the Persian Empire, the foreign Arab religion along with the hejab was forced upon the Persian women.
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book

After the establishment of AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government), for 222 years, Persians fought the Arabs tooth and nail for independence. Great number of freedom movements and freedom fighters popped up all over Iran.

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

At last, on 873 AD, majority of the Persian states become free; therefore, we refer to this date as the official Independence Year of Iran. Liberator of Iran, Yaqub Leis Saffarid is the greatest freedom fighter of Iran.

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms - Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 14. Saffarid

Abolqasem Ferdowsi revived the Persian language by writing the epic Poetry Book of Shahnameh (Book of the Persian Kings), but it was Yaqub Leis the starter of the Saffarid Dynasty who liberated Iran, forced universities and schools to teach in Persian (rather than Arabic) and revived the Persian Culture. If it wasn’t for the great efforts of the great freedom fighters such as Abu Moslem Khorasani (Black Shirts), Hashem Al-Muqanna’ (White Shirts), Babak Khoramdin (Red Shirts), Maziar of Qaren, Abolqasem Ferdowsi and most importantly Yaqub Leis Saffarid (Saffarids), Iran would have remained under the Arab occupation; Arabic language would have been spoken as the official language in Iran; Persian festivals, traditions and culture would have been dead; and today’s Iran like many other cultures which had lost their identity under the Arabo-Islamic Invasion, would have been known as just another Arab country!

Best Shahnameh Persian Poetry Book Translation and Illustration Available

Civilizations such as Tunisia (Cartage), Libya (Napata), Sudan (Nubia), Lebanon (Phoenicia), Egypt and many others have lost their national identity under the Arabo-Islamic Invasion Occupation and today they are only known as just another Arab country! Persian freedom fighters fought tooth and nail, so today’s Iran is not just another Arab country! They sacrificed their lives, so Iran could live!

You can lose your religion, traditions, racial purity and everything else but once you lose your language, then that’s it, your national identity is lost forever. Once you keep language alive, then little by little, you can revive your culture, traditions, celebrations, and festivals. You can even regain your religion and return to your origins (Zoroastrianism); morely, you can even cleanup the race, get the degenerated Tazi Hamitic Arabic race and racial features cleaned up and purify your race by marriage, breeding and reviving the Aryan Race, by spreading the Median, Parthian and Persian seeds! But once you lose your language, then it is all over and there will be no hope of returning to your once great civilization, game over!

Zarathustra, the Real Story - Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism

thanks to great Persian men and women, after 8000 years, the Persian culture lives. Iran lives because great Persians had backbones to fight. Just like today, in the streets of Iran, back then, the Persians fought and saved our culture. Yes, Iran lives and Thank God, we are not Arabs and just another Arab Country!

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Historic Iranian Women Freedom Fighters

Iran has a long history of great women freedom fighters, nationalists and Lionesses.
Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders and Stateswomen
Famous Historical Persian Women 1

Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders and Stateswomen
Famous Historical Persian Women 2

Persian women have much patience but when you push them far enough, they explode and believe me, you do not want to see Persian women explode because they rip ass part!

Reza Shah the Great 1936 De-Chadorization Day (Taking Hejabs Off)

January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi was the Women's Liberation Day of Iran. On this day, father of the nation Reza Shah the Great took the Arabo-Islamic shroud off the Persian women’s heads!

DeChadorization Day! - "Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

Reza Shah was a powerful secular, Persian Nationalist, heavily critical of Islam and the Arabic Sub-Culture. He had done his best to drag Iran and Iranians out of the Islamic quagmire! Reza Khan ordered police to enforce De-Chadorization by standing on the street intersections and cutting women’s chadors and men’s robes and turbans! Reza Khan freed woman from the Islamic chador, scarf, Lachak and other Islamic hejab garbage. He took away the hejab and replaced it with stylish fashionable hats for women. He took away the beanie hats and turbans, and replaced them with Reza Khan-i cap for men. Iran needs men of power and substance to make a revolution and cleanse Iran of the Islamic garbage.

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Today’s Persian Warrior Women

It is over 1400 years that Arabo-Muslim and their Shiite Islamic Half-Breed Seyeds are trying to force Islam and Hejab down the Persian women’s throats! On 1979 (Islamic Revolution), Persian women said no to hejab and today in 2022, the Persian women still say no to hejab! You cannot force Islam and hejab on to the Persian women. Persian women are way too sophisticated, educated, elegant and fashionable to be wrapped in the Islamic Shroud and the hejab garbage!

Persian Women Say No to Islamic Hejab!

Maryam Rajavi Must Take Off the Hejab!

I consider Maryam Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi and Mojahedin as a constructive fraction of the Iranian Opposition. IPC operations have always supported them for their decades of the sincere fight against the IRI Regime. Maryam Rajavi is a fighter. That is more than I can say about that flip flopper, wheeler and dealer, liberal pacifist, opportunist traitor who made a secret deal with the IRI Regime to save his chubby butt and now once again he is jumping on the Iranian protests’ bandwagon and appears on 3-minute interviews with the Western Media to still pretend that he is relevant! Yes, I am talking about that opportunist bum Reza Pahlavi II who is a disgrace to the Reza Shah the Great’s legacy, Pahlavi Dynasty, Iran and Persianhood!

My word is with Maryam Rajavi, as one Opposition member to another and as one Qajar to another, I am not trying to undermine you or to be sarcastic. I am sincerely trying to make you see the other side of the story out of your perspective.

I understand that Mojahedin are Muslims; furthermore, a Marxist Islamist group with Islamic Philosophical Ideology and Marxist Social and Economic Ideology. Let’s be blunt, NCRI is basically consisting of Mojahedin (PMOI) and a few other smaller groups which the largest one of them is the Fedayeen Khalq AKA Organization of Iranian People's Fadaei Guerrillas (OIPFG) who are Marxists. So basically, NCRI means Mojahedin.

On 1993 NCRI adopted the Lion, Sun and Sword Tricolor flag of Iran as their flag and elected you as the president elect.

Let it be recorded that in the 1990s I was one of the first people who brought forward the fact that the Lion, Sun and Sword Logo has nothing to do with Monarchy but it is an Iranian emblem which goes back 8000 years!

Chapter 1: Iran’s Pre-Islamic Historical Flags and Emblems
Pictorial History of Iranian Flags - Book in 14 Chapters

Maryam Rajavi, you and Mojahedin made a revolutionary act when you accepted and drafted the Lion, Sun and Sword as your official emblem, and the traditional flag as your official banner.

Let it also be recorded that today in 2022, I am asking you to take off the Islamic hejab! I perfectly understand that you and the Mojahedin are Muslims and hejab is a necessity in Islam; however, you are also Iranians and you must respect the Iranian wishes.

Maryam Rajavi, you know and I know that before you joined Mojahedin, you did not even wear hejab! Even you married hejab-less! This complete hejab episode the same as your 2nd marriage to Massoud Rajavi and his 3rd marriage to you was all ideological and political! In nature, you are not a devout Muslim, but you are wearing hejab due to respect for a great number of Mojahedin who are fanatical Muslims!

Once upon a time in the 1980s, Islam and Islamism was the fad of the day but today, people despise Islamism. Islam is not in fashion anymore!

Mojahedin, NCRI or any other fraction of the Iranian opposition cannot elect president in exile and brand her as the president elect, but hypothetically for the argument’s sake, let’s say that you are the president elect. Shouldn’t the president elect respect the wishes of the majority of the Persian women who are in the streets of Iran, fighting and dying to take the Islamic hejab off? Are Mojahedin more important than the Iranian women?

Maybe it is time for you to make another revolutionary act by taking your hejab off! You can become a symbol for Mojahed women to also take hejabs off. I bet many will follow you and take them off.

As the so-called president elect, you are bound to obey the majority of the Iranian women’s will, not the majority of the Mojahedin women! Hejab is hejab and it is the sign of the Islamic slavery and the 2nd class citizenship for women. May it be black chador of Hezbollah or colorful Lachak of Mojahedin!

You call yourself revolutionary, then make a revolution and take the hejab off. It is 2022 and the 21st century, it is time for you to dump the hejab in the dumpster of history!

Reza Shah the Great, Father of Nation dumped the Islamic Hejab in the dumpster of history in 1936. Don’t look at him as a monarch because in his heart, he was a republican, but monarchists and Shiite Mullahs forced him to become the king! Reza Khan was a very progressive man. Reza Khan freed women on 1936 but you are still wearing hejab!

The whole country in solidarity including the high school girls, university students and young and old women are taking off the hejab. Aren’t you as the president elect supposed to be ahead of the people? Why are you steps behind the Persian women and the Iranian people? You supposed to be steps ahead of the people? Aren’t you supposed to be the leader?

I am not being sarcastic but I am stating the fact that you and Mojahedin will play no significant role in the political future of Iran, if you do not obey the will of the people.

Stop sending your Mojahedin press liaisons such as Ali Safavi, Alireza Jafarzadeh, Shahin Gobadi, and the rest to CNN, FOX, Newsmax, RAV and other American media to undermine the “Iranian Anti-Hejab Protests” by referring to them as the “Iranian General Protests.” Yes, it originally started with hejab and now it is general but, still the focus is hejab and the struggle of Iranian women for taking off the hejab!

By not referring to the protests as Anti-Hejab protests and by not taking off your hejab, you are disrespecting the Iranian Women at the cost of satisfying a group of Reactionary Fanatical Muslim Mojahed women! Are Mojahedin really that out of touch with the Iranian women and the Iranian people?

I would suggest for you, Massoud and Mojahedin to have a serious debate and to make a revolutionary decision for at least you to take off the hejab. Once you do it, then many Mojahed women will do it too! Set an example before you and Mojahedin become obsolete to the Iranian people and fall behind the times. Remain revolutionary and do another revolutionary act like what you had done with the Lion and Sun!

Aren’t NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) and Mojahedin claiming that they are no more Islamist or Marxist Islamist, but they are Democratic and pro-Democracy? Then act upon it and put your money where your mouth is! Take off the Islamic hejab and let your Persian hairs to blow in the wind!

Future Prospect

The future of Iranian women will not be hejab and Islam. Over 4 decades of Islamic Republic, Islamism and forced Islam, has made specifically the young Persians to hate Islam. Whoever clings to Islam and the Islamic values will not have a future in the Iranian politics. The future is in the streets of Iran from the largest cities such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz to the smallest cities such as Ardabil, Saqqez and even the religious cities of Mashhad and Qom, the young Iranians, the High School Girls and the University Girls are bravely taking their hejabs off and burning them! Iranian Generation Z is making a stand!

The Iranian Youth, the brave Iranian women as the frontline of these protests and the symbol of the future Revolution are taking the hejabs off and burning them! What does that tell you? Islam will play no role in the future of Iran or at least will play no role in the future government of Iran. Therefore, Reformists and Moderate Fractions of the Islamist Regime, and Iran Lobby in USA will lose and will have no say in the future of Iran. After over 4 decades, Islam is done in Iran and this is only the beginning of the end!

Opposition groups, such as I stated to our beloved Maryam Rajavi must also go along with the times and remain revolutionary. There comes a time (like now) that Islamism and Marxist Islamism are not revolutionary anymore. Time to grasp Democracy!

Let 2022 be the beginning of the end for the Islamic Republic, Islamism and Islam in Iran. The new Generation Z high-school girls, the Female University Students and the Iranian Women will be the end of Islamic Republic of Iran and the beginning of the Free Iran!

Free your hairs from the Islamic Shroud and let it blow in the wind, fly free as a bird, fly high in the sky because in nature and in reality, you are neither Arabs nor Muslims, so dump the Islamic Hejab in the dumpster of history and burn it to hell. Let us cleanse ourselves from Islam and revive our Persianhood because we are Persians.

Woman, Life, Freedom Iran Protest Anthem

Shervin Hajipour the popular Persian singer sang “Woman, Life, Freedom” AKA “For” song for the protesters and women. IRI jailed him for singing a song! Since his release, he stated that he only sang the song in solidarity with the people. He will remain in Iran, sing in Iran and love Iran. Shervin, we are with you, we are thinking of you, we will never forget you. “Woman, Life, Freedom” made history.

Shervin Hajipour: Baraye (For)

Shervin Hajipour YouTube Channel

Shervin Hajipour: Baraye (For) - Collage

Shervin Hajipour’s Woman, Life, Freedom Iran Protest Anthem

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X


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