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Iran’s Problem is Not Drought But Islam!

IRI Made Drought and Iran Protests
Iran’s Problem is Not Drought But Islam!

Ahreeman X
December 1, 2021

Imam Khamenei Cockroach AKA Imam K-Roach
Confused Baby: This species of Muslim Cockroach is hard to kill!
Imam K-Roach: Because it’s Allah-proof! Kid, beware of the new species of the Mullah Cockroach!

Imam K-roach Doctrine

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Drought Under Microscope

Iran’s problem is not drought but it is what causes the drought and what causes the drought is surely not the global warming and climate change fantasy, fabricated by the liberal socialists to control the world via globalism, and by the Chinese Communists to destroy the western economies and expand their own economy! What cause the drought in Iran is the Islamic Regime of IRI and the reason that the IRI cannot fix the drought problem is because IRI does not hire intelligent experts, technocrats and informed agricultural engineers to solve the problem but like every other field, IRI hires employees due to ideological reasons; so instead of hiring the brains to solve the problem, IRI hires Hezbollahi morons and braindead Islamists solely because they are Islamists!

If you put the problem under the microscope, you will discover that the “Iranian Drought Problem” is not due to climate change but is due to incompetence of the Regime. Naturally, the incompetence of the regime is also due to being an Islamic regime rather than being a problem solving, solution seeking, logical and progressive regime.

So, the drought problem’s root cause is the IRI and the problem with IRI is Islam; therefore, the root of the drought of problem like everything else in this regime, is Islam. Yes patriots, Islam is the reason behind the drought problem.

Drought Problem Can Be Solved by the Iranian Experts

There are many super intelligent technocrats and technically superior engineers existing inside Iran who can solve the Iranian drought problem. I am personally aware of some of them and in contact with others. In the past, some of them brought solutions forward but the incompetent city mayors, province governors and central administration had rejected their solutions because in their opinion, the solutions were not cost worthy! It required a lot of work, reconstruction and implementations to create a new system solving the drought problem. Regime does not want to spend money to solve the drought problem but it has no problem spending billions on exporting terrorism by supporting its proxies in various corners of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa!

We have super intellects and technical people inside Iran who can solve this problem in a jiffy but the regime does not want to solve this problem because their priorities are not the Iranian people but the Foreign Terrorist Groups to protect the regime against the Iranian people and spread chaos around the region!

I have personally heard various solutions via these experts and they make sense. Their proposed systems include manmade Qanats (underground water aqueducts); underground irrigation systems; underground water sacks of large and small to feed the fruit trees, vegetable bushes and crops; over the ground aqueducts; above the ground stream system; salt water purification plants; dams; pipelines to stream water from mountain rivers to the cities, and various other solutions and blue prints which I have personally seen, drafted by the extremely intelligent technocrats inside Iran.

Our people are super intelligent and problem solvers. Our people can solve the drought but the regime either does not want to even hear the solutions or does not want to spend the money to implement a totally new system to solve the drought! Regime’s priorities lie somewhere else!

Drought Problem Similarities between Democrats and Mullahs!

Liberal Socialist Democrat Governors of United States, specifically California who created the “Liberal Made Drought Problem” in California and the Mullahs of Tehran and Qom who created the Drought Problem in Iran, do have a lot in common!

Liberal Governors Gray Davis, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom who back-to-back destroyed the California’s economy by their horrific environmental policies are basically similar to the Mullahs of Iran who destroyed the Iranian economy via their Islamist policies. Socialist Democrat policies in America and the Islamic Economy in Iran are basically having the same Bull Shiite root cause of the destruction of the economy both in America and Iran. Democrats and Mullahs are two peas in the same pod, best of friends and the same Bull Shiite!

Liberal Made Drought in California

Horrific forest management; diverting rivers to dump their water in to the ocean to save the few inches long smelt fish, endangered species, rather than irrigation of the thirsty California farms; rejecting to implement logical irrigation systems due to environmental policies; and finally sacrificing the people pf California’s prosperity chasing a flawed climate change theory; furthermore, running the California’s economy to the ground are the results of the Democrats’ Bang and Bologna environmental policies!

Islamist Made Drought in Iran

Refusing to implement technocrats’ logical solutions to the drought problem due to corruption, indifference, and ignorance such as employing brain-drained Islamists and appointing ideological morons into the key positions in agricultural and irrigation departments rather than hiring the knowledgeable and problem-solving experts, is the basic reason for Iran’s Drought Problem.

Global Warming and Nature did not create Iran’s Drought but incompetence, greed, and ignorance did. Same situation in California and everywhere else where Democrats rule in America!

Israel Solves Its Own Drought Problems

If Mullahs truly want to solve the drought problem, they can call Israel! Take a good look at what Jews are doing in Israel with their 101 different methods of solving their own drought problems. Israel implements hi-tech and state of the art methods fighting drought because the responsible Israeli government has to answer to the Israeli people or else, they will not get elected the next term! There are checks and balances in the Democratic Israel.

Unlike Israel, in dictatorial Bull Shiite Regimes of the Middle East such as Iran, there are no checks and balances! The government of Iran is the enemy of the Iranian people! The last priority for the regime is the Iranian people! So, the regime does not care to fix the problem; furthermore, they make the problem worse!

Saudi Arabia Solves Its Own Drought Problems

Forget the sophisticated and hi-tech Israel, but take a look at the backward regime of Saudi Arabia! Even Arabs are solving and dealing with their drought problems!

Arabs use various methods including water purification plants turning salt water to sweet water, water recycling plants recycling the water, and irrigation systems. They go as far dragging icebergs from the north pole and south pole to the peninsula if they have to.

It is very simple, the government of Saudi Arabia, specifically under the MBS (Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud) cares about the Saudi Arabian people and wants to solve their problems. If they don’t, then they will have a full-blown revolution on their hands. Mohammad Bin Salman is a visionary reformist who cares about the future of his country.

Mullahs of Iran do not care about the Iranian people but they care about expanding the Shiite Islam in the region. Mullahs of Iran are all about power and dollars in the bank!

Manmade California and Iran’s Drought Problems are the Same!

If Saudi Arabia and Israel can solve their own drought problems by implementing scientific systems and if they do not have drought problems and water shortages, then why is it that California and Iran do have severe water shortages and drought problems? Think about it, will you?

The answer is very simple: Both California and Iran are run by idiots and apes who have no clue on how to solve the problem and they are indifferent to solve the problem; furthermore, with their policies, they make the problem worse!

Mullahs’ Climate Change Excuse for the Drought Problem

Liberals’ Bull Shiite Climate Change excuse is the best excuse for the Mullahs of Iran to justify the Iranian drought problem and declare that “it is the will of God” and; therefore, it is out of their hand to fix it! The garbage of “Climate Change” fabricated by the liberals is the best excuse for the Rich Globalists to get richer and for the Mullahs to remain indifferent! Instead of fixing the problem, they blame the Global Warming! Why spend time, labor and money to fix the drought while Global Warming can explain everything?! In addition, there is a lot of money to be made from bad environmental policies drafted by the liberals and Islamists, thanks to the Neo “Climate Change Religion” benefitting the Democrats in America, Mullahs in Iran and Globalists worldwide!

So, let’s destroy our energy independence and prosperity by implementing “Green Energy” ordering Cheap Garbage Solar Panels and Batteries from China and Windmills from Germany! Let’s “Make China Great Again” and Make America Last!

Same type of mentality goes on in Iran. Mullahs justify everything about the drought and point finger at Allah, Imam Hussein’s Balls, and prophecy all the way to reciting verses of Quran, talisman (Telesm), putting curses (Qol o Ostorlab) and Implementing Dark Omens (Jadu Janbal), yes, everything except drafting worthy technocrats to solve the actual problem!

This is what happens when a group of criminal fortunetellers and porters (Ramal O Hamal) run the government! You know how George Washington envisioned:

“Government of the People, by the people and for the people"

In Iran we have:

Government of the Superstitious Religious Fanatics, by the Executioners and for the Corrupt!

Hey, we got no room putting Iran down, look at right here in America, after the 2020 Stolen Election, Democrats have turned America to a 3rd World Shiite Hole! Today, in America, we have:

Government of the Establishment, by the Deep State and for the Elite!

So, to change the American system back to the Constitution to serve the American people, we need to get rid of the Communist Democrats and RINO Turncoats in every level of the government.

Solution to Iran’s Drought Problem

Iran’s drought problem is manmade by the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). You cannot solve Iran’s drought problem because the Regime does not want and is incapable of solving it. Iranian drought problem is self-inflicted. Iranian Drought Problem’s root cause is IRI and the IRI’s root cause is Islam.

Do you want to solve Iran’s drought problem? End the reign of IRI by ending the reign of Islam in Iran. Islam is root cause of the Iranian Drought Problem. Eliminate the root cause or else, every few months or few years there will be protests and riots in the streets and Mullahs will arrest more and more people, also kill more and more people.

To solve Iran’s drought problem, water shortages, food shortages, economical issues and all problems, Islam needs to go bye byes!

How on earth can you justify that one of the richest nations in the world such as Iran has people in the street protesting for water, electricity and food shortages?!

Unfortunately, every time we are about to create a major change in Iran, Democrats in America somehow come to power, even if they have to steal elections (like 2020 Elections) and everything goes back to business as usual and hot passionate sex between the Democrats and the Mullahs via Neo Nuke Deals and Handing Mullahs a few Billions more! Democrats are best friends to the Mullahs!

Iran Lobby Criminals

Yes patriots, Iranian opposition is desperately needing Guns and weapons. Unfortunately, Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are in bed with the IRI Regime and the Iran Lobby. These corrupt billionaires finance the Iran Lobby in USA rather than financing the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people to overthrow the IRI Regime. The Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires do not care about the prosperity of the Iranian people but they only care about the amount of dollars in their bank accounts. That is why they have been wheeling and dealing with the Mullah Regime for decades, handing them kickbacks via money laundry front businesses in America, so the Mullahs would allow them with open arms to make business with Iran and plunder the Iranian people blind. This way, Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires plunder Iran, Mullahs pillage Iran, Democrats benefit from Iran, Globalists make the Big Bucks and it is a Win Win Situation for everyone except the Iranian People! In this chaotic Iranian Swamp, and now American Swamp in both Tehran and Washington DC, everyone gets the tities but both the American people and the Iranian people get the Big Boner!

Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires, all Democrats are getting all o them goodies, perks, international business, big bank accounts, and Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry, but you the Iranian people get shafted and get the Big Bone up your you know what, courtesy of the Mullahs, Biden’s Socialist Democrat Occupational Regime and the Iran Lobby Financing of the Iranian American Billionaires and millionaires! Allah is surely passionate towards the Iranian people. Allah via Islam has been boning the Iranians deep and hard up the Shiiter, now for over 42 years! Allah works in mysterious ways!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that, do you want to solve Iran’s drought problem, hunger problem and every other problem in Iran? Then get off your butt, either commit to the organization for a national uprising and a bloody revolution or at least support it by financing it and funding the Iranian opposition!

We, as the Iranian opposition as a slim minority have been carrying the weight of this nation for over 4 decades. It is time for the silent majority to also lift a finger and do and say something. Either join us, say something, write something, do something, spread the word, promote us or fund us and support us, which will it be?! Isn’t 4 decades of silence enough?

After over 4 decades of slavery to Islam and slave-hood, isn’t it time to take action and do something? Do not kid yourselves, if you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem!

Help us to help you, so together we can Free Iran, Free America and Free the World from Socialism, Communism, Islam and Globalism. Do something constructive with your lives, leave a legacy, make a change, the time for action is now!

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran
Death to Islamic Republic of Iran

Power to the Workers and the Patriots


Dr. X

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