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Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection
Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
January 30, 2022

Trita Parsi Top Iranian Agent in America and George Soros Agent
Trita Parsi is the highest-ranking Iranian Spy in USA, Head of the Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA and agent of George Soros at the Quincy Institute of the Open Society Foundations. Trita Parsi is not an American citizen, he only has a Green Card and he cannot even vote in the American elections, but he actively influences the American elections. Both George Soros and Trita Parsi have only one goal: Destruction of the American Capitalism, Democracy and Exceptionalism.
Q: Why Trita Parsi is not in jail or deported?
A: George Soros works in a mysterious way!

The show which is displayed for you is not necessarily reality! Things are not always what they seem to be! Who you assume to be opposition, such as the Pacifist Liberal Monarchists, could be in collusion with the Iran Lobby and on the payroll of IRI. So, do not assume too much, thus you may make a huge blunder and miscalculation!

In the past, we talked about the Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA and how the Iranian billionaires and millionaires in USA fund the Iran Lobby with kickbacks, so they can get the green light from the Mullahs to do business in Iran and establish company branches, properties and multi-million-dollar businesses in Iran.

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Everyone wants to wheel and deal with Iran and get their hands on the Iranian market by eliminating the sanctions or bypassing them. Everyone from George Soros to Google’s Iranian management and Iranian Millionaire businessmen and businesswomen members of the PCC Persian Cultural Center of San Diego which is the bank for the Iran Lobby money laundry business nationwide in America.

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Read more about the Google Iranian American management who finance the Iran Lobby in the Features section of IPC. All the Google related articles are under the Features index:

Iran Features Index

Would you buy a used car from this face?!
Reza Pahlavi II the Liberal Monarchist Guru in Cahoots with the Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the IRI Islamist Regime is a Grand Flip Flopper! In the American Politics he jumps hoops from RINO Republican to Democrat Socialist and in the Iranian politics he changes ideologies as much as he changes underwear! From a Monarchist, to Republican, back to Monarchist, back to Republican, then Whatever they grant me, back to Republican and then Democrat Socialist! He is a grand opportunist. Reza Pahlavi is not a bad person, but he is weak, has no principles, doesn’t stand for anything and he follows the fad and the flavor of the day!

Now we would like to talk about the Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection.

Not all Monarchists are colluding with the Iran Lobby. There are Nationalist Monarchists; however, the Pacifist Monarchists or so-called “Liberal Monarchists” have a terrible reputation to the point that it defies the purpose to refer to them as the opposition! They are a block on the path of the Iranian opposition and in cahoots with the Iran Lobby, Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the IRI Regime.

We will now put forward 5 different cases for you to study.

5 Cases to Study Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Collusion

Liberal Monarchists Cases
* Monarchist Authors of the Iran Lobby Media
* Shirin Neshat
* Liberal Monarchists
* Reza Pahlavi
* Farah Pahlavi

Now let us dig deep in to this monarchist swamp.

* Monarchist Authors of the Iran Lobby Media

Have you ever seen or heard a monarchist to speak lowly or critical of Iran Lobby? The answer is no! On the contrary, you always hear that Iran Lobby is very respectful to the monarchists and Reza Pahlavi II. We can clearly witness that the various monarchist authors, write for the Iran Lobby and IRI backed media:

Iroon Magazine

Iranian Magazine

All you have to do is go to their sites and observe the monarchists’ writings!

* Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat when she was Normal
An Iranian Opposition Monarchist Activist

Shirin Neshat when She had become Bizarre
After the facelift when she become a China Porcelain Doll
Colluded with Iran Lobby and Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime
Shirin Neshat changed her face and personality, sold out to Hollywood Liberals and Iran Lobby

Shirin Neshat and Iran Lobby Collusion

Next, we saw one of the core figures amongst the monarchists sold out to the Iran Lobby! Shirin Neshat, daughter of the final commander in chief of the Immortals, General Ali Neshat whom on 1979 executed by the IRI firing squad.

If you don’t know Shirin Neshat’s background, you could assume that the Old Shirin Neshat as a Monarchist Political Activist and the New Shirin Neshat as an Iran Lobby Supporter are two different persons!

Shirin Neshat sold-out to Iran Lobby and she is not the first nor the last monarchist who sold out to the Iran Lobby. She sold-out to Iran Lobby for Hollywood film connections, Photography art connections, business connections and fame. Shirin Neshat ended up as another monarchist who become sweet on Iran Lobby and IRI.

Monarchists by majority have weak fundamentals to begin with. They are not truly men or women of battle. When opportunity shows up, they grab it like professional opportunists and they abandon their core belief system! Monarchists are weak, shallow and opportunistic creatures without strong core value system and principles.

So, Shirin Neshat changed her family identity, biography, political stands and even face with plastic surgery! She switched from a Monarchist to an Iran Lobbyist.

General Neshat’s spirit is shaking in the grave when Shirin Neshat refers to him now as a “Physician” rather than the “Commander of the Immortals”!

Shirin Neshat changed her old monarchist combatant façade and friends with her new Iran Lobby façade and friends. She has now various associates and friends amongst the Iran Lobby backed authors, academics, artists, businessmen and Reformist Hezbollah!

Shirin Neshat with Reza Pahlavi in earlier days
Two of the greatest flip floppers amongst the Iranian community
They are not bad people, they just have no principles, don’t believe in anything, don’t stand for anything, always follow the fad of the day and go along drifting in the direction of the daily wind blow!

IRI Donations to US Universities

As you know, American universities are now loaded with Iran Lobby professors supported by NIAC and PAAIA. The third most grand foreign donor to the American universities after China and Saudi Arabia is Qatar which is the ally of IRI. As long as a terrorist sponsor state such as IRI cannot openly donate to the American liberal universities, then IRI does its donations through Qatar to fund the liberal universities and turn them sweet on IRI and Shiite Islamism, IRI style. Shirin Neshat is also well aware of that! That’s why she has friends amongst the circa.

Shirin Neshat, the Qazvini woman is not a bad person; however, she is weak, with no principles, no morality and doesn’t stand for anything! What do you expect from a Berkeley graduate?!

Shirin Neshat traded her old face with a new face both metaphorically by switching ideologies and literally via plastic surgery.

Shirin Neshat’s life partner is Shoja Azari, another Iran Lobby friendly so-called filmmaker! Shoja Azari is a NIAC favorite!

Shirin Neshat signed this document:

Support Diplomacy with Iran Web Document (PAAIA Document)

Shirin Neshat praised by NIAC:

Shirin Neshat: Creating Art in a Politicized World (NIAC)

Shirin Neshat Wins Best Director at Venice Film Festival (NIAC)

Monarchists are not bad people; they are just weak and stand for nothing. They are people of no principles.

Look at Shirin Neshat’s old face as a Monarchist opposition, praising her father:

General Ali Neshat - Sarbazan

Shirin Neshat’s Sarbazan site when she was a monarchist opposition:


Then Shirin Neshat with an interview on W Magazine, changed her persona from a monarchist opposition to an Artist with Iran Lobby sympathies and she referred to her father the Persian Immortals commander as a simple “Physician”!

W Magazine

Over here, Shirin Neshat again refers to her father as a physician:

Shirin Neshat on General Ali Neshat - Wikipedia

It is like Shirin Neshat seeks to intentionally erase her past and create a new present as a Hollywood personality loved by the Iran Lobby!

Shirin Neshat displayed her Anti-Americanism, Anti-Trump in this interview.

Shirin Neshat Interview with the Art Newspaper:

This US government Looks more Like Iran’s Everyday

Shirin Neshat, yesterday’s opposition activist and today’s Hollywood Liberal Hippie Yuppie Millionaire with a splash of Iran Lobby! A perfect specie of Liberal Monarchist!

Unanswered letter to Shirin Neshat

Now we would like to display a letter which we sent to Shirin Neshat on 2010 when she just started to get off the opposition wagon and jump on the Iran Lobby wagon! Even though we had enough evidence to crucify her, yet we gave her the benefit of the doubt by sending her this e-mail and a chance to clarify her stand. Naturally as we guessed, she could not answer this e-mail and silence is the sign of agreement!

IPC Letter to Shirin Neshat

from: IPC Founder

to: Shirin Neshat  
date: Jan 24, 2010, 7:40 PM
subject: Dear Shirin Neshat

Dear Shirin Neshat

Primarily congratulation on your movie and awards.

An article was brought to my attention which was published in the W Magazine. It was about you. In this article there were quotes by you and information mentioned on your behalf. A number of issues mentioned which were contradictory and controversial (to my knowledge of your political affiliation, history and ideology).

In addition, we have received a number of e-mails from your past or present so-called compatriots (Monarchists), with massive attacks of personal and ideological sorts directed towards you.

Then we have noticed that your blogs were shut down and stated on them that you were kicked out:

Shirin Neshat WordPress Blog

Shirin Neshat Iranzamin Blog

So, I inputted your new blog:

Shirin Neshat Sarbazan Blog

Under the links to your organization:

Iran Political Organizations 1

Let me not beat around the bush. There are issues stated about you and written about you which are extremely contradictory to my knowledge of you!

From Monarchist to now Green and Reformist (Fraction of IRI)!
From Right Wing to now Liberal!
From Sarbazan to now Shahrnush Parsipur (Liberal Reformist author)!
From worshiping your father to now calling him a “Physician” instead of Immortals’ Commander in Chief!

I was never in agreement with you on politics. I have never changed politics in my life. I had the same politics since I was 12 years old. Everyone knows where I stand. However, despite my resentment for the Imperial Regime and Generals, still I have respect for your family and father. After all, we are both children of the Imperial Iran’s ruling class. Why on Earth would you refer to him as a “Physician”?! What is going on with you?

I am a straight forward man. Like it or not, I say it like it is and this is why hundreds of thousands read and trust what I write, on daily basis. In the past, you were not fond of a number of my articles; however, this does not change the fact that they were truth and nothing but the truth.

I never open my mouth without evidence in hand. So, before I write anything about your recent changes of heart, episodes and controversies (since 6 months ago), I want to hear your side of the story. I want to give you a fair chance of explaining yourself to the global Iranian public. I have read the articles, nasty e-mails against you and now I want to hear from you.

I would like to personally interview you. If you would like to give your side of the story, I am willing to prepare the interview questions and send them to you. Then you can post your answers and remarks under each question and send them back directly to my personal e-mail.

I promise you that this will be the most fair and unbiased interview of your life. I will also promise you that this will be the toughest interview of your life. This interview will directly connect your heart and mind to the global Iranian public. This interview will also be a great publicity for your carrier (Filmmaking, Art, Politics).

Before I write anything about you, I am willing to have an interview with you and listen to your side of the story. Now the ball is in your hand. Let me know what you want to do?


I don’t know which your preferred e-mail is so I sent the letter to all!


Ahreeman X

Iran Politics Club
Website for Thinking Iranians


Letter never answered, how could she? To be frank, we did not have time since 2010 to write this piece but now we did and we are including it in this expose piece about the sell-out monarchists.

Shirin Neshat transformed herself from an Iranian Opposition Activist to an Artsy Fartsy Hollywood Liberal and Iran Lobby Character! Two Faces of Dorian Gray!

Shirin Neshat is also mentioned here amongst the Iranian American Democrat Hollywood filth who sold out Iran to the Mullahs by financing and supporting the Iran Lobby:

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

* Liberal Monarchists

Monarchists’ Hypocrisy

Monarchists and Iran Lobby Collusion is not limited to Shirin Neshat but you can look at a number of them in the Iranian political organizations listed here. Just go to their sites and observe their soft stands and pacifist agendas towards the IRI and Iran Lobby:

Iran Political Organizations

Iran Political Parties and Organizations: Part 1

In the past, some of these Liberal Monarchists had a slogan:

“We believe in Globalism but with focus on Nationalism.”

What does that mean?

It’s like saying:

“We are Communists but with focus on Patriotism!”

These people are confused! The whole concept of “Constitutional Monarchy” (British Style) is nonsense! What is the purpose of a useless monarch with no power? A monarch should either reign and enforce the will of the people in a benevolent Absolutist Monarchy or resign and allow the direct will of the people as a Republic take over. Why waste tax payers’ money on a clown show of Constitutional Monarchy? A carnival freak show with a ceremonial useless puppet monarch like Queen Elizabeth or Reza Pahlavi II on the top at the cost of our tax money?

For instance,

Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat) with Nazanin Ansari of Kayhan London amongst their King and Prime Minister games (Shah O Wazir Bazi)!

Constitutional Party of Iran

Dariush Homayoun Site

About Dariush Homayoun

Their founding father and Guru was Dariush Homayoun. Read this expert on Dariush Homayoun in this IPC history document:

Iranian National Socialist Movement (A History)! Part Two


{Dariush Homayoun has a history of changing as many political parties and ideologies as he changed underwears! Does the terms Opportunist, Deal Maker and Hand Kisser sounds familiar?

Dariush Homayoun was originally writing for the SUMKA weekly Newspaper. Eventually he climbed the ladder and become a big shot in SUMKA. He was the element behind pushing SUMKA towards the Monarchist camp. Dariush Homayoun is originally an old Nazi.

Dariush Homayoun was also a Coup Maker (Kudeta-chi) and active in plotting the 28 Mordad 1953 Coup. Next thing you know, Homayoun switched sides from a Nazi to a Monarchist!

He was also the Co-Creator of the Pan Iranist Party. Dariush Homayoun was also an amateur terrorist! Homayoun was also a factor who pushed Pan Iranists into Terrorist activities. He was not reluctant to use Terrorism, Coup de Tat, and all means possible to reach his goals. In one of the Pan Iranist's famous Bombing Missions, plans went sour and due to an explosion, "Rais" died and "Dariush Homayoun" lost one of his ankles! Since then, Dariush Homayoun has a limp and needs to wear special shoes. So his ankle was blown off, while trying to explode a bomb and make an unsuccessful coup and now he walks with a limp (Shal Shali)! He was with Pan Iranists until Shah closed down all political parties of Iran including the Pan Iranist Party and erected a one party system with Fascist Rastakhiz Party ruling the nation! Only then, Homayoun had officially become a Hard Core Rastakhiz member! So once more, Homayoun switched sides from a Nationalist to a Fascist!

Later on he had become the editor of Ayandegan Newspaper, then Minister of Media (Etela'at) in Amuzegar's Cabinet. After the 1979 Islamic Reaction, he had erected the CPI (Constitutionalist
Party of Iran) and become the Head of CPI (Constitutionalist Party of Iran).

Dariush Homayoun is a master of Flip-Flops with no political identity. Homayoun's principles are political opportunism, deal making, even the use of terrorism to gain power. Dariush Homayoun has been a Nazi, a Nationalist, a Fascist, and now a Liberal Monarchist! What's next?!}

Note: Since the original time of the witting of this paper, Dariush Homayoun has passed away (2011).

About CPI (Constitutional Party of Iran)

So, the founding father of CPI, Dariush Homayoun is a legendary con man, now figure the rest of these people who are yesterday Nazis switched to Nationalists, switched to Fascists and then switched to Liberal Monarchists. Today they are Constitutional Monarchists (British Style) mostly residing in England.

They bitch and moan about how British Monarchy brought the Mullahs to power but then they seek a Constitutional Monarchy of British Style for the Iran of the future! These people are solidly confused!

These people are also weak. They are Liberal Monarchists, Pacifist Democrats and Globalist Nationalist (Oxymoronic)! Everything they believe is contraction in contradiction!

Nazanin Ansari editor of Kayhan London a Liberal Monarchist Rag-paper, a member of Constitutional Party of Iran a Pacifist Globalist Liberal Monarchist Party, and a head strong propagandist servant of Reza Pahlavi is another perfect specie of Liberal Monarchist!

Kayhan London

Kayhan London

Kayhan London - English

Kayhan of London used to be the official tribune and propaganda ragpaper or ragazine of the Reza Pahlavi II and the Pahlavis, until Reza Pahlavi sold out Iran and committed treason. Then they went confused for a while and roamed around like a lost puppy. Finally, they decided to follow the RP’s lead and along with him they joined the Reformist and Moderate Hezbollah fractions of IRI. Now you will see articles about characters like Shirin Ebadi on their front page and their beloved Nazanin Ansari is with CPI.

Wanna Be Journalist with a Wanna Be Shah!
Nazanin Ansari editor of Kayhan London a Liberal Monarchist Rag-paper and a member of the Constitutional Party of Iran up for another selective ordered propaganda interview with her Guru Master, the Mellow Yellow Pacifist Reformist Reza Pahlavi, a Prince who never become a Shah, a Calf who never become a Cow!

Nature of Liberal Monarchists

Liberalism is a disease. Monarchy is an outdated ideology. Pacifism is the reason which Iran is under the boots of Mullahs for over 4 decades. Combine all of these and you will get treason, weakness and flip flops of Reza Pahlavi style AKA Liberal Democrat Style!

We have a Persian idiom which states:

“Pish namaz ke beguzeh, pas namaz mirineh!”
(When the lead of the group prayer, Imam in the mosque farts, then the rest of the following prayers behind him will Shiite their pants and all over the place!)

So, if you really want to seek the true political ideology of the Liberal Monarchists, figure if Reza Pahlavi flip flopped from Monarchist to Republican to Reformist Hezbollah to Socialist (farted), then the rest of the Herd such as Shirin Neshat, Kayhan of London and CPI would become lost in London like Baby Lambs (Shiite All Over the Place)!

As we stated before,

With Iranians, it’s all Rubbish and Bollocks!

These people are not true men and women of battle. They are side sitters, weak, woke and useless flip floppers.

Similarities Between Liberal Monarchists and Tudeh Communist Party

Liberal monarchists remind us of Tudeh Communist Party and Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front)! Tudeh and Jebhe were riding along with the Mullahs since 1979 Islamic Reaction. One by one, Mullahs ate (killed) the fruits of their revolution meaning outlawed every single political party and group which helped them to gain power and then jailed their members and executed them including Mojahedin, Fedayin, Communists, Jebheis and Tudehis. The difference is that everyone else at that point joined the opposition against the Mullahs except Tudeh and Jebhe which until this day, stuck with the Mullahs, joined the Reformist and Moderate Fractions of Hezbollah and still believe that the tactic must remain as cooperating with the Mullahs until achieving the strategy which is the future Democratic Republic! No matter how bad the Mullahs treated the Tudeh and Jebhe, they still stuck with them like Stockholm Syndrome slaves faithful to the master!

Same with the Liberal Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi. Since 1979, they were hand kissers and ass kissers of Reza Pahlavi. Every decade, Reza Pahlavi flip flopped and changed his stand because he really does not believe in anything except his own gains and relevance. Once Reza Pahlavi become a Republican (for the third time) and then preached Socialism for Iran, majority of his followers dropped him, specifically inside Iran. Everyone except the Career Exilist Liberal Monarchists who call themselves Liberal Democrat Constitutionalist Monarchists and are head high Stockholm Syndrome Slaves to the Reza Pahlavi! Even if Reza Pahlavi becomes a socialist and prays Joe Biden and Democrats (like today), they still kiss his hand, kiss his butt and stretch their tongs all the way from London to Washington DC and Virginia to lick and kiss his Wanna Be Shah’s Royal Hiney!

Liberal Monarchists, the same as Reza Pahlavi have no principles and they blow by the wind in any which way the direction of the wind blows. They follow the flavor of the day! They are House Negroes and Farm Negroes to their Reza Pahlavi Wanna Be Shah Master!

The sad thing is that they justify their allegiance to RP due to their allegiance to the Pahlavis! Little they know that hypothetically if Reza Shah the Great and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi would see what is RP doing today, they would have surely gotten an immediate heart attack and died of shame! Presently, they are both turning in their graves for all the treason and shame that RP had brought to their good names! Reza Pahlavi is the very definition of the term “Disgrace”. He is a sloth opportunist!

Future of Iran

Future of Iran will be decided inside Iran and by the Iranian people, not by these con artists in exile or as we call them “Career Exilists”!

* Reza Pahlavi

Reza Pahlavi II: Boy, I really stink! This Washington DC Swamp Odor really sticks by you!

Reza Pahlavi II and Reformist Hezbollah Collusion

If all the above was not bad enough and damaging to the prestige of the high and mighty monarchists, we saw the clear collusion between Monarchists and Iran Lobby; furthermore, between Reza Pahlavi II and the Reformist Hezbollah! Everything we wanted to say about Reza Pahlavi’s treason, we said it here:

Reza Pahlavi Threads

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI & 2nd Iran Coup 1984 Thread

Reza Pahlavi Flip Flops: I’m a Republican! Thread

Monarchy or Republic Thread
(Most popular IPC Club Thread with over 1 million views)

Reza Pahlavi Articles

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI
Reza Pahlavi’s Condemned Crimes Against the Iranian People

VOA - Voice of CIA to Reza Pahlavi’s Rescue!

Reza Pahlavi’s Treason Against Iran

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984

Reza Pahlavi II with Farah Pahlavi at a Gala

Reza Pahlavi changes political ideologies as much as he changes underwear; from monarchist to republican and now socialist! He flows with the direction of the water. Before, he was chasing Bush and McCain the RINOs like a puppy but now that Democrats are riding, he kisses Biden and Democrats’ butt and he sings socialist songs for Iran! Reza Pahlavi II has become a joke, even for the monarchists!

Reza Shah the Great and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi are presently shaking and turning in their graves due to Reza Pahlavi’s weak and woke nature.

* Farah Pahlavi

Farah Pahlavi the last Shahbanu, the Ex-Empress of the Imperial Iran

Farah Pahlavi with Massih Tayebi?

This picture the same as the Seyed document ordered by the empress to be disappeared from the Internet!

Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchist Connection
The picture which by the order of Shahbanu Magically Disappeared from the net!
Farah Pahlavi the Ex-Empress of the Imperial Iran, the Symbol of the Persian Monarchy consorting arm in arm with Massih Tayebi the major financier of the Iran Lobby in USA and a member of PCC Persian Cultural Center San Diego, the bank for Iran Lobby and an affiliate of PAAIA the Iran Lobby Organization at the Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014

Nowruz Commission Gala at DC
As you can see, Massih Tayebi was present at this Gala.
Printed in an article by the Washington Life Magazine which its CEO is Soroush Richard Shehabi –
Millionaire Iran Lobby Financier on the PAAIA Iran Lobby Org. Board! Washington Life Magazine is a magazine for the Washington DC Swamp Elite Establishment. Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014

Nowruz Commission Gala at DC
As you can see, Farah Pahlavi was present at this Gala.
Printed in an article by the Washington Life Magazine which its CEO is Soroush Richard Shehabi –
Millionaire Iran Lobby Financier on the PAAIA Iran Lobby Org. Board! Washington Life Magazine is a magazine for the Washington DC Swamp Elite Establishment. Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014

Massih Tayebi Iran Lobby Financier Millionaire with Saeid Ghafouri the COO of Movellus
Massih Tayebi is a US Defense Contractor and an Iran Lobby Financier, owning Company Branches around the world and inside Iran! Nowruz Commission Gala at DC. Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014

Nowruz Gala Washington DC 2014

Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014

Nowruz Festival Gala Washington DC 2014 Pictures – Washington Life Magazine


* Saeid Ghafouri is the Chief Operating Officer at Movellus (Intelligent Clock Networks)

* Soroush Richard Shehabi – Washington Life Magazine CEO
Millionaire Iran Lobby Financier - PAAIA Board

Massih Tayebi is a Multi-Millionaire Baha’i Iran Lobby financier, wheeling and dealing with Iran while at the same time is a defense contractor with the Deep State and US government! He dips in both ends, with the Mullahs and with the US Deep State Establishment!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Massih Tayebi and in general the Tayebi Brothers remind us of the shady Namazi Family who are both in the service of the Iran Lobby and CIA! They get the US Media to refer to them as the innocent victims and hostages but the reality is that the father and the son (creators of Iran Lobby in USA) are both in the IRI jail because they are Double Agents!

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

Of course, Massih Tayebi is not the only Baha’i who is Iran Lobby. There are a great number of Baha’i Millionaires who finance the Iran Lobby and make business with Iran. The myth of Bahais never interfere with politics is all garbage! Bahais have been political and making big money in politics back in the Imperial Iran, today in IRI and right here in America. The complete structure of the Bahai hierarchy and the Bahai cult was built on politics! Bahais are the 2nd most dogmatic, zealot and ignorant overzealous religious fanatics only 2nd to the Muslims! Many of the top Bahai Millionaires are in bed with IRI while at the same time, their own community is under the oppression of IRI!

Baha’i Cult Contradictions

Do you know how in America we have saying: “It’s all good”?
With Iranians “It’s all Rubbish”!

With Iranians, it’s all treason, crime, greed, opportunism, espionage and filth, may they be Muslims, Bahai, Zoroastrian, Christian, Jew or whatever else! The complete culture is a swamp and everything must be cleansed from the scratch and the foundation.

In the past, we have sent a letter to Reza Pahlavi and in this letter, we mentioned how Farah Pahlavi stated in her website that our roots are both of Seyed Hassani and Seyed Husseini (double Seyed) to take advantage of the Shiite concepts of the Iranian people (when Islam was popular in Iran), so she could crown her son as a Seyed Shiite descendant of Muhammad!

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

Farah Pahlavi Site

Reza Pahlavi Site

Note that right after we sent this letter to both Reza Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi, the Empress ordered her webmaster to take this page off of her official website!

Opportunism is in the blood of the Pahlavis! Of course, we all know about the shameless Reza Pahlavi treason case:

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984

Both Farah Pahlavi and Reza Pahlavi are Shiite Muslims and religiously superstitious. Having stated the above, we still have a lot of respect for the Empress because she had done some good for Iran and Iranians.

Ahreeman X knows best because one of Ahreeman X’s mother’s jobs was assistant to the Empress in her charity organization:

Mother and Persian Immortals

The goal here is not to bash Farah Pahlavi but the goal is to investigate the corruption, opportunism and greed amongst the monarchists, and the Connection between the Iran Lobby and the Liberal Monarchists. The truth shall be stated.

What is Empress Farah Pahlavi the symbol of the Iranian monarchy doing with Massih Tayebi the major financier of the Iran Lobby?

Do you see Ahreeman X taking pictures with Trita Parsi? What is the meaning of this picture? Neither Farah Pahlavi nor Massih Tayebi is so naïve that they do not know who the other party is! Yes, it is an Iranian event but is it proper to take pictures together?

We don’t even have to explain this picture because the picture speaks for itself! Do you see how deep the collusion, the corruption and the treason go? It is a shame!

Massih Tayebi Iran Lobby Financier Millionaire
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Massih Tayebi is a US Defense Contractor and an Iran Lobby Financier, owning Company Branches around the world and inside Iran! Massih Tayebi and Tayebi Brothers double dip both in USA Establishment Defense Industry and the IRI Establishment Iran Lobby Industry Slush Cookie Jars!

Corrupt Iranian Community

Now you know why Iran has been under the boots of the Mullahs for over 4 decades! If you can’t trust the Monarchists in the opposition, then who can you trust? No wonder we have always had a low opinion of the monarchists!

It is not only the monarchists but the roots of ignorance, corruption, treason and swamp go back historically to Islam. Persian traitors have old historical roots:

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture?

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture? Thread

Cleanse Iran

We need to cleanse Iran by cleansing Iranians! The complete society has become a swamp, we need to go back to our Pure Persian Pride and Persian Roots. Corruption is to the bone marrow and everything needs to be cleansed!

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

We need to re-evaluate our whole society or our civilization will go down the toilet! An 8000 years old mother civilization of earth is worth saving.

8000 Years of Iranian History!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Susa is not Elam; Susians are not Elamites
Iranians are not Arabs

Despite all the treason, corruption, greed and opportunism, we stand with the Iranian opposition, Iranian people and Iran. We stand with the American Patriots and the Iranian Nationalists. We stand with the workers.

Iranian billionaires and millionaires support Iran Lobby. American and Iranian Workers, the average Jane and Joe, the average Pari and Parviz support IPC. Support IPC because we stand with the opposition against the Mullahs, Hezbollah and Islamists. Stand with IPC and Support IPC because we keep the Persian culture, history, art, literature, poetry and civilization alive. We have been in this war since year 2000 and we will remain in this war until the final battle and the final victory because Iran belongs to the Iranian people and not the establishment of the IRI Mullahs and IRGC. Stand with Iranian opposition, stand with IPC. Iran is worth saving.

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A new Iran will be built like a Simorq Phoenix rising from the ashes of the dead Shiite Sub Culture.

Pure Persian Pride


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