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Don’t Let the Iran Lobby Steal the Revolution Again!
Won’t Get Fooled Again!

Ahreeman X
September 30, 2022

Unveiling Persian Women Now Ahreeman X Graphic Iran Hejab Protests Poster
Political Poster of Iran Politics Club

Don’t Let Reformists Steal the Revolution!

Iranian people must pay close attention and the Iranian Opposition must be vigilant not to make the same mistake again! On 1979, you have made a revolution to bring down the Imperial Regime and to create a Democracy, but what happened? Mullahs and Hezbollah stole the revolution and created a dictatorship 100 times worst than the Imperial Regime! During the Imperial Regime, you only did not have political freedom but under the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) you have lost all your freedoms!

Since 1979, we the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People have been trying to bring down the IRI. On 2009, 2015, 2017, 2020 and now in 2022 we have been repeatedly organizing and funding protests, strikes and riots, hoping to create a full-blown revolution. Throughout all these years, IRI Regime and Iran Lobby along with the Democrats have done their best to sabotage the revolution of the Iranian people! Remember Obama’s collusion with the Mullahs and Trita Parsi visiting the White house over 30 times during the Hussein Obama’s Regime?

On the contrary, throughout the years, Iran Lobby has been trying to create a Reform and not a Revolution in Iran. Iran Lobby’s intention is not to overthrow the IRI Islamist Regime but to bring their benefactors, the IRI Hezbollah Reformist Fraction in to power to rule Iran. This way, they can continue their wheeling and dealing with the American Democrat Party, make nuke deals, business deals and have a perfect symbiotic relationship between Iran and America.

Trita Parsi the Number One Iranian Undeclared Agent in America
Head of Iran Lobby Operations and Espionage in USA
The Man Behind NIAC (National Iranian American Council) Iran Lobby Group
Islamic Republic of Iran Agent and George Soros Agent

Democrats and Mullahs History

Democrats have a history of love-lust with the Mullahs. Democrats and RINO politicians are on the payroll of the powerful Iran Lobby financed by the Reformist Mullahs of Iran. Democrats have always supported the IRI Regime and stood against the Iranian Opposition. The tradition started with Jimmy Carter, bloomed by Hussein Obama and now by Joe Biden! This is well known and not a secret.

Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran!

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

Now we are not saying that all Iranian American Democrats are Iran Lobby but we are saying that all Iran Lobby are Democrats! The powerful Iran Lobby Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires who finance the Iran Lobby organizations in USA are making billions in dirty deals with the Mullahs. They do it through their businesses, real estate and corporate branches inside Iran. We are speaking of billions of dollars of profit made by the Iranian American billionaires who have the Democrat politicians in their pockets!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Earlier, we have discussed about why the majority of the Persians, same as the Jews and blacks are Democrats and we explored the various reasons which Iranians by majority remain Democrats; however, the coming of Trump had changed the minds of the many and they had become Trumpists.

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

Hezbollah Meaning and History

For those still uninformed, allow me to inform you again that when we speak of Hezbollah, we mean the Iranian Hezbollah (Supporters of IRI) which existed since 1979 in Iran. Later on, in 1985, the Iranian Hezbollah created the Lebanese Hezbollah which is only a fraction of the Iranian Hezbollah and an IRI proxy satellite. The global public is misinformed about the Hezbollah and they assume that every time the name Hezbollah is brought up, the speaker is talking about the Lebanese Hezbollah! The Lebanese Hezbollah is only a fraction of the Greater Hezbollah which is the Iranian Hezbollah. The most hardcore of the Iranian Hezbollah are the Ansar-e Hezbollah AKA Ansar which are the Militia thugs of the IRI Regime, thrown in the streets in time of the protests to beat on the protesters. So, Hezbollah means Party of Allah and was created in Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini the founder of IRI. When we speak of Hezbollah, we are speaking of the Greater Hezbollah in Iran.

Iran Lobby Financiers

Iran Lobby is financed and supported by both Reformist Mullahs and Hezbollah (Iranian Hezbollah), also by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Naturally Democrats are in need of cooperative partner in Tehran to make dirty deals with and that is why they seek the Reformist Mullahs in power. Democrats like the likes of Khatami and Mousavi as the Reformist Hezbollah and even the likes of Rafsanjani and Rouhani as the Moderate Hezbollah in power in Tehran. Anything is better than the Fundamentalist Hezbollah such as Khamenei and Raisi, but the question is that: is this also for the benefit of the Iranian people?

The answer is no! If Reformists gain control of the Revolution and turn it to Reforms, IRI will remain in Iran but as a tolerable form for the Democrats to make deals with, so Reformist Mullahs and Democrats can combinedly plunder Iran, make nuke deals and business deals.

As old corrupt Democrats, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and many of the Democrat politicians have been on the Iran Lobby payroll for decades. The powerful Iran Lobby in USA is financing the Democrats and RINO politicians. Naturally, the Reformist Mullahs of Tehran and George Soros, also finance the Iran Lobby!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

George Soros finances the Iran Lobby because the chaos in America and the destruction of the American Capitalism and Democracy via replacing them with Socialism and Globalism is his agenda. That is how he makes his money! Now let’s see why Reformists of Tehran support the Iran Lobby?

Iran Lobby in USA

Reformist Fraction of the IRI had created the Iran Lobby in America. White the Fundamentalists were hardcore against making deals with USA, the Reformists were pro making deals, so they could both gain power in Tehran, and also make Billions through these deals with the International Globalist Corporations, Democrat politicians and indeed George Soros.

Opportunists such as Javad Zarif, Baquer and Siamak Namazi (now both in jail in Iran), Trita Parsi and many others were the originators and creators of the Iran Lobby in USA to make bundles of dollars and to gain power in the American politics. Many of the Iran Lobby characters have been arrested and are in jails of the IRI Regime. These characters pose as innocent American hostages but in reality, they are members of the IRI Reformist fraction arrested and jailed by the Fundamentalist Fraction. This is an IRI internal conflict but these characters such as the Namazi Oil Mafia Family bribe the American media such as CNN, MSNBC and so on routinely to propagate for their release as the innocent American hostages!

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

This is the type of news which you do not hear from the American Media and the Silicon Valley because the media is in bed with the Democrats who are in bed with the Iran Lobby, and the Silicon Valley which runs the Big Tech and are in fact run by the “Silicon Valley Persian Mafia” whom are Iran Lobby members and financiers!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

For more Iran Lobby information, read:

Iran Democratic Movement Index

For more Google information, read:

Iran Features Index

This is how it all started:

Iran Lobby Organizations in USA

AIC (American Iranian Council) was formed in 1990.

AIC (American Iranian Council)

NIAC (National Iranian American Council) was formed in 2002.

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans) was formed in 2008

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

PCC (Persian Cultural Center San Diego) was formed in 1989.

Originally it started as a Cultural organization conducting poetry nights, then Persian language school for children but later on, become the most dangerous of all Iran Lobby groups via becoming the Iran Lobby Bank doing money laundry, dirty deals and financing for all Iran Lobby groups in DC and around the USA. Many Iranian Billionaire and Millionaire financiers of the Iran Lobby are the business members of the PCC. The PCC is basically a front business posing as a cultural non-profit center for the Iran Lobby. San Diego City Hall is also on the payroll of the PCC and has been supporting PCC for decades.

PCC (Persian Cultural Center San Diego) - Iran Lobby Bank

Observe the history of PCC:

Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Mafia Godmother in San Diego

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Democrats and RINO politicians do not like to talk about the Iran Lobby because they are on the payroll of the Iran Lobby! Silicon Valley Persian Mafia is a big factor running the Big Tech, Social Media and financing the Iran Lobby.

Inform yourselves on the depth of the Iran Lobby corruption in USA:

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Iran Lobby Opportunism

Every time Iranian streets get hairy and protests occur, Iran Lobby jumps on the Protest Bandwagon but cautiously only narrating the news, just in case the Regime regains control again! Rest of the times, Iran Lobby propagates for the IRI Regime. In a way, Iran Lobby is an opportunistic symbiotic lifeform which feeds both on the Mullahs’ Regime and the Protesters! In Persian, we have an expression:

“Ham az akhor mikhoreh, ham az tubreh!”
(He eats both from the stable and the dish!)

So, Iran Lobby tries to play both ends. Right now, 31 provinces of Iran are on fire. Protests and riots are everywhere. People are fed up with the regime and want nothing less than end to the IRI Regime. Iran Lobby cannot be silent because then, everyone will point fingers at them as the Regime’s lobby! So, they report the protests’ news cautiously without taking sides!

Every time streets of Iran are full of protests, Iran Lobby characters rush the American corrupt media propaganda Mouth Pieces such as CNN, MSNBC, PBS, VOA (Voice of CIA) and others as the political experts, political analysts and so-called journalists!

These days, you notice NIAC and PAAIA Iran Lobby characters like Negar Mortazavi (NIAC), Maz Jobrani (NIAC, PAAIA and PCC), Reza Aslan (NIAC), Nazanin Boniadi (PAAIA) and indeed Trita Parsi the Number one IRI Agent in USA are all over the State Media, Mainstream Media and Social Media propagating as analysts all over the news!

Trita Parsi the Puppet Master

Trita Parsi as the top IRI Iranian Agent in USA and in charge of the Iran Lobby Operations in USA, directs all of these shenanigans. Trita Parsi, sends his NIAC members and supporters as journalists, authors, comedians, and Hollywood celebrities to various American Media to keep the dibs on the narratives of the Iranian protests. His orders come directly from the Reformist Fraction of the IRI in Tehran and his boss George Soros. Trita Parsi has no interest in the Iranian Revolution and Freedom, but he has all the intertest in the IRI Reformist Mullahs’ victory, George Soros’ Agenda and establishing himself a big fat bank account! Trita Parsi is the man behind the Iran Lobby operations in America.

Trita Parsi Site

Trita Parsi on Quincy Institute (George Soros)

Quincy Institute (George Soros)

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

So, when Trita Parsi, the regime’s pawn, all of a sudden becomes a Freedom Fighter, a step short of a hero, then understand that there’s something really stinks in the Casbah!

Iran Lobby Sabotage of Iran Politics Club

Iran Lobby suddenly Jumps on the Revolution Bandwagon! We do know that Iran Politics Club Networks is Super Secure and in the past the IRI Regime had tried many times to sabotage it but now Iran lobby tries to sabotage it! How you ask? Allow me to elaborate.

Iran Lobby attempts to sabotage IPC in 2 different ways.

1. Falsify that IPC Website is Unsecure
2. Promotion of Iran Lobby links on IPC Traffic

Let me give you examples:

1. Falsify that IPC Website is unsecure

Bing Iran Lobby Sabotage of IPC URL

Bing Step by Step Experiment

- Go to certain search engines such as Bing
- Punch in “Iran Politics Club”
- You will get millions of hits
- The top of the first page link is the IPC homepage, click on it
- It takes you to the “http” unsecure URL and not “https” secure URL of IPC
- So instead of going to:
You will go to:

There is nothing wrong with “http” and it is secure, but “https” is Ultra Secure. In fact, this whole https shenanigan got started by Microsoft to make money and set a new standard on security. Bing also belongs to Microsoft and we all know that Bill Gates (MS founder) is a psychotic environmentalist wacko and Satya Nadella (MS CEO), that bald headed Hindu is in bed with Communist China for profits.

We brought this to the attention of MS, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo was on top of it, and right away they replaced all IPC links from http to https. DuckDuckGo is the most organized and responsible of them all.

Until this moment Bing and Yahoo did not fix this issue. Makes you wonder if this is intentional or a simple mistake?!

One thing is for sure. The http links give a false sense to the public that the IPC website is an unsecure website, where in fact, you can tune in to IPC with http or https but we prefer you to tune in to IPC with https links which are ultra-secure.

IPC Ultra Secure URL

The old methods of IRI Regime sabotaging the IPC Networks failed miserably:

Iran Politics Club Super Security and IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe and Secure?

This is a new method of Iran Lobby sabotaging the IPC public image.

2. Promotion of Iran Lobby links on IPC Traffic

Bing Promotion of NIAC Iran Lobby Group on IPC Traffic

Bing Step by Step Experiment

- Go to certain search engines such as Bing
- Punch in “Iran Politics Club”
- You will get millions of hits
- The top of the first page link is the IPC homepage
- Under the IPC links on the first or second page, you will see a NIAC link!
- Also, if you go to images, on top of the images page, you will see Iranian Hezbollah images!

So instead of IPC images on the top, you get Hezbollah! Also, NIAC link is shoved either on the first or the second page of the IPC traffic! NIAC has no traffic. IPC has millions of readers. This is a new tactic by NIAC and its members in Silicon Valley to promote NIAC on the IPC traffic!

Again, we informed the search engines on how their Iran Lobby employees are sabotaging the IPC search, but as usual DuckDuckGo was responsive and responsible but so far Bing and Yahoo have been ignoring the issue!

Google also from time to time, does this tactic but then again Google’s management has always been either in full or partial control of the NIAC and Iran Lobby, nothing new! That is what Silicon Valley Persian Mafia does!

NIAC members work for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. They know that IPC has massive traffic. They put the NIAC link right under the IPC links, under the first or second page of the search. Voila, like parasites and symbiotes, NIAC is trying to gain traffic from the massive IPC traffic! Search Engines are either doing this on purpose or are in the dark about their Iran Lobby employees who do this. Either way, search engines are responsible due to intentional or ignorant sabotage of the IPC links!
Reza Pahlavi’s Opportunism on VOA (Voice of CIA)

VOA always comes to the Reza Pahlavi’s rescue!

VOA - Voice of CIA to Reza Pahlavi’s Rescue!

Reza Pahlavi has no principles. As long as the people commit to a revolution, free Iran and grant him a kingship or a presidentship, he is happy with that! Reza Pahlavi is a born opportunist and a charlatan. He has no trace of his grandfather Reza Shah the Great (Father of Nation) or father Mohammad Reza Shah in him! He is a natural flip flopper, pacifist and a weak loser coward.  Reza Pahlavi so far has been a Monarchist, Republican, Democrat and a Socialist! Reza Pahlavi changes political ideologies as much as he changes underwear! Any which way he can, he tries to be relevant and in the political scene; however, he wants to do no efforts to actually free Iran! In the past, he colluded with the Reformist Fraction of the IRI and some shady characters! IRI had easily scared him off from the political activism by threats and bribes!

Reza Pahlavi’s political activism during the past decades (except in the 1980s) has been more or less “3 minutes interviews” on CNN, FOX, VOA and Foreign Radios! That’s his 3 minutes of fame and relevance!

Reza Pahlavi has been waiting under the balls of CIA for over 4 decades, so someone could hand him a crown or a presidential palace, a taco or a burrito, or whatever they can! Beggars cannot be choosers!

Every time Iran gets hairy, Reza Pahlavi is at VOA (Voice of CIA) conducting interviews, rest of the year or years, he is dead and no one hears from him!

But do not believe me, yet believe in your lying eyes! Indulge yourselves reading and seeing pictures:

Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI
Reza Pahlavi’s Condemned Crimes Against the Iranian People

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
A History of Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI & 2nd Iran Coup 1984 Thread

Won't Get Fooled Again!

People of Iran, Opposition members and patriots,

Iran Lobby are reformists, they do not want an end to the IRI Regime but they want to reform the regime and bring back the reformist Hezbollah to the power, so they can plunder the national budget like they used to do before they got all jailed or put under the house arrests!

Liberal Monarchists such as Reza Pahlavi are also having a long history of collusion with the Reformists and the Iran Lobby.

Please comprehend that:

* Wealthiest liberal Democrats support the Iran lobby and NIAC
* Working class and middle-class Americans support Iranian opposition and IPC

Don't hand your destiny to the CIA.

On 1953, by supporting Mossadeq, for 2 days, you tried to establish a democracy in Iran. On 28 Mordad, CIA made a coup and overthrown your democratic government by bringing back the Imperial Regime for you.

On 1979, again you tried to create a democracy but again Democrats via the supervision of CIA brought you the Mullahs’ IRI Regime.

Now, once again you are trying to create a democracy, but already forces such as Iran Lobby, Reformists, Liberal Monarchists and other con artists are lined up jumping on the Revolution Bandwagon, trying to steal the Revolution of the people.

Do not allow CIA to do the 3rd time strike! Any way you look at this scene, it is always the CIA! Democrats run the government and the Deep State are always Democrats. These unelected officials whom are almost always wrong about the global geopolitics, have been making great mistakes in their analysis and moves. With their stupidity on 1953, they destroyed the Iranian baby democracy and again on 1979, they erected the Carter’s human rights issue to undermine the Shah while at the same time supported and erected Khomeini, Taliban and Al Qaeda as fathers of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism in the region! Today, CIA and Democrats are at it again to yet steal your revolution, protests and movement.

Let me be very blunt with you.

Once they fooled you, shame on them!
Twice they fooled you, double shame on them!
Third time, if they fool you, not only shame on you but you don’t deserve to have a democracy!

Con artists and opportunists are same as flies, which gather around the sweets!

“Magasan-and dor-e shirini!”

They are sensing that maybe just maybe this time, we the people will overthrow IRI, so they are already lining up as Self-Erected, Career Exilist, Up-Position Leaders and Feeders to steal the revolution of the people!

Do not allow CIA, Democrats, Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists to steal the revolution again. They are here to reform IRI, make deals or at max use pacifism to stick around like leeches! Always remember that IRI is a brutal Islamist Regime which will only be eliminated via violence and a bloody revolution. If for the third time, you allow CIA and these con artists to again steal the revolution and establish a dictatorship in Iran, then for God’s sake, you do not deserve a democratic country!

Patriots, people of Iran will decide the future of Iran. Believe in yourselves and believe in the true opposition. I believe over 43 years of Islamic slavery under the IRI have made you hard as steel with much experience not to be conned again. So as the famous poet Pete Townshend and the Who stated: Won’t Get Fooled Again!

More Power to the People

Dr. X


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