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Iranian People have the Power for Regime Change
Ahreeman X
April 20, 2021

Free Iran Fist Nationwide Protests Political Poster of Iran Politics Club
National Uprising is Near and Storm is Coming!

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters

Beijing Joe Biden and Democrats’ Occupational Socialist Regime, flirting with the Iran Lobby and appeasing the Mullahs will not decide the Iran’s future. EU Charlatans playing kiss and not tell will not decide the Iran’s future. Iranian People will decide the Iran’s Future.

Iranian people have the power and must develop the will to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. Foreign Powers do not decide the Iranian people’s destiny. Iranian people will decide their own destiny. Iranian people are not helpless victims and mindless morons. Iranian people have overthrown the Imperial Regime and they can also overthrow the Islamist Regime. Iranian people can end the reign of Islam in Iran. Iranian people are a mighty force. Whoever assumes that the Iranian people are irrelevant on deciding their future, is dead wrong and is gravely mistaking.

Persians, Your Destiny is in Your Own Hands

People of Iran, my words are with you: Monarchists have been telling you for over 4 decades that you are helpless victims and ignorant morons. They have been telling you that the Foreign Powers control your destiny, you did not overthrow the Imperial Regime but the Foreign Powers made a coup and overthrown the Imperial Regime. They are telling you that you are too weak, too stupid and too helpless to decide your own destiny. They tell you that you have never decided your own destiny but it is the foreign powers who have been deciding your destiny for you! They say this gibberish to relieve themselves from the responsibility of screwing up the Imperial Regime to the point that the Imperial Regime gave birth to the Islamist Regime!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Well, I am here to tell you that you are strong and powerful. You are intelligent and aware. You have the power but you must develop the will to decide your own destiny. You have overthrown the Imperial Regime and you can overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Free Iran Fist Breaks Allah Spider Logo of IRI Protest Political Poster of Iran Politics Club
Persian Fist Can Break Islam and Islamic Symbols
Persians Can End the Reign of Islam in Iran.

Monarchists, Mullahs and Conspiracy Theorists are constantly telling you that you are like children and you are in need of a father figure (Shah) or a guardian (Supreme Spiritual Leader). They tell you that you are weak, ignorant, naïve and puppets. You must obey a Velayat-e Faqih, a Shah, a Leader, or some type of a Dictator to survive and to be saved! Shah was calling you children and Imam is calling you underage juveniles (Saqir) because only Underage juveniles (Saqir) is in need of a Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Spiritual Leadership) or a Guardian!

Well, I am here to tell you that you are strong, powerful and ready to change your destiny. You are a Mighty Force, a Formidable Storm, a Strong River Current, a Powerful Hurricane, and a Sea Tsunami. You can do anything which you put your hearts and minds in to it. You can do anything and the sky is the limit. You are the power and you are the Force for change.

Your destiny is not prejudged in Washington DC, London, Berlin, Paris, Moscow or Beijing. Your destiny is not preplanned by a Shah, a Dictator or an Imam. No Mullah or Hezbollah, IRGC or Basiji can turn the page on your fate. Only you can change the course of the history.

Persians, Return to Becoming the Center of the Universe Again!

Conspiracy Theorists are full of Shiite and you have been hearing their Bull Shiite for centuries! Conspiracy Theorists hand you these tall tales to break your spirit and create helpless victims out of you. They are preaching This garbage to you, so you believe that Foreign Powers and foreigners are superior to you, they are your masters and they run your lives. So, if you want any chance of somewhat evening things up or surviving, then you must hand your fate and put it in the hands of a Shah, a Mullah or some type of a Dictator! In a way, they are telling you that you are beneath the Foreigners and you are subhuman!

Well, I am here to tell you that you, the Iranian people are the center of the universe. You once ruled the world and created the mother civilization to the earth. Persian Civilization is the world’s mother civilization.

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Great Persians such as Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Xerxes the Great, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, Ferdowsi, or Reza Shah the Great did not sit on their butts awaiting the Foreigners, a Miracle or God to help them, decide their fate or turn the page but they stood up, found the will power and made a decision to change their fate, Iran’s fate and in a way the global fate! Your fate is in your hands. Educate yourselves to your true history and your past:

Iran History Index

Conspiracy Theorists Treat Iranians as Victims and Subhuman

I despise Conspiracy Theorists, Foreign Worshipers or Globalists who always put down the Iranian people and their will power to control their own destiny. Since I was 10-year-old, I was a hardcore Nationalist, Lover of Iran and a Believer in the Power of the Iranian People. I fought anyone tooth and nail who put down Iran, Persian History and Persian Greats. Do not allow Foreign Worshipers, Arab Worshipers, Westoxicated Morons, Conspiracy Theorists, and Do-Gooders to convince you that you are helpless victims. Both Monarchists and Mullahs have been doing this for decades. They want to convince you that you are victims, weak, cattle, fools, irrelevant and subhuman.

Democrats Treat Blacks as Victims and Subhuman

Democrats are doing the same thing to the Blacks in America! They are treating Blacks as victims, inferior, helpless and subhuman. Democrats see Blacks as children who cannot take care of themselves; therefore, they need the Rich White Liberals to artificially equalize them to the rest of the society. Democrats’ solution to keep the Blacks as slaves are Affirmative Action, Equity, Quota System, Reparation, Welfare, Food Stamp, Medicare, Housing and Benefits. Democrats pamper the Blacks as babies, minors and slaves. Democrats believe that Blacks are too stupid to make something of themselves on their own; therefore, they need to artificially equalize them with the Whites and the Orientals.

Conspiracy Theorists, Monarchists, Mullahs and Do-Gooders do the same thing to the Persians. They treat Persians as helpless victims which their fate must be planned by wither a father figure, an elite group or Foreign Powers. You know, the same Bull Shiite which all of you have been hearing for decades! They keep you weak, dependent and slaves.

Pacifism Makes Iranian People Weak

Do not fall for pacifism, liberalism and appeasement because they are all here to continue the Status Quo and to keep the IRI alive. Liberals, Democrats, Iran Lobby, and Pacifists are all the same and they are here to appease IRI rather than end its lifespan.

Reza Pahlavi is the Symbol of Weakness and Opportunism

Reza Pahlavi had never fought the IRI but he appeased the IRI, and so did Iran Lobby!

Observe and listen to Reza Pahlavi’s words:

VOA (Voice of CIA) to Reza Pahlavi’s Rescue!

Observe Iran Lobby’s actions:

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X

Reza Pahlavi, Democrats and Iran Lobby Complete Each Other!

Iran Lobby, Democrats, the Reza Pahlavi Type Liberal Monarchists or now so-called RINO Republicans are all the same and their agenda and goal is to appease the IRI.  Reza Pahlavi type, kept the IRI alive for over 40 years and if you allow them, they will keep the IRI going for another 40 years!

Death of IRI is in Iranian People’s Hands

So, rely on yourselves. Trump cannot help you; America cannot help you; God cannot help you and a miracle will not save you. Only Iranian people’s mighty powerful will can change the future and end the lifespan of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

IPC Stands with the Iranian People

I stand with the people. I stand with the Iranian workers, American workers, and the Global workers. I stand with the Hardworking People who build the society and fight the Establishment which sucks the life out of the workers. I stand solid with the Workers and the National Populism which battles the Globalist Establishment, Iranian Islamist Establishment, American Democrat Establishment, Deep State Establishment, Woke Globalist Corporations, Media, Tech Giants and the Bloody Google. I am
 with the people and against the Establishment. That is why as a National Populist, I fight both the Iranian and the American Establishments.

IPC stands with the Iranian people. IPC fights for the Iranian people. IPC represents the Iranian opposition.

Battleplan Against IRI in Biden Era Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism

We are One

This is not the quiet death, but this is the silence before the storm! The Powerful Storm is coming and it will blow the Establishment out of existence! People will prevail.

We are one. We are inside the Iranian universities, colleges and high schools. We are inside the government offices and the private sector. We are amongst the young Iranian workers, professionals and technocrats who build the Iran of today and tomorrow. We are the Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Democratic Movement and the Iranian Opposition. We are the Mighty Powerful punch of the Iranian people who will knockout the Islamist Regime of the Mullahs.

We have Informants and Spies Everywhere

We are inside every fabric of the Iranian Regime, Schools, Private Sector and everyday life. We are even promoting informants inside the Iran Lobby in America. We are destroying the Regime, Establishment and Iran Lobby from the within. We have spies and informants everywhere.

Storm is Coming!

We do not appease the Mullahs, Hezbollah, IRGC, Basij and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Anyone from the Regime who wants to join the people, they better join now because tomorrow will be too late!

Tomorrow will be the bloody Nationalist Revolution of the Iranian People taking their own destiny in hands. Storm is approaching, beware of the storm!

Armed People are Free People

People of Iran, fellow Persians: Arm yourselves with hot and cold weapons and prepare for the coming of the armed struggle. Islam came to Iran with bloodshed and will leave Iran only with bloodshed.

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood Book
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia

Anyone who preaches pacifism, liberalism, appeasement, referendum and live and let live is either Iran Lobby, or works alongside of the Iran Lobby and the Mullahs. Fools like Reza Pahlavi are no exception!

Pacifism is the Syphilis of the Persian Community!

If Cyrus the Great was a pacifist, Persian Empire would have never ruled the globe!
If Yaqub Leis Saffarid was a pacifist, Iran would have never been freed from the Arab rule!
If Reza Shah the Great was a pacifist, Iran would have never been dragged out of the Dark Ages!
If George Washington was a pacifist, America would still be a British Colony!

Arm yourselves but also arm your minds!

Educate yourselves to the true history, learn your past, so you can build your future:

The Cyrus Cylinder
Founding Documents by the Founding Fathers of The Persian Empire

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms - Book in 23 Chapters: Chapter 14. Saffarid

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

US Establishment Games

The Free Democratic Iran of the future will only be possible via boycotts, walkouts, strikes, protests, riots and full-blown revolution. Freedom cannot be achieved without bloodshed!

Empowering the People

Thieves, Corrupts, Opportunists and Tyrants occupying the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the US Government are filling up their bank accounts, promoting themselves and oppressing the people.

Thieves, Corrupts, Opportunists and Tyrants occupying the Iranian Government are filling up their bank accounts, promoting themselves and oppressing the people.

People who do what I do, are doing it for money, fame and power. I already have all three. Ask yourselves, why do I do what I do?

I only do what I do for “Empowering the People”, the Iranian People, the American People, the Workers, the Oppressed, the Voiceless. For the love of Iran and Iranians, I do what I do.

I could easily sit on the side, enjoy a very luxurious and comfortable life without constant concern of assassination, assaults, conflict and other headache. I have chosen the life of danger to risk it all for the people.

I am all about Empowering the People.

Those who underestimate the will of the Iranian People to achieve freedom are gravely mistaking. Future of Iran will not be decided by any conspiracy theorists, establishment, elite or foreign powers. Future of Iran will be decided by the Iranian people.

More Power to the People
Death to the Establishment

Dr. X


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