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Futuristic Plans for Future of Iran

Movement of Minds
Futuristic Plans for Future of Iran
Ahreeman X
March 27, 2007

"The Evolution in politics same as the Evolution of Earth will continue on. Evolution has no heart; Evolution is pure logic. Those creatures who can adapt and evolve to new conditions will survive and evolve more. Those who cannot adapt to the modern world, new conditions and future, are doomed to die out as Dinosaurs did!"

M Ideologies

"M Ideologies" start with the letter "M". Monarchists, Mojaheds, Marxists, Mosadeqists (Jebhei Republicans), Muslim and other Nechro Ideologies and their sympathizers belonging in the past are dead. They can't evolve; neither can they adapt to the modern world, set aside the future.

At one time them and their ideas were Revolutionaries but today they are Reactionaries.

Just because a handful of nations are still keeping their Nechro-Monarcial Ways alive, it does not mean that Monarchy is alive! It is simply clinging to the ancient reactionary past ways. This clinging will eventually detach more and more until the masses of those societies realize that they are fed up with supporting "Leeches" (Monarchs)!

Yesterday's News and Future Powers
(Macro Aspects)

Either the Nechro-Monarchist Societies will evolve or they will fall behind the civilized world. As we see Britain and Japan had lost their superiority after WWII. They are yesterday's news.

On the other hand China is well realizing that Communism is dead and therefore is adapting to the modern world. Soon the only thing left from Communism in China will be the name of the party! China is rising.

Same thing can be said about Russia. The Great Russian Federation, a Federal Nationalist Republic is moving by the speed of light towards the futurism.

America is the master of the world simply because the American political system is unique amongst all the Parliamentary Republics of the world. America has her own special system different than all European Parliamentary Republics.

On the other hand, many people in the world are only keeping their Monarchs alive as decorations. It is kind of like keeping a Dollhouse, a toy a little monkey in a monkey suit alive to cling to your great past!

All Western European Monarchist Nations are psychologically keeping their Monarchs alive so they can remember their great colonial past greatness. Monarchs act as an old scrapbook for the masses. Otherwise they have no practical usage. Monarchs are poodle dogs, decorative, no value and no purpose or function.

Iranian Affairs
(Micro Aspects)

As we see, Iranian Monarchists are a Backward Cult who Talk Big yet No Action. Large Heads and no Balls. They cling to their Pahlavi Shah who openly abandoned Iran and Iranians and handed Iran to Islamists, a captain who was the first to abandon ship! Today they worship, hand kiss and Ass kiss Reza Pahlavi. If Reza Pahlavi was not the son of Shah; he would have been one of the most below average underachiever fellows in the world. He would have not even been a mediocre person of intellect or action. No education, no quality, no charisma, no balls and no talent are amongst Reza Pahlavi's characteristics.

These Cults or as I call them "M Ideologies":

Monarcists, Marxists, Mojaheds, Mosadeqists and Muslim

Are already dead but they just don't know it yet! They are yesterday's news.

The Thinking Iranians love to hear about tomorrow. The Thinking Iranians do not seek salvation in what Shah did before 1979, but they build the tomorrow of Iran, by drafting Futurism, Technology, New Ideas, and what Modern World has to offer.

Scientifically and as a Scientist, I shall stick with the latest and most logical system of government and adapt to the New World. I must adopt the new tools of Secularism, Federalism, Democracy and Evolved Thinking Patterns and then mix and match them and adopt them to the Persian Psyche.

One Man, One Vision
(Uber-Menschen of Nietzsche)

If people like Reza Khan would have thought the same way that the Iranian Monarchists of today think, then on 1925 nothing would had changed! Reza Khan was a visionary.

Iranian Monarchists' Dead Values, Dead Worship, Nechro Ideological Patterns and Fanaticism (Ta'asob) gets them no where but more isolation and more isolated than they already are!

Ta'asob to anything including a King (Shah), a religion (Islam) or anything else and the creation of myths and dogma is yesterdays news.

The bottom line is that "M Ideologies" and their followers will either adapt to the Modern World or die out as old dinosaurs.

Duality of Ideologies in Different Timeframes

At a specific timeframe, an ideology can be Revolutionary; however, at a different timeframe the same ideology can be Reactionary.

An example would be Christianity. The fundamentals of Christianity at the time of Jesus were progressive, new and Revolutionary; however, today's Christianity is outdated, old and a block on the way of a Future Scientific Evolution of the society. Today's Christianity is Reactionary.

Evolution of Republics to Democratic Oligarchies

The World and Governments are Evolving. Today's Republics and Democracies will eventually evolve to "Democratic Oligarchies". In Democratic Oligarchies, unlike the present Republics, A council of Intellectual Elite from the brightest and most educated and wise amongst the people will be elected by the people and enforce the law and govern. This Council of Oligarchy will elect the Leader. The Leader will be the most qualified person in the nation.

Eventually today's Republics will transform to "Democratic Oligarchies".

What is The Democratic Oligarchy?

The future is:

Government of Elite Intellectuals led by the Most Qualified Leader, for the masses. This will be the ultimate Democracy and the most logical government.

"The Democratic Oligarchy is the Government of the masses by the Most Wise and intelligent of the masses for the masses."

Today and Future

Today's Democracies are imperfect. Money can buy your way in the office. The president is not the most qualified person, neither the most intelligent or educated soul in the nation. I am not even talking about Monarchies because they are simply rubbish.

However, the future Republics will transform and perfect themselves from Mob Rule and Money Rule to government of the most wise for the masses.

There is no doubt in my mind that the future Earth will be ruled by the most educated, intellectuals and a wise "Council of the Wise Elite" Brains. One Leader will head this Council. The masses will be evolved to the point that they can elect the most wise as the Council of the Wise Elite. The Leader will be elected by the Council of the Wise Elite.

The Persian Question?

The question is:

Are Persians wise enough to jump the speedy train wagon of Evolution and start a Federal Republic and then transform it to a Democratic Oligarchy before the world evolves to this level?

The future Persian Empire (3rd Pars) can evolve to a Democratic Oligarchy only if we start a Federal Republic today. For more information on 3rd Pars, read:

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism

Why I Support the Iranian Opposition Groups?

The only reason I work with followers of "M Ideologies" and support their political parties is because:

I. I support the Opposition, and I mean "All" Opposition to overthrow IRI.
II. I want to Evolve them and adapt them to the Future Ways.

Those who will evolve, will build the future of Iran.
Those who can't adapt and will not evolve are bound to die out.
Political Evolution and Social Darwinism is very similar to the biological Evolution of Species.

"M Ideologies" and their followers are bound to die out. Only a fraction of their followers will survive and evolve to the next step in the evolutionary ladder. The rest along with their dead ideologies are bound to die, the same way that they have been dead for 28 + Years. This is called the Political Evolution.

I, The Evolver

I am a Herald of Science and the Future. People such as myself are a century ahead of today's world. That's why I associate with and study alongside the most intellectual, scientific and logical minds of Iran and the world.

People around me are highly evolved. I associate with people whom I can learn from them. Morons have nothing to offer me. Along the way, I draft protégés. I try to evolve their brains to the point to build the Iran and the world of tomorrow. If these proteges are smart, they will take advantage of their consorting and association with me; they learn from me and they will use this education and learning to build the future of Iran. If these proteges are bounded and gagged with Superstitions and Prisons of Mind, faithful to Dogma, Fanaticism and Yesterday's News such as belief in God, Monarchy and other garbage, then they can't even help themselves set aside build the Iran of Tomorrow! I am the Evolver. I, The Evolver …

The Youth, The Future of Iran

Youth are the future of Iran. Forget the old, they are yesterday. It is extremely hard to "Change" an Old Dog! Youth are the only hope for future salvation. Protégés are always accepted and welcome in IPC. Use me and use my knowledge, that is my motto. I am here to educate the future generation so in returns they can build the future of Iran.

I always look for the Youth, but those youth who own Scientific, Logical, Free and Open minds.

Garbage and Dogma does not fly with me. Fanaticism towards anything specifically "M Ideologies" is a disease. I help you to be cured. I walk you through your sickness and help you to evolve. But this healing works only if you are pragmatic and not dogmatic.

What is the function of IPC?

Every entity, element and object must have a function and a use. I believe in practical and useful entities rather than decorative ones; I do sincerely believe in this fact or else I would have been a monarchist!

Look at IPC as a center to build educated and free minds. Today, my comrades and I operate IPC. Eventually IPC will be handed over to the next generation of the bright minds. The Bright minds that will be built right here and right now will eventually build the Iran of tomorrow.

Movement of Minds

I enjoy referring to our movement as the "Movement of Minds" because we are in the business of building the future minds of Iran. We are all about minds. Look at us as a software, which uninstalls useless information such as superstition, dogmatism, rubbish beliefs, doctrines and philosophies from your brain and then installs useful information such as evolution, science, logic, pragmatism and free thinking to replace the garbage, so you will be able to survive and evolve throughout the present evolutionary stage and into the next evolutionary step of the human civilization. Our movement operates as the Brain Food.

The Scientific Method

I do not look at my past unsuccessful proteges as failures! I look at them as scientific experiments. A scientist experiments and sometimes he fails but sometimes he succeeds. This is how science progresses.

A True Logical Scientist keeps on experimenting and tries to train the perfect protégé. Eventually my comrades and I will build the future generation of Iran and they will "Change" Iran. Experiment, Fail, Learn from your mistakes, Re-Experiment and Evolve. This is called the Scientific Way.

I am in the business of building Minds. I draft proteges and I experiment. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed, but I do not have time to waste so I move on. I have limited time on this Earth and I have a crucial mission to fulfill. I do not have time to waste on petty nonsense and Iranian idiotic political cults.

The Harsh Reality of Evolution

Those who can Evolve will survive.
Those who can't Evolve will die out along with their Dogmatic Beliefs.

As I have always stated:

Your Leaders are Yesterday.
You are Today.
I am Tomorrow.

After all, I am Evolving and I am the Evolver.
I, The Evolver

I am pointing at the Moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?


Dr. X

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