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Iranian Opposition Missions Manual: Control the Streets
How to Control the Streets?
Ahreeman X
September 23, 2022

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IRGC Foreign Legion

Before we get to the meat of the matter, allow me to elaborate on an important issue. The worst of the worst of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) security forces are the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) Foreign Legion. They are the foreign paid mercenaries who shoot the Iranian Opposition in the streets because many of the Iranian security forces refuse to shoot! These are Shiite Islamist Animals faithful to the Khamenei Supreme Spiritual Leadership. They consist of Palestinian Hamas, Palestinian Jihad, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite Militia, Afghani Shiites, Paki Shiites, Syrian Shiite Militia, Bosnian Islamists and other mercs. All of them fight for IRGC but only Palestinians are waving their own flag along with the IRGC flag while killing the Persians in the streets!

Yasser Arafat & Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

We strongly recommend the op. members cautiously try to capture them alive, kidnap them, torture them for intel, once drain them of all intel, torture them to death because quick death is too good for them. Kill ‘Em All, Let Their Allah Sort Them Out! Let them get their 72 virgins in afterlife but you will get your rewards in this life, which is the freedom of Iran! If you can’t catch them alive but you have an opportunity to face them during the riots, “Curb Them” meaning crush their heads on the sidewalk concrete with your heavy boots (Persian Style)! As I have stated before:

"Pure Islamic Violence can only be answered with Pure Persian Violence!
Islamic Republic of Iran is not a measly mosquito to be squashed with Pacifism and Reforms!"

(Ahreeman X)

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Greetings to Patriots

Greetings to the Opposition Patriots inside Iran, outside Iran and in Liaison to Iran.

Before we get to the Opposition Missions in Iran Manual, we must discuss a few points and clarify a few subjects. Afterwards, we will elaborate on the missions.

Iran Politics Club Operations

IPC Op. (IPC Operations Members) are of three types:

* Outside Iran Op. (Operating in Exile)
* Inside Iran Op. (Operating Inside)
* In Transition Op. (Come and Go in and out)

My words in this manual are not particularly with the IPC Op. but also with the greater Opposition members and revolutionaries inside Iran.

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Iran Politics Club Constitution

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Iran Politics Club Constitution

Iran Politics Club Movement

Iran Politics Club Op. and Greater Opposition Movement consists of:

* Iran Student Movement
* Iran Democratic Movement
* Iran Opposition Movement

Iran Movement Index

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Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters

Iran Politics Club Supports All Iranian Opposition Organizations

We have been advertising, promoting and supporting all Iranian Opposition organizations of Iran for over two decades.

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

IPC Services to the Iranian Opposition

Our services to "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" are listed below:

1. We post Logos, Names and Links to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups" and "All of The Iranian Political Parties and Organizations" under "Iranian Political Organizations" Index of the IPC Website. This is the best web advertisement, which a political organization can get because Iran Politics Club Networks is the largest Iranian website in English in the globe.

2. We do verbal advertisement in net meetings, political meetings, through our members' teams to the Iranian youth in high schools, colleges and universities. Our members’ teams are:

Inside Iran Teams
Outside Iran Teams
Liaison Teams (traveling in between)

3. We distribute flyers and informative pamphlets inside major universities of Iran. We advertise for Opposition Groups, through these hard copy documents. Some of these universities included below:

Tehran University
Shahid Beheshti (Melli) University
Amir Kabir University
Sharif (Aryamehr) University
Esfahan University
Pezeshki Mashhad University
Karaj University
Computer Jonub University
Shahryar Shahre Qods University
Shiraz University

4. IPC Operations is a covert organization. IPC Operations' members are the most politically active members of IPC. IPC Operation members operate the:

Political Operations
Web Operations
Club Operations

IPC Operation members consist of members from "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" of Iran. These members are mostly University Students/Faculty/Staff, Technical Experts, Businessmen/women, Authors, Artists, Journalists, Mentors and Administrators from Government or Private Sectors, inside and outside Iran. They are the best source of mouth-to-mouth advertisement for "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups".

Separate Iranian Opposition Organizations with the Iran Lobby Traitors

Iran Politics Club supports all valid Iranian Opposition Organizations and Parties of Iran, despite political, ideological and philosophical differences. As long as you are fighting the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), we support you. There is a thin line between the True Iranian Opposition and then the Con Artists of the Iran Lobby, Reformists and Opportunist Liberal Monarchists:

* Iran Lobby (IRI Lobby in USA pro Reformist Fraction of IRI)
* Reformist Hezbollah (Reformist Fraction of IRI inside Iran)
* Liberal Monarchists (Opportunists in Collusion with the Reformists)

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby
Why Mullahs have been Running Iran for Over 4 Decades?

Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

Do not get distracted by distractions, IRI Agents and Low Lives. Focus on the task in hand.

Iran Politics Club Super Secure Networks

IRI and Iran Lobby in USA have a history of the hacking, censorship and sabotage of IPC Networks. The best that they could do was to get the network off the net for a few days. Of course, in retaliation, we had knocked down the VAJA (IRI Ministry of Intelligence), Ershad (IRI Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) and various other government websites.


Ershad Site

Observe the history:

Iran Politics Club Super Security and IRI Regime Lies
How to Surf IPC Safe and Secure?

Let’s make it very clear that the IPC Networks are super secure.

Iran Politics Club Secure URL Links

We are asking the people to tune in to and the search engines to post these “https” links as the Iran Politics Club secure homepage and club links:

Iran Politics Club Secure URL Links

IPC Website

IPC Club

Iran Lobby, Reformists and Liberal Monarchists Jump on the Revolution Bandwagon!

Lately, we can witness that many Iran Lobby members, Reformists and Opportunist Liberal Monarchists are jumping on the Revolution Bandwagon! 

It is comprehendible when old Hezbollah, Islamists and leftist allies of the regime have truly seen the light and changed their path by joining the opposition. Many old IRI supporters who originally supported the Islamic Revolution such as various Ex officials of the IRI, allies of IRI, Mojahedin (Marxist Islamist), Fadaian (Communist), Liberal Democrat Groups and others have truly changed path and joined the opposition. Today, they are considered some of the most active opposition groups.

On the contrary, Iran Lobby, Reformists and Liberal Monarchists are considered as the “Party of the Wind” (Hezb-e Bad), they blow in the direction of the fad of the day! If IRI is strong, then they are pro Iran Lobby groups and they hang around them to get some entertainment contracts. When opposition and revolution is strong, they become hardcore opposition and revolutionaries. These people are Opposition Lampoons and Whores of the Opposition. They are seasonal friends and worst enemies of the opposition.

Iranian American Liberal Democrat Hollywood Celebrities, So-called Journalists, Iran Lobby characters are some of these con artists who are now jumping on the Revolution Bandwagon! Then you have the Opportunist Liberal Monarchists whom like Reza Pahlavi, one day they are Monarchists, next day Republican, the other day Democrat and the day after become Socialist! These days, you witness to see these whores all over the media, each trying to get their 3 minutes of fame interviews, pretending that they are representing the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people. For instance:

Maz Jobrani – Media interviews
Nazanin Boniadi – Media interviews
Negar Mortazavi – i24 Israel Network interviews
Reza Pahlavi – Radio Israel and VOA (Voice of CIA) interviews

We have no shortage of con artists, fair weather friends, traitors, opportunists and whores amongst the Iranian Community. Beware of these Whores of the Opposition, Iran Lobby Characters, Reformists and Liberal Monarchists. Today, they are revolutionaries, tomorrow they collude with Iran Lobby and the next day, they suck on Reformist Hezbollah’s toes for perks!

Do not be surprised if tomorrow, Trita Parsi the # 1 Iran Lobby Agent in USA and George Soros Agent becomes the self-appointed voice of the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people! Of course, it will be more like Iranian Up-Position and Iranian Pee-Pole! Expect Trita Parsi’s 3 minutes interviews on CNN and MSNBC as the expert in Foreign policy, Middle Eastern Politics and the Iranian Affairs! As soon as Iran gets hairy, all the Jerk Offs rush the Media for their 3 minutes of fame on the Fake News Media!

Back in the day in 1952, bunch of these types of people were cheering Mossadeq and the republic, but two days later, on 28 Mordad, they were cheering the Shah and the Monarchy! These people change colors like Chameleons! That’s why back in the 1950s the poet recited:

“Bar zendeh bad goftan-e in qom-e por farib, del maneh,
Ke yek taneh bar sangarat zanand!"

(Do not rely on the long live shouts of this treacherous crowd,
Thus, they will unanimously dump you in the trenches on your own!)

 That’s our dearly beloved Iranian Opportunists which we have no shortage of them!

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

As I have always stated:

“Our problem is not education and culture but our problem is morality. Iranians are the most educated, well-schooled and cultural people on earth but our people are also the most immoral people on earth!”
(Ahreeman X)

I am a simple man of principles. I believe in stability of identity. I believe in stability of political identity, philosophical identity and core beliefs. I do not care for flip floppers! I have always been a National Populist, a hard-core Nationalist and a Patriot since I have known myself being political at age 10! With me, you get what you see and I will remain faithful to my belief system until death.

Why Ahreeman X doesn’t Accept Media Interviews?

Throughout the decades and in the past, despite media such as FOX, CNN and many others asking me for interviews, they know that I have refused and I will continue to refuse because I know media and I know how they only play the selective parts of the interview which matches their narratives! Some flat out edit the interview and make it sound like Adolf Hitler’s interview!

The reality is that I do not need the media nor the social media to transfer my message directly to the people. Any informed Iranian youth, Technocrat and Friends of Iran, enthusiastically read IPC. They are my best word of mouth advertisers because they inform their other peers to also read IPC. This is the reason that we, together have created IPC as the massive portal of information on everything you need to know about Iran.

About Israel and the Jews

Liberal Jew Media are also giving air time to these opportunist characters. Mainstream media around the globe are liberals and Israel is no exception. I am not a fan of liberal Jew media! Actually, I am not a fan of Neftali Bennett and his regime in Israel. Neftali is more of an equivalent of a RINO Liberal type. He is a weak politician, a wheeler and dealer who makes deals with Islamists, Communists and anyone to promote his goals. Neftali Bennett’s goals are not necessarily for the benefit of Israel. Neftali Bennett is a globalist republican in the closet, aligned with the Billionaire Liberal Jew Plantation Masters who run the west!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

I Like Bibi - Benjamin Netanyahu

I am more of a Bibi type of a guy. Yes, Benjamin Netanyahu is my type of a guy and Likud is the proper party to support Israeli people’s benefits. Bibi Netanyahu is a Nationalist who truly cares about his people and the future of Israel. That’s why he was ousted out of power! I like strong Nationalists with determination for Israel, Iran, America and everywhere else. I do not care for Globalists, Liberals and Flip Floppers!

IPC Op. Past Manuals and Information

In the past, we discussed:

IPC Cells Manual: Communications & Distributions
Freedom Fighters Manual

Iran Politics Club Networks Communication System

Iran Opposition Surveillance and Espionage Operations

Armed People are Free People

Iran Commands Contact System Instructions

Why IPC Publishes what Media doesn't have the Courage to Publish?

Now we will discuss Opposition Missions in Iran.

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual: Control the Streets

How to Control the Streets?

As the opposition, our present struggle depends on a few important tasks. Our present core focus must be these issues:

Opposition Missions in Iran Tasks
A) Fund Gathering Missions
B) Infiltrate Security Forces’ Ranks Missions
C) Raid Security Forces Headquarters Missions
D) Cold Weapon Gathering Missions
E) Warm Weapon Making Missions
F) Warm Weapon Stockpile Missions
G) Intelligence Missions
H) Communication Missions
I) High Security Protocol

Let us dissect them each,

A) Fund Gathering Missions

Gather as much funds as you can. We provide you funds, opposition provides you funds, you can collect funds from Ring Members and Sympathizers, and in addition, University Commands and City Commands must assign certain Ring member to contact local businesses which are known not to be Hezbollah and ask them for funds. Gather a list of businesses with opposition sympathies.

Remember, no method of gathering funds is wrong. Raiding, confiscation and repossession of any Hezbollah (Pro Regime) business, institution, organization, bank, home and office is fine. Anyone working with this regime considers enemy and his funds can be possessed and redistributed for the cause of the Nationalist Revolution of Iran.

B) Infiltrate Security Forces’ Ranks Missions

City Commands must assign certain Ring Members to apply for jobs inside the police, Anti-Riot, Basij, and IRGC. Regime’s security forces are caught off guard by the mass riots. They need soldiers to fight the opposition. They are drafting now. They welcome new blood and troops. Join IRI security forces as the 5th column of the opposition. Once you join and gain the trust of the Hezbollah, then opportunities are unlimited and sky high.

You can gain info, gain intel, espionage, send secret docs, gain access to arms and prepare the future situation to raid the security stations, purge the security forces, repossess their arms and distribute arms amongst the Ring members and opposition sympathizers. Eventually you can torch the police and Basij stations. Join IRI security forces as undercover opposition op. members. City Commands and University Commands must organize and plan these operations very carefully and with sensitivity to the security and integrity of the operations inside Iran.

C) Raid Security Forces Headquarters Missions

When having chances during the riots and chaos and when headquarters are nearly empty due to mass demand for the security forces to be present in the streets, pinpoint the nearly empty quarters. As long as a few security forces are present, commands must pre-plan attacks. Have arms in your possession, any arms possible. This is where your past martial arts exercises and combat training becomes handy.

Raid the police, Anti-Riot, VAJA safehouses, Undercover safehouses, Basij and IRGC quarters. Raid when nearly empty by pre surveillance of the quarters. Certain members must be assigned strictly for surveillance of the security forces’ quarters and when opportunity rises, and when only a few guards are attending them, then inform the resistance to conduct a raid. Attack, injure, decapacitate, and eliminate with extreme prejudice. These are not human, consider them wild animals to be executed. Repossess all weapons which you can find in storages and on the enemy. Hit and run quick, escape back to the City Commands quarters. Torching the security forces’ quarters are optional depending on how much time you have and how much extra fuel you have!

D) Cold Weapon Gathering Missions

Get access to some fine military and hunting knives and daggers. Switchblades, brass knuckles, brass knuckles with spikes (so they can inflict maximum injury and pain), batons, blades, bats and shanks are all good to gather. Even if you end up in a situation with no weapon, remember that anything can be used as a weapon. A simple key chain full of keys between your fingers while fist, is very similar to a spiked brass knuckle. Any sharp object, pocket fruit knife or a simple nylon wire in your pocket can be used to choke and strangle security forces from behind. Keep a several small and useful weapons in your pockets and jackets. Key chain, fruit knife, metal or nylon wires, sharp glass object, anything can become a weapon.

E) Warm Weapon Making Missions

You don’t have to have guns. Make your own hot weapons! Read the manuals sent to you or search the net on how to make Molotov Cocktails, fire bombs, pipe bombs, gas bombs, poison bombs, chemical bombs and any other homemade hot weapon. Stock pile them carefully and use them when needed in street riots, burning police cars, burning police motorcycles, burning police and Basij quarters, or even attacking the enemy head on. They can be very useful, causing extreme fear and inflicting maximum damage to the enemy.

F) Warm Weapon Stockpile Missions

As instructed before in the manuals distributed and online, smuggle and import weapons from Paki, Turkish and Kurdish Iraqi borders, less busy points. Assigned by city commands, a certain number of Ring members can strictly run weapon smuggling operations. Get your hands on some prime machineguns, rifles, pistols, shotguns and other weapons. Worst comes to worst, operations can be conducted to raid weapons from storages and armories. Police and Basij storages are simpler to hold. This is where inside men and 5th column inside the Police, Basij and VAJA comes handy. Place spies deep inside the security forces and this will benefit you in the future.

Get hands on hot weapons, as much as you can and stockpile. This will come handy for the future riots and zero hour to revolution.

G) Intelligence Missions

We must be very clear that Surveillance Op. Agents and Deep Imbedded Intelligence Op. Agents will be the life force of our operations. Opposition must draft much more spies, sleeper cells and undercover agents than what it already possesses inside the security forces. Benefits will be huge. We can capture arms, funds, info and unlimited intel by creating more sleeper cells inside the regime’s security forces.

Intelligence Missions do not have to be strictly limited to security forces but also inside Regime’s political operations quarters such as seminary schools, mosques, political party quarters, Ansar-e Hezbollah quarters and Hezbollah centers. As long as one gets established inside a Hezbollah establishment as a trustworthy good Hezbollahi, then you got it made and the intel will flow!

H) Communication Missions

Elon Musk is trying to provide Starlink Satellite Internet to bypass the IRI Internet blockage. More power to Elon. In a meanwhile, remember that in 1979, Khomeini did not win his revolution with mobiles, computers and net because they did not exist back then! He distributed cassettes in the mosques to transfer his messages! Stop being so dependent to the technology! Do it the old fashion way.

Be creative and find methods of communication to bypass IRI net blockage, mobile blockage and shut downs. Use liaisons, sleeper cells, tape recorders, digital recorders, flash drives, stored mobile images, person to person and all old school communication systems. You do not need Internet to make a revolution, but you need backbones, guts and brains!

Between student, democratic and labor movement must be a wide range of communication, so they can harmonize and organize their protests, riots and operations. Labor strikes, labor walk outs, student protests, military operations, espionage operations and full riots must be well organized, harmonized and some even spontaneous. For these reasons, university commands, city commands and opposition liaisons must work together, plan together and schedule operations in coordination with one another.

Being communicative and having mass cooperation does not mean to sacrifice the Rule of 4 and reveal everyone’s identity wide open. Yes, we can obey the Rule of 4 and extreme secrecy but be communicative and organized via drafting only specific Ring members as liaisons between the Labor, Student and Democratic Movements. Not everyone has to be involved in all operations including liaison operations. Only 4 people in each Ring will know each other, so if you are captured, the whole organization will not get FAQed! Refer to old manuals for instructions.

IPC Cells Manual: Communications & Distributions
Freedom Fighters Manual

Organization and Discipline are the key words. Obey them well.

I) High Security Protocol

Each of you must become a weapon to the point that your hands and feet will become your most dangerous weapons. Self-educate yourselves to martial arts, hand to hand combat, Mix Martial Arts, wrestling, decapacitating, body pressure points, silent elimination and sudden attacks.

The benefit of surprise, sudden attacks, night operations, night raids, hit and run, and least expected attacks are most rewarding. Attacks and raids must be conducted when least expected, where least expected, and by whom least expected. A little girl passing by the security forces on patrol will not cause suspicions but one little girl can be used as bait for the rest of the crew to do sudden attacks and eliminate the complete security force unit! The little girl can also be a martial artist and inflict damage herself!

Use wide knowledge of combat on the net to self-educate yourselves. Read and practice material from top experts of each field and martial arts. Use pamphlets, sites and info provided for you in the past and research new ones on the net.     

Your best offensive and defensive weapons are your hands, feet and body. Remember that!

Highly security protocols must be drafted to secure and safekeep the operations and quarters. Rule of 4 saves lives. Operations rules and guides are to be studied routinely and practiced. Without Safe Security Protocols, you will not have an effective resistance. Obey the rules and regulations. Take risks but not stupid uncalculated risks.

Each and every one of you are much more valuable to us, alive than dead! We need you alive. There is a very thin line between bravery and stupidity! Do not cross it! Security is the key.

Glory to the Iranian Opposition

I don’t want to shout slogans and give pep talks because city commands, university commands, opposition liaisons and all the Ring leaders have gained much more experience and knowledge lately. You know much more than you knew yesterday, last month, last year, 2015, 2009 and so on. I have no doubt that you are patriots and reliable nationalists. I have no doubt that you love the motherland and you believe in the cause. I have no doubt that you are willing to sacrifice everything including your lives, the same as all of us do. So, I understand you, your feelings and your desire to free Iran.

What I or Operations do not need is stupid mistakes, careless risks, naïve actions, trusting the untrustworthy, ignorant tasks which endangers the whole operations and comrades. Be smart, be wise and use the manuals and the research. Think, research, plan, plot and practice before committing an operation. Each of you are freedom fighters. We have spent a life time training you so you can train others. Each of you have limitless value to us, to me and to the operations. Use caution and be wise. Calculated risks are the key words.

Transfer the knowledge, the wisdom and training to others. This is how we train and create hardcore nationalists and freedom fighters.

Remember: Victory by All Means Possible. Ends justifies the Means.

Trust your Commands, Ring Leaders, Rule of 4, and Operations. They shall keep you alive and kicking to fight another day.

We are fighting to protect and serve an 8,000-year-old Mother Culture of the World.

This is not a war; it is a Holy Crusade to save Mother Persia.

Until future net meeting, video meeting, mobile meeting and instructions …… keep safe.

"To be Persian, is to live Persian, to love Persian, and to die as a Free and a Proud Persian."
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X 


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