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Iranian Opposition Missions Manual 2: 5th Column Operations
Freedom Fighters Manual: Communication and Sabotage

Ahreeman X and IPC Operations
January 28, 2023

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Iranian Opposition Missions Manuals

Manual 1: How to Control the Streets?
Manual 2: 5th Column Operations!
Manual 3: Cyber Security

5th Column Missions

In our first manual, we focused on “How to Control the Street?” As we now move on to underground, rooftops and infiltrating the IRI security forces for the purpose of espionage, intelligence and future gun distributions, then we need to speak of the 5th column missions.

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual: Control the Streets

Iranian Opposition vs. Woke Globalist World

As of now the globalist entities of UN (United Nations); WEF (World Economic Forum); WTO (World Trade Organization); EU (European Union); the Socialist Globalist Regimes of UK, Germany, France and the Illegitimate Installed Biden Regime in the USA are still wheeling and dealing with the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Islamic Regime, hoping to still cut a deal. On the surface, they shed alligator tears and release ineffective cheap sanctions but in reality, they do not take a single substantial step, sanction or action against the Mullahs. Democrats and Mullahs are always in bed together.

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

The worst enemy of the Iranian people and indeed the American people is the Democrat Party in USA. This Marxist Globalist Entity is in bed with the Globalism and out to destroy not only the Iranian sovereignty but also the American sovereignty.

Globalists love making business with the Mullahs who are selling Iran by the pound, and the business is good, so why change? So, basically it is us the Iranian Opposition against the Woke Globalist World!

Iranian American Democrats

Iranian American Democrats are whether knowingly or unknowingly (due to brainwash) are acting as puppets and instruments of the “Iran Lobby” and enemies of the Iranian people in America. Either way, the Iranian American Democrats are no use to the Iranian opposition, unless they rehabilitate and align themselves with the needs and goals of the Iranian people seeking freedom.

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

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IPC Operations Past Manuals and Instructions

In the past, we discussed:

IPC Cells Manual: Communications & Distributions
Freedom Fighters Manual

Iran Politics Club Networks Communication System

Iran Opposition Surveillance and Espionage Operations

Armed People are Free People

Iran Commands Contact System Instructions

Why IPC Publishes what Media doesn't have the Courage to Publish?

Now, let us discuss Communication and Sabotage.

IRI and its Axis

IRI still openly purchases the latest equipment and gear for their Anti-Riot, Police Force, Basij Militia and IRGC to suppress the Iranian protesters and opposition into submission. EU, specifically Germany and France are still selling Anti-Riot gears to IRI.

Anti-Riot trainers and specialists from China and Russia are teaching the latest techniques in crowd control and protester arrests to the IRI security forces; furthermore, China Hi-Tech specialists are working hand in hand with the VAJA (IRI Secret Police), Ershad (Ministry of Information) and IRI security forces on facial recognition software, city-wide camera installations, Internet Censorship, Website blockage, Suppressing links in the Search Engines, disruption of communication and other hi-tech methods to suppress and oppress the Iranian opposition inside Iran.

In addition, China also is a solid partner for IRI to conduct espionage missions in America and abroad to steal hi-tech secrets and sabotage activities. Chinese spies and Iranian spies work together to identify, suppress and eliminate the Iranian opposition in United states of America. With Biden’s open borders, every one of us in the Iranian Opposition is now a target for the IRI Agents and Terrorists whom are freely crossing the Southern Border or Northern Border on weekly basis!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

Chinese and Russian attaches train the IRI security forces to suppress all protests, riots and opposition gatherings. In return, IRI sells drones to Russia to use in the Ukrainian campaign and sends trainers to Ukraine to teach Russians on how to operate them. Keep in mind that the Iranian drone technology is basically a replica of the American drone technology, stolen and copy pasted from the American drones downed years ago by the IRI forces.

IRI Sells Iran by the Pound to Russia and China

IRI is very generous to Russia and China. They are giving away Iranian territories to gain power colluding with Russia and China.

IRI Caspian Sea Giveaways to Russia 2018

Before this date, Iran owned half the Caspian Sea rights. Until 1991, Russia and Iran each owned half the Caspian Sea rights. Once USSR divided to 15 republics and 4 of them had sea costs on the Caspian Sea, then something had to give! Russia could have divided its share of the Caspian Sea to 4 but Mullahs insisted to divide the complete Caspian Sea in to 5 parts. Each Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran got a share; however, Iran’s share which used to be 50% of the Caspian Sea had reduced to 13%! Mullahs literally sold Iran by the pound. Mullahs given away the Iranian territorial waters like it is their personal properties! Basically, these Muslim Animals committed treason!

IRI Persian Gulf Giveaways to China 2021

On 2021, Mullahs signed a deal with China for $400 Billion. Mullahs gave the deeds to various islands of the Persian Gulf to China in a way of a lease. So, Mullahs handed the lease of certain Persian Gulf islands and sea territories to China. Again, it seems like Mullahs given away the Iranian territories like it is their own properties!

Iran – China Deal

* Absolute Internet Control & Espionage with Chinese Aid
* Spying on Iranian Citizens on the Net
* Co Cyber Espionage Work with China
* Chinese Hi-Tech Training of Iranian Cyber Services
* Chinese Training of Iranian Cyber Terrorists
* Chinese Advanced Technology for Iranian Cyber Hackers
* More Cooperation of Chinese & Iranian Spies
* New Cooperation of Chinese & Iranian Spies in USA
* Over 5,000 Chinese Troops Presence in Iran
* Number of Persian Gulf Islands Leased to China
* Speedy Direct Oil Shipment from Islands to China
* Chinese Navy & Military Presence in the Persian Gulf
* China – Iran Maneuvers in the Persian Gulf
* China – Iran Military Exercises in Iranian Deserts & Mountains
* Economic Deals of More Dependency to China
* Strategic Control of the Region for China

Iran – China Deal: Total Internet Espionage & Censorship

Yes, IRI is very generous when it comes to China and Russia!

Iranian Women Say No to Hejab Iran Anti Hejab Protests Poster
Free Iran Fist – Nationwide Protests
Iran Politics Club Political Protest Poster

Communication and Sabotage

Smoke and Noise are elements which can be used through the protests. Smoke and Noise can assist the protestors as distractors for the IRI forces so they can get away and fly the scenes as needed. Smoke and Noise can also be used as signals of various kinds for the protesters. Rioters can use different colors of smoke and different loud sounds as signals which means different messages for other protesters. Sound and Smoke are basic but very important and a simple method of communication and riots for the opposition. They have been used effectively for many decades!

Methods of Communication

Attention IPC Operations and Opposition Comrades Leadership, City Commands, University Commands, High School Commands and Local Commands:

Methods of Communication

A) Human Interaction
B) Hard Copy
C) Digital Copy

Human Interaction

Mark the locations of speeches, protests and riots. Make prior plans where you will be conducting public speech, protest, and riots. Identify the escape routes, the more is merrier. Have the escape routes guarded and protected by a section of your crew assigned to be “Security” for the protests. Draft plenty of protesters as bodyguards amongst the people. These bodyguards AKA “Guards” and security can behave and act in a way that they are not connected to the protests and riots. They can act that they do not know you and do not belong to your protest group. They can behave as ordinary people who just stopped by due to their curiosity as many others have, so they can see the gathering and to see what is happening. These security personnel must be well situated amongst the protesters, observing the public as well as eyeing the incoming traffic, the protest routes, escape routes and possible IRI security forces’ approach and attack whether uniformed (Police, Anti-Riot, Basij, IRGC) or undercover and incognito (VAJA).

The minute they appear, you must stop your speech and make your getaway through the escape route which you have planned with your comrades. Your security personnel (Guards) inside the crowd, posing as general public can stall or stop the IRI police pursuit. The crew guarding your escape routes, will also make sure the route is open for you to escape and will act as the secondary, the unknowing citizens that unintentionally delay the police.

Sounds can be used as signals from the security personnel (Guards) to unform you of the happening events, approaching police and updated news. Sounds can also be used from you to them as what to do next. Prepare a number of sounds as codes and a list between the team, before the protests.

We strongly recommend to keep a speedy Motorcycle ready for your escape with a very good rider operating it. Make sure, the security crew inside the crowd and on the escape route, must act as ordinary people not belonging to you and must not arouse the suspicion of the police to be arrested or interrogated. Make sure the main crew remains active and safe, secure from arrests.


Slogans and Protest Chants are very important for the movement. These slogans are effective to the protesters and to the bystander public. Prepare your slogans and chants before the actual rally. In the future, we will publish an article with many revolutionary slogans and chants for the opposition to benefit and use.  
Hard Copy

Hard Copy, printed papers, fliers, posters and pamphlets can be used as important methods of communication. Even writing slogans on the walls can be used as leaving messages for different crews. You can use magazines, newspapers and books to transform messages written on certain pages (in codes) as communication tools. Circle certain text, mark them, dot them or highlight them in a way to look as random writings.

Printed Fliers are basically informing News Papers. Writing on the walls and public places are a way of both protest and secret messages. Printing IPC and opposition Protest Posters and distributing them in universities and high schools is crucial.

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 3

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 2

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 1

Issuing underground newspapers compiled from IPC articles and book paragraphs, revolutionary manuals and other informing pieces is great. Production and distribution of “Night Letters” and basically anything that can be written, printed, displayed or distributed on Paper or places with high visibility that people can see and take notice would be fabulous. Hard Copy Method is an old tactic but until this day, is the most effective method of communication with a large number of people. Visibility element and clarity of material is the key point. Historically speaking, the Hard Copy Communication Systems are simple but had caused many authoritarian and totalitarian regimes to fall!

IRI Regime is well aware of the importance of this tactic. Mullahs know that letting the people print their work unhindered, will cause their regime to collapse. That’s why the regime shuts down all opposing newspapers and arrests the journalists. IRI prisons are full of journalists and that is why we are now moving the journalism to the “Underground.” Night Letters, pamphlets, News Letters, Printed Pages and Political Posters are great methods of communication and spreading information while you are living under the blood thirsty dictatorships such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Now we will elaborate on some various known methods of Hard Copy Communication.

Wall Writing

Needed Tools:

* Number of vehicles (4 is good) such as Cars, and preferably some Motorcycles (easy to get away)
* Flashlights for each unit (Signal Communication)
* Mobiles for Communication
* Spray Paints, Bucket Paints and Paint Brushes

For each mission and each crew, you will need the total of 8 People with 4 vehicles (recommended) of cars, trucks, vans or Motorcycles. Two people in each vehicle. Rule of 4 also works here:

IPC Cells Manual: Communications & Distributions
Freedom Fighters Manual

Before the actual operation, practice a few times. Be quick and be sufficient.

The Formation

- Front Guard Lead Vehicle
- Center Vehicle who will have the writer-artist and a driver
- Rear Guard Vehicles with 2 drivers and 2 passengers

The front Guard and the rear Guards will act as lookout and the facilitators on getting away. There should be nothing fishy in their possession, giving the indication to the police that they were with you (if caught).

The Tool of warning amongst each unit can be the Flash Light. You must together create special signal signs amongst each other or use the Flash Light Morse Code. At all-time the center unit where the artist is conducting the work must have eyes on the front and rear guard for the flash light signal in case of the police patrol cars approaching or other dangers.

The artist must practice the art or the message needs to be written, sketched many time and must time it not to exceed more than 4 minutes! You may think 4 minutes is not long enough. Bear in mind, with enough practice, this is an eternity!

The wall writing is only for brief messages and/or sketches. You do not have time to do detailed sketches or write a long message. Wall writing will become an effective tool to direct the attention of the public to a specific slogan or a statement. The frequency of the written messages or sketches in Wall Writing is important. It takes time for the police to locater them, erase and clean them.

The more wall slogans, the better! If in one night you can do 30 different wall writings, you have increased the chances for the public to see them 30 times more than if you have done one elaborate one! So, in this method, the numbers of the writings or sketches are important. Quantity exceeds the quality. With practice, the writings can become clear and professional. The usual spray cans or brushes the writer is used to, must be best utilized by the artist.

Important safety rule of thumb dictates, never do more than 2 writings in the same neighborhood. Move around and far from your other done work that night, since the police, if noticed the work will be looking in that neighborhood.

Poster Wall Attachments

This method falls under the same category of the writings on the wall. The same precaution and time limit must be used. Although, in this method the center group in charge of installing the posters must use a car (where posters are stashed). The trunk of the car can be used to lay the posters, brush and the adhesive. Make sure the wall you are using has flat and dry surface.

Night Letters

Night Letter Method of Communication has been used in underground communication in Iran more than any other country, simply because of the lack of freedom and democracy. You can print them and place them where you know the Revolutionary people traffic frequent. Public places are good to leave them in a secure place where wind doesn’t blow them away but try to place them as single pieces at places so they will not get collected as a bunch by the police and placed in trash.

Place them on car windshields when opportunity arises. Parking lots are good too. Shopping places are good places too. You must identify the family and place the letters in their shopping nets or bags without them knowing what you have done.

You can even place them in the shoes and coats at mosques’ gates, restaurants and other public places but be very cautious!

You can make sure both the public and regime security forces read these hard copy fliers. This is a semi safe and a very effective way for the regime agents as well as the general public to read your messages.

With today’s new printing machines such as laser printers, personal printers, copy machines, this task is very easy and safe. Count your blessing and thank the technology because in the old times, the revolutionaries had to draft printing companies to do these tasks.

Digital Copy

Constructive forms of Electronic Communication is through mobile, SMS, text, WhatsApp, Computer, E-mail, Social Media, Blogging and all other forms of electronic communications.

Persians are masters of electronic communications. A 14-year-old teenager in high school knows more about computers, how to use them and how to surf the banned sites on Internet than any adult inside Iran! Persian youth are very hi-tech!

Censor Free Internet Communication

How to Read IPC and Banned Sites on Internet? Use VPN (Virtual Private Network), Psiphon and Proxies.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Wikipedia


Best Mobile VPN - CNET




Psiphon - Wikipedia


Internet Proxies

Anonymous proxy - Wikipedia

Free Proxies CNET

Free Anonymous Proxies CNET

Best Proxies CNET

Best Paid or Free Software


Windows Download – CNET

Software Download - CNET


Mobiles come very handy for surfing the net, text communication, net communications through WhatsApp, Social Media and Blogs; however, when IRI cuts communication, then you need to go VPN!

Digital Jamming

IRI on yearly basis spends millions of dollars monitoring mobiles, land lines, satellite TVs, Short Wave Radios, faxes, computers and the complete Internet. IRI has mastered the art of jamming signals, blocking sites, banning sites, filtering sites, Internet Hacking, Net Sabotage and other cyber piracy methods.

IRI Agencies use secure methods of communication such as wireless (Bi-Sim), Highly secure networks, Short Wave Radio Systems, Police Band Radios, and Secure Mobile Systems.
Jamming Device Types

A) White Noise Devices
B) Spark Gap Devices

A) White Noise Devices
IRI purchases these devices from China, Germany and EU.
They send signals over the frequencies used by protesters to jam the communication. They could be very costly.

B) Spark Gap Devices
Persian Homemade “Made in Iran” by Opposition!
To use the devices, you must know the radio frequencies of the Police, Anti-Riot, Basij Militia, IRGC, VAJA and other Security Agencies, so you can monitor them, you must be one step ahead of them so you can spy on them, spying on you! It is not a difficult job, once you know the brand of equipment the IRI security forces use (German Telecommunication, Chinese Telecommunication, etc.), then you can monitor them, and even jam them while they try to jam you! Identify the equipment brands, identify the frequencies used by IRI forces which are often the same but they switch the same ones in random. And then voila, dig in!

Parts to make the devices are easy to find and cheap to buy; however, you must be sure that devices are mobile so you can constantly move them from location to location. You need to be mobile to move along with the security forces units, ease of espionage and avoid to get caught!

The IRI Regime uses “Home Discover Devices” mounted on unmarked jeeps and other 4WD vehicles which roam the city in search of opposition jammers, they locate your home, fix into your device and confiscate it. The same machine can locate the secret Radio Broadcasting stations and other large transmitters which may be used by the opposition. This is why your device must be mobile and portable to be always on the move to avoid capture.

Jamming is important to the Regime as it is important to the opposition. Basically, with a very small amount of money, you can make home-made devices which are as good as government devices. It is easy-peasy, the technology is available online and you need a computer or electronic engineer in your crew to assemble it. Search the search engines and tubes for information. We have also sent the information to the IPC Operations inside Iran. Distribute the information amongst the University Commands and High School Commands.

Radio Broadcasting

This is an effective tool. Even if your broadcasting equipment is very primitive and inexpensive, only can broadcast for few blocks, still will make a very powerful image on the protesters as they hold portable radios to listen to your broadcast as well as government agencies. A local computer can be easily turned in to a broadcasting radio. Information is online, on tubes like YouTube or such, on CNET and on software apps. You can also broadcast on social media, net tubes, apps and other digital tools.

Your broadcasting tool must be mobile and portable to move at all times when broadcasting. The broadcasting device which we call transmitters, will work on the frequency that your engineer sets up and it will have a range as much as the type of parts he can get his hands on.

In the past, we have demonstrated and used a number of transmitters and receivers during the active protests. They can be used as communication tools in your protests and riots, used as public announcement radio during the protests and information source for others who have radio and are tuned in. Complete instructions have been sent to IPC and Opposition city commands, university commands and high school commands. You can also gain this information online and build your own devices for the commands and teams created by you. When regime shuts down the mobiles, then VPN and Computer used as Broadcasting Radio comes handy.

The goal is to communicate with other opposition forces and sabotage the IRI Regime’s communication system by spying on them, interrupting them and using them to infiltrate their ranks.

Raid and Destruction of Headquarters

The instructions on Raid and Destruction of Headquarters have been sent to City Commands, University Commands and High School Commands inside Iran. You must distribute these instructions amongst the Student Movement and the Youth Democratic Movement.

How to Make Homemade Weapons?

In the digital age, 3D Printers can make non-metal guns which cannot be detected via scanners and gun detectors.

Revolutionary Comrades can also gain much information about how to make Molotov Cocktails, Pipe Bombs, Fertilizer Bombs, Time bombs, Homemade Bombs, Explosives, Pipe Guns, Plastic Guns, Blow Guns, Bow and Arrow, Slingshots and other homemade weapons online from Tubes, Sites and Search Engines. Search for “How to Make Homemade Weapons” on search engines.







Wiki How

Ready to Go Survival

The Survival Journal

Prime Survival

Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Art of Manliness


Search Engines

Bing (USA)

DuckDuckGo (USA)

Yahoo (USA)

Google (USA)

Ecosia (Germany)

Qwant (France)

Yandex (Russia)
Baidu (China)

Naver (South Korea)

How to Raid and Destroy Headquarters?

Needed Tools:

* Number of vehicles (3 is enough) 1 Motorcycle (Lookout and easy to get away), 1 van (Carry Explosives and Weapons), 1 Car (Backup and Lookout)
* Flashlights for each unit (Signal Communication)
* Baton (with window crusher spike at bottom) or Survival Knife (with window crusher spike at bottom) or Baseball Bat
* Lock Picking tool Kit and Deadbolt Cutter
* Mobiles or Walkie Talkies
* Explosives (Molotov Cocktails, Gasoline Cans, etc.) and Weapons (hot or cold as available)

Now how should the formation be?

The Formation

- Front Motorcycle for lookout
- Middle Vehicle (preferably Van) to load explosives and weapons
- Rear vehicle (preferably Car) for backup and lookout

For each mission and each crew, you will need the total of 6 People with 3 vehicles (recommended) of cars, vans and/or Motorcycles. 1 or 2 persons on Bike (Motorcycle), three people in the van, and 1 person in the car.


Biker is the lookout and signal sender (via flashlight). If you can afford to have 2 people on the bike, then one rides and one is the flashlight signal sender. Middle van (or a truck) will be good to carry the explosives and weapons to the headquarter and take away the seized and confiscated guns from the headquarter. Van is better because you can hide stuff in it without visible detection. 3 to 4 people reside in the van, if 1 biker, then you can afford to have 4 people in the van but if 2 bikers, then you must have 3 people in the van. One is the driver and the other 2 or 3 people will conduct the fast attack. One must carry the Lock Picking Toll Kit and Deadbolt Cutter to break into the fence wires, deadbolts and door locks (practice lock picking before the attack). One must carry the breaking and window crushing tool which can be baton with window crushing spike at the bottom or survival knife with window crushing spike at the bottom or baseball bat. One must carry the tray or basket of Molotov Cocktails, Gasoline Cans, Pipe Bombs or Homemade Bombs. This crew breaks in quickly from the backdoor, side door or the front door. The place could be inside a fence wired area, that is why you need deadbolt cutter. The last person who sits in the back car is holding the back end and is a lookout. He could be used as the backup too. In case of emergency, he can jump the action and facilitate the rapid carry of the explosives and/or seized guns. He can also play the role of accidentally blocking the police vehicles from hot pursuit of the van and motorcycle. He will pretend to be an innocent confused bystander.


The Revolutionary Crew, Operations Team or Command Team must act quickly. Before the “Zero Hour” (Attack Date), you must stalk the headquarter for days and nights to find out what are the hours of the least traffic, guard change times, hours of movements and basically to figure when will be the best time to attack when only a few security personnel are in the headquarter. You must choose the Attack Date when security forces are outside the barracks or headquarter and in the streets attending the protests and riots. We recommend the protest and riot commands connect and work closely with the attack commands so they can harmonize and work as a team. They can communicate with mobiles or walkie talkies.

Zero Hour

Once on the Zero Hour, the attack must be conducted quick and with extreme force. You must crush windows, break into fenced gates and doors. You must rapidly break in, overwhelm, decapacitate or eliminate the guards, pour fuel and explosives all over the place, steal all available weapons or locked weapons, specifically go for machineguns and rifles first (if possible, gain some grenades), set the place on fire and leave as fast as possible, jump in the van and rely on the lookout biker and the back car to navigate you. Fly the scene and get lost in the night. If security forces appear, it is up to the back car to distract, block and stall the police traffic by pretending to be a surprised bystander who does not drive well!

These attacks must be conducted at night (after dusk), late hour of midnight, early hour of morning (before dawn) or at the least trafficked time.

Attack to the headquarters of Police, Anti-Riot, Basij, IRGC and other IRI Security Forces must be conducted when they are least populated and near empty, busy suppressing riots and fighting the protesters in the streets. The attack must be quick, surprising and with overwhelming power.

Show no mercy exterminating the IRI Security Forces because they show no mercy killing you without even blinking! Every time you feel like you are getting a bleeding heart (Liberal Style), think of how the security forces torture, rape and execute our comrades in jails on daily basis! These people are not human, they are lower than animals or else they would have not worked for the IRI Regime and they would have joined the revolution and the Iranian people.

Infiltration of IRI Security Forces

Today, the regime is busy arresting and executing the student movement, the youth democratic movement and the opposition. They are also desperate to draft new security personnel. They need more forces to suppress the opposition. We the IPC Operations through the “Inside Iran Operations” and “In Liaison to Iran Operations” also the Opposition Forces, are busy installing 5th Column of well-trained spies inside the regime’s security forces units. The goal is to gain intelligence, espionage and prepare plans for future distribution of guns from the armories to the opposition forces inside Iran. To succeed in riots and revolution, people must be armed.

In 1978 and 1979 Islamic Revolution, at least one section of the Imperial Forces turned on the Imperial Regime and joined the people. Pahlavi Imperial “Homafaran” were Air Force Technicians who repaired and maintained the planes and helicopters. Homafaran largely betrayed the Imperial Armed Forces, opened up the armories, distributed guns to the people and armed the people.

Unfortunately, today, no section or group of the IRI forces including IRGC or Armed Forces are willing to join the people. Army leadership is the worst traitors possible to the Iranian people. In the future, once we free Iran, the IRI armed forces must remember their treason of today. We can expect IRGC to be loyal to Ayatollah Khamenei and the Regime because IRGC and Basij are IRI’s indoctrinated SS Force, loyal to the end; however, treason and betrayal of the Iranian Armed forces including army, navy and air force is simply a plain shame and intolerable. Today you betray the Iranian people and the Iranian revolution, tomorrow, when Iran will be free, there will be a hefty payback for your treason!

Opposition Must Join the IRI Security Forces

For reasons stated above, we highly encourage our student movement, youth movement and opposition comrades to join the active units of IRGC, Basij Militia, Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Anti-Riot and even VAJA. Infiltrate as sincere believers of Allah and pious soldiers. Once in, evolve yourselves to higher ranks and to be trusted. Try to get in to armories commands and barracks. Get logistics and armory tasks. We need determined comrades inside the IRI Security Forces. You will come extremely handy and important when it comes time to distribute guns and the future Zero Hour. Once you are in, connect with comrades outside and send intelligence (preferably in person for security reasons).

Now that protests and riots are suppressed and the jails are full of our comrades. It is time to actively do 5th Column Operations and join the IRI Security Forces. You will be our eyes and ears inside the security forces. You will destroy the security forces from the within. Once you are well placed and become trusted servants of Imam and Islam, your intelligence, espionage and sabotage missions begin. This is how we will destroy the regime from the within.

Victory will be Ours

Victory will be ours because we are fighting to save our Persian culture, history, heritage and traditions. Fight for one’s culture is the noblest cause, a just cause. Those who fight a just cause shall prevail. We are fighting for freedom of Iran from under the Islamic boots. We fight for democracy and individuality.

Iranian Liberal Democrats and Liberal Monarchists are all talk and no action. They are pacifist bystanders good at intellectual discussions and discussing future of Iran. If everyone only talks, then Iran will have no future! We are the opposite. We are here to fight the regime tooth and nail. We the IPC operations support the Iranian Opposition, all Opposition Groups. Together we support the Student Movement, Youth Democratic Movement and Opposition inside Iran. We are in this together and we will stand together as one, until the end. Give us liberty or give us death.

Brothers and Sisters, together nothing can stop us. Youth of Iran, Mullahs and Islamists are about the webbed rotten old fanatical stories of the past. You are about the hope for the future. You are about freedom and democracy. You are about individual freedoms and liberty for all. You, the Iranian Youth will build the future of Iran and we promise you, Mullahs, Hezbollahis and Islamists will have no roles in it.

“Armed People are Free People!”
(Ahreeman X)

"Persians, live Persian, love Persian and die as proud Persians."
(Ahreeman X)

"Break down the two ton walls on both sides of your temples, break free of superstition"
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Iran Democratic Movement

Islamist Fanatics are Yesterday, you the Iranian Youth are Today and the Future!

More Power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran


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