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Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank
PCC is the Money Laundry Bank for the Iran Lobby


Persian Cultural Center San Diego is the Bank for Iran Lobby
Iran Lobby Infiltration and Corruption in San Diego
PCC is the Money Laundry Bank for the Iran Lobby
Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
September 17, 2020

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC (Kanoon) Logo
PCC is the Bank for the Iran Lobby

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate


Iran Lobby has been active in America for decades. Iran Lobby used to be very strong during the Obama presidency. 8 years of Obama – Biden Regime was tragic for the Iranian Opposition but fruitful for the Iran Lobby. The first Muslim President of USA had done his best to aid and grow the Iran Lobby in USA. Obama -Biden Regime was doing everything to appease the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and to destroy the Iranian Opposition abroad and inside Iran.

Iran Lobby Money Laundry Bank in USA
Iranian American Center of San Diego (IAC) – Iran Lobby Center of PCC
IRI Front Business for Iran Lobby in San Diego posing as a Cultural Center
The Infamous Suite 7 – Mira Mesa Hall
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

Obama – Biden Crimes Against the Iranian People

Obama - Biden Regime in specific and the Democrats in general have been the friend to the IRI Regime and the worse enemy to the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people.

* 2009
Hussein Obama did not support the Iranian Opposition in the streets of Iran but instead he flirted with the Mullahs, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and the IRI Regime. Obama appeased the Mullahs rather than supporting the Opposition. Obama closely worked with the Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi in USA. Obama helped IRI and Iran Lobby to grow in USA. Iran Lobby exists because it has powerful friends amongst the Democrats, GOP Establishment and Oil Cartels; the IRI Regime’s money, finances it but Iran Lobby’s greatest friend and benefactor was and is Hussein Obama.

* 2015
Hussein Obama 
and Democrats once again betrayed the Iranian Opposition by granting the IRI Regime access to $ 150 Billion frozen assets and handing them $ 1.8 billion in cash. This was not Mullahs’ money but it was people of Iran’s money (from the Imperial Regime era) and should have been given to the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition but instead was given to the Mullahs to support terrorism around the Middle East by supporting its many proxies around the region. Obama as a Muslim was very keen on his Fellow Muslim Mullahs, IRI Regime and Iran Lobby.

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

Trita Parsi Master Iran Lobbyist and Jamal Abdi his Boy Toy
Trita Parsi (right) Master of Iran Lobby and top IRI 5th Column Agent in USA with Jamal Abdi (left) his protégé Butt Boy! Trita Parsi is the man behind the NIAC (National Iranian American Council) Lobby Group and the highest rank of Iranian lobbyist in the USA. Jamal Abdi is the show president of NIAC and Trita Parsi’s sidekick. After we turned up the heat on NIAC, Trita Parsi went in hiding, took his name off of NIAC site and operated the NIAC incognito!

Democrats – Iran Lobby Relations during Obama Years

Take a look at only a few events during the Obama years:

* Trita Parsi at the Obama White House
Trita Parsi the true head of NIAC and top Iranian Agent in Washington DC has been in in the White House over 30 times.

Evolution of Iran Lobby under Obama
From a Pressure Group to a White House Partner

* Trita Parsi Advising Obama
Trita Parsi was advising Hussein Obama – Joe Biden Socialist Regime on the Iranian affairs and foreign policy regarding Iran.

How Trita Parsi and NIAC Advance IRI Iran’s Agenda in USA?

* Sahar Nowrouzzadeh Iranian Spy in Obama Administration
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh NIAC Agent and Iranian spy worked for the State Department and consulted Obama on the Iranian affairs. Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was spying in the State Department during the Obama regime and during the Trump presidency until we widely exposed her and forced her out of her sensitive position in the State Department. Iranian Opposition, American Conservatives and IPC informed Trump and the Trump Administration about the IRI spies inside the State Department spying for Iran, working with the Democrats and the Deep State. Finally, a number of these Iranian spies have been removed from their positions including Sahar Nowrouzzadeh.

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy and Agent
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh Iran Lobby Agent Spy in Washington DC
Highest Ranking NIAC Member in US Administration
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was one of the architects of Obama – Iran Nuclear Deal
Hezbollah comes in all shapes and forms – Allah is Wise!
Some have heavy beard and mustache and wear robes and beanie hats!
Some have lovely smiles, are so sweet and wear miniskirts!

* Growth of Iran Lobby During Obama Years
Many Iran Lobby groups had been created, expanded and grown during the Obama years. Iran Lobby had been flourished during the Hussein Obama Regime. Iran Lobby had a field day during the Obama years, actively expanding, spying in the administration, money laundering, bribing American politicians, building a strong base inside the Iranian American community, spying on the Iranian opposition, targeting the opposition and sending terrorists from Tehran to assassinate the opposition. Take a look at some of these Iran Lobby Groups:

Iran Lobby Groups

NIAC (National Iranian-American Council)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

AIC (American-Iranian Council)

CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Interventions in Iran)

PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego)

Iran Lobby Personalities

Trita Parsi

Shahri Estakhry

Hooshang Amirahmadi

Reza Aslan

Maz Jobrani

Iran Lobby Media

IRI Backed Media such as Iroon, Payvand, Peyk and the Iranian are IRI backed media. They have one job and that is to promote IRI, the IRI Lobby, IRI authors, IRI writers, IRI celebrities and IRI agenda. Most of these promotions are subliminal meaning incognito and indirect, so they brainwash the public without the public noticing that they are being brainwashed.

Iroon Magazine – Jahanshah Javid

Payvand Magazine

Iranian Magazine

Peyk Magazine Online (PCC)

Peyk Magazine Online English (PCC)

Peyk Magazine Archives (PCC)

Iran Lobby Bank in USA

PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego)

For the complete list of Iran Lobby in USA, review:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America – 3 Chapters

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Shahri Estakhry IRI Agent
Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Dark Godmother
Godmother of Iran Lobby Mafia in San Diego
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

Iran Lobby and Joe Biden

Go around the net and witness how Iran Lobby Groups, Media and Personalities are promoting Joe Biden for presidency! They know very well that Joe Biden at most is a Dead Corpse and at least is a Senile Old Geriatric Fool who half the times, does not even know where he is, who he is and what the hell he is doing! They know very well that Marxists like AOC and Bernie Sanders run the Joe Biden Show! They know very well that Joe Biden campaign is financed by the Deep State Billionaires and Bolsheviks, and backed by China and Iran!

Ingraham: Billionaires and Bolsheviks for Biden

They also know that Joe Biden has no chance in hell to beat Trump but still, they follow the Tehran’s order to the detail to brainwash and fool the Iranian Americans into voting for a dead corpse in hope of prolonging the lifespan of the Mullahs and the IRI Islamist Regime! They also know that it takes a miracle for Joe Biden to win but the Iran Lobby led by Trita Parsi is conducting a Multi-Million Dollar Campaign orchestrated in Tehran to get Biden elected! Well, you better bet everything you have on Biden and Democrats and surely pray for a miracle because once Trump wins, your butts are toast!

If you think that what we done to you during the Trump’s first term was bad, then wait to see what we have planned for Trump’s second term! We are planning “Iran Lobby Shish Kabob” skewers out of your filthy spy asses!

So dear Iranian Agents, you best pray for Democrats to win everything because our Shish Kabob Skewers are sharp, pointy and we are getting them ready aiming for your traitor asses!

Pray hard and work hard for Nursing Home China Joe to win boys and girls because the future is very dark! You need a miracle to get Trita Parsi back to the White House like Hussein Obama’s Era!

Pray you miserable, filthy, low life, puny, pencil neck, immoral, scum bag spies, agents and lobbyists of Tehran, pray hard for Democrats to win!

Hey, but there’s only one problem! You dirt bags are Democrats and you don’t even believe in God! Well, that’s OK, try praying to Allah or Dollar Bill whichever you believe in, hell, maybe miracles come true!

Who Finances the Iran Lobby Groups?

* IRI Regime
* George Soros and his Open Society Foundations
* Oil Cartels
* International Corporations
* Iranian American Democrat Billionaires and Millionaires
* Iranian American Democrat Business Owners

Read about Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires behind the Iran Lobby:

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC: 2 Chapters

Read about George Soros (in the middle of these pages):

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Black Lives Matter Cartoons

Who Iran Lobby Groups Bribe?

* Democrat Politicians
* RINO (Republican in Name Only) Politicians consisting of Neo Cons and GOP Establishment
* Local County, State and National Politicians

Read about who Iran Lobby Bribes:

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

Baquer, Siamak and Namazi Family are the Power Behind the Iran Lobby in USA
The Shady Family Behind the Iran Lobby in USA

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent Cleans Track on Internet
Jahanshah Javid’s New Disguise

Complete Information:

Iran Movement Index

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego, from Iran Lobby Group to Bank

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego is the greatest front business for the Iran Lobby because it is not only a front business for IRI espionage but it is the bank for the money laundry of the Iran Lobby Groups.

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! – 2 Chapters
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Mafia Godmother in San Diego

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Anousheh Ansari, Tayebi Brothers and other Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires of San Diego and USA who make business with Iran, fund the Iran lobby in America. San Diego Network of Front businesses funds Iran Lobby in Washington DC including NIAC and PAAIA.

Ali Sadr Iran Lobby Agent in USA – PCC Agent
Propagandist and Peyk Magazine Editor of PCC
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

Iran Lobby and Democrats

Let’s be very clear here:

All Iranian IRI Lobbyists, Spies, Lobby Financiers, IRI Friendly Media and Hezbollah are Democrats and Fund Democrats because Democrats appease IRI and are on the payroll of the IRI Lobby. So:

Statements of Fact

* All Iranian Hezbollah are Democrats

* Not all Iranian American Democrats are Hezbollah

Who is Hezbollah?

- Note:
Hezbollah is referred to Original Hezbollah, quartered in Iran (Ansar-e Hezbollah). All Pro IRI persons are referred to as Hezbollah. The Hezbollah of Lebanon whom in the west is known as Hezbollah, is only a fraction of the Hezbollah which is based in Iran and has agents around the world.

IRI Espionage Network in San Diego and Southern California

There has been a network of Iranian IRI front businesses, spies, lobby and Media in Southern California with over 4 decades of activity.

Iran Lobby Money Laundry Bank in USA
Iranian American Center of San Diego (IAC) – Iran Lobby Center of PCC
IRI Front Business for Iran Lobby in San Diego posing as a Cultural Center
The Infamous Suite 7 – Mira Mesa Hall
IRI Lobby Wheeling and Dealing in San Diego is formed in this Espionage Nest
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

IAC (Iranian American Center)
Mira Mesa Hall
6790 Top Gun St. #7, San Diego, CA 92121
Office: 1- (858) 552-9355

IAC (Iranian American Center)

IRI Front Businesses

The front businesses are playing the role of the snitches. They are the eyes and ears of the Islamist Regime in the Southern California. Front businesses such as restaurants, super markets, concert promoters, arts and cultural groups, mosques, foundations and media are the best examples of these groups.

PCC – Persian Cultural Center of San Diego

Iman Foundation Los Angeles

Alavi Foundation of New York

More information on Front Businesses:

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Muslim Mosques, foundations and Cemeteries of IRI are the best propaganda nests for espionage and fundraising of IRI in America and Europe.

Saeed Jalali Iran Lobby Agent in San Diego – PCC Agent
Web Master of Peyk PCC Magazine
Atlas World Fresh Market International Supermarket and Kabob Lounge Restaurants Owner
Front Businesses for the IRI Lobby
Some of the famous Persian Supermarkets and Restaurants in SD are IRI Front Businesses
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

IRI Spies

The spies gather information on opposition and steal high tech applications, programs and parts. They send these materials to Iran or they personally deliver them to Iran.

IRI Lobby

Iran Lobby, centers in Washington DC but they have local branches in important cities around the United States. San Diego is the bank for the Iran Lobby. Local Iranian Businesses named in documents under this article, play the role of the money laundry and bank for Iran lobby groups such as NIAC, PAAIA and AIC.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – 2 Chapters




Chinese and Iranian Spies Cooperation

Chinese and Iranian Spies Cooperation in Southern California is the norm. You can witness a number of Chinese firms and Iranian firms which are in fact espionage nests for Iran, China and combine espionage.

Chinese and Iranian spies are also posing as engineers, computer experts and IT in sensitive spots of the private and government sectors.

All Iranian and Chinese employees in sensitive high-tech corporations must be security checked, especially if they constantly go back and forth to China and Iran.

Iranian Frequent Travelers

Iranian Travelers who constantly travel between Iran and America or Iran and Europe must be under surveillance and security checked. Some of these travelers are not innocent travelers but they are IRI Spies and undercover 5th column.


IRI Front Businesses, IRI Lobby and IRI Media gather the information on the opposition and Iranians in the sensitive positions, then they report to Iran. Tehran decides if it is time to send the assassins abroad for terror and assassination operations. IRI keeps a number of assassins and special ops on hand in Tehran for these projects.

Sleeper Cells

IRI also has a number of sleeper cells in the local locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco Mosques, Foundations and Cultural Institutes. They pose as Pious Muslims, Activists, Employees and Attaches but in reality, they are Hezbollah thugs on locations.

Ya Hussein Crew

Ya Hussein Crew who mourns on Ashura in various locations in California and Texas are in fact IRI thugs on location. IRI also uses its Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas, Foreign Legion Spies of IRGC (Paki, Bosnian, Afghani, Tajik, etc.) to cooperate with the local IRI thugs for planned suppression, assault, battery, espionage and assassinations of the opposition.

San Diego Hezbollah

San Diego is an ideal spot for the Hezbollah!

San Diego plays a keyrole in the IRI Espionage Network because:

* San Diego is home to a great number of wealthy Iranian Americans.
* San Diego is home to a very large Iranian American population.
* San Diego is America’s 8th largest city in population.
* San Diego is an important military port (navy, marines, facilities, etc.)
* San Diego is the IPC Headquarter.
* San Diego is a Conservative Base in California.
(Crucial for the Iran Lobby to turn the Iranian Americans to Democrats and pro IRI appeasement)
* Anyone who is anybody in America, has a villa in San Diego

Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires in Business with IRI

Many Iranian Wealthy are in business with IRI, their companies have branches in Iran while their headquarters reside in America. They finance the IRI Lobby and they are a part of the money laundry business with the IRI. They have business with Iran and / or they actively support the Iran Lobby. They are dirty but play the role of the legit American business people and corporations. The best examples are:

* Namazi Family Oil Mafia
* Tayebi Brothers of San Diego
* Anousheh Ansari
* Maz Jobrani

Many Others

These Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires which are in fact traitors to both, the United States of America and the Iranian people have no morality, no allegiance, no principles and no code of honor. They are driven by greed and money. As long as they make a buck, they sell their own brothers and sisters, set aside the good Iranian people.

Some of the greatest traitors to Iran are listed here:

Shiite of the Season Index

IRI Spies in Southern California

Tehran is spying on Southern California and it is a fact. They specifically spy on the opposition. Many of the IRI spies have been caught by the opposition and the federal agents.

Please inform the FBI or IPC on suspicious Iranian American characters posing as business persons, professionals and technical people, specifically those who go back and forth to Iran.

Here is a 2018 case of a couple of spies in the Southern California. An Orange County waiter and a Long Beach technocrat spies. At the first glance, they seem very normal but you need to dig deeper in to their nature!

Majid Ghorbani age 61 with thick mustache practically looks like a veteran waiter who has been serving Chelo Kabob for many years at the Persian restaurant and Ahmadreza Mohammadi Doostdar a chubby Persian at age 40, from Long Beach by the nick name of Topol (chubby) an energy consultant looks like a professional Iranian technocrat.

In many occasions they met and taken trips to the local stores, coffee shops and department stores. On many occasions while they were chatting and supposedly having a friendly get together at places such as the Irvine Market front, Costa Mesa Starbucks outside seats, South Coast Plaza Macy’s and Persian restaurants, they were in fact under the FBI and the Homeland Security surveillance!

The mission for Chubby and Mustache Man was to spy on PMOI (Mojahedin) opposition organization, also the Jewish facilities and Israeli owned businesses in the Southern California and the continental US.

Authorities stated that in one-year timespan (2017 – 2018), these two travelled around the US separately, had various meetings and photographed, videotaped, and collected information on Mojahedin members attending rallies in New York City and Washington DC. They were also collecting information and snapshots on Jewish centers of Chicago. They were also travelling back and forth between Los Angeles and Tehran, preparing and reaching target packages, dossiers and microfilms to the military intelligence so they could track, neutralize the threat and take care of the problems! They were recorded by the FBI in various occasions.

In one instant,

“I took some pictures and collected some information of them (Mojahedin) and some senators that they are working with, I have prepared a package, but it is not complete.”

The Mustached Waiter in one occasion ease dropped and chit chatted with Mojahedin members conducting a meeting at the Darya Restaurant where he worked. He figured out that Mojahedin were sending three American senators to evaluate the group’s base in Albania. Of course, Darya restaurant ownership claimed that they had no knowledge of the espionage episode and they are patriotic towards America.

The first contact between the Mustached Waiter (Ghorbani) and the Chubby Technocrat (Doostdar), had occurred behind the Darya Persian Restaurant where Ghorbani worked for more than 20 years.

Chubby (Doostdar) was born in Long Beach but at a young age moved to Canada and then Iran. As an Energy Tech Consultant Technocrat, Chubby only visited US a few times. His wife had a baby girl and wanted to bring her to US.

Mustached Man (Ghorbani) was a pleasant, quiet and nice man who was born in Iran, migrated to US in 1995 and kept a low profile living with his brother and dog in a costa Mesa apartment near his work.

On July 2017, Doostdar conducted surveillance on Rohr Chabad House, a Jewish student center at the University of Chicago in Hyde Park. The surveillance included security features around the center.

In the late 2017, Doostdar returned to the United States from Iran and made contact with Ghorbani in the Los Angeles. Doostdar paid Ghorbani about $ 2,000 in cash for 28 photographs taken at the September 2017 Mojahedin rally.

In May 2018, Ghorbani attended the Mojahedin affiliated 2018 Iran Freedom Convention for Human Rights in Washington DC. Ghorbani photographed certain speakers and attendees, which included delegations from across the United States.

On May 14, 2018 Doostdar called Ghorbani to discuss the clandestine ways that Ghorbani could use to get the information to Iran.

In December 2017, Doostdar returned to Iran to hand over the intelligence which Ghorbani had collected. FBI agents searched his luggage at LAX and found an orange and white CVS pharmacy envelope. Inside the envelope, FBI agents found photos of Ghorbani standing next to the people at the 2017 NCRI Rally New York. photographs had names and ranks of the members written on the back, including one photograph that had written “Dr. Ahmad Rajavi, the brother of Massoud Rajavi” (NCRI Leadership) on it!

In March 2018, Ghorbani traveled to Iran to have an in-person briefing about ways to take photos for an upcoming Mojahedin conference. Upon his return, authorities found tucked in his luggage a list written in Persian which detailed his future tasks and missions, including but not limited to digging deeper infiltration on Mojahedin and recruiting another spy. Eventually a third spy was drafted by these two.

On Aug. 9, 2018, FBI arrested Doostdar in Chicago. At the same time, FBI agents rushed the Darya restaurant and arrested Ghorbani in front of his stunned co-workers.

The FBI's field offices in Washington and Los Angeles investigated the case, which is being prosecuted by the national security section of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia and the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section of the National Security Division of the Justice Department.

There were other espionage cases around the world which were exposed by the FBI, CIA and other International Agencies.

* One Iranian was arrested in Germany plotting to bomb a Mojahedin Rally in Paris, France.

* Two Iranians were arrested in Albania having Mojahedin members under surveillance and collecting information on them.

Later on, Justice Department announced charges against nine Iranians accused of working at the behest of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to steal large quantities of academic data from hundreds of universities in the United States and abroad as well as email accounts belonging to employees of government agencies and private companies.

Please notice that in many occasions the Chinese spies and the Iranian spies work together on the assignments to steal high tech information, documents, software and intellectual properties from the government and private enterprises.

As you can see, greed for money makes everyone a spy for IRI.  Look at everyone as a suspect, even members of your own family!

Shahri Estakhry Runs the Iran Lobby Money Laundry Bank

PCC Persian Cultural Center is Iran Lobby’s Money Laundry Bank. PCC is an IRI Nest in San Diego which supplies the Iran Lobby with information and funds around the country.

Trained and Bred by Trita Parsi, God Mother of the Iran Lobby in San Diego organizes and arranges the money laundry business of the Iran Lobby around the country.

Shahri Estakhry the Most Dangerous Iran Lobby Agent in Southern California
Shahri Estakhry with 30 Years of Iran Lobby Crimes Against Iran and Iranians Plus America and Americans as the Founder of Iran Lobby Organization PCC in San Diego
Shahri Estakhry, the Shirazi Woman who Runs the PCC Charade Show in San Diego
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

Shahri Estakhry Saga

San Diego was a conservative stronghold and a great base for the Iranian Opposition and to some point, it still is; then Shahri Estakhry came to town and infected the town with Iran Lobby infiltration. Shahri Estakhry, NIAC and PAAIA came to town and now San Diego Iranian business district is infiltrated and infected by the Iran Lobby. You can’t trust your neighborhood’s corner supermarket and restaurant, they may be on the IRI payroll, spies or financing the Iran Lobby.

Trita Parsi Top IRI Agent
Trita Parsi AKA Scarface Trita
Top Iran Lobby Agent in America
Trita Parsi runs NIAC and mentored Shahri Estakhry
Trita Parsi is presently holding a low profile away from the Iran Lobby sites but he still runs NIAC incognito.

Shahri Estakhry was a little woman of no stature conducting poetry nights in San Diego. She was of no significance but she had a conniving, conning and opportunistic nature which pushed her to figure a way to make bundles of money from these poetry nights! She was holding poetry nights for the Iranian elderly and bored out of their heads in San Diego, but then it suddenly clicked, she went to Washington DC, put herself in the training of Trita Parsi and become an Iran Lobby Organizer.

Trita Parsi trained her and sent her to San Diego to infiltrate the town. We have already described the story in depth:

Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Mafia Godmother in San Diego
Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby’s Faithful Servant
Persian Cultural Center PCC an Arm of NIAC and PAAIA

We have also described how this master plan of Trita Parsi came to reality:

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – 2 Chapters

We for sure described on how Shahri Estakhry even infiltrated the San Diego City Hall and the San Diego County. She convinced the City and the County to promote her grocery store (PCC) as a legitimate Iranian cultural center! The incompetent and/or corrupt liberal and RINO politicians in the City Hall blessed Shahri Estakhry’s adventures in promoting Iran Lobby and IRI Appeasement in San Diego.

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?

Shahri Estakhry made a mockery of the San Diego officials and turned them to puppets of the Iran Lobby appeasing IRI.

This little sweet old Persian Grandmother is the most dangerous Iran Lobby figure in Southern California, the heart of the Iranian community in exile.

Shahri Estakhry turned San Diego to the Bank for Iran Lobby Money Laundry.

Jamal Abdi IRI Agent
Jamal Abdi Iran Lobby Agent and NIAC President
Jamal Abdi is a puppet assigned by Trita Parsi to pretend run NIAC
Jamal Abdi is Trita Parsi’s Protégé and Boy Toy
Jamal Abdi is the Show President of NIAC but the Real NIAC President is Trita Parsi

Agents of IRI are everywhere and each has a mission and role to play. It is up to the wise American patriots and Iranian nationalists to educate themselves about their methods, so they can easily recognize these agents of the IRI 5th column in USA.

Reza Aslan Iran Lobby Agent
Reza Aslan of NIAC - IRI Iranian Hezbollah Lobbyist in USA
Reza Aslan the Empty Suit and the Loud Mouth!
A So-called expert on the Middle Eastern and the Iranian Affairs and a scholar / author as a contributing source for the “Lame Stream Media” (Sarah Palin’s term for the Liberal Biased American Mainstream Media), Reza Aslan is nothing but another fabricated scholar by IRI to pander to the Mullahs' Islamist Regime of Tehran by writing his propaganda books and by IRI Lobbying through NIAC and PAAIA.

Lately you have noticed Iran Lobby agents such as Reza Aslan, Maz Jobrani, Trita Parsi and Jamal Abdi, the new NIAC president and old Trita Parsi’s Boy Toy to bark on Twitter and spew radical leftist and pro ANTIFA rhetoric whether openly or incognito. They try to portray neutrality but all of them are on George Soros’ Payroll, IRI payroll and they are a part of the Iranian American Operators of the Liberal Plantations of the Democrat Party in America. Silicon Valley Iranian Americans who also finance the Iran Lobby are the obedient servants of the Liberal Plantations and they run the Liberal Plantations for the Democrats.

Maz Jobrani Iran Lobby Agent
Maz Jobrani Comedian and Multi-Millionaire Hollywood Elite Iran Lobby Agent
Maz Jobrani a NIAC Board Member is a NIAC and PCC Donor
Maz Jobrani Propagates, Supports, and Finances Iran Lobby in USA
Hollywood Elite is Anti Trump and Anti-American People
Hollywood Elite is a part of the American Corrupt Establishment and Supports Iran Lobby
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego PCC – NIAC and PAAIA Associate

Iranian American Democrats are the foremen and operators of the Liberal Plantations enslaving the Blacks and Minorities. Silicon Valley runs the Liberal Plantations. These low lives enslave the minorities by brainwash and spread the Big Lie amongst their own kind which are the Iranian Americans.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – 2 Chapters

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

Nationalist Haft Sin Table of Nowruz Persian New Year 2020

ANTIFA friendly CNN, Twitter and YouTube leftist Channels such as Young Turks are home to sellouts and IRI agents such as Maz Jobrani, Reza Aslan, Trita Parsi and other boys of the DC Swamp Hood!

Where do you think the money to support the Iran Lobby figures and send them to Twitter and the social media to spew propaganda comes from? Where do you think the money to finance Iran Lobby grand operations comes from? How do you think the Oil Cartels and Iranian American businessmen send the money to the Iran Lobby? Who do you think distributes the Iran Lobby bribes to the Democrat and RINO Republican politicians?

Do not look any farther, the answer is right in San Diego, a Bank Called PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego). Shahri Estakhry is the banker for Iran Lobby money laundry operations. She doesn’t get her hands dirty; she just provides the tribune (PCC) and the businessmen, the spies, the professional launderers, the front businesses and your corner supermarket and Persian Restaurant do the job!

Iran Lobby is a faithful supporter of the Democrat Party which both are greatly financed by George Soros. Read more about it here (middle of the page):

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

Together, by effort and propaganda, Iran Lobby infiltrated as high as the office of presidency during the Obama era:

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC
Highest Ranking NIAC Alumni Still in the US Government

We expanded on Iran Lobby operations in America and around the world which you can read about it here:

Iran Movement Index

You can talk about it here:

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Why Shahri Estakhry is the Iran Lobby Banker?

Shahri Estakhry is Iran Lobby’s money launderer because:

A) Shari Estakhry Organizes the Meetings
Shari Estakhry provided a nest (PCC) for all of the local and nationwide business people who have business with IRI, to gather, meet, collude, organize and harmonize.

B) Shahri Estakhry Collects the Funds
These business owners and corporate owners then donate and finance PCC, NIAC and PAAIA.

C) Shahri Estakhry Controls the Money Flow
Iran Lobby in San Diego controls the shipping of the dollars from Iran to all over America and from San Diego to all over America and to Iran. It is one large fraudulent money laundry business and bank in San Diego and this little sweet Persian Grand Mother is the center piece of it.

Trita Parsi had done great. He provided a great pawn and agent for IRI. Shahri Estakhry is an asset to Iran Lobby and a Jewel to IRI.

Shahri Estakhry the Enabler of the Crimes

Shahri Estakhry as mentioned, doesn’t get her hands dirty; she just provides the tribune (PCC) and the businessmen, the spies, the professional launderers, the front businesses and your corner supermarket and Persian Restaurant do the job!

Shahri Estakhry to the Iranian American Community and the Iranian People, is like a rotten tooth which must be pulled out. People like Shahri Estakhry, PCC, NIAC, PAAIA and the rest of the Iran Lobby orgs have reserved the front seat for themselves in the future trials of the IRI Agents in the Free Democratic Iran. They will be brought back to Iran, put on trial and to be honest with you, we believe death is too good for them. These are the people who profited and created a network of money laundry and political corruption in America and damaged the Iranian opposition, in addition betrayed Iran and the Iranians.

Iran Lobby traitors will be on the front line, reserved front seats of the public trials in the future free Iran.

Yes, death is too good for them. After the just trials, we can hand them to the will of the Iranian people. They can manage a long, torturous and painful punishment but surely a quick death or incarceration is too good for the Iran Lobby.

Breaking the Iran Lobby Bank

Our mission as American Patriots and Iranian Nationalists is to fight and expose the Islamist Regime of IRI and its agents in America and around the globe. IRI 5th Column in America is run by the Iran Lobby Groups and the Iran Lobby Groups are funded by the Iran Lobby Money Laundry Bank, a bank named Persian Cultural Center of San Diego which is an espionage nest organized and operated by a little old sweet Persian Grandmother from Hell named Shari Estakhry! This little old sweet grandmother is a well-trained Iranian Agent trained by the best Iranian operative in USA, the top Iranian Spy and Lobbyist, the man behind NIAC, Trita Parsi.

If Evil had a face and if Con Artist had a facial description, they would all reside in the body of this charlatan criminal named Trita Parsi. This low life is the embodiment of everything wrong with the Iranian Society!

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

To lobby for a state sponsor terrorism is a crime in USA. Even if the lobbyist has big supporters such as Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires, Oil Cartels, Corrupt Democrat and RINO politicians, and George Soros! But still, this is America and specifically after the 2016 National Populist Revolution of the Trump and the American People, justice must be served and we cannot have a two-tiered justice system!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

The Only Question Remains?

So, the only question remains is that:

Why Trita Parsi is not deported or better in jail?

We must do our best to repeatedly attack and land blows to the Iran Lobby Mafia in America. In a meanwhile, this is the best that we can do. It is your national duty as a patriotic American and a Nationalist Iranian to repeatedly expose the Iran Lobby and spread the news until we free Iran from the Mullahs. Only then, we can truly and permanently deal with these IRI Agents. The same as Mossad done to the Nazi criminals, we will kidnap, drag them back to the Free Iran of the Future, put them on the public just trials, convict them and then hell to be paid! People of Iran would love to get their hands on the Iran Lobby pampered in laps of luxury in America! People of Iran have suffered for decades while these insects live a life of luxury in America by committing treason against the Iran and Iranians. They created a lifestyle via crimes against the masses of Iran.

We predict a very dark future for the Iran Lobby Agents, IRI Agents and Spies residing in America and around the world. By all means, enjoy your beautiful lives established on the foundations of the misery of the Iranian people while it lasts. Enjoy life to the fullest because the future paybacks will be hell. In the future free Iran, unlike America, we will not have “Liberal Justice System” to give you a slap on the back of the hands! In the future free Iran, after the reign of the Mullahs, paybacks will be hell!

Dearly beloved IRI Agents, Expect a Very Dark Future in Tehran, Free Iran!


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