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An IPC Tradition on Month of March

Persian Cultural Month of March
An IPC Tradition on Month of March
Ahreeman X and Queen Nefertari

1st Edition: December 19, 2003 = 2562 Shahanshahi
2nd Edition: March 3, 2017 = 2575 Shahanshahi

IPC Operations Announcement

Keeping Persian Culture Alive!

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag

Iran Politics Club Nowruz Persian New Year Lion and Sun Haft Sin

Persian Cultural Month

Battling Islam to Keep Persian Culture Alive!

We are here to protect and serve the 8000 years old Persian Culture which is being crushed under the boots of Islam via the Mullah’s IRI Islamist Regime that has been illegally occupying Iran since 1979.

Dear Fellow Iranians, Friends of Iran and Comrades:

We have started this tradition on March 2002 equals 2561 Shahanshahi.
We saw the need to choose a specific month for the Persian Cultural Month due to these reasons:

I. The Value For Persians Outside Iran
An ever expanding Persian population in Exile, especially in United State of America are becoming a huge ethnic minority. In the future, they will be an important element in choosing domestic and foreign policy of the most powerful nation on Earth, the United States of America. As you know, Persians, already hold important positions amongst the US political scene. They hold sensitive positions in executive, legislative and judicial branches of the US Government. Iranian American concentration especially in Southern California, for instance over 1,000,000 in LA County and over 75,000 in San Diego County is the major area of habitat for Persians in Exile.

Let's look at some approximate figures estimated by statistics experts of opposition on the population of Persians in "all legal status standings":

Iran: 75,000,000
Outside Iran: 6,950,000
Israel: 107,000
USA: 2,650,000
California: 1,300,000
Washington DC: 66,000
Los Angeles County: 1,000,000
San Diego County: 75,000
Orange County: 40,000

The growing Persian community in United States needs to have a Cultural Month, same as the other major ethnic groups. This helps to bring awareness about the Persian Culture to Non Persians, also helps Iranians in broad to identify with their own culture. This task, helps the older generation of Persians to respect and remember their cultural values and it helps the younger generation of Persians to learn and be aware of their heritage.

II. The Value For Persians Inside Iran
The selection of a Month as The Persian Cultural Month, is specifically a great help for Persians inside Iran. During these days of uncertainty, which our very Root and Culture is under attack and extinction, we need to revive and empower our culture.

After the second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Mother Persia, The Islamic Republic -Regime of Arab Worshipers, Half-Breeds and Persian Traitors has been trying to destroy any trace of Persian Culture. IRI is bound to end the Persian Culture; therefore, they have been trying to destroy any trace of Persian Culture during the last 28 + years. To destroy a culture, Arabo-Muslim must start their agenda, step by step and that is what they have been doing.

They have been trying to ban or change the Persian:
history, names of towns, names of streets, names of people, geography of the nation, music, poetry, literature, religion, philosophy, customs, traditions, celebrations, holidays, calendar system, words, language and the culture.

The Islamic Regime had done its best to transform the 8000 years old Iranian culture to Arabo-Muslim Beduin Sub Culture of Barbarianism.

After 38 + years of Arabo-Islamic Infection of our culture:

Persian based Calendar upon coronation of Cyrus The Great and Starting of Persian Empire, where Persian Kingdom became The Empire at 559 BC, Iran's calendar base became the travels of an Arab Bandit, Mohammed from Mecca to Medinah! The Shahanshahi Calendar has changed to Shamsi, even propagating Qamari based Tazi Calendar system. We do not want to restore the Shahanshahi Calendar because we are Monarchists, but because we are Persian and this is a Persian based Calendar. Our calendar base should start when the first writer of the first declaration of Human Rights, Cyrus The Great, started the Persian Empire at 559 BC, and it should not be based on when some Arab Bandit moved from Mecca to Madinah!

Iranian 8000 years history is censored, revised, corrupted and then taught to Iranians inside! This revision of Iranian History creates the historical events in a way that Iran's Historical Highlight starts at 1979! Great Historical figures are ignored and their efforts as founding fathers of Iran are not even stated. For instance, The Father of The Nation, Reza Shah The Great is portrayed as an evil element. The new generation does not know much about their Persian Freedom Fighters and Resistance who stood tall against the Arabo-Muslim oppressor, they do not know much about Rostam Farokhzad, Yazdgird III, Babak Khoramdin, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, and many others, yet they know about the murdering oppressor Arabs and they created legends out of them, like Hassan, Hussein, Ali or Mohammed!

Even though Zarathustra Spitmata, never claimed that he is a prophet of God, and he always claimed that he is only a writer and a poet, yet the Islamic regime has been calling, portraying and treating the Persian Zoroastrian Philosophy as "Fire Worship" and its followers as "Fire Worshipers". The Leader of this regime, Imam Khamenei, openly calls Zoroastrians, "The Infidels or The Apostates" (found and documented letters written by Imam Khamenei).

Persian Celebrations and holidays are intentionally held less important, even the regime tried to ban the celebration during these holidays! The regime intentionally avoids even speaking of them. Celebrations like: Persian New Year (Nowruz), Chahar Shanbeh Suri, Sizdah Be Dar, Yalda Night, Mehregan, Tirgan, Sadeh, etc., some are even not known and sound strange to the new Persian generation under constant bombardment of Arabo-Islamic propaganda for 28 + years. Instead, the birth dates and Death dates of Arab Prophet, 12 Imams, other Muslim Murderer Saints, even Khomeini is being valued! Persians mourn during Ashura and Tasua for some dead Arab (Hussein) who murdered their ancestors, yet they do not mourn for their own dying culture!

People's Names:
Islamic regime does not allow the parents to choose and name certain Persian names of Shahs or historical characters for their children! Any name that sounds very Persian or reminder of the Imperial Regime (Taquti), is banned!

Names of Places:
Islamic regime has changed the names of cities, states, streets, areas and neighborhoods and made them Islamicaly correct.

Islamic Regime changed the geography of the country, its states and districts to a more Islamicaly correct format.

Literature and Writings:
The works of many Persian writers are banned, the poetry and literature of many greats are ignored and not emphasized on ...... yet the works of Islamicaly correct poets and writers are propagated and advertised. For simple possession of a poetry, literature, history, political, or cultural book, one can go to prison, even get executed. Persian poetry and literature has been censored, revised, and harmed in so many ways.

For 28 + years, Islamic Regime has done its best to enter as much Arabic words, terms, phrases, idioms, and slang in the Persian language, as possible. They invented all kinds of Arab based words and popularized them in a way that many of the young generation whom grew up during the last 28 years, does not even speak Persian, yet they speak a language which is a mixture of the Islamicaly correct, Arabo-Persian blend of abomination, a mongrel language with created words! Persian language is in the danger of extinction.

...... and etc.

So basically our Persian Culture, Language and Way of Life is under heavy attack in Exile by the Westoxication and in Inxile (1) due to Arabization!

(1) Inxile: One of my many creatively invented terms meaning, people who are in exile inside their own country and home, due to the 2nd Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran on 1979 and after ...!

Your children in Exile, do not even read or write Persian, they can barely speak Persian! And your children in Inxile, been taught Arabic, Quran and an Arabized abomination version of Lingo instead of their Mother Language of Persian! Your children in the west speak English and inside Iran speak Arabized Farsi, then how about Persian?!

What would have Cyrus, Darius, Babak, Yaqub Leis, Ferdowsi and Reza Khan thought and say if they were alive today?!

Is this why Ferdowsi wrote Shahnameh (The Book of Kings) without the use of a single Arabic Word? So you would bring an Islamic Republic, an Abomination to power and Degenerate our Persian culture?! Soon or late Iranians have to wake up and smell the infectious odor of the Pan Arabism and its Tool, The Islamization of our Culture!

Any Thinking Iranian, at some point of his life, needs to finally sit down and ponder and then answer to this crucial question and finally decide upon:

Iran or Islam? That is the Question?

When Arabo-Muslim invaded so many of the great civilizations in Asia, Africa, and Arabian Peninsula, they destroyed the victim's philosophy, religion, literature, poetry, music, language, traditions, and eventually culture. This is a step by step program to annihilate a living culture. It has been done over and over, and time after time by the barbaric Arabo-Muslim Invaders throughout the history.

Once great cultures of Egypt, Lebanon (Phoenicia), Tunis (Cartage), Libya (Siranaeek), Sudan (Napata), etc......were independent civilizations, but now they are just another Arab Country!

For more information, check:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology

We are about to lose our Persian Identity. Once our literature, history, philosophy, poetry, music, language, traditions and celebrations are forgotten, next you know, our culture will be forgotten.

We will be another Arabic Speaking Muslim Nation, and we might as well forget Mother Persia, an 8000 years old civilization and simply call it the "Islamic Republic"!

For more information, check:

8000 Years of Iranian History

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran


IPC is one of the last stands to defend, revive and regenerate our Persian identity and our culture. The very essence of:

The Pure Persian Pride

is in danger of extinction. The threat is very real, some are still to close their eyes not to see it and some traitors are intentionally helping to doom our culture by supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran. These modern day Salman Farsi's are the Neo Persian Traitors who serve this Arabo-Islamic Regime and its half-breed Arab Mullahs, are the worst enemies from within!

After long thoughts, we have decided to start a new Persian Tradition to save our Persian Culture and Mother Persia. We are starting:

The Persian Cultural Month

We have chosen the month of March to celebrate, because we have the below events, all happening in the month of March:

a. Nowruz, Persian New Year and its 2 weeks of celebration period (March 21)
b. Reza Shah The Great, Father of Nation's Birthday (March 14)
c. Zarathustra Spitmata, Great Persian Philosopher Zartosht's Birth day (March 26)
d. Beginning of Spring, beginning of rejuvenation, beginning of greens, beginning of life (March 21)
e. Birth of Iran Politics Club
(March 30)

It is amazing and interesting that how Persians chosen the beginning of Spring as the beginning of their calendar year. Spring is when the trees, plants and flowers rejuvenate and bloom, Spring is where the life starts.

For more information, check IPC calendar

March is the Holy Persian Month, March is what Mother Persia is all about, March is when we shall revive our dying culture, March is when we take the last stand to defend our Persian Heritage.

Let me quote from my mentor and master, the reviver of Persian Culture:

"Irani, zamani Arbab-e Jahan bode ast, in nang ast ke ma konun, nokariye Taziyan ra konim"
(Persians were once ruling the whole civilized world and they were Masters of the World, it is a disgrace for us, to now become the servants of Arabo_Muslim!)
{Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh}

[You see, my master was assassinated by Islamic Republic for speaking the truth, he may be dead but his words are still alive in our hearts. He trained thousands like me to continue the battle, and until there is a drop of blood in my heart and body, I will not sell Iran for Arab Worship and I will not bend over 3 times a day, up and down, mumble some gibberish Arabic and call upon Allah (a Black Rock), to bring me salvation!]

For more information on my master's writings and biography, Ahura Bless, reviver of Persian Culture, Dr. Aryamanesh, visit:

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Legend

Ctesiphone, in smoke, fire and blood (Book Review)

Ctesiphone, in smoke, fire and blood

How had the Persians Died?


Iran Online Persian Library

Until people like myself are alive, the message of people like Aryamanesh will never die.

My comrades and I, have many tasks to do, yet our most important purpose is to protect and serve, to revive and preach the Persian Identity and Culture. I will defend, teach and expand the Persian Culture, until the last drop of blood is moving in my veins.

Persian Cultural Month will be the month that IPC members will research, write and post articles on every aspect and every angle of Persian Culture from Poetry to literature, from history to geography, from politics to philosophy. We in IPC, will celebrate the Persian Cultural Month. We have a responsibility to our ancestors, to Cyrus, to Reza Khan, to Mother Persia, .................. to safe keep and revive this ancient culture, the oldest culture on Earth, the 8000 years old Persian Culture.

What we need to know is that, all the great ancient cultures of the world by the order of their historical age, including:

Egypt with about 6000 years of history
China with about 5200 years of history
India with about 4600 years of history
Peru (Aspero) with about 4600 years of history
Greece with about 4000 years of history
Mexico (Olmec) with about 3200 years of history
Lebanon (Phoenicia) with about 3100 years of history
Tunis (Carthage) with about 2800 years of history
Italy (Rome) with about 2500 years of history
Japan with about 1700 years of history

Are no match and by no means even near the:

8000 years of Iranian History
The Oldest Civilization in The World.

Persian Culture is the Mother Culture for all Indo-European Civilizations and Cultures. Persian Language is the Mother Language for all Indo-European Languages.

Iran Politics Club Immortal Guards Persian Lion Banner
Persian Lion with Straight Persian Sword and Mitra the Sun Goddess

The Plan

Throughout the month of March, we celebrate the Persian Culture by research, writing and posting a variety of different articles about different aspects of the Persian Culture. We learn and teach each other, new aspects or we remind each other of our rich heritage. March is when we make a stand to save this oldest civilization on Earth.

What can you do to help?

Everyone is welcomed to participate and donate all kinds of Historical, Philosophical, and in general any types of Cultural articles about The Persian Culture (including Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other Persian regions). Every State of Iran, every culture in Iran is valued. We welcome you to post your material in IPC Club or anywhere else. All interesting articles and other material posted in IPC club will be published in IPC Website for the world to review. We encourage you to spread the word and link this article in all the forums, send it to websites and e-mail it to everyone you know.

In the future, we will celebrate the Persian Cultural Month, every year in March, until we free our land, and then we will celebrate it inside Iran.

IPC will start this tradition, this is not about Iran, this is about "The Global Civilization" and to save the civilized world from the Barbarians and Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism. We hope that you follow this movement and join us in our holy mission to revive the:

Pure Persian Pride

It all comes down to The Civilized World against The Terrorist World.

If we fail, Iran will die, Iran will be just another Arabo-Muslim Nation, among the many others in the region ........ I urge you to Help save Mother Persia.

Let the new tradition begin, let the Spring Time of Iran begin .......

...... later on, while celebrating The Persian Cultural Month, we came up with different projects such as,

IPC Standard for Persian Alphabet in Latin

Persian Alphabet must change to Latin, this is the alternative choice for Persian Language to be compatible to the globe. We have a few choices:

1. Change our alphabet back to The Achaemenid Spike Alphabet or Pahlavi Sassanid Alphabet
(This is illogical, too complicated and out of reach for Iranians!)

2. Keep the same Tazi Arabo_Islamic Alphabet.
(This is an insult and a spit in our face and a sign of servitude to Pan Arabism!)

3. Change the alphabet to Latin to be compatible globally and specifically to the West.
(Iranians on the Internet, already write Persian in Latin, so why not have a standard? Turks already done it, why not us?)

The future of Persian Alphabet is Latin, this is the only alternative. We must be compatible to the world. After the Overthrow of The Arabo_Islamic Shiite Regime, we will eliminate their Arabic Alphabet and send both the Islamic Regime and its alphabet back to the Shiite Hole! We have waited 1,353 Years to do this task, and its not a minute too soon!

We have studied the issue and came up with the most comprehensive and popular way to do this task. Consider this our first Cultural task and a present from IPC to all of you. Please observe the most simple and logical method for this transformation:

IPC Standard for Persian Alphabet in Latin

Why Change Persian Alphabet from Tazi to Latin?

Iran Online Library


The original idea for the Persian Cultural Month came from our dear member "Queen Nefertari" and afterwards I gave it some deep thoughts, organization, polishing and format. Now it's up to you the good Iranian People, Friends and Lovers of Iran to make the legacy continue on ......

Queen had done some wonderful contributions to the idea of the Persian Cultural Month. Another member who had done some great contributions is "Lawrence of Persia" (LOP).

I would also like to clarify this issue about

Persia, Pars or Iran?

Please note that the term "Persia" is the Latin term for Iran. The term "Pars" is the Persian term for "Persia". Before 1935 (Reza Shah The Great), throughout the millenniums, the name of the country was "Pars" (in Persian) and "Persia" (in Latin). Reza Shah changed the name of the country from "Pars" to "Iran" (1935). Iran means "Land of Aryans". Therefore, throughout my writings, when you read about Persia, Pars and Iran, all three are the same.

I thank you for reading this important article, giving it thoughts and I hope for you to accompany us and help us to protect and serve, to revive and safe-keep The Persian Culture, The oldest of the Global Cultures. Help saving The Persian Culture and right here and right now, make a stand to save The Global Civilization. We in IPC, are good with motivations and starting of traditions, let's see if we can make this one to take off!

Today, it's The Civilized World versus The Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist World!

Where do you stand?

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More power to All FreeThinkers of Iran and The Globe

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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