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I Condemn Reza Pahlavi II for Treason!
Ahreeman X
April 21, 2023

Reza Pahlavi II, portrait of an opportunist con artist, publicity junkie and an empty suit.
The Prince who never become a Shah!
The Calf who never become a Cow!
Reza Pahlavi: Yes, I have lost my hair and still did not gain two big balls this size!

Reza Pahlavi European Vacation Show

Another Reza Pahlavi World Vacation Tour same as Hussein Obama World Apology Tours has come to an end! While bankrupting American economy, Obama was touring Europe, Middle East and North Africa, gaining popularity by bashing America and praising Globalism and Islam! While Iranian people are struggling to gather their next meals and make ends meet, Reza Pahlavi goes on a European vacation under the disguise of political activism! He finishes his tour with a big bang and Salavat in Israel but who knows, maybe like Obama, he may continue on to some Arab Sheikhdoms of Southern Persian Gulf and even Egypt for some prime Royal Arab Butt Kissing, Hand Kissing and Fund Raising!

What do Reza Pahlavi, Obama and Khamenei have in Common?

Seyed Hussein Obama, Seyed Ali Khamenei and Seyed Reza Pahlavi all have one thing in common: they all recite sermons full of cheap talk and no action to create false hopes and excitements. They are all opportunistic con artists and so are the people around them! The sheeple around the globe do follow them blindly! Mullahs do Mull Shiite (Mullahs’ Bull Shiite), so does Reza Pahlavi!

Reza Pahlavi: Would you buy a used car from this face?!

Reza Pahlavi’s Flawed Logic

Reza Pahlavi as always makes a lot of Safsateh (Flawed Logic) to divert the public opinion towards himself and give himself legitimacy as an opposition leader! The reality is that no one in the Iranian Opposition takes Reza Pahlavi seriously and they take his words as cheap rhetoric with a grain of salt! The only people fooled by Reza Pahlavi are some liberal monarchist hand and ass kissers, naïve youth and people who have been living under the rocks for the past 4 decades! They get fooled because they want to get fooled!

Reza Pahlavi once again goes around the world, this time Europe, meets all the wrong people, the same senators and politicians who wheel and deal with the Mullahs and make trades with IRI, tries to forbid them by bringing up the same old flawed logic of comparing Iran with South Africa and warns them to stop trading with Iran before it is too late (like Apartheidist South Africa)! IRI is nothing like South Africa. Apartheidist South Africa was segregating people wrongly but it was an economic powerhouse which provided security for citizens. Today’s South Africa is a façade of Democracy but underneath is a shambled economy, social chaos and high crimes nation. Yesterday’s South Africa was heaven in comparison with IRI’s Hell! South Africa was nothing like Iran. IRI is a non-functional economy with no safety and security for citizens.

In addition, Non-Violence and Pacifism of Reza Pahlavi again falls short. His logic is flawed. As I stated before, Civil Rights Movement of Dr. King in USA would have never accomplished anything without Militant approach of Malcolm X and comrades alongside of it! Revolution of Nelson Mandela would have never occurred without the militant approach of other African comrades alongside of it.

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!
The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

Reza Pahlavi’s Neo Shiite Show comes to an end in Israel with a big bang, unless he decides to continue the Bull Shiite Tour on to Arab Sheikdoms of the southern Persian Gulf licking some Arab Ass and begging for some funds like in his youth, when he lost his ass in the stock market and went around at Arab Sheikdoms begging for some doe to fill up his bank account!

Reza Pahlavi’s New Pose as a Jewish Pilgrim!
From Shiite Muslim Seyed to Zoroastrian Mobad and now Jewish Haji Rabbi!
Reza Pahlavi in Jewish Yamaka praying at the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel.
Reza Pahlavi is a follower of the “Wind Party” and he blows any which way the wind blows! Seyed Reza Pahlavi used to be a devout Shiite Muslim cherishing the Arabo-Islamic values and connecting himself to Seyeds Imam Hassan and Hussein, then Cyrus Reza Pahlavi become a believer in Persian Culture and Zoroastrian philosophy and now Rabbi Shamuel Reza Pahlavi does the Jew Prayer at the Temple Mount! It is amazing how Reza Pahlavi bends like a willow in any direction, only to remain in the public eye in hope of one day reigning Iran!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish Hospitality

Reza Pahlavi took some photo ops and promo videos with Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu), Yoav Gallant (Israeli Defense Minister), Gila Gamliel (Israeli Intelligence Minister) and others.

Israeli officials know that IRI is behind the recent attacks of Syrian Shiite Militia, Lebanese Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Palestinian Hamas on Israel.

I like Bibi, his Nationalism, his ideas, his policies, his leadership style and what he does for the Israeli nation. I have always supported Bibi, Likud and stood against Neftali Bennett, his Globalism and his liberal cronies.

Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West
Who are the Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Running the World?

Bibi is a decent man. He met with Reza Pahlavi due to respect for the late Shah. Bibi been hospitable to Reza Pahlavi as a Jewish common courtesy, but no in-depth talks been conducted because Bibi the same as the Iranian Opposition does not take Reza Pahlavi seriously, actually no world leader or Iranian opposition member does!

As a gay pacifist, Reza Pahlavi also went to Israel to advise Netanyahu against picking a fight with IRI, the same as he advised USA to not pick a fight with IRI. Not that he will not lift a finger but he also preaches the Israel and USA to also not lift a finger! Naturally Bibi does not pay much attention to RP’s words. On the contrary, we advise both Israel and USA to do pick a fight with IRI. We the opposition are fighting a blood thirsty Islamist regime. We have lost so many comrades in this war and many are also residing in jails. Yes, we need all the help that we can get in the forms of sanctions, sabotage, espionage, assassinations, gun supplies, funds and any other support provided by you. We are fighting an uphill battle with the Mullahs. USA is under occupation of the traitor Democrats and Biden’s Illegitimate Regime, so until Trump comes back, we welcome Bibi by all means possible to support the Iranian opposition and fight in any shape or form with the IRI. Do not pay any attention to this Chubby Boy Wanna be Shah! More power to Benjamin Netanyahu, my main man!

Reza Pahlavi’s History of Failed Coalitions

Reza Pahlavi has a history of Shiite Shows. For over 4 decades, he has been pulling these so-called coalitions with all the wrong people and keeping the public occupied with his shows.

Take a look at all of RP’s past sham coalitions to occupy the Iranians with false hopes and brainwash the youth with cheap talk:

* Green Wave Movement
* NCI - National Council of Iran (Shoraye Meli Iran)
* Phoenix Project of Iran
* New Covenant (Peyman Novin)

and now:
* ADFI (Alliance for Freedom and Democracy in Iran)

In the past, Reza Pahlavi made coalitions with IRGC Co-Founder and Commander (Mohsen Sazegara), Reformist Fraction of IRI Hezbollah (Amir Hossein Jahanshahi), Suspicious Characters in bed with Reformist Mullahs (Mehrdad Khonsari) and funded his Bull Crap Coalitions with money from the Moderate Fraction of IRI Hezbollah (Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani)!

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI
Reza Pahlavi’s Condemned Crimes Against the Iranian People

This turn around, once more, Reza Pahlavi had made coalitions with all the wrong people such as Hollywood Actors pro Iran Lobby, Ex IRI Reformists and today’s Voice of CIA (VOA) anchors and other little nobodies which we will expand on them later in this piece. Why? Because no one in the Iranian Opposition takes Reza Pahlavi seriously to work with him! Many do not even consider him opposition but a puppet of IRI.

“Reza Pahlavi II is a Bull Shiite Artist and a Publicity Junkie!” (Media)
Haju (Jewish Haji) Rabbi Seyed Reza Pahlavi in Jewish Yamaka praying with the Israeli Rabbi at the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel. This is Reza Pahlavi’s Neo Devout Pose for the cameras and his photo op collection. As a spiritual man, he says a prayer for Iran! I bet with you that by the sight of this photo, Cyrus the Great, Nader Shah the Great, Reza Shah the Great and Mohammad Reza Shah are all together shaking and turning in their graves! I also bet with you that Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) was trying hard to control himself not cracking up laughing at this scene! Bibi is a very smart man and knows RP is full of Bull Shiite!

Media Gushing Over Reza Pahlavi Show!

Through this latest Reza Pahlavi European Vacation Show, the Iranian Exiled Media referred to these people as opposition leaders! Mainstream Iranian Media Mafia gushes over Reza Pahlavi’s latest so-called coalition with cheesy characters gathered around him.

“Prince Reza Pahlavi, a leading opposition figure visiting Israel, held a brief meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday as he made a historic visit to Israel.”
(Iran International)

“I am traveling to Israel to deliver a message of friendship from the Iranian people, engage Israeli water experts on ways to address the regime’s abuse of Iran’s natural resources and pay respects to the victims of the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah.

I want the people of Israel to know that the Islamic Republic does not represent the Iranian people. The ancient bond between our people can be rekindled for the benefit of both nations. I’m going to Israel to play my role in building toward that brighter future.”
(Reza Pahlavi)

Primarily, Iran International and other cheesy Iranian TVs and Media who referred to Reza Pahlavi and his cronies as “Leading Opposition Leaders,” must understand that these people are not opposition leaders, not even opposition!

Secondarily, Reza Pahlavi does not represent the Iranian Opposition nor the Iranian People, so he has no business speaking on behalf of them. Iranian Opposition have been fighting the IRI Regime for over 4 decades. Reza Pahlavi has been busy cooking in the kitchen, dancing in Persian cabarets, begging Arab Sheikhs for money, sitting behind his desk and playing with his Royal Balls, basically developing his fat belly and bank account for over 4 decades!

Thirdly, I was the one who primarily brought forward a solution to Iran’s Mullah-made drought problem! Reza Pahlavi grabbed my argument, ran to Israel to get an incite into Israel’s solutions to this problem! Reza Pahlavi is not an Iranian official; he has no business asking for solutions because he has no power implementing them! This whole ordeal was suggested to him by his moronic advisors around him as a gimmick to promote him!

IRI Made Drought and Iran Protests
Iran’s Problem is Not Drought But Islam!

It is amazing how some of the Iranian media mafia refer to Reza Pahlavi, Hollywood Iran Lobby Lacky, Anchor of VOA Voice of CIA and other nobodies as “Opposition Leaders!” They wrote online and stated on their TVs that:

“We invite the above and other opposition leaders (meaning the above are opposition leaders) to participate in the protests abroad (gatherings here or there)!”

If you people are looking for opposition leaders, then detect his:

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

These are opposition groups and their leaders are opposition leaders! Reza Pahlavi and his Hollywood whores, anchors of Voice of CIA and little nobodies from around the world are not opposition, set aside leaders! Reza Pahlavi is a con artist who colluded with IRI Reformists, Iran Lobby, Ex IRGC Commanders, Hezbollahis and everyone else except Khajeh Hafez-e Shirazi the Persian Poet and the only reason that he didn’t collude with Hafez was because Hafez had passed away and he was already dead!

With over 40 years of serving the Iranian opposition and over 20 years with IPC, and running a well-disciplined and organized operation as the IPC Operations with members inside Iranian universities, high schools, private sector, government and all over the world, I don’t even refer to myself as an opposition leader but as a simple journalist! I promote all of the Iranian Opposition groups. I am the servant of the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People.

 Iran Politics Club Supports All Iranian Opposition Organizations

We have been advertising, promoting and supporting all Iranian Opposition organizations of Iran for over two decades.

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

IPC Services to the Iranian Opposition

Our services to "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" are listed below:

1. We post Logos, Names and Links to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups" and "All of The Iranian Political Parties and Organizations" under "Iranian Political Organizations" Index of the IPC Website. This is the best web advertisement, which a political organization can get because Iran Politics Club Networks is the largest Iranian website in English in the globe.

2. We do verbal advertisement in net meetings, political meetings, through our members' teams to the Iranian youth in high schools, colleges and universities. Our members’ teams are:

Inside Iran Teams
Outside Iran Teams
Liaison Teams (traveling in between)

3. We distribute flyers and informative pamphlets inside major universities of Iran. We advertise for Opposition Groups, through these hard copy documents. Some of these universities included below:

Tehran University
Shahid Beheshti (Melli) University
Amir Kabir University
Sharif (Aryamehr) University
Esfahan University
Pezeshki Mashhad University
Karaj University
Computer Jonub University
Shahryar Shahre Qods University
Shiraz University

4. IPC Operations is a covert organization. IPC Operations' members are the most politically active members of IPC. IPC Operation members operate the:

Political Operations
Web Operations
Club Operations

IPC Operation members consist of members from "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" of Iran. These members are mostly University Students/Faculty/Staff, Technical Experts, Businessmen/women, Authors, Artists, Journalists, Mentors and Administrators from Government or Private Sectors, inside and outside Iran. They are the best source of mouth-to-mouth advertisement for "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups".

Separate Iranian Opposition Organizations with the Iran Lobby Traitors

Iran Politics Club supports all valid Iranian Opposition Organizations and Parties of Iran, despite political, ideological and philosophical differences. As long as you are fighting the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), we support you. There is a thin line between the True Iranian Opposition and then the Con Artists of the Iran Lobby, Reformists and Opportunist Liberal Monarchists:

* Iran Lobby (IRI Lobby in USA pro Reformist Fraction of IRI)
* Reformist Hezbollah (Reformist Fraction of IRI inside Iran)
* Liberal Monarchists (Opportunists in Collusion with the Reformists)

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby
Why Mullahs have been Running Iran for Over 4 Decades?

Iran Lobby and Liberal Monarchists Connection

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center

Do not get distracted by distractions, IRI Agents and Low Lives. Focus on the task in hand.

Iranian Media Lies for Rating

Where do you cheesy Iranian Media Mafia bosses get the balls to refer to Reza Pahlavi and his lackies as the opposition leaders?!

I don’t want to put down these people but they are not opposition leaders; furthermore, some are collaborators with the Iran Lobby and IRI Reformists.

I like the way on their Wikipedia profiles they write “Born in Imperial State of Iran!” Iran is Iran, Why make it Imperial or Islamic? These people are liberal monarchist pacifists.

Reza Pahlavi: Known Collaborator with IRI Reformist Fraction

Nazanin Boniadi: Iran Lobby Supporter
* Signed PAAIA petition against Trump sanctions of IRI.
* Hollywood Tramp, like other Hollywood Whores who fought Trump, the greatest friend of the Iranian Opposition.

Masih Alinejad: Reformist
* Present Anchor of VOA Voice of CIA
* Ex Reformist, writing for Etemad newspaper of Hojatol Eslam Mehdi Karroubi
To be fair, she had done some good for the Anti Hejab Movement.

Shirin Ebadi: Reformist Collaborator

Hamed Esmaeilion: Unknown
Canadian activist who only started political activities on 2020 when family died on Ukrainian flight by the IRGC, so on 2022 he organized protests. So basically family tragedy made him an activist. Before 2022, there was no sign of activism, Anti-IRI activities or fight for the Iran and Iranian people!

Rest of Reza Pahlavi coalition are lackies and nobodies.

These people are not about Iran's Freedom; they are about photo ops and publicity!

Reza Pahlavi Shiite Show

Reza Pahlavi is master of Shiite Shows!

Reza Pahlavi's Rat Show

Reza Pahlavi Eggplant Show

Reza Pahlavi Cartoons 1
The Old Prince who never become a Shah!

Reza Pahlavi Cartoons 2
The Old Prince who never become a Shah!

Reza Pahlavi plays the peacemaker between Iran and Israel, so does Massih Alinejad but they are not representing the Iranian people, not even the Iranian opposition.

Reza Pahlavi reminds me of the woke and politically correct but fake American TV commercials where 90% of the Americans are black and gay! They are simply unrealistic! During the past 4 decades, every once a while, he colluded with the wrong people and met with the irrelevant Western leaders!

Again Reza Pahlavi claims to become Shah; however, he states that if people want me to become the shah, I’ll do it and if people desire me to become president, I’ll do it!

Again Reza Pahlavi is aligning himself with Iran Lobby Hollywood Whores, VOA voice of CIA anchors and Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime, comparing Iran to South Africa and seeking non-violent referendums! Same song and dance as he has been doing for over 4 decades! Now he has a European tour to speak to Senators and politicians of EU, France, Germany and UK who are in bed with IRI.

He does 3 minutes interviews with FOX, CNN and Radio Israel. He pays for these 3-minute interviews and funding these networks by supposedly donations. So in these interviews, Maria Bartiromo of FOX and Anderson Cooper of CNN refer to him as “Your Highness,” “Your Majesty,” other Bull Shiite Titles, and portray him as the voice of the Iranian Opposition! Reza Pahlavi pays American TVs, Iranian American Media, and Search Engines to broadcast and publish him to stay relevant!

He does photo ops and video promotions, speaking to a few thousand people because he has no backing inside or outside Iran. As always he colludes with Iran Lobby, IRI Reformists, Iranian American Democrats, Pacifists and Charlatans such as himself, only to promote himself so possibly before Farah dies, she will erect him as a Shah or president or anything, maybe a minister or a tea boy in Iran!

Some Readers Ask Me in E-mails?

“Why not making coalitions with Reza Pahlavi and his Collaborators?”

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

I ask you: What good would it do to drag these people and to make coalitions with them?

What is the benefit of making coalition with Con Artists like Reza Pahlavi and Hollywood Bimbos like Nazanin Boniadi, for Revolutionary Movements such as IPC Operations, Opposition and I?

Reza Pahlavi has no clue what is he talking about and his political analysis are flawed.

IRI is poisoning high school girls and indoctrinating them to wear chador; what does Reza Pahlavi do? He leisure travels to Europe to talk to all the useless people in governments who incognito, support IRI!

Reza Pahlavi Never Puts his Money Where his Mouth is!

Reza Pahlavi In his interview with FOX stated: Separate the account of military with IRGC, because military can bend towards Iranian people, while during the protests, the military leadership begged Khamenei to allow them to brutally suppress the protests by coming to the aid of IRGC! Reza Pahlavi’s analysis are cockamamie!

On Saturday, spokesman of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Ramezan Sharif said that the US is too weak to be able to militarily support Israel in the region. IRI knows that Biden Illegitimate Regime will not lift a finger to support Israel or other allies in the Middle East. That is why Saudi Arabia is now accepting Xi Jinping and China’s global leadership to make deals with IRI. US is not a reliable ally!

Reza Pahlavi changes so many political ideologies the same way that he changes underwear! He runs around DC kissing up to RINOs like John McCain, George Bush, and now Democrats. He has been a monarchist, republican, democrat and now he prescribes Socialism for Iran! Reza Pahlavi is a puppet of Deep State and so are his coalition.

Iran Lobby, Deep State and Democrat Party are all on the payroll of George Soros, so anyway you look at it, these people are directly or indirectly pawns of George Soros and Globalist Corps.

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Me, everyone knows where I stand. I am a National Populist, an Anti-Establishment Rebel, a Conservative, an American Patriot, an Iranian Nationalist and a Global Free Thinker. I am with the workers. I am with the Iranian Opposition and Iranian People.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2024

Reza Pahlavi is still talking of non-violent protests and referendums!

Today, waiters and waitresses, even some people, take buckets and go to restaurants. They throw all the leftovers of the customers in their buckets and take home to feed it to their kids! That’s how bad the economy is! Depending on official or black market, $1 goes up and down between 42,000 to 59,000 Tuman. How can Reza Pahlavi relate to these people?

Iran Time and Currency Index

Everything coming out of Reza Pahlavi’s mouth is flawed and child’s play!

I Condemn Reza Pahlavi II for Treason!

Reza Pahlavi, when you could have been relevant, you didn’t support the 2nd coup. When Imperial officers were still established in key positions amongst the IRI military and when the situation was ready for a coup, you did not fund or even support the 2nd Coup!

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Pahlavi Documents Published After 4 Decades
Reza Pahlavi Betrayed Iran and Iranians
A History of Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI & 2nd Iran Coup of 1984 Thread

Reza Pahlavi Secret Historic Documents
1. General Amir Hooshang Ezazi letter to Reza Pahlavi II
2. Reza Pahlavi response to General Ezazi
3. Stopped Check of Princess Ashraf to General Ezazi
4. Farah Pahlavi praise of Allah, Muhammad, Islam and Quran letter
Reza Pahlavi Secret Historic Documents

Actually, no one knows Reza Pahlavi better than I do! He may be fooling the public, liberal monarchists and naïve public but I know Reza Pahlavi since 1970s in Iran! I knew him when he played for “Reza Pahlavi Highschool” against our team “Kharazmi” in Tehran Premier Soccer Highschool League back home. I knew him and his pathetic weak nature, mediocre efforts, shallow lifestyle, and indifference in politics thus I was raised in the Imperial Cabinet and Courthouse! Throughout his life, the media made a hero out of him, exaggerated his soccer skills, pilot skills and leadership skills! He has always been overrated by the media. Same story goes on today.

Jahan Koodak Elementary School Stories
A Journey through my Childhood

Amir Abbas Hoveyda – Great Prime Minister of Iran
The Orchid Man

Asadollah Alam - Imperial Iran Courthouse Minister
In Darbar, we eat this kind of Mame!

Reza Pahlavi is not Hero but a Zero! Reza Pahlavi is a textbook definition of narcissist, incompetence, corrupt and “Sloth.” Reza Pahlavi only cares about his public image. His glory is only on social media, the result of his life is preached by media mafia. His accomplishments are in his dreams. Reza Pahlavi is a legend in his own mind!

Since 1979, he had done nothing substantial to free Iran and Iranians from IRI Islamist Regime. His life is one large exaggeration, fabrication and lie.

True Revolutionaries

I truly hate to admit but I must speak the truth. I am a National Populist, Maryam Rajavi is a Marxist Islamist and Ashraf Dehghani is a Communist. My world view, political ideology and philosophical fundamentals are a world apart from both Maryam Rajavi and Ashraf Dehghani; however, I have more in common with these ladies than losers, charlatans, sloths, bums and leeches such as Reza Pahlavi and his ilk! At least, Maryam Rajavi, Ashraf Dehghani and I have been fighting the Islamist Regime for over 4 decades to free Iran and Iranians. At least all 3 of us, had put our wealth, body and psyche down for the cause and we have been active for over 4 decades. The 3 of us have been putting our money where our mouth is! What has Reza Pahlavi been doing for over 4 decades? The sum of Reza Pahlavi activities of over 4 decades can be put in one term: “Sloth.”

Yes, I condemn Reza Pahlavi II for Treason. Do you know when I will change my mind? When I see with my own eyes that Reza Pahlavi will actually put a fraction of the Billions taken away out of Iran by the Pahlavis, down for the cause to free Iran.

“Anytime you have no hope of living, think of “Quarter Pahlavi” AKA 1/4th Pahlavi (Reza Pahlavi) still hoping to one day become the Shah of Iran!”
Drama Queen Reza Pahlavi shedding alligator Tears for Iran: Yes, in this picture, I still had my full set of hair and No, I wasn’t shedding tears for Iran but for myself because Mullahs didn’t let me to become the Shah! Ahreeman stop making fun of me! I’m only a Calf who never become a Cow, a Boy who never become a Man, a Prince who never become a Shah! Oh the tragedy of it all! Dear Lord, stop me from crying …….

Reza Pahlavi, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is!

Reza Pahlavi, I challenge you, put your money where your mouth is! Finance an army, build an army to free Iran.

I am a rationalist; therefore, I am perfectly aware that this would never occur! Reza Pahlavi is a loser with no education, no economic sense, no intellect, and no backbone. He had never held a job, never created a business, never created wealth, never produced anything, never contributed to freedom of Iran; furthermore, once he lost all his own wealth in the stock market due to stupidity and lack of financial knowledge. He ended up going around begging his mother, immediate and distant family, also Arab Sheikhs and Bankers for money to bail him out! Throughout his life, he has been supported and managed by women such as Princess Ashraf, Empress Farah and Yasmine Pahlavi his wife or else he could not even support himself, set aside supporting the Iranian Opposition. That is why the Pahlavi Family had never put him in charge of controlling the Pahlavi Fortune!

Reza Pahlavi stated to the American media that all he wants is to see a free Iran through his life. He stated to the Iranian American Media and the Iranian people that use me as a “Namad” (Icon) and gather around me to free Iran. In other words, he has been stating to the Iranian people to go fight and die, shed blood and battle, so I can be erected as a Shah, president or whatever else you appoint me to be!

The funny thing is that always during the events, Reza Pahlavi sits next to the exits, so in case it gets hairy, he will be the first to escape! Reza Pahlavi is a born coward!

The only “Namad” (Icon) which Reza Pahlavi represents is “Sloth” and “Charlatanism” AKA “Kun Goshadi” and “Bi Sherafati” because Reza Pahlavi is a shameless leech who has been conning the Iranian people for over 4 decades, does photo ops and 3-minute interviews to pretend that he is still relevant, he will never go away and like a hemorrhoid, he will always stick around. It is true, he is a “Namad” (Icon)! Namad of sloth, incompetence, treachery, conning and self-service! Reza Pahlavi is the Icon of Disunity. He has been the reason for this opposition not to get united! Maybe after he leaves the picture, this opposition will be united! Alas, Reza Pahlavi will never leave the political scene because the Reza Pahlavi Shiite Show must go on ……  

The legacy of Reza Pahlavi in a nutshell will be a Pile O Shiite!
The Old Prince who never Become a Shah!
The Calf who never become a Cow!

IRI will never leave Iran. 2 Million Islamists are holding 85 million Iranians hostage! Iran will never become free via foreign intervention, western politicians, DC Democrats, “Euro-Pee-On” (European) officials, EU Diplomats, and RINO Scum Bags! Iran will never become free via referendums, non-violence, peaceful protests, Bull Shiite Coalitions with Wanna Be “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls” (Intellectuals) in DC! Iran will become free by the hands of the Iranian People via a Mass Uprising and a Bloody Revolution!

If I had your wealth, by now, Iran would have been free a few times over!

Reza Pahlavi, do as you preach. Put your money where your mouth is! Finance an army, build an army to free Iran. Or else, please end the every few years, Reza Pahlavi Shiite Shows! Stop dragging the hand kissing opportunists behind yourself to flatter and praise you, and stop fooling the naïve public into believing false hopes! Man up!

I leave you good people and his Royal Hiney with these bits o wisdom:

“What does the man worth, if his word means nothing? Man should deliver upon his word!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Armed People are Free People!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More power to the people

Dr. X


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