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PCC SD - Persian Cultural Center of San Diego

San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism
PCC SD - Persian Cultural Center of San Diego

Catayoun Razmjou and IPC Operations
January 14, 2021

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San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism

Patriots, Nationalists, Activists, Colleagues, Members, Readers and Friends of Iran

With the upcoming Democrat Administration which will illegally occupy the White House by stealing the elections, January 20, 2021, will mark the revival of the Iranian Lobby in America. From this date, Trita Parsi, now officially on the payroll of the Quincy Institute, Open Society Foundations and George Soros will find his way back to the White House to lobby for the IRI.

Trita Parsi, the head of Iran Lobby Operations in USA and the top Iranian Agent of the Iranian 5th Column in the USA has been shattered and in hiding during the Trump presidency. We have been exposing Trita Parsi globally and his NIAC espionage nest has been for most irrelevant and defeated.

Now, with the return of the Democrats in power, Trita Parsi and NIAC will be back in the public eyes. Joe Biden, the illegitimate president and the head of Biden Crime Enterprise who will illegally occupy the White House is an old corrupt politician on the payroll of the Iran Lobby. For 50 years, Joe Biden, the corrupt politician of the Washington DC Swamp has been filling up his bank accounts and lining his pocket with the China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Iran Lobby money. Joe Biden is the epidemy of corruption and swamp.

Kamala Harris has also been supported and promoted by the Iran Lobby. Kamala Harris is a compulsive liar, enemy of the American Patriotism and promoter of the Socialism and Globalism. Kamala Harris will be a solid support for Iran Lobby and appeasement of IRI.

The new Biden – Harris administration and the Democrat Congress will unanimously support the Iran Lobby and the IRI Regime. No doubt that the upcoming Democrat run White House, Senate and House of Representatives will be appeasing the Mullahs’ Regime, come to terms with the Islamist Terrorist Regime and create a new deal with the IRI to hand them billions of more dollars.

Obama’s Regime paid Iran 150 Billion dollars and 1.8 billion dollars in cash. This treason occurred during Biden’s vice presidency and while Biden was on the payroll of the Iran Lobby. No doubt Biden will continue Obama’s policies to appease Iran. The complete upcoming Biden’s administration are of Obama’s past administration and it is return of the swamp!

This news has emboldened the Trita Parsi and Iran Lobby to step forward into the American political arena. Now, with George Soros as his benefactor, Trita Parsi has no fear. George Soros, the architect of the US Stolen Election 2020 is Trita Parsi’s second financier after the Mullahs regime. With unlimited amounts of dollars from Tehran and George Soros, Iran Lobby led by Trita Parsi will rule the American politics. Trita Parsi visited the White House over 30 times during the Obama – Biden Administration. Trita Parsi was going about it sideways and indirectly by using his NIAC agents and Iranian spies such as Sahar Nowrouzzadeh. Now with the backing of George Soros, Trita Parsi will openly and directly consult the White House, particularly when Joe Biden, an old friend on the payroll of the Iran Lobby is now the president!

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego as the bank for the Iran Lobby money laundry has been for most less active, voiceless and defeated, many thanks to Trump administration and nonstop efforts by the IPC operations. Once Biden administration in the White House and Trita Parsi back to the White House, the equation will change. PCC (Persian Cultural Center) will be back to the front of the stage financing the Iran Lobby and performing all the dirty deals and money laundry operations ordered by Tehran.

Even though, a number of PCC members have moved to mid and northern California, yet PCC is still a major factor in financial operations of the IRI through the Iran Lobby. With coming of the new Democrat Mayor and Democrat City Hall (8 out of 9) members in San Diego, the City of San Diego will continue legitimizing the Persian Cultural Center of San Diego as a culture and art institute! If there was any prospect of getting the City of San Diego to stop legitimizing and financing the PCC, now with the new Democrat administration, this prospect will be gone.

Democrats and Islamists are always in the same boat and are each other’s support. Unfortunately, San Diego is moving toward becoming yet another Liberal Failed Large City going on the path of Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco. San Diego was the last stand for Conservatism in California but with businesses and middle class moving out of California and handing the city to liberals, now the City Hall is becoming infected with the Democrats whom will no doubt support the Iran Lobby and its bank PCC. This would surely make the City of San Diego the benefactor for the Iran Lobby Bank and Terrorism.

In the upcoming years, we will have an uphill battle to fight. The city of San Diego is now Democrat occupied and the DC is also Democrat occupied. This means Iran Lobby in the local and national level will be promoted. A stronger Iran Lobby means a bolder Iran Lobby which will have a presence in the White House and the San Diego City Hall. The corrupt politicians in DC will have Trita Parsi wining and dining them with the San Diego Persian Cultural Center and Quincy Institute’s money! The corrupt politicians in the San Diego City Hall up to their necks in the Special Interest will surely do their best to play the benefactor and supporter of the Persian Cultural Center of San Diego to continue its dirty deeds financing the Iran lobby in America.

On top of all this dirty politics, corruption and backroom deals, we have the Iranian American Billionaires who also support and finance the Iran Lobby in USA!

Who supports us? You guessed it, absolutely no one! We have been used to fighting alone against a sea of foes. We are now facing Democrat Administration in the DC, Democrat Administration in San Diego City Hall, Powerful Iran Lobby, Wealthy Iranian American Donors of Iran lobby doing business with Iran and the Google Iranian American Management in cahoots with the Iran Lobby! Seems like we are against the world, but then again what’s new?

In the upcoming dark days and years, the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people must stick together and stand united against these enemies who are bound to destroy Iran, Iranian people’s freedom movement and the Iranian will to fight for freedom. Make no mistake, no Democrat administration in history has been a friend of the Iranian people and their fight to achieve democracy. No Iranian American Billionaire in the history has ever been financing the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian people’s fight for freedom and democracy. Democrats, Iranian Billionaires and San Diego Liberals have always supported the Iran Lobby and the Mullahs’ Regime.

One thing is for sure. We will never abandon the Iranian people. We will always fight for the Iranian people and we will always stand by the American Patriots and the Iranian Nationalists.

Power to the Resistance
Power to the Freedom Fighters of Iran

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