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Seasonal Iranian Opposition Cries Wolf
Only During Democrats’ Reign!


Seasonal Iranian Opposition Cries Wolf Only During Democrats’ Reign!
Catayoun Razmjou
January 21, 2021

Typical Iranian Liberal Democrat Pacifist Never Trumper Sheep at No War with Iran Protest
Look at the cheap cardboard signs with cheap paining and BLM black fist!
Anti-Trump Peace Protests in West loaded with a coalition of:
* Seasonal Iranian Opposition to IRI
* Iran Lobby
* Liberal Pacifists
* Never Trumper RINO Republicans
* Liberal Democrats
* Liberal Gay Militant Activists
* ANTIFA, BLM, Hezbollah, Marxists and Islamists
* Other George Soros Paid Activists
* Other Degenerated Sheep
They are protesting against the only US president who never started a war!


Certain opposition groups and personalities are only active and loud during a useless Democrat administration but they were dead silent during the Trump Administration! The Trump administration was the toughest ever on the IRI Regime and the Mullahs. These brave knights of the round table were shouting useless during the Obama administration, dead during Trump and now alive again during the Biden occupation of the White House! They are more like court jesters than activists!

Trump literally brought the Iranian regime to its knees. Trump sanctions, Terrorist eliminations and economic pressure almost destroyed IRI. Trump second term would have been death for IRI. Iranians inside Iran love Trump. Active Iranian opposition outside and inside Iran loves Trump.

The seasonal opposition are the ones who bad mouthed Trump, are still criticizing Trump, calling Trump and Trump supporters Fascists, calling Trump supporters such as the Proud Boys fascists, calling Iranian Trump supporters confused and so on. Democrats staged the Capitol riots but these empty suits blame the Trump supporters! ANTIFA and BLM burn down America but these fakers are silent!

Typical Iranian Liberal Democrat Pacifist Never Trumper Sheep at No War with Iran Protest
They are protesting against the only US president who never started a war!

Look at the IRI Flag!

These Fair-Weather so-called opposition are only active during Democrat administrations because only then, they can moan and scream injustice, point at Iran Lobby and sing waste of time songs to Democrats who are best friends of Iran Lobby and the Mullahs. These so-called opposition groups become relevant only during Democrat reign.

You know these people, don’t you? You see them releasing videos on YouTube, releasing articles on social media, mass emailing their articles online and hold speeches around towns. They do their famous 3 to 15 minutes cheesy interviews on Iranian cheesy TVs and state that they are alive and still fighting IRI! But where were they during the past 4 or 5 years when Trump crushed the IRI Mullahs? What happened to their loud screams then? Wasn’t Trump the best friend and ally of the Iranian people and the Iranian opposition in the history of the past 4 decades? Then where were these Great Heroes and Warriors then?

They were all dead and had throat issues, they could not speak a word! They would be irrelevant during Trump because Trump was hardcore on Mullahs and the Real 24/7 and 365 days a year opposition was fighting the Mullahs and working with Trump. These Zeros wanna be heroes were dead then! Some of them were even bad-mouthing Trump!

As soon as Democrats friends of Mullahs and Iran Lobby occupies the White House, these great and brave warriors occupy the TV screens, websites, social media and radios! Suddenly they become representatives of the Iranian people.

Yesterday they were dead but today they are heroes of the Human Rights, Freedom Movement, fighting Iran Lobby and are in the face of the public and the Democrat Administration!

They know that the Democrats will never make a single move to hurt the Mullahs, Iran Lobby and Hezbollah, morely the Democrats will appease the Mullahs and IRI, send them Billions of dollars, make deals with them, allow them to harvest nukes, enrich uranium and become strong! They know that Democrats will have Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi in the White House and use them as consultants.

They why these great warriors cry wolf and suddenly become opposition? Because in reality, they are as useless as a Three Dollar Bill! They are dead during the times of fight but they are alive when they need to hibernate and go to sleep during the Democrats’ times! They only want to make a few statements, pretend that they are fighting IRI, do some cheap talks, do some cheap writings, make some cheap statements, maybe get some government or private grants and aids to continue operating their cheesy sites and organizations and of course become heroes to save the day again! They are the Iranian storybook warriors who appear only on dead-end days!  Who are these great warriors?

* Iranian Seasonal Human Rights Activists
* Iranian Seasonal Anti-Iran Lobby Warriors
* Iranian Pacifists Pro No Interference in Iranian Affairs by America
* Iranian Liberal Monarchists
* Iranian Armchair Warriors in their large offices
* Iranian Deadbeats making a name for themselves showing up every 4 years
* Iranian yesterday’s news
* Iranian groups on the payroll of CIA
* Iranian groups colluding with Deep State
* Iranian groups appeasing IRI Mullahs
* Iranian Make Peace with Iran Protesters
* Iranian Empty Suits Wanting to be in the News
* Iranian Cheesy Old Hag TV, Radio, and Media Characters
* Iranian Rats Crawling out of the woodwork only when safe
* Iranian zeros trying to be heroes
* Iranian Democrats fighting a pillow fight with the Mullahs
* Iranian RINOs throwing pebbles at the Mullahs

These great warriors are only brave during the times of safety when Democrats appease IRI and trade French kisses with the Iran Lobby. They drop a line or two, make some publicity, shed some crocodile tears, exchange a few lines, trade a few kisses, spew some cheap slogans, get some doe from the government and private sector and mark their existence as great human rights warriors or Anti-Iran Lobby exposers. In reality they are as fake as CNN and as broken as MSNBC. They are the part-time pacifist paper warriors of the Iranian community who are mostly dead during the real times of war but alive during the times of relaxation when Democrats are in office!

These crap shooters and poker players are only in public eyes when a Chinese Stooge and an Iran Lobby’s friend such as Biden is in the office! As soon as a corrupt Democrat or the most corrupt Democrat career politician, a dirty diaper such as Joe Biden, the Beijing Joe AKA Mullah Joe is in the White House, these warriors become alive!

Typical Iranian Liberal Democrat Pacifist Never Trumper Sheep at No War with Iran Protest
Look at the cheap cardboard sign with cheap paining and BLM black fist!

These Seasonal opposition are in perfect harmony with Iran Lobby and the IRI Regime. All of them play footsy and trade kisses with the Democrats! It is all one big show, a Hollywood production paid for by the blood of the Iranian people and at the cost of the efforts of the True Iranian Opposition who has been fighting the IRI for over 4 decades without taking any breaks for 4 years at a time!

These Grand Warriors can only fool the naïve Iranian public inside and outside Iran who just entered the politics and started reading the news yesterday, or else, the informed Iranian people inside and outside are very well aware of the real nature of these Seasonal Warriors and Fair-Weather Friends of the opposition!

Only if pigs could fly, then these brave liberal pacifist warriors would also grow a pair of cojones! Or maybe a spine!


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