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VOA - Voice of CIA to Reza Pahlavi’s Rescue!
Ahreeman X
April 20, 2021

VOA Voice of America is Anti America
VOA is Produced by IRI Iran Lobby
VOA is Neither Voice of the American People nor the Iranian People
VOA is Voice of CIA and Deep State with a Splash of Iran Lobby

Voice of CIA (VOA) has been lately promoting Reza Pahlavi. Same as other public funded liberal entities and state media such as PBS and NPR which are funded by yours and my tax money, yet propagating the views of the liberals, Deep State and CIA, they have been mass promoting Reza Pahlavi. Specifically, after IPC’s recent expose, exposing Reza Pahlavi’s fraudulent nature, cowardice, opportunism and treason, Voice of America found it necessary to fight back and promote Reza Pahlavi, simply because VOA is not the voice of the American People nor the Iranian People but it is the voice of the CIA and Big Government Hierarchy (Deep State).

IPC’s latest factual and documented exposes, exposed Reza Pahlavi wide open:

Reza Pahlavi Flip Flops: I’m a Republican! Post

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI & 2nd Iran Coup 1984 Thread

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI

Therefore, Voice of CIA (VOA) came to the rescue of Reza Pahlavi because as a State Media and Deep State Propaganda Media, it is VOA’s job to defend, promote and propagate RINOs, Democrats and Liberal Pacifist Fakes such as Reza Pahlavi who has been wasting the Iranian people’s time for over 4 decades:

Reza Pahlavi Interview by Voice of CIA (VOA)
Scattered Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Complete Interview: Interview

Reza Pahlavi’s Nose is Getting Larger and Longer by the Age!
Pinocchio Pahlavi has been Feeding Bull Shiite to the Iranian People for Over 42 Years!
After IPC Expose, VOA Comes to the Rescue of Reza Pahlavi

Reza Pahlavi changes political ideologies like underwear! Now he is a Republican; morely, he is moving towards Socialism! In addition, he has a new justification for his cowardice, inaction and pacifism. Reza Pahlavi states:

“Unfortunately, I cannot promote people getting armed and the Armed Struggle or condemn the IRGC or Basij because this would alienate them to join the people. They also seek regime change and nor are happy with the regime but if we alienate them and they see that they will have no future amongst the people and the future regime, then they will have no choice but to stand with the IRI Regime. In the future regime, we need to establish the security and safety for the society and who do you think will do this job? IRGC, Basij and IRI security forces will be the ones who will establish law and order of the future regime.”

Reza Pahlavi’s statement and so-called logic, as usual is asinine, flawed and not logical, simply because as a college dropout, Reza Pahlavi is politically and historically illiterate!

Primarily, if Reza Pahlavi really believes in this cockamamie theory of his, then why is he apologizing for stating his theory and starts with “Unfortunately” (Motea’sefane)?! If I ever believe in something, I never apologize for stating my belief! I always stand by my belief, no matter if it hurts certain people’s feelings and I surely never apologize (Trump Style)!

Secondarily, Wasn’t it IRI who once taken over the government, jailed, tried, demolished and killed all the Imperial security forces of officer ranks and above? IRI cleansed the security forces from Imperial officers! IRI started from scratch, why not the future Democratic Regime? Where do you think IRGC, Basij, Ansar-e Hezbollah and Committees (Komiteh) came from? They came from IRI starting from the scratch!

Thirdly, Reza Pahlavi must be a moron assuming that any sane future Democratic regime will allow IRGC and Basij Militia Generals, high ranking officers and ideologically devoted Islamist followers to continue serving as the security forces! This will be asking for a future coup to happen! Only an idiot such as Reza Pahlavi would start building the future democratic Iran by drafting IRGC and Basij personnel as the security forces! Even Mullahs were much intelligent than Reza Pahlavi. This is further reason for the people to recognize how amateur, foolish and uneducated Reza Pahlavi is?!

Fourthly, this is just another excuse for Reza Pahlavi to continue side-sitting, remain inactive and promote liberal pacifism! Reza Pahlavi has been strictly ordered by the Mullahs to only talk but not to act, the same way that he has been doing for the past 42 years! Reza Pahlavi is a coward, weak and useless con boy (not even a man) who has been wasting the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people’s time for over 4 decades. He has never done anything and he will never do anything for the people and for the country.

Reza Pahlavi at his height was a RINO Republican and now a Democrat (in American politics) and a Liberal Monarchist and now a Wannabe Republican (in Iranian politics). Reza Pahlavi so far had tried being a Shiite Monarchist, Secular Monarchist, Constitutional Monarchist, Reformist, Moderate, Republican and whatever else he could cling on to power grab and remain relevant in the public eyes! Reza Pahlavi’s 3-minute interviews with the TVs in times of crisis in the Iranian politics are legendary! Every time Iran is in the news, Reza Pahlavi shows up for the TV interviews, but for rest of the year, he is dead and in coma!

Reza Pahlavi Predicts Socialism for the Future Iran!

Just when you thought that it could not get worse, there goes Reza Pahlavi with a brand-new asinine statement! Originally Reza Pahlavi was a RINO Republican (Republican in Name Only) and pro Establishment of GOP, kissing up to John McCain! Just recently, Reza Pahlavi came out with a statement that he is now a Democrat! In this interview, Reza Pahlavi predicted Socialism for the future Iran! He predicted that Social Democrats will win elections in Iran and establish socialism in Iran at least for the first couple of decades after the end of IRI.  This shows the mentality of Reza Pahlavi which moves more and more towards Socialism of today’s US Democrat party. Reza Pahlavi always blows in the direction of the wind and follows the fad of the day! Reza Pahlavi stated:

“Due to the present distance between the social classes, I believe social justice cause will prevail and Social Democrats will win the elections and establish socialism in the future Iran, at least during the first couple of decades!”

So, as I stated before, Reza Pahlavi’s flip flops and political swings are 180 degrees both in the American and the Iranian politics! This fellow believes in so many ideologies which makes one think that he believes in nothing!

Reza Pahlavi’s Devolution in the American Politics
RINO Republican => Democrat => Democrat Socialist

Reza Pahlavi’s Devolution in the Iranian Politics
Monarchist => Reformist => Republican => Socialist

Sad but true: Reza Pahlavi changes political ideologies like underwear!

Other Issues

Amongst the other issues which Reza Pahlavi talked about were the issues of China – Iran Agreement, Russia – Iran Agreement on the Caspian Sea and the IRI Election. I will give you my take on each issue:


Agreement is not transparent at all. IRI hides the details of the agreement from the people. For Islamic Republic which always emphasizes on its independence from both the west and the east, this agreement is surely making Iran pretty much dependent to the China!

IRI buys Chinese and Russian COVID-19 vaccines to not buy from America which produces the best vaccines. Chinese vaccine does not work and Russian vaccine is weak. So go figure! Mullahs sacrifice Iranian people’s lives only not to accept America’s humanitarian and health aids!

We stated our views about the Iran – China Deal here:

Iran – China Deal: Total Internet Espionage & Censorship


Caspian Sea used to belong 50% to Iran and 50% to Russia. Now that new republics created from the ex-Soviet Republics, they also need parts of the sea; however, Iran agreed to 12.5% ownership of the Caspian Sea which at least could agree to 20%. In a way, IRI gave away the Caspian Sea and Northern Iran national waters access to Russia, and the Persian Gulf and Southern Iran national waters access to China! IRI is selling Iran by the pound to Russia and China! Is this what independence mean to IRI?!


IRI Elections are jokes and they are more like Selections via Erections of the candidates by the Supreme Spiritual Leader! In the past, we stated everything we needed to state about the so-called Iranian Elections:

Iranian Election, Selection or Erection?

Iranian Election Cartoons

Naturally participation in the IRI sham elections is a waste of time. We don’t even need to boycott the Iranian Elections because Iran did not have true Elections since 1979!

Reza Pahlavi’s today’s gimmick is being a Republican (Iran politics), a Democrat (American politics) and a Pacifist! Reza Pahlavi had played this cockamamie game for now over 4 decades and he is planning to play this Bull Shiite game until his death! His purpose is to stagnate the Iranian Struggle for Freedom, Postpone the Iranian Nationalist Revolution and Remain a Puppet in the hands of the Mullahs of Tehran and Qom!

Reza Pahlavi’s concepts and comprehensions of the struggle against the IRI has always been flawed, simply because his analysis is completely based on opinion and not facts.

VOA Appeasement of IRI

VOA (Voice of CIA) promotes Reza Pahlavi, simply because no one else except the Cheesy Exiled based Iranian TVs would promote Reza Pahlavi! No one in the opposition, even the monarchists neither believe nor promote Reza Pahlavi because they have learned their lessons from the past 42 years! VOA represents the Deep State, Democrats, Big Government and Joe Biden’s Occupational Socialist Regime. The VOA Agenda is to appease the IRI, promote Anti Americanism and Pro IRI Rhetoric at least for 4 years until the end of the Biden’s fraudulent presidency.

How American Election was Stolen?

People who run or work for VOA are either CIA, CIA Puppets or indirectly at the service of CIA, ass kissing the CIA and the Deep State. By no means, VOA represents an unbiased media unit, voice of the American or the Iranian people. VOA like the rest of the American State Media RFE (Radio Free Europe), NPR, PBS and other Bull Shiite Liberal Media is the voice of CIA, run by the Democrats, serves the Deep State, with a dash of Iran Lobby, appeasing the IRI, polishing the balls of the Mullahs and the testicle of Islam (Beyzeh Eslam)!

What else do you expect from VOA but to interview Reza Pahlavi, publish 10 links and videos from him like he is a relevant Iranian opposition figure or leader of the Iranian opposition?!

Relevance of Reza Pahlavi in the Iranian Opposition

Do you know how relevant is Reza Pahlavi inside the Iranian opposition?

The relevance of Reza Pahlavi to the Iranian Opposition is similar to the relevance of VOA to the American Free Media! So go figure and chew on that one if you can!

To be frank with you, we receive tons of monthly e-mails from the readers, thanking us only to exist and to keep on going as an Alternative Media to the Iranian Media Mafia AKA Iranian Establishment Media AKA Iranian Bull Shiite Media AKA Iranian Kos O She’r Media! On monthly basis, Iranian people thank God for existence of IPC as an alternative to the Daily Kos O She’r (Pussy Poetry) preaching via the Iranian Media Mafia!

VOA Voice of America is Anti America!

Independent Persian on Arab Payroll

Iranian Media Mafia

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Reza Pahlavi’s Nose is Getting Larger!

Have you noticed like Pinocchio, Reza Pahlavi’s nose is getting longer and much bigger?! The difference is that Pinocchio’s nose was getting longer for each lie which he would speak, but Reza Pahlavi’s nose is getting fatter due to decades of reciting Bull Shiite and feeding it to the public! Reza Pahlavi has been switching ideologies and jumping different branches for 42 years!

The older he becomes; his nose is getting wider, longer and bigger! Reza Pahlavi’s nose is getting fat and long, eggplant style!

Reza Pahlavi's Eggplant Show!

Reza Pahlavi’s Rat Show!

Reza Pahlavi the Escape Artist

What’s interesting is the way Reza Pahlavi responds to people’s questions over and over to do something and make a move! Reza Pahlavi repeatedly stirs up, mix and matches subjects, and bails out of the questions without a straight response! People are asking him to take initiation but he tells people on how many in the exiled opposition put everything on the line, even their lives! People are asking about him to make move but he responds with how greats such as Shapour Bakhtiar and Fereydoun Farokhzad lost their lives fighting the IRI. Over and over through the interview, he rejects and shifts responsibility of doing anything from himself and then pretends that he is doing his best with clandestine communications with the IRGC, Basij, and opposition inside! Then he states that he will support the inside opposition and their coalitions but he supports them from outside by doing nothing and cheap talk!

The reality is that for 42 years, so far, Reza Pahlavi had done nothing and that is why the results of all the struggle is nothing!

Next, Reza Pahlavi keeps on referring to the Reformists as parts of the regime and Hezbollah, which we have been shouting this fact for 42 years! Reza Pahlavi trashes Khatami, Mousavi and Rouhani but he skips the fact that he is the one whom a while back was supporting Khatami, colluding with Mousavi and making coalitions with Reformists in his cockamamie NCI - National Council of Iran!

Reza Pahlavi must have Alzheimer or Amnesia! Monarchists often are suffering from a special disease called the “Monarcho Amnesia”! One day he supports a group but the next day he bashes them and critics them!

The reality is that Reza Pahlavi is a great opportunist, charlatan and a con boy (not even a man)! Reza Pahlavi eats the bread by its daily price (Persian expression): Nun ro be nerkh-e ruz mikhoreh!

Reza Pahlavi’s Mission!

Reza Pahlavi keeps on referring to “His Mission”:

“My Mission is to see through that Iran will become free and handed to a Democratic Government, and then if the Democratic Government doesn’t do its job, for me to question them! Once this task is done, my mission is over!”

The reality is that due to Reza Pahlavi’s conniving, conning and deceiving nature, twisting the facts and openly lying to the people, I am simply speechless! What am I going to say about that Bull Shiite statement?! The Fat Boy is a natural born liar, opportunist and a con! Every year, he changes his political stands and forgets everything which he had done and said a year before!

The reality is that Reza Pahlavi’s Mission during the past 42 years has been by the historical order:

Reza Pahlavi’s Mission for 4 Decades +
* “Kun Goshadi” Laziness
* Hanging around the Persian Discos, Cabarets and Concerts
* Inaction and Indifference
* Losing his Ass in the Stock Market due to Not Knowing Jack Shiite about Economy
* Getting Bailed Out by His Family and the Arab Sheiks
* Cooking in the Kitchen
* Getting Fat and Developing His Large Nose to Become Longer
* Supporting the Reformist Hezbollah
* Colluding with the Reformist Hezbollah
* Making Bull Shiite Coalitions with Shady Characters
* Selling Out to the Mullahs
* Becoming a Cartoon Character and a Muppet
* Becoming a Puppet to the US Establishment and CIA
* Conducting 3 Minute Interviews with Cheesy Iranian Exiled TVs
* Sleeping in Coma Year Long after Year Long
* Cooking More in the Kitchen
* Getting Fatter and Developing His Large Nose to Become Much Longer
* Lying to the Public
* Pretending He is Relevant Amongst the Opposition
* Breaking the Record on Being the Most Useless Iranian Alive
* Cooking More Food in the Kitchen and More Bull Shiite to Feed the Public
* Becoming a National Joke as a Useless Bum

That has been Reza Pahlavi’s life in exile in a nutshell!

So basically, that sums it on Reza Pahlavi’s latest shenanigan and VOA’s latest investigative journalism, Bang O Salavat Style! This is what we refer to as Bang O Salavat Journalism because these cheesy Iranian TVs, first Bang Screw the People by their daily dose of propaganda ordered by their Mafia bosses (such as CIA) and then they read a Salavat blessing (repeated repetition of the same Bull Shiite So-Called News, orchestrated by them)!

And there’s your prayer ……


Dr. X


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