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Amen and Jesus’ Revelation
Nicholas Ginex Book Press Release


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Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book
News Provided by Nicholas Paul Ginex
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book Press Release
Relation between Amen the Egyptian God & Jesus’ Revelation
Nicholas Ginex
November 19, 2022

Ankh Shining: Ankh Symbol of Truth – Ancient Egyptian Origin
Nicholas Ginex: Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Philosophy Book


This book is quite a philosophical adventure. This is a valuable book of philosophy based on the concept of the relation between the Amen (Amon) Ancient Egyptian God and the Jesus’ Revelation. Ginex explores that Amen is the first monotheistic God and seeks to dig deep into the Amen’s relation with Jesus and his revelation. In this book Ginex focuses on Evolution of Enlightenment through Interaction and Dialogue!

Through research, investigation and documentation, Ginex primarily elaborates on why he is writing this book. He explains on how this book could educate and inform his own daughters, family, friends, community and the people of earth about the “Truth.” To comprehend the philosophical truth and the origin of Amen, it is crucial for the mankind to study this book.

Afterwards, Ginex moves on to explaining the true meaning of the term “Amen,” its history, the historical character behind the name, its origin, transformation of the word, relation of the term with Christianity and other religions, and finally, the connection between the Amen and the Jesus’ Revelation.

In this book, Ginex discusses the importance of all religious leaders to focus on the teachings of one “Truth” from a single God to the sons and daughters of God. He discusses how all religions and religious leaders must come together and unitedly preach love and peace, the true message of God for the mankind. Ginex further elaborates that petty fractions must not cloudy the clarity of the message which is mankind must focus on love for one another. The goal is to progress the mankind to a higher level of philosophical and spiritual understanding of himself and the universe around him.

In this manner, Ginex starts his philosophical journey by study, research discussions and documentation of his ideas and progress of his beliefs through documenting a series of dialogues with respectable members of two forums, “Gather” and “Theology Web.” These dialogues have been conducted with a number of people from different sides of the philosophical spectrum including Atheists, Agnostics and Theists. Ginex is a firm believer that we learn and evolve through dialogue; therefore, we progress and know more about the truth through the dialogue.

A Break from the Tradition

Ginex as a philosopher and historian often sticks to the historical facts and the latest discoveries in his historical and philosophical novels. He does not allow his personal beliefs and others’ personal beliefs, affect his research and writings; therefore, he excludes personal beliefs and opinions from documenting history and philosophy. This book is a break away from traditional “Ginexian Method!” In this book, Ginex allows documentation of various people’s personal beliefs and opinions on God, Religion and Philosophy. Ginex records his personal dialogues with these respectable members and publishes them to inform and progress to a better public understanding of the concepts such as God, Religion, Universe, Us and the Philosophy. This is a new revolutionary approach for Ginex and a step away from the traditional documentation of history.

So, this book unlike his other books, is not a historical, philosophical or a scientific novel, but a book on collective of dialogues to make the reader think and see beyond the documented resources. It is an interesting read for history and philosophy enthusiasts and the seekers of truth, but you must read through this book with an open mind to enjoy it.

Ginex once a while takes a step away from the ordinary and this book is that step. In the book, Ginex emphasizes on the non-static truth:

“This book reveals truth is not static, but must change based upon continued experiences and acquired knowledge. Presented are the views and opinions of the members of two different forums: one is “Gather” and the other is “Theology Web.” You have the benefit of reading stimulating and mind-awakening conversations by people who are deeply religious and knowledgeable of scripture. It is instructive to read how they supported their beliefs; some had well-founded reasons based upon scripture, while others resorted to circular reasoning and defensive comments. It should be of interest to observe how the author supports his assertions and conclusions, many of which were presented in Future of God Amen Book.”

Ginex also emphasizes on the importance to focus on the unity of God as one God to bring the universal love to the mankind:

“Unity in the belief of God is a challenge for the future. We are still in an infant stage in the understanding of God and our purpose as creatures of God. There is no doubt that to break the chains of dogma that restrict religious leaders to have an open mind and provide the mandate of their profession, which is to teach us to love one another, they will need the assistance of perceptive and loving daughters and sons of God.”

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book

Amen and Jesus’ Revelation is another philosophical journey by Ginex but with a different twist of faith and adventure! Jump on the adventure and enjoy the dialogues which makes you ponder and think outside the box. We recommend this interesting book by Ginex.

Dr. X

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(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

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