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Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media
Alternative News Networks vs. Mainstream Media
List of the Real News Networks

Ahreeman X
October 1, 2020

Democrats and Media Collusion Club Branco Cartoon
Media is a wing of the Democrat Party
Democrat Party is a wing of the Deep State

Fake News Media

It is no secret that the American Media is liberal biased, a wing of the Democrat party, preacher of the leftist propaganda and the fake news. Globally, the media is often leftist but the American Mainstream Media gives a new definition to the “Liberal Bias”! The Mainstream American Media has one job and that is to propagate for the Democrats and preach the leftist lunacy!

You are familiar with the leftist indoctrination and nonsense such as the global warming, green new deal, social justice, institutional racism, systemic racism, white privilege, toxic masculinity, turning the society to LGBTQ, choosing your gender, choosing your race, safe space, Black National Anthem, ANTIFA & BLM Marxism, destruction of morality, death of gun rights, end to your free speech, censorship of conservatives, end to freedom of assembly, shutting your voice and silencing you in your lockdown homes to create a Socialist Utopia in the USA!

The Deep State wants to be your Master and need you to become their Sheep! It is called the Modern Slavery and you are the slave. They bombard you with the Fake News, False Information, Rigged Search in the Search Engines, and indoctrination rather than education in schools and the universities!

On top of the Fake News Media list are CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, VOA, Washington Post, New York Times and other Fake News Networks, Ragazines and Ragpapers!

In this day and age that the Media, the Social Media, the Tech Giants, the Entertainment Industry, the Hollywood, the Academia, the International Corporations, the Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex are all and all anti-American Constitution, anti-American people, anti-National Populism and anti-Trump, people look for the alternative sources of the news.

80 % of the American people do not believe the media anymore. American people and the people in general are seeking true information in the Alternative News.

Fake News Media Whistleblower Ben Garrison Cartoon
4 Years of Media Witch Hunt of Trump via Fake Whistleblowers!
Have you ever wondered who are all of these anonymous whistleblowers in the various media reportage? It is all fake! The media creates the fake story, then quotes from the fake narrative and next fabricates a fake talking point!

Real News Networks

Today, we are living in a world controlled by the Tech Giants, Social Media and the Media, shoving fake news in to your brains to brainwash you and control every aspect of your lives. They force their worldview, political correctness, and leftist doctrine upon you. If you do not follow their lead like an obedient herd of sheep, then they will target you, censor you, ban you and squeeze the livelihood out of you. If they can censor the president of United States, then imagine what they can do to you!

It is now about 4 years that the Deep State tries to commit a coup and overthrow the legally elected president of America, Donald John Trump! One hoax and Bull Shiite investigation after another! They truly want to silence you. It is the rise of the Tech Oligarchs and the Neo Mind Control!

We offer you a list of the “Real News Networks”. These networks provide you with information which is never broadcasted by the Mainstream Media. The rating of the Mainstream Media is going down by the speed of light, simply because the people do not trust the media anymore. Social Media is also fake and in the bed with the Democrats and the left. It is crucial for the public to seek alternative news sources.

Tech Giants, Social Media and the Mainstream Media want you to be an obedient Sheep! Do not remain a Sheep! Break free from the web of lies, propaganda, lunatic leftist indoctrination and the PC Bull Shiite! Be a Free Thinker and a Critical Thinker. Arm yourselves with real information.

Joe Biden Media Bodyguards Gary Varvel Cartoon
Media carries, spoon feeds and protects Joe Biden!
Media protects and elevates empty senile suits such as Joe Biden because the same as the Media, these Empty Suits are also Swamp Creatures of the DC Swamp which needs to be drained! They are all parts of the Deep State.

Here is a list of the Alternative News Networks for the Free Thinkers. Bookmark this page because it is all news you need:

Real News Networks List

News & Commentary

America’s News Network
Real News for Real People
Can be watched on Smart TVs’ digital online streaming, smartcast at Pluto TV and other networks

Newsmax Rumble
Newsmax YouTube
Newsmax TV Live

RAV - Real America’s Voice News
News and Entertainment Network
Steve Bannon and Friends
Can be watched on Smart TVs’ digital online streaming, smartcast at Pluto TV and other networks

RAV Rumble
War Room - Stephen Kevin Bannon Rumble
RAV - Real America’s Voice News TV Live

OAN - One America News Network
One America News Network
Can be watched on Smart TVs’ digital online streaming, smartcast at Pluto TV and other networks

OAN Rumble
OAN Site

Breitbart News
Alternative Conservative News

Breitbart News YouTube
Breitbart News Site

The First TV
Alternative Independent News & Commentary
Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch & Friends
Can be watched on Smart TVs’ digital online streaming, smartcast at Pluto TV and other networks
The First TV YouTube
The First TV Live
The First TV Site

Bill O’Reilly
Independent News & Commentary
Bill O’Reilly Show YouTube
Bill O’Reilly Site

FOX News Network
Fair & Balance News
FOX News Network YouTube
FOX Business YouTube
FOX News Live Now YouTube
FOX Nation YouTube
FOX News Network Site
FOX News Clips
FOX Business Site

Blaze TV
Alternative News & Commentary
Glenn Beck, Mark Levin & Friends
Can be watched on Smart TVs’ digital online streaming, smartcast at Pluto TV and other networks
Glenn Beck on Blaze TV Rumble
Glenn Beck Rumble
Blaze TV YouTube
Mark Levin Show Rumble
Levin TV YouTube
Blaze TV Site
The Blaze
Mark Levin Show Site

Alternative News, TV & Radio
Alex Jones & Friends
Info Wars Banned Videos Rumble
Banned Videos
Alex Jones Show Rumble

Right Side Broadcasting Network
Trump Rallies & Conservative Programming
RSBN Rumble
RSBN YouTube

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show
Talk Radio Inspired by Rush Limbaugh
C & B Show

Tucker Carlson
Free Speech Advocate
Tucker Carlson Show

Dan Bongino
Talk Radio with a Hot Spice
Dan Bongino Show Rumble
Dan Bongino Site

Dana Loesch
1st Amendment Girl
Dana Loesch Show YouTube
The First TV YouTube
Dana Loesch Site

Michelle Malkin
Conservative Commentator
Michelle Malkin YouTube

Golden State Times
California Conservative News
Golden State Times YouTube
Golden State Times site

Rush Limbaugh
King of Talk Radio & Conservative Guru
EIB Network - Rush Limbaugh Show YouTube
EIB Network (Excellence in Broadcasting) Site

Donald Trump
National Populist Central
Donald Trump Rumble
Trump Organization YouTube
Donald Trump Site
Trump Organization Site

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. Rumble

Information & Activism

ACU CPAC (American Conservative Union)
Largest Conservative Union
ACU YouTube
ACU Site

MRC TV (Media Research Center)
Media Bias Monitor
MRC TV Rumble
MRC TV YouTube

Turning Point USA
Conservative National Student Organization
Charlie Kirk & Conservative Students
TP USA Rumble
Turning Point USA YouTube
Turning Point USA site

NRA (National Rifle Association)
Guns & 1st Amendment Advocacy
NRA YouTube
NRA TV YouTube
NRA Site

History, Information & Education

Prager University
True History & Information Hidden from You by the Media & Educational System
Dennis Prager & Friends
Prager U YouTube
Prager University Site

Investigative Journalism, Protest & Riot Films

Andy Ngo
Protests & Riots Films & Information
Andy Ngo YouTube

Armen Rezz
California Conservative
Armen Rezz YouTube

BLW (Be Like Water)
California Conservative
BLW (Be Like Water) YouTube

Undercover Investigation

OMG - O’Keefe Media Group
James O’Keefe group's Covert Investigations of Bias, Corruption and Crimes
OMG - O’Keefe Media Group

Project Veritas
Undercover Investigations to Mass Expose Corruption, Bias and Crimes
Project Veritas Rumble
Project Veritas YouTube
Project Veritas Site

Black Conservatives

Candace Owens
BLEXIT (Blacks Exit Democrat Party) Black Conservative Movement
Candace Owens Show at Prager U YouTube
Candace Owens Site

Brandon Tatum
Black Conservative Commentator
The Officer Tatum YouTube
Tatum Report Site

Larry Elder
Great Black Conservative Commentator
Larry Elder with Epoch Times Rumble
Larry Elder Show YouTube
Larry Elder with Epoch Times YouTube
Larry Elder Site

Conservative Commentators

Dinesh D’Souza
Great Conservative Mind
Dinesh D’Souza Rumble
Dinesh D’Souza YouTube
Dinesh D’Souza Site

Sarah Palin
Godmother of Tea Party
Sarah Palin YouTube
Sarah Palin Alaska YouTube
Sarah Palin Site

Comedy & Commentary

Greg Gutfeld
Independent Secular Libertarian Political Comedian
Greg Gutfeld Show - FOX YouTube
The Five - FOX YouTube
FOX News Network YouTube
FOX News Network Site
Greg Gutfeld Show - FOX News Network Site

Hodge Twins
Black Conservative Brothers
Conservative Twins YouTube
Hodge Twins Site

Diamond & Silk
Trumpist Black Girls
Diamond & Silk Rumble
Diamond & Silk Viewers View YouTube
Diamond & Silk Site

International News

Middle East & South Asia TV Monitor

i24 News
Middle East & International News from Israel
i24 News YouTube
i24 News Site

Sky News
FOX News Sister Network from UK
Sky News YouTube
Sky News Site

UFO, Ancient Aliens, Time Travel & Paranormal News & Information

Coast to Coast
Extraterrestrials & Paranormal
George Noori, Art Bell & Friends
Coast to Coast YouTube
UAMN TV (UFO & Ancient Mysteries Network) YouTube
Zohar Stargate TV YouTube
Coast to Coast Site

Erich Von Daniken
Father of Ancient Aliens Theory
Erich Von Daniken YouTube
Erich Von Daniken Site

Ancient Aliens
Ancient Aliens Theory Documentaries
Ancient Aliens Series - History Channel YouTube
Series by Category
Ancient Aliens: Where Aliens Here First? - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Alien Origins of Earth & Moon - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Hidden Government Secrets - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrial Impact on History - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Earth’s Unexplained Wonders - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Alien Origin of Religion - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Untold Truth of UFOs - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Alien Connection to Famous Figures - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens: Exploring Ancient History - History Channel YouTube
Series by Seasons
Ancient Aliens Series: Season 11 - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens Series: Season 9 - History Channel YouTube
Ancient Aliens Series: Season 8 - History Channel YouTube
History Channel YouTube
History Channel Site
History Channel Ancient Aliens Show

Video Tubes

Banned Videos



Other News & Commentary Networks

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