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Save American Culture & Civilization

Trump News Network Must be Created
Save American Culture and Civilization

Ahreeman X
November 18, 2020

Trump David vs. Establishment Goliath Branco Cartoon
Modern Day David and Goliath Story of the US Elections 2020
Establishment Goliath armed with the Democrat Party Helmet, Google Strong Arm, Deep State Sword, Fake News Media Shield and Rigged Dominion Software Armor, stands tall as a giant, seeking to rig the US Elections 2020 due to stealing the votes via “Cheat by Mail” ballots in Blue States’ “Liberal Shiite Hole” Large Cities! Stands strong as the final hope for freedom and justice is man of the people, Trump slinging the final rock!

Dark Winter of Socialism

Biden’s “Dark Winter of Socialism” is approaching quick! ANTIFA, BLM and other Socialist Thugs and Democrat Foot Soldiers have already started the assaults, riots, lootings, arsons, thefts, rapes, murders and burning down the businesses and cities nationwide. Any opposing voice will be silenced, beaten and sent to hospitals. You have enjoyed a sample of Democrat Thugs’ Assaults in the streets of America, after the Million MAGA March on Washington DC, where George Soros paid Street Thugs, assaulted and battered the Trump Supporter elderly, women, children and families dining in the local restaurants or trapped in the streets of DC! ANTIFA and BLM Animals are running the streets of the “Liberal Shiite Holes” (large Blue State Cities) and demanding revenge, reparation, social justice, burning down the suburbs and Socialism! Election is not still over but the Biden’s promised “Dark Winter of Socialism” is already here!

Trump supporters harassed, attacked at MAGA march in DC amid clashes with counter-protesters

Antifa Accosts Women, Children, Elderly, and Restaurant-Goers After MAGA March

BLM and ANTIFA Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head After D.C. Rally

Young Couple Wearing Trump Shirt Attacked and Terrorized by ANTIFA

ANTIFA Assaults Black Trump Supporter at MAGA March in D.C.

Trump and FOX News Transformation to Democrat Jackass Branco Cartoon
“FOX News is abandoning its conservative base and joining the Fake News Media!” (Media)
“FOX Management Trying to be Overly Fair and Balance, abandons principles!” (Media)
“Paul Ryan the RINO and the Liberals have Taken Over FOX News Management!” (Media)
“FOX is joining the Woke Mob!” (Media)
FOX Transition to Donkey!
Trump: What’s happening to you?
FOX: Racist!

Short Story of the US Elections 2020

Donald John Trump somewhat cleansed the corrupt rigged system which ran by the Deep State Swamp for so long, to the point that it went beyond cleansing the GOP from the RINOs and now he pushed investigations, planned to release indictments and hold the criminals such as Obama, Clinton, Biden, FBI Management, CIA Management and the complete Swamp responsible for their crimes. In other words, Trump was planning to completely drain the Swamp in his 2nd term, and that was simply a sin in Washington DC; therefore, the Deep State used the pandemic, fabricated the “Cheat by Mail” fraud, and arranged to fix the elections, so Donald John Trump had to go!

Religion of the Swamp is Corruption. The Swamp could not allow Donald John Trump to force convert it from its religion! Trump and Trumpists underestimated how thick the Swamp really is! That is the story of the US Elections 2020 in short!

Senile Old Fool in Chief

That “Dog Face, Pony Soldier, Corn Pop, KKK Friendly, White Roach” (Joe Biden Babbles) has been now “erected” by the “Deep State” as your commander in chief and he has planned a “Dark Winter of Socialism” for you! Look at him as the “Christmas Grim Ripper” (in short run) or “Death of the American Dream” in the long run! Welcome to Democrats’ “Socialist Hell”! Merry Christmas!

Trump Foundation Logo
Graphic design can be inspired to use for the future Trump News Network logo

A Word with President Trump

Biden is now quoting Bible, the same Biden who referred to God as “You Know the Thing”! I imagine, now that he seeks “Unity” and “Healing”, he has seen the light of Jesus and suddenly he remembered that “You Know the Thing” is spelled “God”!

Low Life, Corrupt, Carrier Politicians such as Biden will do anything for votes and once, they gain power, they forget the people who voted for them and pillage and profit from their position like Attila the Hun!

The lockdowns, the mandated masks, the plans for gun grabbing, the media lies, the tech giants’ censorship and suffocation, the end of free speech, the death of individualism, the mourning for free thinking and the lament for the death of America is already here! The “Dark Winter of Biden” has already started!

Dear Donald, you are one of the most intelligent, well read, well-educated and sophisticated presidents of America which has ever lived. You are an economic genius who created the greatest economy on earth. You are a student of history and I do not need to remind you this, yet I will:

Socialist Indoctrination of Generations

Socialism in America have not been created overnight but it all started since the 1960s. Since then, step by step, the Marxists, Communists and Socialists have taken over the Educational System, Entertainment System, Hollywood, Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Unions, Democrat Party and Big Government.

Spineless large corporations have been bending over to their demands and been extorted by the Socialist Thugs. The Deep State Swamp and the Military Industrial Complex works with them because by enabling them and puppeteering them (George Soros), the Swamp can remain in power. Socialist Thugs are the foot soldiers of the Swamp.

Indoctrination of the children begins from the kindergarten, all through the elementary school, middle school, high school and specifically through the college and university! I should know, because I am an Ex University Professor, and as a conservative, always black balled by the Marxist professors and the liberal administration! The indoctrination begins with Nickelodeon, Disney, and then evolves to MTV. At last it gets completed by the Marxist professors and by the time the kids get out of the universities, they transform from the innocent children to America Hating, Socialist, Rioting Mob or Full Pledged ANTIFA and BLM Terrorists! You know it, I know it and the wise Realist MAGA Nation knows it.

Ahreeman X at the University: 3 Galleries

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

I also do not need to lecture you about where I stand because you already are aware of my allegiance and faithfulness to you, National Populist Revolution, Our Movement and beloved America. Let’s just put it this way, I have been with you since the start and I will remain with you until the bitter end. I am no half way and middle of the road comrade. I will always support you solid because you are the closest representation and symbol of what America should be and what the Founding Fathers intended for America to be. The Constitution is safe with you.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

Trump Family Crest Metallic Logo
Graphic design can be inspired to use for the future Trump News Network logo

Trump Somewhat Changed Washington DC

Unlike your average career politician, DC did not change Trump but Trump changed DC!

I recall that when Trump came to power, one of the first things which he stated was that:

“Give me 5 years and there will be nothing left of the GOP but its name! GOP will become the labor party. GOP will become the American Workers Party!”
(Donald John Trump)

You done your best and you were greatly successful by transforming GOP but the Swamp was thicker than you and us thought! The Swamp did not give you enough time to completely drain it! The Swamp fought back full force since the day when you came down the escalator! Even before the presidency, the Swamp was bound to destroy you.

You had plans to Clean the GOP, Clean the Establishment and clean the DC but the Swamp wants to destroy you. They have fought you for 4 years and they try to cheat you out of the 5th year which you were destined needing to finish your mission!

The 2nd Deep State Coup may not even allow you the 5th year!

US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

Save America, I Plead with You

People such as I, we do what we can do but our combine efforts can never sum up to what you can do. I do not want to put you in the spot because I already know that:

I. You left a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle to run for presidency only for love of America and the American people.

II. You have done the most for America and the Americans more than any president in history of the nation. The Tech Giants specifically Google loves to suppress the link to this page!

Trump Timeline of Accomplishments

You have already done a lot for America and you and your family have paid dearly for standing up for America. You are already black balled and went through hell by the Establishment for simply standing up for America as a Great Patriot.

III. I am also aware that deep inside, it does hurt you to see that the unappreciated media, social media, tech giants and the establishment put you down, assassinate your character and sabotage your work. They lead their “Sheep Followers” brainwashed and jump to conclusion about your judgement in the history! I know it deeply pains you to witness these Anti-American Saboteurs either by choice (media and tech giants) or due to brainwash (liberal plantations’ sheep slaves) bash and trash you. No one has a bigger heart and feelings than you and of course these events hurt you but you do not show it in public!

So, I hate putting you in the spot but you are all we have. You are the Patriots’ hope and benefactor. You are the generator which gives us energy; therefore, I go straight to the point:

Saving America is now up to you. Win or lose this contested election, you must create the “Trump News Network”.

Trump Family Crest Official Logo of the Trump Dynasty

Dinesh D’Souza had the Similar Plan in Mind

It is amazing that right after the election day, I thought about this issue and I planned to write an article about it to push you in to creating the “Trump News Network”. A bit later Dinesh D’Souza published a video on YouTube which in it, he preached the similar plan! It looks like you have been thinking about this issue for a while too!

It is amazing that Dinesh D’Souza and I were both thinking the same thought!

Donald Trump Asked Me What He Should Do After Presidency — This Is What I Said

Dinesh D’Souza YouTube

Dinesh D’Souza Site

Dinesh D’Souza as a great conservative mind had the similar plan in mind but the difference is that:

I was thinking of the “Trump News Network
Dinesh was thinking of the “Trump Major Broadcasting Network

The difference is that Dinesh was talking about a complete major network like CBS, NBC or ABC but I was thinking about only a News Network on the smart cast online and / or on the cable.

Honest Media is Needed to Save the American Culture

Let us be very frank here. American Media is corrupt, dishonest and a wing of the Democrat party. That is why we need Real News Networks. Even FOX is compromised. RINOs such as Paul Ryan and Tilted Liberals on the Board of FOX have infected FOX with Leftist compromise, set aside that Rupert Murdoch (Owner) and Suzanne Scott (CEO) never had the backbones to begin with! These people were never true conservatives but RINOs!

Roger Ailes ran FOX as a conservative network. Paul Ryan the RINO corrupted FOX. Simply put, FOX is compromised.

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media

Obviously, you have been playing with this idea since 2016 but I do not know how serious you are about it and how much meat do you put in this thought?! All I am doing here is to clarify this issue:

Cultural Change is Needed

America has been diverted from its destiny since 1960s. Today, we have Marxists and Islamists in the US congress and the Democrat Party. The Squad used to be of 4 members but now they are 7 and expanding! We have Marxists in US congress and government, yet we have Communists and Anarchists as Terrorists running free and creating chaos, riot and terror in streets of America. These are the results of the half a century of Socialist Indoctrination of the Educational System, the “Failed Liberal Educational System”.

To put America back in the track, we need to revive the American Culture. You started to do this task. You are having plans to fully implement this in to your second term but what if there will be no second term? Deep State is literally committing a coup against you and they are planning to black ball all of us as your supporters, also to make the conservatives, the 2nd class citizens!?

Trump Family Crest on the wall of Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Trump News Network

We must create the Trump News Network. You have to seriously think about it and plan it.

Trump News Network - TNN
Trump Broadcasting Organization – TBO

TNN in the micro aspect, TBO is the macro aspect
TNN or / and TBO will be great

A major broadcasting network is best (TBO)
Cable news channel is better (TNN)
Online streaming is good (TNN)

A Cable and / or Digital Online streaming news network is good but a major broadcasting company is better because it creates not only news but everything such as movies, series, reality shows, children shows, cartoons, educational programs and cultural programs to promote Americanism, Patriotism, Morality and Decency. This would be a perfect weapon against the mainstream media which promotes Globalism and hate for America; furthermore, indoctrinates children and the youth.

If you will go with the online streaming, you must be sure that various smart TVs carry the channel in their smart casting system. For instance, “Newsmax” and “OAN” which are giving a hell of a competition to FOX as conservative networks, are both carried on Smart Cast by Pluto TV and Xumo live. They broadcast live on various smart casts and they are free. The way FOX treating its base and betraying our movement and you, the alternative channels like Newsmax and OAN will become more popular and grab a greater piece of the market. Also, these two have become a long way. They used to perform as talk radio broadcasted as live TV but now, they are getting accomplished as real TV news networks with the whole shebang!

Newsmax and OAN are good but they will never become what you can create. You must create a major broadcasting network (preferably) or at least a news network.

Trump Empire Cologne for Men Logo
Super blend of flowers, herbs and spices mixture resulted in a sexy fragrance which drives the women crazy! Only Trump Genius could mix such blend!

Why Trump News Network Will Succeed?

I. You are an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist (like me). You will make sure that TNN will be awesome. Your touch will make the project perfect. Make sure to create the TV Network, related website and the YouTube Channel all at once.

II. You are hardworking, more like a workaholic energizer battery which keeps going and going … with your energy, even if you do not run it and grant someone else to operate it, still with your supervision, TNN will be Big League (your lingo)!

III. You have the name recognition. All it takes is the “Trump” brand to attract millions to watch it. The Trump Name is now an institution, an icon, an idea, a stand and a lifestyle.

IV. Between your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your site, even if we get the low estimate, you already have at least 140 million followers. These are the people who will watch the TNN because unlike the social media which censors you, the TNN will not!

V. You have the dough to make this project a reality. It takes a billionaire such as yourself who loves America to finally do this task. It takes big league money to do this right and you got it.

VI. You are a great decision maker, investor and economical mind. You know what to do. I suggest make it free because it will grab much more viewers. You do not need subscription and monthly fee. You can make up 10 times more with advertisement which various corporations and companies will give you, not because they love you but because it is great publicity for them! Everyone will watch, so the companies will have no choice but to advertise. You will make tons of money. Look at Newsmax and OAN. They are free online streaming now. Eventually they will overcome FOX Nation and FOX News which are paid digital and cable. On the contrary FOX is a major network now with local TV, free of charge by Antenna, everywhere in USA! This is why a Major Broadcast Network (TBO) is better than only a news network (TNN). Think about it.

VII. Trump name is Gold, but what makes it gold is you. Trump the person is the Real Gold. You put your finger on anything and it becomes gold. Steak, Water, Board Game, Cologne, Perfume, Attire, Apparel, Hotels, Golf Course, Apartments and surely TV Network. Hands down and heads down, it will be a smash.

VIII. You have accomplished everything in your life including presidency. You are already the greatest president in the history of America. You have done the most for the people. Have in mind, your greatest legacy will not be your empire but your greatest legacy will be your broadcasting network which will save the American culture!

Trump Stock Market Lead

People often ask me: Looks like you know what the hell you are doing on the stock market because you are successful, so why don’t you give us some tips or at least one tip? Do you know my response? I tell them: See what Trump is buying and selling, and when he is buying and selling them, and then follow his path! Timing is everything. Have faith in Trump!

Trump Two Thumbs Up with Two US Flags Famous Gesture

End notes

Donald, either way, create the network or not, you have left your mark on the history of not only America but the world. You have revived the American Culture, awakened the American Patriots and made Americanism mainstream again. You truly made America great again.

But there is a but, they are already plotting to reverse everything which you have done! They want and they will do their best to destroy everything great which has been done by you. These bastards are shameless, only driven by greed and with no morality. These people sell their own mothers for $ 5!

You said it yourself, you need the 2nd term to make your reforms and changes established. I go further than that and I will state that the Trump legacy must continue beyond your terms but by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Trump siblings or followers. The tree which you planted must grow but if these bastards win 2020, they do their best to pull out the tree by the roots!

For above reasons, only the presidency will not do, but it takes a major network or at least a news network to change the culture and put it back the way it was and it supposed to be. The only way to make sure that America will survive and will be set back the way the Founding Fathers intended is for you to create the Trump Broadcasting Organization (TBO) or at least Trump News Network (TNN) and make sure that it is free and only be supported by the future ad revenue.

Donald, do it and no matter win or lose, do it and do it now to save America. This is your calling, your legacy, your holy mission, your essential role in history and your true calling to become the savior of the American Culture. Do not ponder on this anymore, do not play with the thought, do not tease with the idea because it is urgent.

If America goes, everything goes, the free world goes and freedom dies. I am pleading with you to save America and Americanism. I consider you a “New Founding Father” of America. Many believe the same. Only for this reason, it is your mission, your crusade, and your holy duty to save America. Only you can do it and you do know that it is a must for you to do it. Founding Fathers are looking at you from the above.

Donald, do your historical duty and accomplish your greatest accomplishment. Mark your final work in the history. You have been playing with the thought since 2016 and before, so do not think about it anymore but just do it and save America.

No doubt, one day in the future, America will remember you as the president who saved America in the gravest time of need. America will remember you and all your accomplishments but to do this task will forever leave a Trump foot print on the history of not only America but the world. You shall be always remembered in their hearts and minds, because they will watch the “Trump News Network” for decades and for centuries to come!

Allow me to quote myself:

“One day in the future, the world will remember who built the US Space Force and carved many other achievements to progress US and the world. On that day, Trump’s bust will be carved on Mount Rushmore. On that same day, Obama and Pelosi’s busts will be dumped in the dumpster of history or toilet, take your pick?!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Donald, help us to get there faster,

Where we go one, we go all. We are here and we are on our way to the Shining City Upon a Hill.

MAGA for Now, MAGA Forever


Dr. X


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