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Alien Factor - Ancient Aliens Scientific Theory
Part 1: Macro Analysis

Part 1, 2

Alien Factor
The Philosophical and the Scientific Theory
Part One: Macro-analysis

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: April 3, 2009
2nd Edition: December 10, 2016

Defense Mechanism
By majority, people are creatures of habit. The public is not susceptive to change. They are happy with the Status Quo. When they see change is coming, they automatically panic and build a Defense Mechanism! The public are known to build fortresses around their minds to reject change. The public prefers to maintain slave to the mind control of the church and society. Scientific Change brings progress but the public prefers to stay secure in their comfortable and isolated little corner. It is the scientific people’s duty to evolve the Earth or else the Earth would never evolve and the public will never accept the change! The Intellectual Scientific Few have a crucial task to push forward the Public in to the next evolutionary step thus they shall not banish and become extinct!

Think Outside the Box

I often bring up this metaphoric scenario to the public’s attention for the better comprehension of various philosophical subjects and concepts which I will later on introduce.

The Ghost Starship dead for 100 years, assumes that it is a living environment!

The Starship

Imagine a starship in space, abandoned and out of commission for 100 Earth years. It is all broken apart and destroyed. The ship is a wreck, practically a skeleton body with holes all over it. All the oxygen had disappeared and there are no living conditions available on this Ghost ship; yet, all the crew or what’s left of them, had placed themselves, each in a glass pod! These life-size glass pods provide cryogenics and keep the crew alive in a state of suspended animation. While in suspended animation state, the crew can communicate with each other through their minds. Telepathically they are connected through virtual reality!
100 years had passed, but the crew believes that they are still living during the time period of 100 years ago! They have no concept of time! Their leaders live and operate the ship as they used to do 100 years ago. The complete crew ironically lives in this chaotic harmony, absolutely in the virtual reality, created by their subconscious minds. Pods keep them alive and in suspended animation. They live in their minds, a life of virtual reality belonging to 100 years ago! In their reality, they believe that they are actually living on the starship, operating the starship and they are actually living creatures on a living star vessel. This is the irony of life on a ghost ship in a distant galaxy far away …… or is it?

Let me hit you with the harsh reality. The ghost Starship, all broken apart and dead in the space can be today’s Earth, America or specifically Iran. The starship had died 100 years ago and what’s left of it is only a skeleton body, just a shell. The crew living in the pods and in the suspended animation, living a life of VR (virtual reality) are the Earthlings, Americans or specifically the Iranian Exiled community. Their leaders whom are operating the ghost ship in the dead of space are the Earth Leaders, American Leaders and specifically the Iranian Government or Opposition Leaders, Media Lords and the Intellectual Gurus! The Earth, America and specifically the Iran Ship has been intellectually dead for 100 years and this complete community lives in the chaotic LaLa Land of politics and religion based on fear, superstition and escapism from reality!

Religion, Living in Fantasy

Iranian Opposition in LaLa Land - Iranian Version of Alice in Wonderland!

The goal was to save the ship, but the ship has been destroyed 100 years ago! Now they live as they lived 100 years ago! They each have their little political, religious and racial cults, sects and groups.

Each recommending a remedy to save the mother-ship, but the ship has been dead for 100 years and is now going way off course!

The ship along with everything else that they have known, including their ideologies had died 100 years ago. The crew is divided in to many little tribes (political and religious cults) and still lives in the timeframe of 100 years ago. Their beliefs are dead, their ideologies are dead, their lifestyles are dead, their Gods are dead, their legends are dead, their ship is dead, even their world is dead, but they are still fighting each other, maneuvering this ghost ship from side to side, throwing ultimatums at each others’ faces, and each believes that his own ideology is the prescription to save the mother-ship! They live a life of VR on a Ghost Ship in a distant galaxy far far away…

The Earth (Terra) is that Ghost ship. The Earth is intellectually bankrupt. The Earth is still involved with political, religious and racial internal conflicts which had to be resolved a 100 years ago; therefore, the planet could evolve to a higher consciousness. This was the original plan, but Terrans cannot get beyond their simplistic conflicts and power grabs (Politics, Religion, and Economics). This ship has fallen behind the original evolution plan, and now the residents are living in LaLa Land created by fear, superstition and dependency to various cults, ideologies and religions!

The ship is closely watched and monitored by the Supreme Beings, much superior and advanced than the Terrans!

The Ship needs to change course and get back to reality or be forever lost in space …..

Ancient Alien Astronauts, The Theory

Picture this theory with an open mind,

We have been searching for "The Missing Link" for ages, to finally change "The Theory of Evolution" to "The Law of Evolution". What if The Missing Link is an element totally different than what we had in mind?

We have been searching for a Link between the Primitive Primates and the Evolved Human. We have been searching for a Primate, a Sasquatch, a Big Foot, a Yeti and an Abominal Snowman to fill the connection between the Apes and Human, primitive primates and modern primates. What if we were totally looking in a wrong place?

What if:

The Missing Link is The Alien Factor?

Aliens have been watching us for ages! Originally, Aliens have mixed their DNA with Primates and created us. So your mothers are Baboons and your fathers are Little Green Men! We have been a test subject. Picture Earth as an Aquarium, animals as Algae and us as Fish. How about picture Earth as an Ant Farm, animals as Microbes and us as Ants?!

Alien view of the Earth
How does Earth look to them? How do people look to them? An Ant Farm full of Ants, a scientific experiment which is on the edge of collapse!

Aliens have been watching this experiment for decades, centuries, millenniums and Millions of years. Their concept of Time is different than ours. 100 of our years are a few days for them!

Time, The Fourth Dimension

Time is the fourth dimension. Originally we had Height, Length, Width and now Time as the Fourth Dimension! If everything is Relative (Einstein) and Theory of Relativity is based on the Time Factor, then picture how The Alien Factor Concept can work! How they can travel from one spot to another in a blink of an eye and how is it that according to our concepts, they age gracefully!

Time is also precious, too precious to argue with Reptilian Minds. One Track Reptilian Minds, just action and reaction, flex and reflex, but no emotion, no logic, no ingenuity! Reptilian Mind is pin point needle brain, no frontal lobe, no multi lobes, no complex brain, just a pin point! Time is too precious to be wasted on Reptiles! The majority of public, specifically religious folks are owners of the Reptilian Brains!


How could primitive Egyptians with their primitive tools, drag gigantic heavy stones up the air to build the pyramids? Even today's machinery has a hard time to move so many huge stones and shape a flawless work of art such as pyramids!

How could pyramids in Peru and Mexico be formed by Incas and Aztec's primitive tools?

How about ancient paintings, hieroglyphics and carvings in the caves of Africa, Asia, Mesopotamia and Americas since thousands and thousands of years BC, which shows portraits of Astronauts in various different stories interacting with men and doing various different tasks?

How about the facts of so many UFO sittings for centuries, and all the evidence and films?

How about many other unexplained factors .........?

Did you know one out of ten American has seen a UFO?!

If we be logical about the whole issue, then we can vision that "Evolutionary Jumps" through the history of Evolution and evolvement of species from Amebus to Human, were not all Bio/Chemical Jumps, yet many were affected by The Alien Factor.

Amebus or Amebas are numerous freshwater, marine, or parasitic single-celled microscopic and extremely small protozoa creatures of the order Amoebida.

Some Jumps were in fact the results of the works of Aliens.


Picture this:

We are species on a planet called Earth. This planet is only one planet amongst the many planets of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy which is located in our Universe. Now picture there are unknown numbers of other Universes existing in the space. When you look at it this way, then you comprehend that:

a) How small and irrelevant the human species are!

b) Possibilities of other thinking species existing in the universe is endless!

c) Our problems, political conflicts, economical issues, religious wars, racial rivalries and other issues on Earth seems relatively microscopic and of no importance in comparison to what is going on in our Universe and All other Universes!

d) It is simply idiotic to still believe in Religious Doctrines that there is a guy called God up there sitting in the space, who created all This! And he created us in his own image and we are the only thinking creatures in the universe!

e) Right away questions come to mind that who the hell created God?

You see people have limited minds and right away, they hand you these points:

1. Every element has a creator; therefore, someone had to create All of This Universe, and that is God!

2. God is infinite and eternal. He was always there, is here now, and will always be there forever!

So it is very logical for the average human to believe in this fairytale, because it is the easiest way out of this Fundamental Question of Philosophy, without bothering to do some Deep Critical Thinking and Self analysis! Just believe in a supreme being and leave the rest to him and don't use your brain!

The Alien observes, studies and experiments with Terra and Terrans.

They have no problem believing that God is Eternal and infinite. But they have a problem believing in:

The Scientific Conservation Law of Matters and Energies

which says:

Matters and Energies have never been created nor they will be destroyed, yet they will constantly change from one form to another. The total amount of Matters and Energies in the Universe will always remain the same.

What does this mean?

The Big Lie

It means us (Evolutionists) say that Matters and Energies are in fact eternal and infinite! They have never been born (created) and they will never die (destroyed), but they will transform from one form to another. That’s all to it.

Public cannot digest this scientific logical Law of physics. This is not a theory, but it is a Law.

But public can digest cockamamie stories of Quran, Bible, Torah and other rubbish in the holy Books!

The Scientific View

If we comprehend the fact that our whole Universe and other Universes were always there and will always be there and they were constantly changing from one form to another due to interactions between the Matters and Energies, and internal and external energies amongst the elements, then it is easy to comprehend that nothing gets suddenly created! There is no creator and there is no creation!

The Evolution Graph

The graph of this whole universe and everything in existence would be a Snake-Like graph with up curves and down curves starting from infinity and going to infinity. It has never started from anywhere (one point) and it will never end (in one point)! We have a fixed number of elements in this universe that are constantly transforming to various forms and evolving to more complexed forms. That’s all. Nothing to it folks.

The Scientific Creator

Now if you insist on searching for a Creator, then by all means, consider this logical theory based on scientific facts that The Jump from Primitive Primates to Neanderthals and then Present Human Form has occurred by the Alien Factor. Aliens maybe the creators of human beings but even they did not have the power to create everything in this universe and defy the Laws of Logic and Theory of Evolution!

This is more logical than believing in God or other Mumbo Jumbo Rubbish creation of the Weak Minds!

The Scientific Factors

The Conservation Law of Matters and Energies in Physics is a Fact.

The Relativity of Einstein is a Logical Scientific Theory.

The Evolution of Darwin is a Scientific Theory.

All is missing to it all is The Missing Link. That's all and the most logical explanation is The Alien Factor.

Brain and Mind

There goes your Gods, Prophets, Miracles, Holy books, Religions, Meta Physics, Invisible Forces, Creation, creator and every other imaginary concept which has been formed in your minds since birth by the dictating Church and Society!

Everything they fed you is a Lie. The Big Lie.

Science is your only salvation. Science is the Wave of Tomorrow.

Islam and The Big Lie

Now Muslims infected with the Allahic Virus are the Greatest of The Brain Dead Folks in the universe!

The Iranian Disease

Eventually they will be forced out of their cocoons in the Middle East! They have been fallen behind the times and science, simply because Islam in its nature is Reactionary and Anti Science. Now they are reduced to Suicide Bombers of Allah. Arabo-Muslim has been drowned in Superstitions for Centuries and they do not even know it! The sad part is that they have been dragging us down the Quicksand with themselves and we (Persians) are not even Arabs, Hemites, Semites or true Muslim!

Islam and Muslim are doomed to annihilate because Science knows and has no mercy! Progress with Science or be doomed to banish! Survival of the fittest indeed!

The Defense Mechanism
Why do we build defense mechanism around our minds to battle logic and science?

The Big Picture

Now if you comprehend the Alien Factor, then all your measly problems on Earth becomes small and silly idiotic issues!

Do you see all these Iranians with all their arguments in all their little forums and Talk Shows? They are a deformed species of Ants (deformed and degenerated due to The Allahic Imported Virus from Mecca), living in a Gigantic Ant Farm called Earth! How silly does their Little Ant Community looks?! How silly do all their problems look?! How silly do their arguments look? How irrelevant do their political sects and ideologies look?! Ants in The Ant Farm, that’s all.

In our case, our problem is not humanity in general; our problem is the primitive limited minds of The Iranian Community.

Let me ask you a few questions:

How many Political Parties does a single Opposition to IRI needs?
How many Websites does a single opposition to IRI needs?
How many TVs or Radios does this opposition needs?
How many silly idiotic forums does this opposition needs?
How many leaders does this opposition needs?

Aren't they one opposition opposing the IRI and fighting for the same thing?
Then why 1001 Episodes?


Then they say Variety is good, it creates competition which causes excellence!
Then I say, variety is great but in a Democratic Free Market System, not amongst a doomed exiled minority community living like gypsies around the world without a unified voice or a nation!

First free Iran as a united voice and force, then create 1001 Media units, political parties and sects!

You don’t even have a country. Your country is under the occupation of Islam! Why the hell do you need 1001 TVs, Radios, Ragazines, Rag Papers, Websites, Forums, Political Parties and Sects?

First free your land, next create variety of choices for em-better-ness and competitive reasons! You don’t have a pot to piss in; you don’t need 1001 of the same boring, cheesy and useless Media and Political Party units!

As you see, our people are not evolved. No matter if they pose as a Villager in villages of Khorasan with a beanie hat and baggy pajamas or if they pose as a three piece suit wearing Doctor or an Engineer in America or Europe, the brain waves are still primitive due to the infected Arabo-Islamic Allahic Virus inputted in their brains 1400 years ago, causing them to divide in many sects, each banging on his own drum and bang on each others’ heads rather than unite to fight the common enemy. That’s why they are in need of 100 different political parties, websites and forums and leaders and …. Not a single two can agree on a single issue.

Put one Iranian in a room and you get ingenuity and creativity.
Put two Iranians in a room and you get conflict.
Put three Iranians in a room and you get Chaos!

Because today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians!

That's why once we used to rule the globe as Persians (before Islam).

and now,

We seek salvation in the hands of Uncle Sam for left over Bones from CIA and we beg him to help us see salvation and to free us from Akhunds. Then there are the rest of us who beg as Iranian lap dogs chasing Islam in the rectums of Mullahs to discover salvation!

We rather beg Uncle Sam than to take arms and action ourselves to free Iran!

We have turned to degenerates in 100 sects writing garbage in our forums and keeping an eye to the person next to us to finally stand up and do something but not ourselves! No, we never stand up! It is too hard to stand up and we are degenerated Iranians! How can we stand up?!

Let’s get back to the main subject.

The Alien Factor Concept – The Grand View

This concept opens our minds to new horizons and visions. We will see the universe and universes in a different and larger view. We will see the big picture. It is like, a huge black curtain, lifting up from our view and we start seeing the big picture. We see much more than our usual little view of our own stupid little cult, sect, communications, life and the world. Our world crashes right in front of our eyes. Our Gods crash right in front of our eyes. A New Horizon starts to form. We start to see The Big Picture.

The destruction of The Faith is the first step to the True Salvation.

Faith brings fanaticism. Faith to any God, any prophet, any political ideology, any leader, any cult, any.............. It’s all poison. It’s all deadly. It’s all brain stopping. It stops and avoids the Brain to gain oxygen and to function freely and independently.

Nothing is Sacred and Nothing is Absolute

Nothing is Absolute and nothing is sacred. That’s the first Law to Seek The Truth. Put away all your fanatical beliefs towards any element. Nothing is sacred. Everything must be questioned and studied. That is the scientific way and method. That’s the path of science.

The Beyonders

Some of us do think beyond the box. We are The Beyonders. We were born a few centuries too early! We are way beyond Today's boundaries and today's human relations, specifically our primitive Iranian Community seems extremely baseless, illogical, irrational, primitive and idiotic to us! We are The Beyonders. We are beyond today's social regulations, simply because we are from the future. Our minds belong to the Future but our bodies belong to Today!

Soon or late, The Human Specie is bound to Evolve or doomed to be annihilated. The Survival of The Species indeed. The Strong survives and the weak dies out, survival of the fittest. This has been the story of Evolution throughout the History of the world and mankind. Evolve or be Extinct. But the point is:

Where Do You Stand?

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

Zoroastrianism and the Alien Factor

There is more mystery in between the pages of Avesta, Gatha and Zoroastrian Texts than meets the eye! But you must have the observant and the seeking eye to search for it! UFO sittings are nothing new in Iran and there are various solid documentaries on them. There are theories of various Gateways, Wormholes and Galactic Spaceports existing in Iran.

If you look closely around our beautiful Iran, you will see bits and pieces of super advanced civilizations. You will notice various elements which even the modern science cannot explain. The Faravahar is not just a winged human. It has extraterrestrial roots. Glance at Pasargad, Estakhr and Persepolis, or other Persian archeological sites. Stare closely and you will see out of this world art! This art is not from our dimension and world. Our tools could not create this art.

How about this concept:

The Duality in Zoroastrianism

Faravahar is the perfect proof of the Dual nature of Ahuramazda or shall we say duality of the Ancient Persian God!

Wings represent Good
Claws (original drafts) represent Evil
Human body represents "Man" as affected by both! Yin and Yang.

See the big picture?

Half man/half beast Faravahar (Good and Evil)

Faravahar is the perfect example of duality in Zoroastrian Original Texts before they were used and corrupted by the Mubeds and hierarchy of the Fire Temples.

Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are two sides of the same coin! None is complete without the other!

Where aliens involved?
Half alien and half Terran?

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism, the Real Story

The duality and the Yin Yang concept has been an original Zoroastrian principle. Continued next page.

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