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History of God & Religion

Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God
History of God and Religion

New 2nd Edition: English Book in 9 Chapters
Sequel to: Future of God Amen

Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Nicholas Ginex
March 19, 2021

Amen Egyptian God
Amen AKA Amun AKA Amon Statue
Egyptian God Statue discovered in Karnak, Egypt at 1857, now in Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Time Travel with Ginex

Let us time travel with Ginex in a historical and philosophical journey to the ancient Egypt where it all started and then to Israel, Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. In this journey we seek the origins of the creation of God, history of God and finally we will discover the truth on how all the scriptures, gospels and holy books were based on and speaking of the same entity as God, which was rooted in Egypt! “Amen: the Beginning of the Creation of God” is a wonderful journey through time, history and philosophy. The book digs deep in to the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, hence brings forward new discoveries. Amen is not only a must-read book but it is an adventure of a life time!

Great Temple of Amen the Egyptian God
Amen AKA Amun AKA Amon Temple
Pharaoh Ramses II Statue with Queen Nefertiti carved at the bottom at the Great Temple of Amen in the center of the Karnak Temple Complex historical and archeological site at Luxor, Egypt

Free Speech

In each era of the human history, the so-called scholars, theologists and mainstream educators reject the new revolutionary scientific discoveries, theories and logic-based facts; furthermore, brand them as radical nonsense and blasphemy! They done it to Galileo and they are doing it to Ginex! It has been the same pattern through the history of mankind. Today is no difference. The mainstream so-called experts who control the organized religions, educational system and the media cannot simply bend to the logical and the scientific findings because the latest theories may shake their foundations, fundamental establishment and to destroy their moneymakers! Their milking cows are due to keeping the public ignorant and obedient! In old ages, the establishment had the advantage in keeping the public in the dark but today, in information age, even though the Tech Giants and the Social Media, mass censor the truth and free speech, yet they cannot censor the Internet as a Whole!

Internet revolutionized the transformation and the spread of the information. The governments, Media and Tech Giants love to censor and brainwash the people but they cannot control the complete Internet.

Free Speech Tribunes

Role of the Free Speech tribunes such as the Alternative Search Engines, Social Media, Video Tubes and Grand Networks such as IPC (Iran Politics Club) is to spread the word about the truth which is hidden from the public. The responsible free press must spread the scientific facts, logical theories and unspoken realities of history, science, theology and philosophy. This is why IPC is one of the leading tribunes to spread the truth to the mankind.

Amen the Egyptian God
Amen AKA Amun AKA Amon the New Contemporary Artistic Interpretation

Amen Book

Amen book is the sequel to Nicholas Ginex popular book “Future of God Amen”. The book “Future of God Amen” was Ginex’s most revolutionary, informing and educational comprehensive manual about the history of God on Earth. In this book, Ginex broke the barriers, got rid of the middle men and salvation heelers by bringing the information directly to the public. We have spread the word to mass inform the public.

Future of God Amen
A Call to Daughters and Sons of God
Philosophy and History Book in English

Now, the long wait is over and the sequel is out. You have been waiting for it and now it is here. The new second edition exclusively in IPC with much new information, updates, colorful illustrations, charts, tables, timelines, graphs, maps, scriptures and graphics. Ginex had done a superb job with this new edition. This is Ginex’s gift to the students of history, philosophy, theology, free thinkers, scholars and seekers of the truth worldwide.

Finding and Establishment of Discoveries

In “Future of God Amen” Ginex introduced his discoveries to the readers but in “Amen” his new book and the sequel, he establishes his new theories and colors them with logical facts. In the new book, Ginex goes boldly where a few, only dared to go. Ginex explores new arenas and horizons.

Nicholas Paul Ginex: Author, Philosopher, Theoretician, Scholar, Aerospace Engineer and Egyptologist is a veteran IPC author

About the Author

Nicholas Ginex is a veteran Egyptologist, Historian, Scholar, Aerospace Engineer, Philosopher, Scientific Mind and Author. Nicholas Ginex has been an IPC Author for ages. He is one of the brightest minds and critical thinkers in the contemporary philosophy and science who boldly explores new horizons, breaks the taboos and approaches the scientific facts and new theories. Fearless Ginex has no problem breaking the old crumbling established dogma and rules. Ginex puts forward new revolutionary ideas, theories and even facts, based on the historical discoveries and scientific methods. For decades, Ginex has been studying, experimenting and researching about the origins and the history of the creation of God. Ginex has published various books on politics, religion, Islam, Science, Extra Terrestrials and Government Coverups; however, his bread and butter are philosophy and history. His main trip is research and discoveries about the origins and history of the creation of God. That is what we are discussing here, his new book which is the perfect sequel to his great book “Future of God Amen”. Ginex’s new book “Amen” is a must read.

Ginex’s Main Beef

I have always recommended to Ginex to go back to the basics which is his main beef, the Philosophy! Now he done it again!

Karnak Temple Complex at Luxor, Egypt

Explore with Ginex

Ginex brings reasons, evidence and quotes from Torah (Old Testament), Bible (New Testament), Quran, and other Holy Books to prove and elaborate his discovered findings:

Ginex Elaborates His Historical Findings
* Why Amen is the Beginning of the Creation of God?
* Reasons why the Gospels were Written by the Hebrew Priests?
* Who First Developed the Beliefs in Soul, Hereafter, Son of God and One God?
* What is the World God; a Command Announced Three times in John’s Gospel?
* Why the Judaic, Christian and Islamic Leaders Must Unify their Belief in God!
* Why Pressure Judaic, Christians and Islamic Leaders to Revise their Scriptures?
* Why Religious Leaders Must Teach the True Word of God and to Love One Another?

By reading this book, you will find the answers to the above questions!

Nicholas Paul Ginex Fireplace Chat

Amen Table of Contents

Amen Table of Contents Index
* Acknowledgements
* Preface to Praise for Ginex’s Amen
* Book Reviews

- Praise for Ginex’s Amen
- Concise and Balanced
- BlueInk Book Review
- Author Response to BlueInk Review
- Kirkus Book Review
- Foreword – Clarion Review
- Amen – The US Book Review
- Amen – Pacific Book Review

* Amen Table of Contents
1.0 Jesus Proclaims a Revelation
- Is Amen a Word or a Revered God?
- So Be It
- Verily, Verily and Amen
- Amen, a Revered God
- The Origin of Amen
2.0 Amen, the One Universal God
2.1 Amen, the God of All Creation
- The Creator God Atum
- The Concept of a Soul
- The Ba, Khu, and Sahu
- Belief in a Hereafter
2.2 Atum Transforms to Amon-Re
- The Pyramid Texts
- “Amen” in the Throne names of Pharaohs
- “A Hymn to Amon-Re”
- Amon-Re, the Dominate God of Thebes
- A Pharaoh’s Reverence of Amon
2.3 The Attributes of Amen
- Amen, the Lord of Truth
- Amen, the Just of Councils
- Amen, God of Righteousness and Justice
- Amen, God of War
- Amen, God of Perception
- Amen, Heals and Responds to Prayer
- Amen, God of Mercy
2.4 The Attribute of Love
3.0 The First Monotheistic God
- The Early Years of Amenhotep IV
- The Creation of One Universal God
- Ikhnaton’s Hymns and Temples to Aton
4.0 Amon as the Sole God
4.1 The Priesthood Prior to the First Dynasty
- Nubians, the Stimulus for Egypt’s Unity
- The Remarkable Find in Qustul
- The Priesthood Establishes Osirian Theology
- The Priesthood establishes Solar God Theology
4.2 “Amon as the Sole God”
4.3 The Power of the Priesthood of Amon
- Wealth and Power of the Amon Priesthood
- The Extensive Wealth of the Priesthood
- Egypt’s Ruling Priest, Amenemopet
- Amenemopet is followed by Siamon
- Did Amenemopet and Siamon Assist the Israelites?
5.0 Moses, Father of the Judaic Religion
5.1 Significant Aspects and Events in the Life of Moses
- What Do We Know about Moses?
- Moses’s Greatest Contribution
- The Impulsive Sins of Moses
5.2 Genesis, Psalm 104, and the Ten Commandments
- Genesis Reflects Use of Egyptian Scripture
- Psalm 104 and “The Hymn to the Aton”
- Egyptian Morality and the Ten Commandments
6.0 Catholicism Evolves from Judaism
6.1 Destruction of Judah and Birth of Christianity
- A Few Questions Historians Fail to Answer
- The Destruction of Israel Initiates the Gospels
6.2 Birth of the Christian Religion
- The Gospel of Mark
- The Gospel of Matthew
- The Gospel of Luke
- The Gospel of John
7.0 Rise of an Islamic Empire
7.1 An Islamic Empire Rises Using Force
- Muslim Conquests Under the First Caliph
- Muslim Conquests Under the Second Caliph
- A Muslim Empire by the Fourth Caliph
7.2 What People Need to Know about the Qur’an
- Why “Our,” “We,” and “Us” Identify a Party of Men
- The Qur’an Sanctions a Party to Forbid Evil
- Religious Leaders Preserve Muhammad’s Honor
7.3 Is the Qur’an in Dire Need of Revision?
- The Qur’an Begins with Intimidation and Fear
- The Qur’an Sanctions Fighting and Killing
- The Qur’an Promotes Suspicion and Animosity
- The Qur’an Advocates Terror Against Unbelievers
- A Party of Men Advocates Hatred and Violence
- The We Party Commands Muslims to Kill for God
- The Qur’an Incites Anger and Creates Enemies
- The Quran Commands Muslims to Behead Disbelievers
- Religious Leaders Use the Qur’an to Command Believers
- The Qur’an Variations of the Ten Commandments
7.4 Missing is the Command to Love One Another
7.5 The Beauty and Flaws of the Qur’an
- Abominations in Judaic Scripture
- Abominations in Christian Scripture
8.0 Jesus’s Revelation and the Future
8.1 The Revelation of Jesus
8.2 “The Hymn of Jesus”
8.3 The Dishonesty of Some Christian Bibles
8.4 Jesus’s Revelation Presents a Religious Challenge
8.5 Recommendations for Religious Leaders and Worshippers
8.6 Scriptures Need To Be Improved
8.7 Two Profound Verses and Word of God
- Daughters and Sons of God
- The Word of God
9.0 Appendix: Author Initiatives
9.1 Typical Letter to Religious Leaders
9.2 List of Religious Leaders
9.3 Press Release for Future of God Amen
9.4 Letter of Appreciation from Library of Alexandria
9.5 Postcards Sent to Public Libraries
- Cont. – Typical Post Card
9.6 Overview of Amen and Jesus’ Revelation
9.7 An Overview of God, Us, and the Universe
9.8 Worldwide Amen Release
9.9 Publicist to Promote Amen
9.10 Trifecta Review Service
9.11 Provide History of Religion and God
List of Figures
List of Tables
Amen, The Beginning of the Creation of God
Author Bio

Nicholas Ginex’s Amen Book Cover
Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God

Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God Book

Now that you own the sufficient background information about this wonderful book, the author and the subject in hand, you are ready to read the actual book and view the magnificent illustrations.

The new 2021 2nd Edition updated version of the “Amen” book with color illustrations and additional material is only available online, exclusively through IPC. The hard copy is the old black and white version.

IPC Iran Online Library is proud to present the new 2021 2nd Edition color illustrated with additional material of the:

Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God

Also, do not miss this informing and educational debate:

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Debate: Philosophy of Existence

We recommend this valuable book:


“Knowledge Without Action Means Nothing”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

Enjoy the book.

Dr. X

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