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28 Contradictions of Baha’i Doctrine

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
28 Contradictions of Baha'i Doctrine

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: December 4, 2014
2nd Edition: February 9, 2020

Baha’i Propaganda Symbol Graphic
Baha’i Symbol of 9 Pointed Star Uniting all the Religions as One World Religion:

“One World, One Language, and One Religion under One Banner: The Baha’i Banner”
Religions Clockwise from top:
Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism
9 pointed star is the sign of Bahaism. Number 9 represents Baha, and also 9 members of the UHJ.


Allow me to warn you: If you are not familiar with my writings, be aware that this research document is “Politically Incorrect” because I am a “Politically Incorrect” person. “Political Correctness” is a Liberal disease which has infected our society. I am not about political correctness but I am about facts, logic, reality and direct approach. This document is about religion and it is a sensitive subject for the politically correct folks. If you are a politically correct person, then you may think twice before reading this document, simply because I have a very bold, direct and factual approach to the subject. I deal with facts and not political correctness. Having sated that, now please enjoy reading.

Primarily I will discuss a number of issues about the Baha’i Cult, such as Baha’i Cult’s history, Baha’i Cult Founder’s history, Baha’i Infallible Saints’ history, the infallible Baha’i Universal House of Justice (UHJ) governing body’s history and so on.

Be very patient and read this document thoroughly because it may change your life or even save your life! Read until the end because at the end of this document you will find a gem.  At the end of this document I will name 28 Baha’i Cult Contradictions. Bahaism is a Cult with a vast number of contradictions within its doctrine, laws, regulations and belief system. The public is often not aware of these contradictions; therefore, it is time to unveil the truth and contradictions about this global cult named the Baha’i Religion.

If you are a Baha’i, this document is the key to your Freedom!
If you are not a Baha’i, this document will teach you a few new facts.
If you are a Free Thinker, this document is enlightening to read.

So sit back, relax and get ready to be shocked, entertained and enlightened. Enjoy:

Universal House of Justice Intimidations

Baha’i Cult, the same as the Scientology Cult, is a global financial corporation which is run by its governing body named the Baha’i “Universal House of Justice” (UHJ) located on the slope of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. UHJ was officially established in 1963. UHJ legislates Baha’i laws and controls every aspect of Bahais’ lives. Every Baha’i, like a robot and a machine looks above for the ”Orders” from the UHJ on how to think and conduct his or her life. UHJ controls the minds of each and every single Baha’i. UHJ is the brain of the Baha’i Cult, a Financial Corporation and a Brainwashing Machine which controls the Baha’i Cult and Corporation.

Universal House of Justice

Various Ex Baha’i colleagues and non Baha’i colleagues are concerned that writing this article will inflame the Baha’i Universal House of Justice (UHJ), force them to intimidate IPC and to retaliate against me.

Baha’i Universal House of Justice Seat Building, Haifa, Israel

Allow me to clarify my stands on this issue. For over 35 years I have fought against Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and for over 14 years I have fought IRI with IPC. IRI has done its best to assassinate me, hack IPC, sabotage IPC, get IPC off the air and eliminate me. IRI is the central heart of the global Islamic Terrorism which finances a huge number of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood and more. Islamic Republic of Iran is a terrorist sponsor nation and heart of the global Islamism with lobby groups propagating for its cause in USA.

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Chapter 1

In comparison to IRI, the Baha’i Universal House of Justice is like a fart in the wind! I have taken on IRI for over 35 years and played them like a toy; morely, I am still alive. I assure you that I have no fear of the Baha’i UHJ. The UHJ is a global rodent infestation which I truly did not have time earlier to expose them; however, now the time has come to exterminate this infestation from the people’s minds and to expose the Baha’i Cult’s true face. No Fear Ahreeman they call me.

Where I Come From?

Before I start exposing the Baha’i Cult, you may want to know where I come from.

For those not familiar with my work and I, allow me to state that I am an atheist. I solely believe in logic, science, evolution and rationalism.

I believe that Organized Religion has been made for the “Weak Minds” to escape to. There is no shame to have a weak mind in need of dependency to God, Prophets and Religion. Addicts are in need of Drugs and Weak Minds are in need of Religion. There is no shame in that. If you need religion to be a moral person, then more power to you; however, I am strong enough to be a moral person without the help of any God or Religion. I do not need any Myth (God) or Con (Religion) or Charlatan (Prophet) to teach me morality. I am a free thinker, I think for myself. I do not need to be a “Born Again” because I was born right, the first time!

To live in a world with Gods, Prophets and Holy Books and be a slave to some God is like living in a storybook or living in fantasy (Zendegi dar Alam-e Haparut). Some people live their whole lives in this fantasy world. Please come back to reality!

Religion, Living in Fantasy

What distinguishes Zarathustra and Buddha from the rest of these charlatans (prophets) is that Zarathustra and Buddha unlike the rest of these charlatans have never claimed to be prophets of God but they have only claimed to be simple philosophers. In case of Zarathustra, he claimed to be a simple poet and philosopher. This is why I respect Zarathustra and Buddha as philosophers. Later on, the hierarchy of the Fire Temples and Buddhist Temples created a prophet out of Zarathustra, a prophet and in many cases a God out of Buddha!

The rest of these charlatans and magicians have claimed they are prophets of God, Son of God and some even claimed that they are God!

Again, if you are in need of being a slave to some God and have such a weak mind that your life is meaningless without a God to worship, hey that is your business, but when it comes to dictating to the world to rally under Allah and Muhammad, then it is my business to expose your infection and virus named Islam.

Baha’i Cult and Bahais’ Dilemma

Having said all that about Religion, I shall state that the most dogmatic religion in the globe, only second to Islam is the Baha’i Cult.

Any person, who believes that Muhammad was a divine prophet of God, must have a screw loose, is mentally challenged and has an inferior mind. Well, I got news for you: Bahais believe that Muhammad was a legitimate prophet of God and Islam is a legitimate religion. I bet many of you did not know that, now did you?

Then the funny thing is that Bahais nag, moan and scream human rights about Muslims discriminating against them and killing them! It makes one wonder if Bahais are masochists or they are well deserved of all these Muslim atrocities against them?!

About Baha’i Cult Principles

Bahaism is called “World Faith” because:

a. It is found in 300 countries and territories in the world. All world’s faiths (supposedly) find a unity in Bahaism. Have in mind that we only have 196 countries in the world and Bahais went out of their ways to spread their cult in every country and territory!

b. It preaches Internationalism or so called “World Mindedness”; no racial prejudice and a complete strive for equality in the entire world. Yet the Baha’i UHJ keeps this part out that Bahai’s ideal world and the plan for the future is “One World, One Language, One Religion and One Global Community united under the Baha’i Banner.”

If you think about it, Islam wants the same thing! Muslims do it with force (Jihad) but Bahais do it with Lies, Politics, Cult Tactics, Brainwash, Intimidations and Trickery!

c. Baha’i “New World Order” is a clear pattern which Bahais offer as their goal.

Bahais believe in Allah (Arabic God). Allah reveals His word in each period of history through a chosen individual whom the Bahais call the “Manifestation of God”. His teachings are revelations from Allah. Bahais believe in all past “Manifestations of God” such as Moses, Jesus and indeed Muhammad.

There is only one God and no other God than Allah who taught these prophets the same religious faith and has met the needs of the people for different periods of history. This principle is called the Baha’i “Progressive Revelation”.

The basis of the Baha’i Cult is that one God (Allah) has given the man one faith through the “Progressive Revelation” of his will throughout each period of the world history.

Bahaullah reveals Allah’s will for this age and this time period. But how long will this historical time period last? Only Allah knows!

Bahais work to unite all the people of all backgrounds into one order which is the Baha’i New World Order.

To do this task, Bahaullah emphasizes these principles:
(Check my remarks in the parenthesis)

1. Man must seek truth in spite of custom, prejudices and tradition (Truth of Bahaullah that is)
2. Men and women must have total equality (supposedly said than do)
3. Creation of an international language (What language that would be?)
4. All children must receive equal basic education (of the Baha’i Cult)
5. A total effort to wipe out all prejudices (except prejudice of UHJ!)
6. Religion and science go hand in hand (on the contrary they oppose one another)
7. Abolish extreme wealth and poverty (sounds like Socialism)
8. Strong marriages, no gambling, drugs, drinking, lodge membership, political involvement, or idleness (sounds good but Bahais are highly political incognito)

Facts on Bahaism

I. Bahaism is a sadly put together, mix and match principles stolen from ancient Persian philosophies, Quran and Bible. It is created to be appetizing to the intellectual Iranians and the westerners because it has a sophisticated outlook, yet it is rotten to the core and baseless to the center of its doctrine.

II. Bahaism does not antagonize other religions; furthermore, grasps them as legitimate religions and respects their prophets. This is not due to harmony and good will, but it is the Baha’i tactic to draft all the people for their strategy which is their future Baha’i “New World Order”.

III. Bahais are masters of False Logic (Safsateh). They use all religions and the holy books to defend Bahaullah!

IV. Bahais play word games. They do not admit that all holy books before Ketab-e Aqdas are exact words of God (Allah), but they say they are terms of the “Manifestations of God” for that particular period of the human history! Why they do this? Because if they admit that all holy books are exact words of God, then these holy books will reject Bahaullah as a prophet and Bahaism as a legitimate religion!

V. Bahais are great storytellers. They connect everything from the chicken milk to the computer technology and create an upside down logic to come up with reasons defending Bahaullah’s legitimacy! Bahais tell wondrous stories. Bahais’ endless speeches and false logic is legendary (Haraf va Safsateh-gar).

Baha’i Cult History

The main characters and holy saints of this cult are:

Bab (1819 – 1850)
Bahaullah (1817 – 1892)
Abdul Baha AKA Abbas Effendi (1844 – 1921)
Shoqi Effendi (1897 – 1957)

Bahaullah the Baha’i prophet wrote:
Ketab-e Aqdas = Most Holy Book (on Laws)
Ketab-e Iqan = Book of Certitude (on Theology)

Abdul Baha wrote:
Will and Testament of Abdul Baha

These are the major texts of the Baha’i Cult.


Bab [Seyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi] (1819 – 1850)

Bab the Babi and Baha’i Saint
Babis and Bahais conflict over this issue.
Babis believe that Bab is the prophet of Allah and Bahaullah is not legitimate.
Bahais believe that Bab is the second most important person and the holy saint of Bahaism. Bahais believe that Bab foretold the coming of Bahaullah.

Bab’s Selected Writings are over 130 pieces and are known as Holy Scriptures by both Babis and

Seyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi was an intelligent and clever con artist with a large head. On 1844, Seyed Ali claimed that he is Bab (Gate). Bab is in reference to the Well’s Gate where Mahdi the 12th Shiite Muslim Imam has disappeared and the good Shiite are awaiting for his reappearance. Have in mind that Mahdi is a fictional character created by the Shiite scholars to keep the good Shiites occupied with superstitious stories, collect their money and maintain them as obedient religious cattle.

Eventually some Umma’ who been waiting for Mahdi, gathered around Bab. His followers were named as Babi. Babis started an unrest in Iran which due to Shiite’s dissatisfaction, it could lead to a full blown religious riot and war.

Muslim clerics saw this as a threat; therefore, Babis became under persecution. Bab was prisoned, exiled, tried and executed by the blessing of the Mohammad Shah Qajar, supervision of Nasser Edin Shah Qajar (back then crown prince) and by the order of Amir Kabir, the great prime minister of Iran.

Amir Kabir and Bab

Have in mind that Amir Kabir was a giant hardcore Nationalist and a Great Iranian Prime Minister. Amir Kabir is an Iranian Icon. So when Amir Kabir ordered the execution, then there must be some validity and good reason for it.  

Two years after Bab’s execution, Babi leaders plotted to assassinate Nasser Edin Shah which the assassination failed. After this incident, Nasser Edin Shah became paranoid and suspicious of the Babis and Bahais. Nasser Edin Shah thought of Babis and Bahais as agitators and anarchists.

Bab Shrine, Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel
Bab the Babi and Baha’i Saint
After the execution of Bab, ordered by Amir Kabir, his remains were dumped outside the Tabriz city gates to be eaten by the animals but his followers took it away. Later on, Bahaullah took the upper hand and ordered the remains to be taken to abroad and Abdul Baha had finally done it. Bahaullah wanted to take the remains to abroad to build a shrine for Bab; therefore, it would give him legitimacy as his earl and prove that Bab had foreseen his coming. Eventually Abdul Baha planed the shrine and Shoqi Effendi finished the project by the Bahai’s money.

So Bab claimed he was Mahdi the 12th Shiite Imam; therefore, he had the right to execute the final provisions of the Islamic law. Technically this made Bab to have equal status as the prophet Muhammad!
Bab declared that his own revelation as the "Gate" to the Imam Mahdi was not the final revelation. Bab stated that in the future there will come his successor whom he referred to him as "He who God Shall Manifest". At the same period, Bab had stated that this promised arrival was known only to God, and no one could falsely claim to be him. Bab also indicated that the next manifestation would appear “Suddenly” and “Unexpectedly”.


Bahaullah [Mirza Hussein Ali Nuri] (1817 – 1892)

Bahaullah the Founder and the Prophet of the Bahai Cult

Bahaullah = Glory of Allah (Arabic God)

Mirza Hussein Ali Nuri was a visionary and a man ahead of his time; however, he used his blessings as a mean to claim prophet-hood! Mirza Hussein Ali Nuri named himself Bahaullah which means “Glory of Allah” (Arabic God).

After Bab’s death, many Babis attempted to seize control of the Babi Cult and name themselves as “The Anointed One” but they failed.

Bahaullah was a Babi opportunist whom on 1863 seized the opportunity and saw the perfect timing to claim prophet-hood. Bahaullah claimed that he is the one foretold by Bab as the upcoming one! Bahaullah claimed he is the “Manifestation of God” foretold by the past religions and holy books of his coming. On 1863 Bahaullah clearly claimed that he is the messianic anointed one who been promised by all the past religions to come.

Of course many Babis do reject the claim of Bahaullah to be the foretold one and the anointed one. They see Bab as a legitimate prophet but Bahaullah as a false prophet. This is like the Pot calls the Kettle black!

Bahaullah founded the Baha’i Cult. Technically both Bab and Bahaullah were challenging the core of the Shiite Islam by disputing the finality of Muhammad and the need for Mullahs (Muslim priests).

Bahaullah states that the divine revelation occurs in stages. This is the concept of the Baha’i progressive revelation. Each stage is suitable for the level of human understanding at that specific historical era. Bahaullah boldly proposed that he is the Ultimate Messenger of God. Bahaullah stated that he is the Messiah promised by the Jews to come, the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ and indeed the return of the Mahdi, the 12th Shiite Imam!

Abdul Baha

Abdul Baha [Abbas Effendi] (1844 – 1921)

Abdul Baha the Saint of the Baha’i Cult and the Eldest Son of Bahaullah

Abbas Effendi was the eldest son, the successor and earl of Bahaullah. Abbas Effendi was named as the inheritor of the Baha’i crown and the Guardian of all Bahais, by Bahaullah. After all, Bahais are machines who follow order and they are not free thinkers! Therefore Abbas Effendi named himself as Abdul Baha (Servant of Baha) and started his reign of Bahais. Abdul Baha’s main writing is: “Will and Testament of Abdul Baha” which is one of the most sacred texts of the Baha’i Sect.

Bahaullah came up with the concept of the Elected “Universal House of Justice” (UHJ). Abdul Baha came up with the concept of the Appointed “Baha’i Guardianship” which was an appointed hereditary Guardianship of all Bahais, pretty similar to the Shiite Religion’s “Supreme Spiritual Leadership”. Have in mind that the UHJ concept was not fully executed as the governing body until after the death of Shoqi Effendi, Abdul Baha’s successor and this occurred only because Shoqi Effendi did not have a successor! Now Bahais claim that Shoqi Effendi visioned the UHJ as the ultimate governing body after his death and he specifically demanded for it.

Shoqi Effendi

Shoqi Effendi (1897 – 1957)

Shoqi Effendi the Saint of the Baha’i Cult and the Grandson of Abdul Baha

Shoqi Effendi was Abdul Baha’s grandson and he was appointed by Abdul Baha as the Guardian for Bahais.

Shoqi Effendi to Baha’i cult was L Ron Hubbard to Scientology Cult! Shoqi Effendi was the one who truly internationalized the Baha’i faith. Shoqi developed the global plans, established the global administrative structure, actively propagated and promoted the religion, monetized Bahaism, turned the Cult to a grand Financial Organization, established the UHJ as the governing body for after his death and constructed Bahaism as a major global cult.

Bahais elect the local and regional “Spiritual Assemblies” (9 members) which runs the shows. There exists also “Appointed Individuals” in the local, regional and international levels whom are often also “Mobaleq” preachers (Baha’i Mullahs).

Baha’i Miracles and Prophecies

Basically for these so called prophets to be considered legit, they should either perform miracles, predict the future or both.


Miracle means performing acts which are not possible in nature. There is no evidence that Bahaullah has ever performed a supernatural miracle.

Baha’i nonsense prophecies and miracles have a long root in the Iranian psyche. Fall of the world rulers, prediction of the World Wars, Rise and fall of the Communism, landing of the Man on the moon and everything else from the invention of sliced bread to creation of the nuclear bomb has been predicted by Bahaullah! The reality is that Bahaullah was a visionary, an intelligent man and a person ahead of his time but none of these predictions stick because any progressive man at the time could do as much prediction on any subject that Bahaullah had done! This does not prove that Bahaullah had supernatural powers and he was prophet of God. On the contrary, Bahaullah had used his gifts as a magician and a charlatan to gather the crowd, create a cult, make a lot of money and fabricate chaos in Iran.

Charlatans portray their ahead of time intelligence and magic as miracles to prove their legitimacy.

Wondrous Stories have been told from Baha’i generation to generation and these stories have created a myth of Bahaullah. Baha’i nonsense stories are world famous and Bahais are great story tellers. Baha’i Mobaleqs are nothing short of snake charmers of India!

Let us state some of these stories:

Story of Bahaullah’s Amazing Environmental Miracle

Abdul Baha has stated that:

“One of Bahaullah’s greatest miracles had occurred in prison. Bahaullah was a prisoner in chains and a captive; however, he surrounded Himself with panoply and He wielded power.

The prison changed into a palace, the jail itself became a Garden of Eden. Such a thing has not occurred in the history before; no former age has seen its like: that a man confined to a prison should move about with authority and might; that one in chains should carry the fame of the Cause of God to the high heavens, should win splendid victories in both East and West, and should, by His almighty pen, subdue the world. Such is the distinguishing feature of this supreme Theophany.”


Now it is not clear that if Abdul Baha is speaking metaphorically or literally; however, either way this story is a pile of meaningless nonsense which goes nowhere. A typical Baha’i rhetorical tale which in Persian we refer to as:

Dastan-e Bahr-e Tavil
(Lengthy Story of the Great Sea)
Asman ra be Risman baftan
(Weaving the Sky to the Rope)

Story of Bahaullah’s Unperformed Miracle!

A great number of scholars and amongst them Christian Priests, Jewish Rabbis and Muhammadan Ulama often gathered in Baghdad in blessed reunions. These scholars each had various questions to ask from Bahaullah. These scholars had various degrees of knowledge and culture and they each were replied to by Bahaullah and heard a sufficient and convincing reply. The scholars often retired satisfied.

Even the Persian Shiite Ulama of Karbala and Najaf once came up with a plan to get to the bottom of Bahaullah’s story. They chose a wise man that they sent on a mission to Him; his name was “Mullah Hassan Amu”.

He came into the Holy Presence, and proposed a number of questions on behalf of the Ulama in which Bahaullah replied.

Next, Mullah Hassan Amu stated:

“The Ulama recognize without hesitation and confess the knowledge and virtue of Bahaullah and they are unanimously convinced that in all learning he has no peer or equal; and it is also evident that he has never studied or acquired this learning; but still the Ulama say, We are not contented with this; we do not acknowledge the reality of his mission by virtue of his wisdom and righteousness. Therefore, we ask him to show us a miracle in order to satisfy and tranquilize our hearts.”

Bahaullah replied:

“Although you have no right to ask this, for God should test His creations, and they should not test God, still I allow and accept this request. But the Cause of God is not a theatrical display that is presented every hour, of which some new diversion may be asked for every day. If it were thus, the Cause of God would become mere child’s play.

The Ulama must, therefore, assemble, and, with one accord, choose one miracle, and write that, after the performance of this miracle they will no longer entertain doubts about Me, and that all will acknowledge and confess the truth of My Cause. Let them seal this paper, and bring it to Me. This must be the accepted criterion: if the miracle is performed, no doubt will remain for them; and if not, We shall be convicted of imposture.”

The learned man, “Mullah Hassan Amu” rose and replied:

“There is no more to be said”; he then kissed the knee of the Blessed One although he was not a believer, and went. He gathered the Ulama and gave them the sacred message. They consulted together and said, “This man is an enchanter and a magician; perhaps he will perform an enchantment, and then we shall have nothing more to say.” Acting on this belief, they did not dare to push the matter further.

Mullah Hassan Amu mentioned this fact at many meetings. After leaving Karbala, he went to Kermanshah and Tehran, then he spread a detailed account of this event everywhere, laying emphasis on the fear and the withdrawal of the Ulama.


Here is yet another story of nonsense anecdote with no substance, no real miracle or prophecy performed, yet the treachery and cleverness of Bahaullah as a con artist was shown!


For a prophecy to be considered legit, it must be the prediction of an unlikely event to occur, or else, every bright mind can make a logical prediction of the likely future events.

Bahaullah basically predicted that the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz, Grand Wazir Ali Pasha and the associate Fuad Pasha will die for exiling him to the Akka Prison.

So Bahaullah put a curse on these Ottoman officials. It was very common for Sultans to be forced to abdicate their thrones by others and then be poisoned due to conspiracy. It was also very common for wazirs (prime ministers) to die after a long illness of months. None of these predictions were unlikely to happen.

The interesting part is that Bahaullah had put a curse on these Ottoman officials. One of the core values of the Baha’i faith is the belief in the brotherhood of man. Bahais should be the shining examples for all mankind. Bahais should be civil, forgiving, kind and brotherly loved.

Bahaullah wrote:

"O peoples of the world! Forsake all evil; hold fast that which is good. Strive to be shining examples unto all mankind, and true reminders of the virtues of God amidst men."

What type of example Bahaullah was setting by putting a curse on people? Is this how the “Manifestation of God” should act?

Bahaullah predicted that in the future, a democracy of the people would rule Iran. If this prediction was made before the democratic governments had appeared on earth, then it would have been an exceptional prophecy; however, when Bahaullah made this prediction, Britain was already a democracy (Constitutional Monarchy).

Bahaullah was a Megalomaniac

Bahaullah had delusions of grandeur which is a psychological illness. The proof is in his own writings. Let us review some of his outrageous claims:

Bahaullah’s original name was Mirza Hussein Ali Nuri. Due to severe delusions of grandeur, Hussein Ali changed his name to Bahaullah (Glory of God). Is that an act of a humble or a rational man?

Bahaullah claimed that he is infallible (incapable of errors).
(Ishraqat Circa 1855)

Bahaullah claimed that he is the “Manifestation of God” and that no one can recognize God except through Him.
(Tajalliyat Circa 1855)

Bahaullah claimed that the various messianic prophecies of earlier religions were fulfilled by his coming.
(Ishraqat Circa 1855)

In other words, Bahaullah claimed that he is the Jewish Messiah, the Return of Lord Jesus Christ and the personification of the 12th Absent Shiite Muslim Imam Mahdi, all in one!

Bahaullah stated:

"Had Muhammad, the Apostle of God, attained this Day, He would have exclaimed: 'I have truly recognized Thee, O Thou the Desire of the Divine Messengers!' Had Abraham attained it, He too, falling prostrate upon the ground, and in the utmost lowliness before the Lord thy God, would have cried: 'Mine heart is filled with peace, O Thou Lord of all that is in heaven and on earth! I testify that Thou hast unveiled before mine eyes all the glory of Thy power and the full majesty of Thy law!'...... Had Moses Himself attained it, He, likewise, would have raised His voice saying: 'All praise be to Thee for having lifted upon me the light of Thy countenance and enrolled me among them that have been privileged to behold Thy face!’”
(Bahaullah Summons of the Lord of Hosts: page 149)

Manifestation of God

No other so called prophet has ever claimed that he is the “Manifestation of God” except Bahaullah and Jesus.

Well in case of Jesus, he performed tons of miracles and he predicted tons of prophecies which I believe all of them were also nonsense children stories made for adults because factual history shows that the complete institution of Christianity was copy pasted from the ancient Persian Philosophy of Mitraism:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses: Chapter 1

In Bahaullah’s case, if you study his miracles and prophecies, you will notice that he had never performed any true by definition miracle or prophecy! There was nothing supernatural about Bahaullah. He was a man ahead of his time due to personal intelligence; however, he used that intelligence as a mean of fraud to prove to his ilk that there is a supernatural aspect to his existence!

Baha’i Theory of Progressive Revelation

Baha’i theory of progressive revelation states that all of the Manifestations of God (past prophets) were infallible in transmitting the will of God at the time period which they have lived. If we believe in this theory, then how can we explain all the mass slaughters, murders and violence by the hands of the Abrahamic Prophets in Torah (Jewish Bible)?!

Forget the violence of the Jews but how about the mass murders, mass rapes, mass slavery, pedophilia, polygamy, pillage and plunders of Muhammad, Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other Islamic Saints?! Were these the will of Allah?

Muhammad the Serial Killer

How can one (Bahaullah) believe that Muhammad was a legitimate prophet of God and then justify all the evils done by Muhammad? The reality is that Muhammad did not only commit evil acts, yet he was a Serial Killer who mass slaughtered tribes of Jews, Christians and Pagans. In later years his followers such as Omar and Ali mass slaughtered and eliminated complete civilizations in Asia and Africa:

Islam is not a Religion, but a Dangerous Political Ideology: Part 1

Islam is not a Religion, but a Dangerous Political Ideology: Part 2

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected: Part 2

Bahaullah’s Letters to World Leaders

Bahaullah desired to advance the Baha’i Cult by addressing tablets to the world rulers demanding them to accept his revelations, renounce their material possessions, work together to settle their disputes, and work their way toward achieving a global government with one language and one religion.

Amongst the world leaders which he sent his rhetoric were:

US Presidents
Queen Victoria of Great Britain
Napoleon III the Emperor of France
Alexander II the Tsar of the Russian Empire
Wilhelm I the King of Prussia
Pope Pius IX
Franz Joseph the Emperor of Austrian Hungarian Empire
Sultan Abdul Aziz the Sultan of Ottoman Empire
Nasser Edin Shah Qajar the Shah of Persia
And others

At the time, World Rulers have considered him a lunatic or a charlatan except the Ottoman Sultan which considered him a trouble maker and Shah of Persia who considered him a dangerous factor to create unrest, chaos and anarchy in Iran.

British Agent Bahaullah

Historically speaking, the British Empire had erected Bahaullah and the Baha’i Cult to undermine the Iranian government, create division in Iran and take control of the Iranian social fabrics. The same old British policy of “Divide and Conquer” was the base of this tactic to achieve the strategy which was weakening of Iran, partition of Iran and control of Iran.

Throughout the history, the British Imperialism had created many movements to undermine Iran. Some of the most important movements were the Shiite Mullahs’ Movement backing the Constitutional Revolution of Iran, Shiite Mullahs’ Movement during the Islamic Revolution of Iran on 1978, Freemason Movement of Iran throughout the history and of course the most important one of them all, the Baha’i Cult Movement.

The British Empire had serious problems to colonize Iran. They could never turn Iran to a colony like India. They were rivals with the Russian Empire, both wanting to guzzle down Iran as a juicy prize. Russians had their own tactics and agents amongst the Absolutist Monarchists and Shiite Mullahs; therefore, the British had to come up with a master plan. What better than taking advantage of the troubled times in Iranian politics and government during the reign of Nasser Edin Shah? What better tactic than creating a new religion to challenge the Shiite Islam and the Mullahs? What better tactic than creating division and chaos in Iran, and then undermining the Russians at the same time?

The Baha’i Cult was a well fabricated plan made in the cigar smoke filled backrooms of the British Parliament and the British Intelligence Service. Bahaullah was the solid man for the job to serve the British Empire’s plans.

Amir Kabir as a giant Persian Patriot was wise to the British Plans and that is why finally he ordered the execution of Bab and then mass arrests of the Babis.
Mullah Hussein, Bab’s primary disciple was a British Agent incognito. Mullah Hussein was recruited by the British Intelligence through Arthur Conolly the famous British Author and Explorer in the orient. In reality, Conolly was a top British Intelligence Officer. Arthur Conolly clearly discusses his grand plan in his travel diaries named “Journey to the North India from England through Russia, Persia and Afghanistan.

The details lie between the lines. No need to mention names of the connections but the complete conspiracy is laid out in detail and written in this book.

Mullah Hussein was not the only Babi and Baha’i connection to the British Empire but there were many others. The greatest British Agent of them all was Bahaullah!

In 1920, British went as far as officially knighting Abdul Baha as an honorary British Knight! Abdul Baha as the leader of the Baha’i Cult was drafted by the British Mandate of Palestine as a British Knight supposedly for his pacifist and humanitarian efforts for the region during the war. The reality was that Abdul Baha was no service for the Palestinians, Jews, Axis and Allies during and after the WWI, but he was in service for his own pocket and further advance of the Baha’i Cult. At the time the British were conducting the similar policies which they have conducted in Iran, now in Palestine. The logistics and locations changed but the tool of agitation and espionage which was the Baha’i Cult remained the same!

Baha’i Cult, the Greatest British Import to Iran!

Baha’i cult is the greatest British Import to Iran because throughout the history, in various centuries, they have been using this tool over and over to undermine Iran, sabotage the regimes, espionage the governments and surly divide and conquer. British have invented the greatest tool to use as an ace in the Iranian politics. What better tool than invention of a new religion?! The funny thing is that when the British invented and imported the Baha’i Cult to Iran, in their wildest dreams, they have never imagined that this local cult would grow out like a cancer and cross the borders of Iran to make it as a global cult. We certainly have to give the Bahais credit for their hard work and blind faith to make a global giant out of a local British tool!

Ignorance of the public to the global politics, never seizes to amaze me! Your average Baha’i Robot will most likely read this document and no matter how logical it may seem, yet he will refuse to believe it and he will continue remaining a sheep and a pawn on the UHJ’s Chess Board until his death. The average Baha’i comes to this world ignorant and he leaves this world ignorant!

My efforts are for a few intelligent Bahais, who have enough gray matter and brains to think about my writings, question their leaders, make a revolution in their minds and make a change in their lives by stop being mindless machines and start becoming “Free Thinkers”.

The Baha’i Guardianship and the UHJ

On one hand the Baha’i Cult regulated “Guardianship” for the Bahais. The Baha’i Guardianship is similar to Shiite Islam’s Veleyat-e Faqih AKA “Supreme Spiritual Leadership” and states that the Guardian or Leader must watch over the Umma’ and people like a father watching over his children. Bahaullah and Abdul Baha legislated this phenomenon! Have in mind that the Baha’i Guardians are infallible (without Errors) because they are Holy Saints!

On the other hand the Baha’i Cult leadership erected the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) which is a governing body and the legislative crew of the Baha’i Cult consisting of 9 men. The most crackpot tale of this episode is that Bahaullah and Abdul Baha have “Guaranteed” (with their credibility) that the UHJ members are infallible (the same as the Baha’i Founders); therefore, the Baha’i Sheeple (Sheep People Followers) will follow them the same as they have followed Bahaullah and the rest of the infallible Baha’i Saints!

So the UHJ took over the Guardianship of the Baha’i Cult. Guardianship was always meant to be vested in the lineage of Shoqi Effendi; however, Allah obviously declared otherwise! Allah works in mysterious ways! Shoqi Effendi died without leaving a successor and tumbled the complete Baha’i Universe into a Bizarro World! Suddenly the Baha’i World split in to 17 sects, each demanding their own ways! This is when Allah jumped in to the picture and demanded the erection of the UHJ! Haven’t I told you Allah works in mysterious ways?!

How can one find a flaw in this concept? After all a bunch of Baha’i Saints AKA Crackpot Lunatic Con Artist British Spies headed by Bahaullah have guaranteed that UHJ members are also infallible! To deny this fact is like to deny the words of Allah (the Arabic God of the Baha’i Cult)!

Baha’i UHJ Election Process

Universal House of Justice is elected through secret ballots and plurality vote in a three-stage election by adult Bahais throughout the world. The Universal House of Justice members are elected without nominations or campaigning and all adult male members of the Baha’i Cult are eligible for election to the House.

UHJ body is elected every five years during a convention of the members of the various National or Regional Spiritual Assemblies (NSA) across the world. Each member of the various NSAs, who were themselves elected by the Bahais of their nation, votes for nine adult male Bahais.

So as you see, the election process is not a general election but it is a 3 stage election which goes from general to NSA (Elite Groups) to UHJ members. This 3 stage, staged election is more like USSR Soviet type of elections which were more like Erections or Selections!

Women are not eligible for election to the Universal House of Justice. Why is that? Because Abdul Baha said so! Here is the justification by Abdul Baha:

Why Women cannot be Elected to the UHJ?

Abdul Baha stated that the reason for this will become clear in the future; however, women and men are spiritually equal.

So Abdul Baha ordered that even though there exists spiritual and gender equality in the Baha’i Cult, yet women still cannot become UHJ members! And indeed you will find out the reasons for this, in the future times when Allah and the Baha’i Saints will decide to reveal it to you!

This is going beyond Contradiction, Crackpot or Cockamamie! This is officially Bull Crap and more like Bull Shiite! How can a logical mind remain Baha’i and believe in this nonsense? I imagine Bahaullah and Abdul Baha have taken the good Baha’is for mindless robots who will never ask questions and will follow them unconditionally and blindly forever!

This is the perfect example of why I have told you many times in the past that Religion is for the Weak minded and the simple minded people to believe and to follow.

Universal House of Justice Controversy

It is amazing that the UHJ, supposedly an elected body made up of the individuals who live normal lives and are fallible in their own individual lives, when become together as a group, then suddenly their opinions, judgments and legislations become infallible and morely the UHJ members themselves become infallible! The UHJ members are like a group of all male Superfriends and Superheroes because they don’t allow any Wonder Woman or Hawk Girl in!

Universal House of Justice, the Baha’i Governing Body Seat, Mount Carmel slope, Haifa, Israel

I am telling you that Allah has surely rocked the boat when he came up with the concept of the UHJ to save the Baha’i Cult from collapse! But is Allah infallible? Because after all, after Shoqi Effendi’s demise, the Baha’i Cult split into 17 sects! Praise be upon Allah, the Arabic God of the Baha’i Cult! Astakhforallah, La Elaha Ela Allah, I think I have just done blasphemy, let me go wash my mouth and schlong!

Universal House of Justice Scare Tactics

Universal House of Justice has created an Inquisition Type of suffocating atmosphere. UHJ has appointed Counselors AKA “Auxiliary Board Members” (ABM). These appointed officials have the responsibility for the “protection and propagation of the Faith”. In reality the ABM is the Spanish Inquisition Committee and the Islamic Moral Police combined!

The ABM investigates issues such as Bahais becoming attracted to “Baha’i Smaller Breakaway Sects” AKA “Convenant Breakers”. Opposition to the current head of the faith (UHJ), is considered to be a “spiritual illness”, that could be contagious. Once the rumors spread about some Bahais are reading the Convenant Breakers’ material and are openly discussing them, then the ABM will start investigation, warring, threats and shunning. Eventually if it escalates, then abandonment, miscommunication and excommunication will come next.

ABM also monitors communications of the members. ABM monitors Internet Traffic such as E-mails. For instance on 1996 (Baha’i Talisman Crackdown) there were professors, instructors and intellectuals who were threatened by the UHJ to be shunned for the statements made in E-mails. ABM can target you if you stand out as a charismatic leader, make bold statements, question the authorities, be a Free Thinker or do independent intellectual investigations. You must submit to the “Orders” from the above (UHJ) rather than think for yourself!

Infallibility in Islam vs. Infallibility in Baha’i Cult!

Only Allah can declare who is infallible in the world. Allah (the Arabic God) was originally a Black Rock Totem in the Ka’bah but after Muhammad created Islam, he promoted Allah to the one and only God. So Allah as the only God was created originally by the Arabs (Muhammad); therefore, the rules must apply to the original Allah which is the Islamic Allah, and the Islamic Allah says that:

 “Only Allah declares who is infallible”.

For more on history of Allah, read:

Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Emblem

Now check this out, the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) is an “Elected” body and not a divine group “Appointed” by Allah. UHJ fabric is made up of fallible individuals coming from fallible families which are elected by the votes of the fallible individuals; then how on Earth, are they infallible when they become a group and pass judgment? Surely there is a difference between the Islamic definition of infallibility and the Baha’i definition of infallibility! But then again, isn’t Allah (the Arabic God) both the God of the Islamic faith and the Baha’i Cult?! Are there conflicts between the words of Allah? Is Allah contradicting himself?!

This is where words of Allah becomes a Crap Shoot and Roll of the Dice! It goes one way in Islam and the other way in Baha’i cult! Obviously Quran and Ketab-e Aqdas have two versions of Allah or else Allah himself is a Bipolar, Dual Personality Psychopath!

It is amazing that the Bahais never see this flaw and never question their UHJ about this obvious contradiction! But then again Bahais are mindless robots who follow the UHJ blindly to their graves, so how can they question the UHJ?

Bahais and Politics

Bahais suppose not to participate in politics. They say they are not political, but they believe in Islam and Muhammad as a legit prophet, right there they are political because:

I. Islam is a dangerous political ideology and Muhammad was a ruler politician.

II. If Bahaullah would have rejected Muhammad, then Muslims would have killed him right at the beginning; so due to political reasons, rather than creating a new religion, Bahaullah started an off shoot sect of Islam named Bahaism!

To be a Baha’i primarily you must believe that Muhammad was a legitimate prophet of god and therefore Islam is a legitimate religion! So what does this make Bahais? Nothing but an offshoot sect of Islam and a cult.

Bahais always participate in politics of every nation including Iran, but they do it in hush hush and incognito! Bahais use politics and promote candidates to further advance their cult.

Baha'is are both in Denial and are having a Dilemma

Must be a Muslim 1st then Baha’i 2nd. How can you deny Islam and be a Baha’i?
Islam is a dangerous political ideology, what does that makes Bahaism?

And on top of it all, they scream and moan about the atrocities of the Islamic regime of Iran! Well maybe they deserve to be targeted by the regime! You can’t have your candy and eat it too! You can’t work both sides of the street! What I have to tell to Bahais is that:

My friends, be victimized by Muslims, you deserve it!

Baha’i Persecutions and Executions in Iran

To defend their beliefs and why they suffer from the persecution and executions in IRI, Bahais bring forward an upside down logic!

Bahais are often comparing apples with oranges. They are historically flawed.  They say that like the Jews, they are Bahais and they cannot change their nature. They cannot lie; therefore, they confess to their Bahaism and they die for their beliefs.

The reality is that Jews cannot change their race (Semitic). They are who they are. Bahais have chosen to be who they are. Bahaism is not a race, but a cult. These people will choose their own fate by choice. They will either die for their Dogma or they will save their necks by denying their faith, lie to save their necks or beg for forgiveness. Either way, they are in this situation due to their Dogma and fanatical Belief in this religious superstition named Bahaism. So please do not expect sympathy from me for the Bahais being persecuted and executed in Iran!

There is no denying in the fact that Shiite Islam is intolerant to the minorities of Iran. The Islamic Regime even considers the original Persians (Zoroastrians) as infidels AKA Zindiq (Kaffir). Imam Khamenei, openly calls Zoroastrians as Fire Worshipers and Kaffar (Apostates)! I am referring to Imam Khamenei's letter in response to a religious question. See his mentality about Zoroastrians? So my point is that, in a nation, where to be a True Persian (Zoroastrian) is a crime (same as being an apostate), then what do you expect from the Islamic Regime? What do you think they’ll do to the Bahais whom are not even considered as a legit religion?!

You cannot scientifically and logically prove Bahaism or in general the Religion. You are Bahai because you have faith; however, in reality Bahaism is a politically based created Cult by the backing of UK and efforts of a bright visionary opportunist named Bahaullah! Just because Bahaullah like many others was ahead of his time, this doesn’t make him a prophet! Hello, welcome to 21st century and wake up from your medieval superstitions!

Any person who unconditionally believes in a religion, ideology, person or any other entity, is a Dogmatist who believes in Dogma; therefore, any person of faith is irrational, illogical and dogmatist. There is no absolute in the scientific world. Religion is dogma.

Religion is a tool and a drug to use to escape the reality and to enter the LaLa Land. Bahaism is as scientific as Scientology is! They are both great cults for weak, dependant and intellectually inferior humans.

Bahaism and Islam

If one rejects Islam, then he must reject Bahaism, because Bahaism is an offshoot sect of Islam!
If accept Islam, then he must accept the history of Muhammad, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and others’ atrocities!

True Face of Bahaism

Basically the Iranian Bahais were either Muslim or Jews before becoming Bahais. I know a great number of Bahais from both ilks.

Many Iranians are well schooled but only a few are truly educated. Iranians are one of the most well schooled folks in the globe but this doesn’t make them educated. Degree doesn’t bring general knowledge of all subjects. It only brings knowledge of your field and a bit more.

This is why IPC was created to educate the future generation of Iran so unlike their fathers, they will not turn to weak humans with weak minds, escaping to Myths like Gods, Prophets, Religions and other superstitions. We need Iranians who believe in themselves, not invisible myths and storybooks (holy books) written by charlatans (prophets) for adults!

In Iran, Bahais are technically not even a minority! Christians (Armenians, Assyrians), Jews and Zoroastrians are legally considered minorities but Bahais are not even legally considered minorities. For instance, when I was in Iran (Imperial Era), minorities did not have to attend the Religious Studies course and class in junior high; however, Bahais had to attend. Islam does not consider Bahais as a minority because they do not recognize the Baha’i as a religion. Islam refers to Baha’i as “Ferqeh Zaleh” (Condemned Sect).

Bahais have been oppressed and murdered in Iran since the creation of Bahaism during the Qajar period. The best period of peaceful life for the Bahais was during the Pahlavis, because even though they would not officially recognize Baha’i as a religion, yet at least no one would hurt them, confiscate their properties or damage their lives. There were some incidents happening in Iran even back then (Mullah influenced) but that was not the norm and these incidents were happening mostly in the small towns. Many important businessmen, corporate owners and politicians of Iran during the Shah were Bahais. I remember that back then, Mullahs even boycott, for instance Pepsi Cola because the Franchise owner in Iran was a Baha’i, they even started some garbage rumor about Hoveyda being Baha’i and that was a joke because Hoveyda's Mother was a religious Muslim!

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, the Great Prime Minister of Iran: The Orchid Man

So Bahai's heaven in Iran was the Pahlavi period and after 1979, the IRI period became their worst Nightmare. The worst period of Bahais’ lives in Iran has been the 35 + years of IRI, even much worse than the Qajar period, because Qajar period was a Mullarchy influenced period but the IRI period is basically a Mullarchy ruled period!

Technically, Baha’i religion is an off spring sect of Islam or better put Shiite Islam which eventually became a separate religion. If you read the history and the Baha’i Historical books, specifically Book of Aqdas (the Holy book of Bahais), you will understand that Bab and then Bahaullah were prophets of God (Allah) and Bahais believe that Muhammad and the rest of the prophets were prophets of God (Allah); however, they also believe that Bahaullah was the latest prophet which came after Muhammad, also they believe in miracles and for instance all of Bahaullah's future visions and predictions were considered miracles, prophecy, premonition and future readings of Bahaullah!

Bahais in Iran were very conservative, they were clearly stating that they believe in Islam and Shiite Islam but they also believe in Bahaullah. Every Baha’i that I have met in Iran was a good preacher and they could preach. You see, Bahais have duties and one of them is to expand Bahaism by preaching. Baha’i preachers were called "Mobaleq" and they do "Tabliq" (propagate), they are like missionaries and the Baha’i Head Quarters sends them to the furthest points of Africa, Australia and South America to live, make a family and to preach and draft new Bahais. Every little corner of the world that you go to, you will find a Baha’i preaching rhetoric to get new converts! These people are consistent and aggressive.

I have debated with so many Bahais in High School, in College, in Iran, outside Iran, from my own family and amongst my friends and ............... I know many Bahais.

In general, they are highly "schooled" people. Mostly they are college graduates and professionals. You will not find illiterate Bahais, they are all well schooled. But have in mind, I said "Schooled" and I did not say "Educated".

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are Educated!

It is very hard to find any religious person who is also educated! Do you get my point?!

Bahais are often very highly schooled, professional, powerful and rich. I have never met any Baha’i who was a Bum, well, except my friends! Hee Hee Hee!

Bahaiis often avoid political debates, they also often avoid philosophical debates, like any other cult, they propagate a lot, but once it comes down to science versus Religion or Materialism versus Idealism, they come to a halt and seize rhetoric!

During all my contacts with Bahais (which were many), I found only one non religious Baha’i, who is not very uptight about his beliefs, not so brainwashed and not totally awaiting and looking towards "Orders from the above" coming from "Dar al Caliphate" of Bahais in Israel (UHJ). This gentleman is an elderly Doctor of Medicine who is very dear to me. He is the most open minded Baha’i that I have ever met. Well, him and maybe our own local Baha’i and Babi IPC members who are semi Free Thinkers! Hee Hee Hee ..

In general, Bahais are basically modern Robots who follow orders from Their Head Quarters. In each community they have their "Mahfel", which is a gathering of their local groups, then there are Congresses which held in larger nationwide format and of course all the orders come from the “Dar al Caliphate” (UHJ) to all the smaller group units. Each Baha’i is responsible to convert people to Bahaism; each Baha’i is a propaganda machine of one! Bahais have Book of Aqdas in one hand and great Baha’i hospitality in the other hand, but once you talk to them, you will notice that all of them are awaiting the orders from the above, directly from the Head Quarters (UHJ)! They call this “Order”, the "Dastur"! Free Thinking element in Bahaism is nonexistent.

In other words, Bahaism is yet another Cult the same as any religion or sect. Bahaism reminds me of Scientology (Grocery Store of L. Ron Hubbard), well organized Org. and well distributed in the world. The perfect mind control machine! Bahaism is the second expanding religion in the world after Islam. Did you know that? Bahaism is one of the most rapidly expanding religions in United States. Go to any Boon Town Redneck village in Canada or America and you will find a Baha’i Mobaleq over there! I bet my last dollar on it! Look at IPC; we have many Baha’i members here.

Bahais the same as Scientology go after the celebrities and convert them to Bahaism; therefore, they gain credibility and popularity amongst the public.

The funny thing is that Bahais are not allowed to interfere with the politics. Since I was a child, I have always heard about this law of Bahaiis but then I seen all of them get involved in politics! They don't directly get involved and become members of a political party but indirectly they support different political moves and fractions! They have been doing it in Iran and now in USA and everywhere else. Amazingly, their “Dar al Caliphate” recently broke their silence and condemned the Islamic Regime! So Bahais have this passive attitude on involvements in politics but deep inside they are all political. For Allah's sake, we had Baha’i cabinet and parliament members in the Imperial Iran!

Bahai’s sole duty is to expand Bahaism to reach that ideal utopia, the perfect world that Bahaullah envisioned! They concentrate all their efforts to reach that point, so once they concentrate on this goal, they shall not involve themselves with any political party because it avoids them to reach this goal or put all of their efforts to reach this goal.

The role of the British Government was also amazing in the support of all cults, such as Freemasons, Shiite Mullarchy and indeed Bahaism! British Foreign policy in the third world requires British to Divide and Rule; therefore, they support or even help creating all kinds of sects and cults in their past colonies or present common wealth or friendly third world countries!

My Experience with Bahais

Bahais are most likely the most prosecuted and persecuted religious group in IRI. Basically if you are a Baha’i in Iranian jails, you have to either renounce your religion or you will be executed. This has happened to some members of my own family. You see, my Grandmother's two sisters and their daughters have married to Baha’i Mobaleqs and that’s how some of my family members are Bahais. So I am well aware of Baha’i persecutions in Iran. I have many Baha’i friends, they are all good people, decent people, powerful and wealthy, highly schooled and great Persian Hospitality, but this does not change the fact that they act as Robots with no Free Will and awaiting orders from Israel Head Quarter to reach their Mahfel (gathering)!

But hey, they are consistent, aggressive and hard working; otherwise Bahaism would have not become this popular in the globe! Many celebrities and people in high places right here in USA are Baha’is.

Baha’i Rights Must be Protected

My Official point of view is that we must fight for Freedom of Religion and to make sure that Iran of the future is secular so Bahais like any other religion are equal to the eyes of the state. Bahais must be of equal rights to all other religions. All religions are equal and it is not the duty of the state to decide which one is lawful or not lawful. Baha’i rights to worship and practice their religion must be protected. Bahais must have the rights to practice their religion, to vote, to own business, and to live freely in the future of Iran like all others.

We (IPC Revolutionary Movement, Student Movement and Iranian Opposition) will continue working with Baha’i and fighting for Baha’i Rights in Iran. Secularism, Federalism and Democracy must be established in Iran or we will have problems until the end of the world!

My personal point of view on the other hand, is that Bahaism like any other religion is a cult, yet a Large Size Cult. A cult does not allow the brain to do Free Thinking therefore the brain cannot Evolve! Even though people like Baha’i or Zartoshti (Zoroastrians) are highly sophisticated and evolved in comparison to Shiite Muslims, yet they are still entrapped to the orders from the above! By Zartoshti I mean Zoroastrians who follow a specific Fire Temple order (organized Religion). Otherwise, Zoroastrianism is a great Persian Philosophy and not a religion:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses: Part 1

Zarathustra, the Real Story

Bahaism vs. Zoroastrianism

As I have always stated, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism are the most progressive and sophisticated religions of today’s world. And as I have always stated, neither Buddha nor Zoroastra (Zarathustra) have ever claimed the prophecy from God. They considered themselves poets, writers and philosophers. Later on the hierarchy of the Zoroastrian and the Buddhist Temples created religions out of their ideologies.

Mubad-e Mubadan, Mubadships and Zoroastrian Priests corrupted the poems and philosophy of Zoroastra. Now this is way different from Bahaism! In Bahaism, Bahaullah is supposedly the prophet of God! Now in my opinion, all prophets were charlatans and con artists or magicians, so Bahaullah is no exception!

Zoroastrianism is not a religion but a philosophy and Zarathustra was not a prophet but a great Persian philosopher. This is why Zarathustra as a giant philosophical mind is respected globally by many great philosophers. Friedrich Nietzsche worshiped Zarathustra! This is why I respect Zarathustra, the man and not the myth created by the hierarchy of the Fire Temples.

Zoroastrianism is a global Philosophy.
Bahaism is a global Corporation and Grocery Store (Dokkan)!

Zoroastrianism is an ancient and original Persian Philosophy.
Bahaism is a cheap British Import to Iran!

Zoroastrianism is a mind blowing and in depth philosophy.
Bahaism is a sack of illogical nonsense badly compiled together!

Zoroastrianism is an original and a rich Persian philosophy, but Bahaism is a sadly copy pasted Cult which has stolen its ideas from Zoroastrianism, Ancient Persian Philosophies, Quran and Bible. There is barely anything original about Bahaism.

Zarathustra is one of the Iran’s and the world’s greatest philosophers but Bahaullah is a charlatan con artist!

There is absolutely no comparison between the two. To compare Zarathustra with Bahaullah is like comparing Maserati with Fiat or comparing Giants with Insects!

Religion and Mind Control

Religion was formatted for simpler forms of brains as a guideline to follow to reach salvation. Higher brain masses do not require religion to function! In contradiction religion becomes an obstacle for them to progress and to evolve, and as Karl Marx Stated:

"Religion is the opiate of the masses"

A Free Mind, a Free Thinker, an Evolved Mind, does not need a God or a Prophet or a Religion to tell him how to live, how to think and how to behave. A Free Human Being does not worship some invisible man in the sky. A Fee Human Being is his own God, like "I am The God". Science and Evolution does not match Religious Mumbo Jumbo, no harmony can exist between the two. But hey, if religion makes you to keep in line and be a decent person, then more power to you! I, as a free thinker, do not desire to be slave to any God! I rest my case.

Baha’i Symbol Gem of Allah U Abha (Allah is Most Glorious) Star

Now comes the juicy part which you have been waiting for! Now you have read the complete document and reached to the main course! Bon appetite!

Baha’i Cult Contradictions: 28 Contradictions of Bahai Doctrine

I. Bahais believe that Muhammad was the prophet of God. Muhammad strictly sated in Quran (by the words of Allah) that he is the final prophet (Khatam al Anbia). So right there it contradicts that any legitimate prophet had come after Muhammad and that includes Bahaullah! This is the first and greatest contradiction in Bahaism!

II. Bahais are supposedly taught to be loyal to one’s government. For instance Iranian Bahais must be loyal to Iranian government. This is not true because one of Bahaism goals is to create one world with one language and one religion; therefore, Bahais are Internationalists in nature, then how can they be nationalists and faithful to one country?!

III. Bahais claim that in their religion they do not have Mullahs (priests) and there is no need for Mullahs. In reality the Bahais have “Mobaleq” (Missionaries) who go around the nation and the globe to propagate Bahaism. In every opportunity they find, they preach Bahaism; tell wondrous Baha’i stories about the wisdom of Bahaullah and other Baha’i leaders. Every opportunity and occasion they get, they use it to preach and draft members. It is like a 24 hour debate, argument, propaganda and storytelling with Bahais. They gather the crowd and start the dialogue. Then they throw Mahfel (house gatherings) to establish the final drafting. If this is not Mullah-hood and Mobaleqs are not Mullahs, then I do not know what is?! The only differences are that Mullahs wear turbans and robes, but Mobaleqs wear suits and ties! Also Mullahs do it in the Mosque but Mobaleqs do it in Mahfels and everywhere else! So here is another contradiction in the teachings of the Baha’i Cult.

IV. Bahais claim that they are a democratic bunch and they have the “Elected” Universal House of Justice; however, even though this concept was supposedly designed by Bahaullah, yet the Abdul Baha erected yet another concept which was the “Baha’i Guardianship” which was an “Appointed Hereditary Guardianship”. After Abdul Baha, this Guardianship transferred to his successor Shoqi Effendi. The Universal House of Justice started as the ultimate and actual Baha’i operating and ruling organization, after the death of Shoqi Effendi and even that was due to the fact that he did not have any successor. So Bahais believe in both the elected UHJ and the appointed Guardianship which is pretty similar to the Shiite Religion’s “Velayat-e Faqih” (Supreme Spiritual Leadership). Obviously Bahais do not see any contradiction between the two or they are dare to ask their leaders because after all, a good Baha’i is a Robot, a Machine to follow orders from the above (UHJ)!

So please note that the infallible Bahaullah appointed Abdul Baha and Abdul Baha appointed Shoqi Effendi as the Guardian of the Bahais (same as children need a guardian). The dilemma was that Shoqi Effendi did not appoint anyone, so UHJ became the infallible governing body for the Bahais!

V. Bahais suppose to be the shining example for the mankind. They should be forgiving, kind, loving and brotherly loved; however, Bahaullah the Baha’i prophet had put a curse on the Ottoman Empire’s Sultan Abdul Aziz, Grand Wazir Ali Pasha and the associate Fuad Pasha to die for exiling him to the Akka Prison.

Baha’i self righteousness is legendary but if you look deep, you will notice that same as all other religions and groups, they have flaws.

I had my personal experiences with Baha’i contradictions and lack of morality.

I personally know a Baha’i dentist who charges 4 times more than other dentists for his visits!

I personally know a Baha’i Persian Supermarket owner who as a grocer sells Halaal Meat to the good Muslims, but only if the Muslims knew that he was a Baha’i, then the Hell would break loose!

I personally know a Baha’i who plays unfair stock market practices to gain more wealth and finances for himself and the UHJ Baha’i Global Corporation.

I personally know a Baha’i who is politically active and lobbies behind the scene in the US politics!

I personally know a Baha’i who lobbies for Islamic Republic of Iran as an IRI Agent!

The point is that Bahais the same as other people can also be morally flawed. Bahais are not so righteous at all!

VI. The Guarantee of the Infallibility of the Universal House of Justice is the ultimate hypocrisy. An essential feature of Bahaullah’s Baha’i Cult is the infallibility of the Universal House of Justice. Bahaullah and Abdul Baha have had specifically guaranteed divine inspiration and infallible guidance for the Universal House of Justice. In His Tablets, Bahaullah has clearly written about this issue. How can a group of normal human beings be infallible (without errors)? Human nature makes mistakes, but I guess the Baha’i UHJ is an exception because Bahaullah said so!

VII. On top it all, as long as the women cannot be elected to UHJ, then all the women in the world must be fallible but the men in UHJ are infallible! This is one of the most crackpot regulation ever written in any holy book only second to the nonsense written all over Quran! This is clear and open Baha’i chauvinism. So men can be infallible but women are always fallible!

VIII. Baha’i Cult screams for a United World with one language, praying to one religion and under one flag (indeed Baha’i Flag); however, after the Shoqi Effendi’s death, the Baha’i Cult has split in to 17 sects! The self righteous Bahais should do as they preach and unite themselves before uniting the world!

IX. The Universal House of Justice (UHJ) is an “Elected” body and not a divine group “Appointed” by Allah. UHJ fabric is made up of fallible individuals coming from fallible families which are elected by the votes of the fallible individuals; then how on Earth, are they infallible when they become a group and pass judgment as UHJ? One is either fallible or infallible. Surely there is a difference between the Islamic definition of infallibility and the Baha’i definition of infallibility! But then again, isn’t Allah (the Arabic God) both the God of the Islamic faith and the Baha’i Cult?! Are there conflicts between the words of Allah? Is Allah contradicting himself?!

X. Universal House of Justice is an elected body. Universal House of Justice is also infallible. If UHJ is infallible, then why elect it every five years? Why flaw the perfection? Do you see the contradiction?

XI. UHJ members are infallible while in power, then logically only the UHJ members should vote to elect the new UHJ members, thus they are infallible! They would be able to elect the most proper new UHJ members! Then how come they don’t? How come it is not exclusive for UHJ old members to only vote for UHJ new members?

XII. In Baha’i elections, the new UHJ members are elected by the fallible Baha’i community members, and the old infallible UHJ members (after their term) fall from the grace of infallibility to fallibility and error. So primarily they were fallible before they became UHJ members, then they became infallible while they were UHJ members and finally once again they became fallible when they were no more UHJ members! This sounds like an exclusive club membership! How is that? Do you see contradiction?

XIII. Only Allah can turn a fallible to an infallible such as Muhammad. Once an infallible, no one can make that person fallible again! Infallible means holy, errorless, saint, prophet and pure. A prophet cannot once more be turned to fallible! This is so not Allah-like to do such! But in Baha’i Cult, the fallible Baha’i community has the power to do the miracle and turn the infallible to fallible again! Do you see the depth of the nonsense in this Cult? The complete scripture is based on Islam but when it comes to suit the top Baha’i leaders and benefits of the Baha’i Corporation to keep the Bahais fools and obedient, then they grant the power to the people to turn the infallible to fallible! I guess mix and matching the rules of Islam and the abilities of Allah are allowed in the Baha’i Cult! Baha’i cult is truly a joke on the human civilization and only the mentally inferior can follow this cult unconditionally and without questions!

XIV. Bahais were told and they believe that Bahais can only gain converts and turn non Bahais to converts, if they want to be converted and not by force nor by pushy sales pitches. Bahais are only allowed to teach the faith and not to push the faith upon to others. “Bahais do not proselytize”, so they say!

Proselytize means the attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. So Bahais are not allowed to convert people! The funny thing is that the new believer soon discovers that the Baha’i community life is centered around the need to gain new converts, and finds himself pressured into “teaching” plans and “conducting” projects. So this person who always held a view about those who try to push their religious beliefs on to others are wrong, must now participate in exactly that type of wrong conduct. This is why many leave the faith, as soon as they find the truth about the faith which is not even a faith but a cult!

Baha’i Cult exists to convert people and draft new mindless robots!

XV. Allah U Abha = Allah is Most Glorious (Baha’i Term)
Bahais don’t even have the God of their own! They worship a Black Rock, fragment of the twisted imagination of Muhammad!

Baha’i God is not even their own but it is borrowed from Islam!

Go educate yourself on what Allah is:

Meaning of Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol?

XVI. Bahaism started as an off shoot branch of Islam, same as Shiite and Sunni. Bahaullah even stated (being afraid for his life) that Muhammad is prophet of God and Islam is a rightful religion. If Muhammad is a prophet and Islam is a religion and Quran is words of God, then what does that make Bahais? How sad it is to kiss the ass of your persecutor? Of course later on, Bahaullah claimed he is the messenger of Allah! Then Muslims started to kill Bahais!

XVII. We know Islam is garbage, Quran is nonsense and Muhammad was a rapist, polygamist, pedophile, thief, charlatan, and a murderer. Bahais believe in Muhammad as prophet of God, then what does that make the Bahais?

XVIII. UHJ nine members are elected every five years from the “male” membership in good standing at Mount Carmel, Haifa Israel. Get it? Only Males can be UHJ Council members. Bahais are such progressive religion that they still commit sexual Apartheid against their own women!

The Universal House of Justice, first elected in 1963, remains the Baha’i Guardianship’s successor and the supreme governing body of the Baha’i Faith, and its 9 members are elected every five years by the members of all National Spiritual Assemblies. Any male Baha’i, 21 years or older, is eligible to be elected to the Universal House of Justice but not women!

XIX. UHJ (Universal House of Justice) is considered authoritative and its legislative decisions are considered infallible to Bahais. Get it? Absolute Authority and Absolute Infallible! This is where logic seizes to exist and Bahais become sheep to follow the shepherd! Absolute means Dogma and being dogmatic. How can Bahais be such a progressive bunch but also being dogmatic at the same time?

XX. Bahais do not do critical thinking and free thinking. Ask them any serious intellectual question in regards to philosophy, religion, politics and etc. and they will tell you that they must wait for the “Orders” (from the above) and get back to you! They must ask UHJ’s opinion on every aspect of their lives! No opinion of their own! They are clearly mindless machines operated by UHJ. Then how can the Bahais be sophisticated free thinkers as they preach?

XXI. Bahais supposedly do not get involved in politics and have no political opinions, but the truth is that they are a political entity and they have political policies on every subject! Bahaullah himself was political! Bahaullah used politics when accepted Islam as a legitimate religion or else Muslims would have killed him right at the start! Now that is politics! Today, Bahais support policies, politics and politicians who work for their benefits. Now that is called being political. This Politics Free Baha’ism is nothing but a myth!

XXII. Bab, Bahaullah and Abdul Baha, are the 3 holy saints of Baha’ism! These 3 were thinkers ahead of their time. They used their cognitive, advanced thinking abilities to drag a herd of non thinking robotic followers behind themselves to follow them blindly and to create a cult. Eventually this cult has become one of the largest global cults like Dianetics (Scientology). The reality is that these 3 were in fact charlatans, profit motivated, power motivated and surely cult leaders with inferiority complexes!

XXIII. Mirza Hussein Ali Khan-e Nuri a 19th century British Agent aka Bahaullah (Glory of God) was ordered by the British to divide and conquer, the same old British policy in Iran. Bahaullah was not a prophet, but he was a very intelligent and advanced man on the mission for the British and on the payroll of the British to dismantle the Persian system of belief (Shiitism), to divide the Persians and facilitate the situation for the British to easily rule Iran. This is history and not the garbage which the Baha’is feed to you and to the world!

XXIV. Baha’ism is just a Grand Cult like Dianetics. Elements of Free Thinking, Independent Thinking, Critical Thinking, Individualism, Free Will and Logical Reasoning is absent in it. A Good Baha’i is a Non Thinking Robot who follows the UHJ blindly wearing a blindfold. All characteristics of a Cult is present in Bahaism, then how can Bahaism be a faith?

XXV. Baha’is are the most dogmatic, weak minded, illogical followers amongst the religious people only second to Muslims! Then how can the Bahais be advanced and pro change as they preach? Dogma and Change do not match!

XXVI. Bahais claim that Science and Religion go hand in hand in their ideology. In other words, they pretend that their religion is very scientific and Bahaullah himself had done some scientific predictions. In reality, Bahaullah was a con artist, a fortune teller and his predictions are more laughable than valid (to the thinking minds)! Science and Religion are the two opposing ends on the mathematical number line.

Science and Religion do not mix. Science is about Change, Evolution and Progress. Religion is about Absolute, Creation and Dogma. Baha’i Cult is the most dogmatic ideology in the world only second to Islam.

XXVII. Baha’is unlike Jews and Zoroastrians are all about advertising, expansion, conversion, propagating, financing, marketing, economic gains and expanding Baha’ism globally as fast as they can. Baha’ism is a money making and converting, international corporate cult. It is an organized business and a brutal cult who will fight and bash its critics and opponents by all means possible. Unlike Jews and Zoroastrians who have fundamental original belief systems, Baha’i Cult has stolen all its belief system from others. Bahaism has no original belief system. Bahaism is not even an “Organized Religion“ but it is an “Organized Corporation”!

XXVIII. This is the most important contraction in the Bahai Cult’s Doctrine. Baha’i UHJ strictly insists that the Bahais must be faithful to the rules, regulations and laws of their native country or the country of their residence; furthermore, the Bahais should be loyal to their native country or the country of their residence. What does this mean? This means that an Iranian Baha’i should be faithful and loyal to Iran. Is that true? Have you ever seen a hardcore Iranian Nationalist who prays to Israel? Bahaullah Shrine is the Baha’i Qebleh Prayer Direction in Bahji, Israel. It is the most holy place for Bahais and it is the Baha’i Qebleh (Qiblih) prayer direction in Israel.

Allow me to compare myself with a Baha’i. I am a hardcore Iranian Nationalist. No matter what is my citizenship, my religion or the country of my residence, I have only one prayer direction and that is Iran. I worship Iran, I pray toward Iran, I love Iran, my life is Iran, my life-force and energy is Iran, I live for Iran and I worship only Iran. Do you want proof? The fact that it is over 35 years that I have been fighting the IRI to free Iran is a proof, but the most important proof is the Cyber Empire which you are presently residing in it and are reading it! I have created IPC over 14 years ago and presently it is the largest Iranian Website in the world. What is IPC? It is a 24 hour propaganda machine against Islam, Arabo-Islamic Sub-Culture and Islamic Republic of Iran. What does IPC teach? Everything you need to know about Iran, Iranian history and the Persian Culture.

What is the first amendment of the IPC Constitution?

“Iran Politics Club's mission is to protect and serve the Persian Culture.”

Iran Politics Club Constitution

The reason that I have spent over 35 years of my life with the Iranian Opposition to fight IRI and spent over 14 years of my life with the IPC Comrades to run IPC is to facilitate a “Change” in the Iranian Psyche. I have spent a lifetime to revive the Persian Culture and cleanse it from the Tazi Infection.

IPC is the result of my life and the proof you need to believe that I am a lover of Iran! I rather die than to pray toward Israel or any other nation. My Qebleh and Prayer Direction has always been Iran, is Iran and will always remain to be Iran.

Now please tell me, how on earth can a Baha’i calls himself Iranian and then prays to Israel? Actually how can a Baha’i remain faithful to the laws of any nation and be loyal to that nation while he prays toward Israel? Please tell me, I would really like to know how?

The fact is that a true Baha’i is not faithful or loyal to Iran or any other nation, not even Israel! The truth is that a true Baha’i is not even a Nationalist but he is an Internationalist with only one goal to create Bahaullah’s Utopia of “One World, One Language, One Religion and under One Banner, the Baha’i Banner”. The only faith that a Baha’i has is Bahaism and the only loyalty that a Baha’i has is to UHJ. A true Baha’i is not even Iranian and cannot be Iranian because the logic and his religion defy him to be an Iranian.

This is where we differ:

A Baha’i prays towards Israel and worships UHJ.
I pray toward Iran and I worship Iran and nothing but Iran.

If this is not the greatest Baha’i Contradiction, then I do not know what is?!

End Notes

As I have stated before, the Baha’i cult is truly a joke on the human civilization and only the mentally inferior can follow this cult unconditionally and without questions!

Bahaullah Shrine is the Baha’i Qebleh Prayer Direction in Bahji, Israel
It is the most holy place for Bahais, located in Bahji near Acre where Bahaullah died and it is the Baha’i Qebleh (Qiblih) prayer direction in Israel.

For those who have free will and are free thinkers or would like to become one, please read:

IPC Persian Library and specifically works of the great exposer of Baha’ism, Sufism and Shiitism, Dr. Ahmad Kasravi. The master of light, Dr. Kasravi was a bright mind who bravely exposed these cults and their religious charlatan leaders. Organized Religion is nothing but a Business and a Cult.

Educate yourselves because no one else will. We have provided the greatest collection of all the books which are banned inside Iran, in one place and online for free. The IPC Iran Online Library is the greatest and largest Iranian Online library. Use this opportunity and educate yourselves.

Baha’is and other Organized Religions are building Sheep Followers (Sheeple). We are building Time Bombs who will devastate the Dogmatic way of Thinking in Religion. We build “Free Thinkers” and “Logical Independent Thinkers”.

Religion is in the business of Superstition and building Mindless Cattle.
We are in the business of Enlightenment and building Rational Minds.
Make your choice?

Educate yourselves, so you will not fall in the trap of Religion. The religion seeks “Weak Minds” to infect. Do not become a “Weak Mind”! Strengthen your minds by the power of reading, because, mind is terrible thing to waste. You only have one mind and you only live once. Do not let it waste.

Path to Freedom

My friends, Dogma is Dogma. May he wear a turban and a robe, or may he wear a three piece suit and a tie, still it is Dogma! One has to make a revolution of the mind from within to dump all the Dogma out of his brain. At that moment, the enlightenment begins and one becomes a “Free Thinker”. Religion is Dogma, and Dogma stagnates rather than to progress and to evolve. Change can never come from Dogma.

Change always comes from Evolution. Religion stops the Evolution of the mind! So go figure how you can evolve your mind and do it fast because life is too short to be wasted on slavery for some God! Stop the Dogma and start thinking for yourselves. Save yourselves by saving your minds.

From Evolution comes Open Minds and Change
From Religion comes Closed Minds and Dogma
Make a change now, before you become too old to change.

Once you become old, even if you know the truth, you will lie to yourself and justify the Dogma because you are too old to change. Human nature hates the change, especially when he gets too old to change! You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks. Don’t get too old to change and die ignorant because there is a whole world out there for you to explore, to learn about and to educate yourself.

Stop wasting your lives and start educating yourselves.

Think Free, Love Free and Live Free. Experience Free Life like you have never tasted before. Life without Dogma and God, maybe scary at first, but once you dump Dogma in the Dumpster of History, then you will laugh at your past and yourself on how dogmatic was your way of thought and only then, you will experience True Freedom of Mind and Body. Free at last, Free at last …

“Many are schooled, but only a few are truly educated!”

Enjoy and workout your brains:


Dr. Ahmad Kasravi’s Bahaism, Sufism, and Shiitism books in:

Iran Online Persian Library

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi: Bahaism Part 1

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi: Bahaism Part 2

Iran Online Library (Largest Iranian Online Library)

More power to Free Thinking
More power to Individualism

..... and there’s your prayer!

Ahreeman Bless


Someone who is Thinking outside the Box

Dr. X


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