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A Bank Named Religion!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: November 5, 2013
2nd Edition: March 15, 2017

$ 1 Jesus Dollar = 1 Salvation
Bank Note of the Church of Jesus Christ

Can you name a single business in the world which can top the Religion in revenue?

It’s not even a business anymore but it’s a bank! A bank which has no overhead and pays its clients’ interest in salvation! As a matter of fact, this bank does not even hold any clientele money for them, yet it guzzles all the money down its throat and slushes it in its own pocket! This is a bank which does not give anything away but it only receives money and piles up interest on top of interest for itself! This is a bank with no expense but only revenue! Have you ever seen such a bank or heard of such a bank? Well now you know that there exists only one bank in the world with that criteria and this bank is a bank named Religion!

Numbers Don’t Lie!

According to the Washington Post, the last year’s net income of the American Churches was 82.5 Billion Dollars! Have in mind that this number is practically tax free! Do you still wonder why the complete religious establishment including but not limited to the Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Baha’i Temple, Mormon Temple and the rest of these grocery stores are hand in hand in cahoots to keep the global public in ignorance?!

Church Confessional Money Receiving ATM Machine!
Just hand over your Visa pin number and the Church takes care of the rest!

Maybe you did not fully grasp how huge this number is, so allow me to elaborate:

Last year’s net income

Microsoft Corporation = $ 21 Billion (1/4 of USA Churches’ net income)
Google Corporation = $ 10 Billion (1/8 of USA Churches’ net income)

153 nations in the world have an annual national budget of less than $ 82.5 Billion (USA Churches’ net income)! Amongst them are nations such as Taiwan, Malaysia and Ireland! Only 36 nations in the world have an annual national budget of more than $ 82.5 Billion.

Risk Factor

Church carries no risk factor as a business. Have you ever heard of a business with no risk factor? Church carries no burden of risk which the average stock market business carries. Church is exempt when it comes to taxes. Actually when the stock market is down, business is bad and people are having financial and emotional difficulties, the Church benefits from that! When free market business is down, Church business is up!

Church Donation Bad Economy IOUs!

Human nature by majority is superstitious and during the times of need and depression, they rush to the Church and lay down more donations for the Church! So the global recession or depression and the emotional baggage which comes with it is great for the Church. The more people are in depression and financial crisis, the more Church gains benefit!

Actually Church welcomes people’s misery, financial difficulty and depression. The Church feeds on these troubles. All of this misery means more money, more money and more money for the Church!

Religion is a business which does not even satisfy with whatever clients it owns; therefore, it needs to draft more cattle and new cattle to make more money, more money and more money! This is where missionaries come in!

Do you see all of these Christian missionaries going around the world, even in dangerous grounds such as Muslim countries to preach Christianity? They know it is illegal to preach any religion or convert anyone from Islam to any other religion, but they still do it! Why? Because the Church needs more money, more money and more money! People’s lives or missionaries’ lives are not of significance. They are expendable. The more overzealous the missionaries are, the more they are beneficial for the Church!

Same goes for the Mosque who is expanding Islam in the west and around the world. This rule specifically goes for the Grocery Store of the Baha’i Temple which is basically a grand business and a global corporation! Baha’i Mobaleq missionaries are expert preachers to draft lost souls for the herd of Bahaullah!

Religion, the Perfect Escape from Reality to Fantasy!

…. And human created God and Religion ……
…. And human created God and Religion to calm him down ……
…. And human created God and Religion to aid him during the times of need ….
….. And human created God and religion to escape from the fear of unknown ….
…. And the human created God and Religion to give himself self confidence that there is always a Big Father in the sky watching over him; therefore, he is never alone!

God will always help him during the times of need!

…. And human created God and Religion, but he did not know that eventually the Established Religion will end up ruling his life!

Religion, the Perfect Business!

Today, the “Organized Religion” controls people’s wealth, affairs, social interactions, careers and every other aspect of lives! Religion has become Organized Religion and the Organized Religion is a mass propaganda machine and a mass brainwash machine which keeps people ignorant and trapped in superstitions.

Dark Ages

When religion ruled the world, it was called “The Dark Ages” and back in those centuries, the Church ruled people’s lives. Any force who would even attempt to enlighten the people and get them out of the misery of superstition would have been smashed and crumbled to nothing by the organized religion! That is why organized religion was the sworn enemy of the science and the scientists!

Do you know how many thousands and thousands of scientists were persecuted, arrested, tortured and murdered by the Church in the name of the imaginary God?! Do you know how many tens of thousands of scientists, intellectuals and free thinkers have been murdered by the Church as Witches and Wizards?! Anyone who was against the Church was branded as a witch or a wizard!

When religion ruled the world, it was called the Dark Ages!

Today, religion is the same religion and Church is the greatest business in the world. Church follows the same policies but yesterday, Church killed people who stood in their way, yet today, Church has put a civilized face and a humanitarian mask! Today, the Church uses the civil laws, the peaceful methods, the brotherly loved tactics and surely the politics to keep on keeping his hands in your pocket!

Church is the same church but he changed his face from a medieval nightmarish face to a modern 21sth century humanitarian and do gooder face!

Business of Selling Salvation!

The greatest Colonialist, Imperialist and Slave Plantation Power and Business in the world is religion. The more ignorant, superstitious and uninformed the masses are, the more rich and powerful the religion becomes!

It makes no difference, Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Baha’i Temple, Mormon Temple or others …

Organized Religion is a Grocery Store, a Business and a Bank.
Religion is in the business of selling salvation.

This business has no overhead and pays no taxes. This business suffers no market risk and competition. This business produces nothing but ignorance, superstition and infection of the mind. This business creates nothing, produces nothing and yet it makes net profit of billions! This business preys off of the misery and ignorance of the people. The more ignorant the public, the more dependants are the public and the more weak minded are the public, and indeed the more rich and powerful are the Churches.

Soliciting Salvation!

Once a while, Sunday salvation sellers (Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Evangelicals, etc.) ring my bell and want to save my soul. Then this conversation occurs:

X: Have you seen the large size sign in front of my estate which says “No Soliciting”?
Jesus Freak: But we are not solicitors!
X: You are the worst type of solicitors …
J: How’s that?
X: You are soliciting a Myth (God) but worst, you are soliciting Salvation!

God is a Myth.

“God is Dead.” my comrade Nietzsche said, but I say:
God is a Myth!
Prophets were and are charlatans.
Holy Books are story books written for adults with weak minds.
Saints are con artists.
Priests, Preachers, Mullahs, and other Holy men are businessmen.
Religious people are owners of weak minds in need of escape from reality and belief in superstition.
Religion is superstition.

The best business in the world is Religion and the business is great!

God is a Myth and Religion is a Superstition!

Weak Minds are in need of salvation via the business of religion.
Strong Minds are Free Thinkers who think for themselves.
Strong Minds are logical scientific minds who believe in reasoning, logic and science.
Strong Minds are the worst enemy of the Organized Religion.
Strong Minds hit the Organized Religion where it hurts, in the pocket!
Strong Minds are terrible for the Bank named Religion!
Weak Minds are food for the Bank named Religion!

Weak Minds = More Money, More Money and More Money for Religion!

God cannot save you!
Only you can save yourselves by self educating yourselves!
Church cannot sell you salvation.
Self Educate yourselves, be saved and create your own salvation!

God is a myth and Religion is a superstition.
Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Start educating yourselves so you will not fall in the trap of religion, ignorance and superstition.
Start self educating yourselves to become Free Thinkers, Independent Thinkers and Critical Thinkers.

This is a good start:

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The only person in control of your life is you.
You can become slave to some imaginary God, Religion, Prophet and Preacher …
You can save yourself but self educating yourself.
You are in charge and control.

God is a myth and Religion is a superstition.
Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on myths and superstitions!

Church and Dollars, Money Marriage!

Don’t be a slave to some God.
Be a Free Man or a Free Woman.

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Dr. X

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