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Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe
A Nicholas Ginex Book


Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe Book
Nicholas Ginex
December 15, 2020

Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe: Human – Alien First Contact Moment
A Nicholas Ginex Book

You are entering a scientific and philosophical journey about the beginning of the universe. It is the author’s hypothetical belief that “Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.”

How did the universe begin? Quantum physics has found that minute particles have evolved the atom, which is considered the basic building block of all matter.  But physicists and scientists are investigating what appears to be an unknown force that is currently being characterized as being consciousness.  This force exists as the lowest levels that has a will to create inorganic and organic matter with a purpose to reach its highest evolutionary perfection – to create the ability for thinking organisms to articulate a consciousness that can reach out and comprehend its own consciousness.  This will is instilled with a reproductive desire that fulfills a noble purpose, which is to love one another and all things in our universe that also possess consciousness. 

The Key Points Covered in this book:

The Beginning of the Universe
The Reality of Extraterrestrials
Disclose Zero-Point Energy for Mankind
Zero-Point Energy for a New Era
List of Persons Killed or Threatened by the US Military
Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?
Expose the Quran with Worldwide Communication

The book explores in to researches, doctrines and philosophies of various scientists and philosophers such as Anwar Shaikh.

Anwar Shaikh Index

This book reveals the author’s thoughts about the beginning of the universe, the phenomena of Consciousness, the existence of Extraterrestrials, and discoveries kept hidden by the United States military through control of the national news media, TV news, movies, publications of scientific and astrophysics papers. Every conclusion has been grounded in facts and references that have come from reliable sources. This author will not waste time on gobbledygook to prove a point. It is love for the truth that gives him the stamina to share his research efforts with you. There is no other agenda in this book than to open your eyes, widen your perceptions, and bring you closer to understanding yourselves. It may give you greater insight in the God you believe and help guide you to increase your knowledge, love, and integrity. Attributes that will prepare you to one day meet other intelligent beings in the universe.

Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe Book Cover
A Nicholas Ginex Book

Index of Contents

* Acknowledgements
* Legacy of a Father
* Everything has a Beginning – Even the Universe
* Brief Overview
* Abstract
* Introduction
* 1.0 The Beginning of the Universe

1.1 The Electron Created the Universe
1.2 Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?
1.3 The Big Bang Theory is Incompatible with Quantum Physics
1.4 There is a Purpose for life to Exist in the Universe
* 2.0. The Reality of Extraterrestrials
2.1 Zero-Point Energy Has Been Implemented for Space Travel
2.2 Extraterrestrials Have Bases on Our Moon
* 3.0 Disclose Zero-Point Energy for Mankind
3.1 The Military Industrial Complex Withholds Zero-point Energy
3.2 Are Humans Ready for Intergalactic Travel?
3.3 What Humans Can Do to be Accepted by Extraterrestrials
3.4 Zero-point Energy Requires a Rebirth of Our Educational and Religious Institutions
3.5 The American People Must Insist on ET UFO Disclosure
* 4.0 Zero-Point Energy for a New Era
4.1 Will Humans be Accepted by Intergalactic Beings?
4.2 The Covert Mind of US Operatives in Control of UFO/ET Projects
4.3 U.S. Military Downed UFOs and Killed ETs
4.4 Murder of UFO Investigators, Scientists and Engineers
4.5 Reveal Extraterrestrial Culture, History, and Beliefs
4.6 Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind
* 5.0 Conclusions
* Appendix List of Persons Killed or Threatened by the US Military
* Preferences
* Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe

Brief Summary
Start of Article
* Expose the Quran with Worldwide Communication
Stop Islamic terrorism With World-Wide Communication
A Solution to Eliminate Islamic Extremism
Communication Objectives to Expose the Quran
Why People Worldwide Must Communicate
History Reveals Islam Was Never a Religion of Peace
Silence Permits an Islamic Cancer to Grow
Education is Key for an Islamic Reformation
An Islamic Revolution by an Egyptian President
* Author Bio

This author evolved a hypothetical idea that everything has a beginning, even the universe. It surfaced based upon a perception by Nikola Tesla that throughout space there is energy. The science of quantum physics has led scientists and physicists to conclude that matter is derived from energy. An engineer, physicist, and inventor, Paramahamsa Tewari, revealed that the electron, a fundamental particle, is created through the transformation of energy in space. His theory presents a space vortex structure used to calculate how energy in space creates the electron and mathematically derive many of its properties, such as its charge and mass. Physicists have documented that one or more electrons revolves around every atom and forms the elements of the universe.

The discovery that the electron is inherently associated with the formation of every atom prompts scientists, physicists and philosophers to understand the phenomenon of consciousness. For it appears that the electron is an intelligent master in the creation of atoms. Beginning with Nikola Tesla, scientists and aerospace engineers have learned to capture energy in space, which has led to new technologies, zero-point energy and anti-gravity. These technologies and the phenomenon of consciousness will be explored in this book. They are presented to motivate scientists and innovative engineers to someday eliminate poverty around the world, solve the threat of climate change, and give mankind the ability to travel into interstellar space. Several questions will be investigated. Will mankind be able to transform their aggressive behaviors that initiate bigotry, hate, and violence, and to learn to love one another? Will mankind advance morally and intellectually with the new technologies? Will mankind’s transformation to love one another become a reality so that they are welcomed by other intelligent beings in the universe?

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Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe Book

Now that you have the background information about the book, you are ready to read the actual book. Enjoy:

Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe Book

“Knowledge without action means nothing!”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

“Knowledge and Love Leads to Wisdom.”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)


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