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Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West
Who are the Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Running the World?
Truth Hurts but Must be Told!

Ahreeman X
October 13, 2022

George Soros creator of the global chaos and the most evil man in the world.
The man who broke the bank of England, Thailand and is wanted in Philippines!
The Hungarian Jew who is wanted by the Hungarian Government!
The Jew who collaborated with the Nazis against his own people!
The Globalist Jew who is bound to destroy the American Capitalism and Democracy!
The Billionaire benefactor of the Democrat Party, BLM, ANTIFA, Communists and Iran Lobby!

Ban Yourselves Before Reading This Article!

How can you publish this investigative research article anywhere else except in IPC? Even though there is nothing but facts in this article, yet it cannot be posted or talked about on the American and the European Media, Social Media and Tech Giants because speaking about Jews, Blacks and many other subjects is taboo and you will be censored, shunned and branded as Racist! Try posting anything even as nearly so-called controversial as this one on the social media and see what happens? And you keep on asking me why I am not on social media and why I have been repeatedly refusing to be on the American Media! Hypothetically, if I had accepted an interview by CNN, FOX or any other news media, they would have cherry picked pieces of my interview and broadcast it, that is why I have been rejecting interviews almost with all media for over 2 decades! There is no free speech in America, even if you speak of truth and nothing but the truth! There exists nothing but Wokeness and Fake News!

This topic is so hot that it cannot even be discussed on Conservative Media such as Newsmax, RAV or anywhere else. Social Media is the worst. Try criticizing Jesus and Christianity on Conservative Social Media and see what happens! Try speaking of any un-woke and un-PC issue on Mainstream Social Media and see what happens! You see, we been there and done that.

We don’t want to spend our time and money creating a social media site page and for years expand and grow it and then suddenly some punk degenerate liberal millennial on weed and dope with inferiority complex posing as the moderator, revises or deletes one of our posts and then asks me if it is ok?! Then we must close down the complete site and the works of many years and leave that Social Media because I refuse to be censored by anyone from the left, the right or the center. These people do not have the general knowledge, education and qualification to censor me. In other words, I am too old for the American Media and Social Media garbage! That is why we have busted our butts for over 2 decades to create IPC as the largest Iranian network on the Internet, so we do not need the Media, Social Media or Tech Giants to get our words through to the masses.

Even though I ignore them, still, these media companies ask me that why don’t I go for interviews and the social media companies ask me that why don’t I join them? I am an old wild animal, too old to be domesticated! As the famous Scottish philosopher, poet, flute player, musician and the front man for the Classical Rock band Jethro Tull, the notorious Ian Anderson recites:

“I am too old to Rock & Roll and too young to die!”
(Ian Anderson) 

You are about to read some truth and facts here. I am a scientist and a historian, I deal with science, logic, true history and facts. I surely do not care for sugar coating the reality with the woke topping and when I enter the house, political correctness runs out of the window! So, before you read this piece which you don’t get to read the likes of it on anywhere else, please kindly ban yourselves and cancel yourselves because according to the woke society, you are now entering the uncharted territories, taboo to discuss or even read about! You are now about to enter the Ahreemanic Territory so buckle up and get ready to evolve your brains by feeding it some truth which has been hidden from you by your woke information system and authoritarian society. Bon Appetite boys and girls!

Jews are Not the Problem, Liberalism is!

Where Hitler went wrong was blaming and generalizing all the Jews; however, it is not the Jews, but the Liberal Jew Masters to blame! The Liberal Jew Masters control the western world, drag the Liberal Jews as an army of braindead infatuated slaves, the same as the Liberal Blacks who follow them. Liberal Jew Masters in general are oppressing their own people, the Conservative Jews and in many cases propagate Anti-Israel Rhetoric.

Many conservative Jews inside and outside Israel are informed people and they try hard to expose these Liberal Jew Masters who run the American and European Liberal Plantations but due to lack of public tribunes, their voices are not heard. True Nationalist and Zionist Jews despise these Liberal Billionaire Jew Bosses who run the western world but they can’t get their voices through!

Liberal Plantation Jew Masters run the western world. The world got Jewed Down by these Liberal Jews!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

On Israel and the Jews

Mainstream media around the globe are liberals and Israel is no exception. Liberal Jew Media may they be in America or Israel are ultimate representation of censored and woke liberal propaganda prepared to brainwash the sheep. I am not a fan of the liberal Jew media!

Neftali Bennett Regime

I am not a fan of Neftali Bennett and his regime in Israel. Neftali is more of an equivalent of a RINO Liberal type. He is a weak politician, a wheeler and dealer who makes deals with Islamists, Communists and anyone to promote his goals. Neftali Bennett’s goals are not necessarily for the benefit of Israel. Neftali Bennett is a globalist republican in the closet, aligned with the Billionaire Liberal Jew Plantation Masters who run the west! It was just a while ago that Neftali Bennett went around the world like Hussein Obama for a Global Apology Tour! I like people who do as they say and they are not showman politicians!

I Like Bibi – Benjamin Netanyahu

I am more of a Bibi type of a guy. Yes, Benjamin Netanyahu is my type of a guy and Likud is the proper party to support Israeli people’s benefits. Bibi Netanyahu is a Nationalist who truly cares about his people and the future of Israel. That’s why he was ousted out of power! I like strong Nationalists with determination for Israel, Iran, America and everywhere else. I do not care for Globalists, Liberals and Flip Floppers! Those who assume that Bibi’s story is over are gravely mistaking! Do not be surprised if Bibi makes a comeback because he is loved by his people.

The Great Reset is Designed by the Liberal Billionaire Jews!

Many assume that the complete unscientific and nonsensical garbage of the “Great Reset” and “Climate Cult” is designed, planned and executed by Klaus Schwab! You must dig deeper. Since 1970s, this garbage was designed and promoted by the Liberal Billionaire Jews. Klaus Schwab, Scandinavian So-Called Scientists and Globalist organizations such as WEF, WHO, WTO, UN, EU and the rest are only pawns and tools like little puppets which have been operated by the Liberal Jew Masters to create a Religion named the “Climate Change” so they can draft a drastic measure such as the “Great Reset” to enslave the world, oppress the “Individualist Workers” and establish a “Globalist Government” via “New World Order” and control, rule and run the world or at least the west with the firm hands.

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

When Woke Green New Bull Shiite Ruined the World?

How Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Control the World?

Liberal Jew Masters in this manner will  and are squeezing the global wealth from the “Wealth of the Nations” in to their bank accounts, get richer, gain more powers and establish their absolute Fascistic Authoritarian World Government to control the world via depopulation, spread of homosexuality, transgender ideology, destruction of fossil fuels Industry, scarce fertilizers, limit crops growth, destruction of economies, ban meat, create global famine, impoverish the public, create government dependency, create welfare states, abolish individual ownership, ban private possession, control global corporations, own banking system, propagate via media, brainwash via social media, censor via Tech Giants’ Search Engines, control the complete wealth, gain the total power, and therefore, rule the Western World!

Yes, the Great Reset is the product of the Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters but no one has the guts or is allowed to speak of it in public, media, social media or public forms. No matter on the left or on the right, they are either censored or self-censor themselves to speak of it. With a slight sound of this fact, you will be branded as “Anti-Semite” or “Racist” to be silenced! The Establishment twists the subject in a way that any unveiling of truth in regards to this subject is considered criticizing the Jews and that is Anti-Semitic!

The funny thing is that the True Nationalist Jews are perfectly aware of these facts and they are not a bit happy about the exploitation of the world and herding the Jewish population like sheep, by these Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters.

Seize Harvesting Fossil Fuels and Destroy the Economy!

If you don’t have fossil fuel and seize harvesting oil, gas, shale and coal, then you don’t make fertilizer, you will not have crops, you will not have cattle, you will not have food, you will starve, you will have famine and that is what is happening today and it is all blamed on the imaginary “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”; therefore, the solution of the “Great Reset” is offered to fix the problem!

Depopulate by becoming gay, get sex change by mutilating your children, don’t eat meat, eat bugs and drink recycled urine to save the earth! Kill the humanity to save the earth!

This is all a hoax and a scam well planned by the Liberal Billionaire Jew Bosses and no one is allowed to speak of it. The best they can do is to blame it on Klaus Schwab and the Globalists! But who are these globalists? They are all by 95% Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters!

End Fossil Fuel to Destroy Global Civilization

Check the Oil Cartels and their Chairmen CEOs, they are not Jews and that is why the Big Government and Liberal Plantations want to end fossil fuels to absolutely dominate the western economies. Check Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil and Shell corporations’ information.

Electric grid runs on oil, gas and coal. Today’s wind and solar energies cannot supply even a fraction of the electric grid. If everyone had electric cars and charge them at the same time as putting their air-conditioning on, the grid would collapse and blackouts would occur. Look at the California disaster created by the liberals!

Chuck Schumer the Liberal Jew Bastard Weasel Career Politician is the major pawn of the Jew Masters to implement their agenda, nationwide.

Media Keeps the Average Jew Fooled by Propaganda

Average Jews are happy that these Liberal Billionaire Jews run the world, but little they know that the average liberal Jew is as much of a slave to these Billionaire Jews as the blacks and the rest of the slaves! They say jump and the average liberal jew jumps! These Billionaire Globalist Jews are even against the Israel and the conservative Jews!

Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Jewed Down Israel!

The fact is that with their leftist globalist policies, these Globalist Jew Bosses are destroying America, Iran, Israel and the world. In a way, their policies ousted Trump in USA and Netanyahu in Israel. These Globalist Jew Billionaires not even have mercy on their own people! Everything is game and the game is all about Dollars!

We have an expression in Persian that the Jews often state as an advice. They state that:

“Jun nist, puleh!”
(It is not life but it is money!)

Meaning that Jews say that money is even more important than life!

The point is that these Liberal Billionaire Jew bastards even Jewed Down the Israel and the Jewish People!

Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Run the World!

How do these Jew Bosses run the West; you ask? They run the Liberal Plantations. Educate yourselves to the System of the Liberal Plantations:

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

To run the world, you must run the Banking System, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Investments, Loaning System, Tech Giants, Information System, Search Engines, Media, Entertainment Industry and Hollywood. To rule America and the West; therefore, the world, you must control the government via financial networks, indoctrinate via educational system, censor via Search Engines and Social Media, propagate via Media and brainwash via Hollywood!

Guess who owns all the above? Jews, that’s right! And I promise you that these Jew Bastards are far from Patriotic American Conservative Jews and Nationalist Israeli Jews. These Jew Bastards who Jewed Down the World are all Liberal Globalist Jew Masters who run the Liberal Plantations for pure greed, money and power. They are controlling the world for their bank accounts. When you own the financial system and the stock market, then you have the power to rule the world.

Who are the Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Who Run the World?

Shall we name some names which have been hidden form you to keep you ignorant under the pretense of wokeness, political correctness, inclusion, equity, and one race, one world government?

Now that we know about the Liberal Plantations Operations, we must find out that who owns them and who runs them? True, they run every aspect of the American and the European Society!

Some of these Jews change their last names so you can’t tell that they are Jews! They use non-Jewish last names! So, who are these Liberal Plantation Jew Masters who rule the Wild Wild West? Let’s name some of them:

Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West

Media, Hollywood and Entertainment
Susan Arnold – Disney Chairwoman => Marvel + ABC
Dana Walden – ABC Chairwoman (Disney Company)
Isaac Perlmutter – Marvel Chairman (Disney Company)
Michael Eisner – Hollywood Investor + Ex Disney Executive
Michael De Luca – Warner Brothers Chairman => DC + CNN
Chris Licht – CNN Chairman (Warner Brothers Company)
Brian Robbins - Paramount Chairman => CBS
Kelly Kahl – CBS President (Paramount Company)
Brian Roberts – Comcast Chairman => NBC + MSNBC + CNBC
Arthur Gregg Sulzberger – New York Times Chairman
Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg Founder
Peter Grauer – Bloomberg Chairman

Tech Oligarchs
Sergey Brin – Google Co-Founder + Alphabet + YouTube
Larry Page – Google Co-Founder + Alphabet + YouTube
Susan Wojcicki – YouTube CEO (Google Company)
Mark Zuckerberg – Meta Platforms => Facebook + Instagram + WhatsApp
Arthur Levinson – Apple Chairman
Larry Ellison – Oracle Chairman
Michael Dell – Dell Founder

Wall Street, Banking, Investment and Hedge Fund

George Soros – Open Society Foundations Chairman + Soros Fund Management Chairman
Alexander Soros – Open Society Foundations Deputy Chair
Robert Soros - Soros Fund Management Investor
Jacob Rothschild – Rothschild Banking Family Investor + Institute for Jewish Policy Research
Larry Fink – BlackRock Inc. Multinational Investment Company Chairman
Robert Kapito – BlackRock Inc. Multinational Investment Company President
Steven Cohen – SAC Capital Advisors + Point 72 Asset Management
Stephen Schwarzman – Blackstone Financial and Hedge Fund Group Chairman
Jim Simmons – Wall Street Investor and Hedge Fund Manager
Carl Icahn – Icahn Capital Management Founder
Len Blavatnik – Access Industries Chairman
Mikhail Fridman – Alfa Group Founder
Joseph Safra – Safra Group Founder
John Paulson – Paulson and Co. Hedge Fund Founder

George Soros

Yes, George Soros the master of global chaos who is destined to destroy the American Exceptionality and made a great fortune out of destruction of the global banking system and creation of chaos in the stock market is not only a Jew but a Jew who betrayed his own people during the WWII as a Nazi Collaborator!

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

Read more about George Soros, half way down the page:

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Everything you heard about the Great Reset such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), Black Rock, Black Stone, Paris Climate Accord, Educational System, Banking System, Media, Hollywood, Davos, WEF (World Economic Forum), WTO (World Trade Organization), WHO (World Health Organization) and the rest are all run by the Jew Masters, and CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is also in on it, finances it and makes bundles of profit off of it! The Globalist Billionaire Jews and the Chinese Government get rich and they brainwash you by Climate Cult Propaganda, so you get poor and remain a dependent slave to the government! They figured the perfect system of controlling the public’s minds!

Yes, Jews are not the Problem, Liberalism is!

Jews are Leaving the Liberal Indoctrination too. Liberal Jew Billionaires are the Enemies of the Jewish People. Jews are not the problem, liberalism is! Liberal Jews are the Worst Type of the Liberals. They are against the benefits of their own people. Liberal Jews are either Plantation Owners or they follow these Jew Masters as Plantation brainwashed Slaves! The good news is that many of the Liberal Jews are leaving the plantations.

Hitler was wrong, Jews are not the Problem, Liberalism is! You don’t burn the Jews for the crimes of the Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews!

Democrats and Nazis Similarities!

Democrats and Nazis are similar in a way that Yesterday’s Nazis and Today’s Democrats, both stand against Israel and the Nationalist Jews.

Do you recall, Democrats attacked the Conservative Jews’ Caravan in New York on 2020? Nazis also attacked Jewish Businesses in Berlin on 1933!

the problem is not the Jews but it is Liberalism because a minority of Liberal Jew Masters run the liberal plantations but the majority of the Jews are Liberal Plantation slaves, the same as the blacks! These Liberal Jew Masters run every aspect of the Liberal plantations such as the Media, Tech Giants, Academia, Hollywood, Global Banking System, somewhat Wallstreet and so on. Who do you think are these Marxist university professors who indoctrinate your kids? Liberal Jews, that’s right! I should know because I was an insider to the American Failed Liberal Educational System. I was a university professor and a department director.

Ahreeman X at the University

Jews are Leaving the Liberal Concentration Camps

The only Jews who freed themselves from the Liberal Plantations and oppression by the Liberal Jew Masters are the Conservative Jews. The conservative Jews are the True Jews with brains who love America, who love Israel, are patriots and are historically, economically and politically aware of what really goes on in the globe! Except the Conservative Jews, the rest of the Jews are as much victims and slaves to the Liberal Plantations as the Blacks and Hispanics! They are all slaves to the Liberal Jew Masters owning the Liberal Plantations.

However, as we can see, half the Hispanics have left the plantation for Trump. More and more Blacks are also leaving the plantation for Trump. Will the Jews follow or will they remain in their Stockholm Syndrome, slaves to their Jew Masters? Will the Jews leave the Liberal Concentration Camps?

As Dr. King stated, will they be Free at Last, Free at Last?!

Watch what happens when Jews refuse to be traditional liberals and begin to gain their own conservative identity:

Family describes horror as violent maskless rioters throw rocks, attack 'Jews for Trump' convoy

‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Rolls Thru New York City; Punches, Rocks Thrown

Protesters hurl eggs at Rudy Giuliani, pro-Trump demonstrators in NYC

Massive 'Jews for Trump' rally in NYC, pro-Trump caravan attacked with rocks, eggs and paint

More than 1,000 People Rally for Trump in New Jersey

Despite the hardship, Jews are leaving the Liberal Concentration Camps!

Globalist New world Order

Globalist Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters, Chinese Communist Party, Antony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, WEF and Globalist Corporations have used, and some believe that they created the pandemic to enforce lockdowns, police state, depopulation, indoctrination, homosexualization, impoverish people and establish a controlled Big Global Government.

‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’: Warnings of ‘Orwellian’ Great Reset

Klaus Schwab WEF Video on Liberal New World Order

WEF founder: Must prepare for an angrier world

Dependency on Government

So, if you are a hard-working tax payer, you end up paying for the forgiven student loans of the loser kids who borrowed tons of government loans to study and graduate with Gender Studies, Liberal Arts and Ethnic Studies majors from the liberal universities and do not have the money or jobs to pay back the loans!

The government’s job rather than to create public security will become a nanny state in charge of the redistribution of wealth from the workers and producers to the welfare bums and users!

How Globalism Destroys the American Labor?

Globalists are the enemy of the American labor and in that manner the global labor. Let us take a look at some of the ways the Globalists destroy the American labor:

1. Outsourcing Jobs to Overseas

Replacing the American workers with cheap labor from China, India, Mexico and other places; child labor from China, India and other locations; slave labor from China.

2. Destruction of the American Manufacturing

Closing down the factories in America and opening them in China, Mexico and other locations. If you don’t have manufacturing and depended on other countries’ manufacturing, then you don’t have an economy and specifically during a future hypothetical war for instance with China, you will end up relying on Chinese products!

3. High Taxation

High Taxation for the producing corporations, so they move out of the United States or at least move their manufacturing out of the United States.

4. Open Borders

Mass import of illegal aliens unskilled or skilled workers from around the globe to underbid and compete with the American workers, specifically the Black and Hispanic American workers whom end up losing their jobs.

5. Taxation of the Workers

High taxation of the lower- and middle-class workers which takes away from them the power of spending and purchasing goods. Taxation without representation.

6. Removing Tariffs on Imports

Removing tariffs on Chinese and other countries’ imports, so they can dump foreign products in America, in China’s case, dumping cheap Chinese garbage in the market to underbid the American products and the American labor.

7. High Regulations

Creating mass red tapes and regulations for the manufacturing companies and corporations to the point that it is not economically feasible and cost worthy to produce products in America, so they have to move to the overseas.

8. Foreign Visa Workers

Mass invitation of foreign visa workers to America to attend various jobs while American workers get outbid by these foreigners and lose these jobs. Globalists’ excuse is that these are specialty jobs; however, American workers are perfectly capable of doing them.

These are only some of the many ways that the globalists destroy the American workers and American Economy to enrich themselves.

Democrats import illegal aliens for votes.
RINOs import illegal aliens for cheap labor.

Future Agenda

A logical future agenda can only be planned if we know the cause of our present circumstances’ social and economic disaster, and comprehending that who created it? You must know the enemy and the root cause of your misfortune or you will never be able to fix the problem and save yourselves. A bright prosperous future can only be achieved via the perfect knowledge and understanding of why you are in the present quicksand! Self-educate yourselves because your schools and universities, and surely your media will not! Use information provided for you by IPC and other patriotic portals to advance the chances of your success and prosperity. Spread the word about IPC.

Advance the National Populist Agenda to stand firm against the Globalist Nightmare for the world.

“I believe in the American Founding Fathers, American Exceptionality, American Unique Form of Democracy, American Patriots, Iranian Nationalism, Iranian Opposition, Iranian People and the Global Workers. In our global battle between the Individualist Workers and the Globalist Establishment, I am with the Workers. More power to the people.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Stand with the Workers and Fight the Globalist Establishment.

More Power to the People

Dr. X


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