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Philosophy Book in English

God, Us and the Universe
Philosophy Book of 3 Chapters in English
Explore the Universe with Ginex

Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Nicholas Ginex
September 4, 2022

Ankh Key of Truth in the Universe, Egyptian Mythology
Ginex describes Ankh as the key to the truth, a symbol of truth versus the traditional explanation as the key of life. Ankh Key is a deep metaphysical encryption, pointing to the true meaning of human life as a "point", contemplating its eternal nature, which recognizes the true essence of its existence. Cross of the Ankh is a symbol of Harmony.

About the Author

Ginex is a kindred soul, a person of deep emotions for the humanity and its future. Ginex have searched the past, present and the future to seek salvation and prosperity for the humanity! Ginex is a person of conviction and when he sets his mind on a task, he will not rest until the task is done.

Nichols Ginex the beloved aerospace expert, Egyptologist, philosopher and author has been a solid base of IPC and a valuable scholar and curiosity to the philosophy students, scholars and enthusiasts. Ginex has written a number of books and articles on philosophy, history, Islam, science and politics.

Nicholas Ginex and I have been having an over 8-year-long philosophy debate:

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence
Debate: How Everything Came to Existence?

To review Ginex Updates:

Nicholas Ginex Interviews & News Updates

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Nicholas Ginex Index

Hathor the Egyptian Goddess puts the Ankh of Truth in the mouth of Queen Nefertari
Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Sex, Fertility, Pleasure, Beauty, Music and Dance
Hathor is the holder of Ankh, the Key of Truth.
Truth is an Ancient Egyptian Quality. Ankh is the Key to Truth.
Queen Nefertari Tomb, Valley of Queens, Luxor, Egypt
* Note 1: Goddess Isis (Goddess of Moon, Earth and Nature) not to be mistaken with Goddess Hathor (Goddess of Fertility, Childbirth, Music, Dance, Love and Sex) because sometimes they both wear the similar topless dresses and horn ornament headdresses on their hairs. Sometimes the images are so similar that we can only distinguish between the two via reading the Hieroglyphs at the backgrounds to see who is who? Their necklaces are also slightly different.
* Note 2: Most of the times Hathor and Isis wear different outfits: Hathor with Cobra and Globe headdress and Isis with Vertical Headdress wearing wings but sometimes they wear very similar outfits.

“Nicholas Ginex is a valuable author, scholar and philosopher. His writings are enlightening and
informing to the open minds. His views are about universal love and peace for the mankind and
all creatures throughout the universe. Reading Ginex books are essential for the philosophy,
history and science buffs and enthusiasts.

Ginex is an explorer in time and space, travelling with the warp speed throughout the universe,
seeking for the truth of the universe. Can you catch up with Ginex? The only way you can, is if
you have an open mind!”

(Ahreeman X)

About the Book

Let us explore the universe with Ginex. God, Us and the Universe explores various interesting philosophical, historical and scientific issues to reach to the truth. It discusses subjects such as Ancient Egyptian beliefs; Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic commentaries; Critique of religious dogma; Discourses on the soul and God; Challenge of religions and indeed the analysis of the Universe.

God, Us and the Universe presents a challenge to the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religious leaders to Revise Their Scriptures.

Scripture was inspired by men of God. They put in writing the commands that would help their people to live in harmony under a given set of rules of conduct. Such rules of conduct were developed by the first formal religion of the world that existed in Egypt. Long before Abraham and Moses, the Priesthood of Amon AKA Amun (Amen) developed the belief in one-universal God, the Creator of all there is. It was this belief that cemented rules of conduct that, if followed, would allow the righteous to join their God upon death.

God, Us and the Universe contains a compilation of 51 articles posted on an Internet forum. The author shared his thoughts with many discerning and intelligent people who exhibited extraordinary depth with their comments. The interaction between them and the author opened many avenues of thought whereby together they gained perspectives about God, religion, philosophy, politics and ethics.

During many hundreds of years, the Egyptian priesthood revised their beliefs many times. They eventually replaced their beliefs in many gods with one-universal God. That God is announced by name today by many people – Amen. The Priesthood of Amon wrote, Amon as the Sole God. It was composed during the reign of Ramses II after accepting many of the ideas first composed by Amenhotep IV (reigned 1375 BC - 1358 BC) who wrote, The Hymn to the Aton. Both hymns are provided in the book, Future of God Amen by Nicholas Ginex.

Amenhotep IV after the 5th year of his reign was called and known as the famous pharaoh “Akhenaten”. Amenhotep means “Amun is Satisfied” where Amon AKA Amen was the primary universal God. Akhenaten means “Effective for the Aten”. Aten AKA Aton was the disk of the sun in Atenism Egyptian Religious System.  

Through many centuries, the major religions have fought to establish their God as the true God. We see today, extremist Muslims killing Jews, Christians, Buddhists and people of other faiths because their Scripture, The Qur’an, states they have the true religion (Sura 9:29), it is the Religion of Truth, and that Allah will make it prevail over all other religions (Sura 9:33). Hence, on the world stage we have a “bully religion” whereby Islamic leaders indoctrinate their followers to eliminate the religious beliefs of other people and kill them to achieve their objective.

To stop the insanity of killing people in the name of God, the Muslim people themselves must pressure their religious leaders to wake up and revise the Qur’an to reflect the greatest command given by a Man of God – love one another.

Review Ginex’ controversial book:

Allah, We, Our and Us Book Press Release

Allah, We, Our and Us Book

If the Egyptian priesthood were intelligent enough to update their Scriptures many times until they arrived at the belief in one universal God, so can Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religious leaders. It is foolish to believe that Scripture is encased in concrete never to be changed. Will religious leaders of these faiths be perceptive, compassionate, and wise to revise their Scriptures with the objective to teach all people to love one another?

A cooperative response to this challenge by religious leaders and their followers will steer mankind into the realm of knowledge where science and faith are compatible in man’s quest to know God. Such an effort is based upon truth of the evolution of God and religion that is obtainable from our past history.

In God, Us and the Universe book, Ginex stimulates the brains by questioning and analyzing issues such as:

Do You Know the Origin of God?
Are the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Gods the Same God?
Is Jesus God?
Has Jesus Always Existed or Was He Created?
Have Religious Leaders Corrupted Religion?
Will Science and Religion Ever Be Compatible?
Does Consciousness Pervade Our Universe?

On this last issue, review Ginex’ article:

Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

The Universal View
Explore the Universe with Ginex
Nicholas Ginex God, Us and the Universe Book

“Hope on, hope ever! after darkest night
Comes, full of loving life, the laughing Morning;
Hope on, hope ever! Spring-tide, flushed with light,
Aye crowns old Winter with her rich adorning.
Hope on, hope ever! yet the time shall come,
When man to man shall be a friend and brother;
And this old world shall be a happy home,
And all Earth's family love one another!
Hope on, hope ever.”

(Gerald Massey)

“Knowledge is a wonderful gift!”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

“Knowledge without action means nothing!”
(Nicholas Paul Ginex)

Nicholas Ginex God, Us and the Universe Book Cover

God, Us and the Universe Contents

God, Us and the Universe Index
* Acknowledgments
* Foreword
* God

An Extract from Future of God Amen
Review of Future of God Amen by Mike Voyce
What Does Amen Mean?
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Has Jesus Always Existed or Was He Created?
A Challenge for Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Religious Leaders
Will Religious Leaders Respond to the Challenge?
What is the Soul? by Bent Lorentzen
What is the Word of God?
Do You Know the Word of God?
The Word in John’s Gospel
What Did Jesus Christ Reveal to the World?
Are the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Gods the Same God?
Was Jesus Christ a Martyr and for What?
Do You Know the Origin of God?
The Beginning of the Creation of God
Why Future of God Amen?
Is the Future of God Amen Viable?
Son of God or Son of Man?
Is Jesus God?
Was Genesis Inspired or an Emulated Work?
God’s Last Command
A New Religious Perspective Is Needed
The Church Fathers Committed a Gross Error!
Is There Need for a Religious Revolution?
Can Religious Leaders Provide World Peace?
Have Religious Leaders Corrupted Religion?
Are Religious Leaders Too Arrogant to Unify Their Beliefs?
The Quran Advocates Violence and Murder
Are Muslims Misled by the Quran?
Demand Muslims Provide Religious Reciprocity
* Us
How Can Integrity, Love, and Understanding Be Instilled in Humans?
Excessive Personal or Corporate Wealth
Is Unconditional Love Sensible?
Is Love a Concept or Real Human Attribute?
Must Worship of God and Moral Beliefs Go Together?
A Moral Code Is Essential to Stop Wars
Are Theists and Atheists Both Right?
Is Pain and Suffering Needed to Learn of a Better Life?
Will Science and Religion Ever Be Compatible?
Resurrection of Does a Savior Exist?
It Is a Shame! Surfaces Again
Commentary on the Dignity of Difference
Knowledge Is a Wonderful Gift, Amen
Hello to Elsie Duggan
A Review of Edward
Is Our President an Effective Leader?
Why Do Many Women Disrespect Sarah Palin?
Let Your Voices Be Heard
* The Universe
Does Consciousness Pervade Our Universe?
On Being and Doing
* Epilogue
* Author Bio

God, Us and the Universe Book

For the first time the book God, Us and the Universe is being published on the Internet for all to read, study and enjoy. Spread the knowledge and inform others to also read it. Enjoy the book:

God, Us and the Universe Book

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