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Persian Philosophy Index
World Philosophers & Philosophies


Avicenna (Wikipedia)

Albert Camus
Albert Camus
Albert Camus (Wikipedia)

Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell Website
Oliver Cromwell (Wikipedia)

Charles Darwin
Writings of Darwin on The Web
Charles Darwin (Wikipedia)

Frederick Engels Internet Archives
Frederick Engels (Wikipedia)

Epicurus-Epicurean Philosophy
Epicurus (Humanistic)
Principal Doctrines
Letter to Menoeceus
Epicurus (Wikipedia)

Sadeq Hedayat
Sadeq Hedayat Site: Blind Owl
Sadeq Hedayat (Wikipedia)

Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Hegel Society of America
Hegel Net
Hegel (Stanford)
Hegel (Wikipedia)

Adolf Hitler
Mein Kamph
Zweites Buch (Hitler 2nd Book)
Zweites Buch (Arthur Kemp)
Hitler Historical Museum
The Rise of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler (Wikipedia)

Thomas Jefferson
Monticello (Home of Jefferson)
Jefferson Digital Archives
Historical Writings of Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson (White house)
Thomas Jefferson (Wikipedia)

Franz Kafka
The Kafka Project
Franz Kafka (Wikipedia)

Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant Friesian School
Immanuel Kant Philosophy
The Critique of Practical Reason
Metaphysic of Morals
Metaphysical Elements of Ethics
Immanuel Kant (Wikipedia)

Ahmad Kasravi
Ahmad kasravi Historian & Author
Ahmad Kasravi (Wikipedia)

Omar Khayyam
Philosophy of Omar Khayyam
Omar Khayyam
Omar Khayyam (Wikipedia)

Vladimir ILich Lenin
Materialism & Empirio-Criticism 1
Materialism & Empirio-Criticism 2
Vladimir ILich Lenin Archives
Vladimir ILich Lenin (Wikipedia)

Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli (Stanford)
Niccolo Machiavelli Philosophy
Niccolo Machiavelli (Wikipedia)

Manichaean Writings
Manichaeism, a Universalist Faith
Mani (Wikipedia)

Karl Marx
Karl Marx Writings Internet Archives
Karl Marx Philosophy
Karl Marx (Stanford)
Karl Marx (Wikipedia)

Mazdak (Wikipedia)

Benito Mussolini
Mussolini (Comando Supremo)
Comando Supremo
Mussolini Speeches
Rome Speech
Corporations & Fasces Speech
Benito Mussolini (Wikipedia)

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche TFL
Friedrich Nietzsche Gutenberg
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Thus Spake Zarathustra 2
Beyond Good and Evil
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosophy
Friedrich Nietzsche (Stanford)
Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes
Friedrich Nietzsche (Wikipedia)

John Pickard
Dialectical Materialism

Plato and His Dialogues
Dialogues of Plato
Works by Plato
Plato Gutenberg
Plato Complete Works
Plato (Stanford)
Plato (Wikipedia)

Jean Jacques Rousseau
Rousseau Association Website
Rousseau Philosophy
Rousseau IEP
Rousseau (Wikipedia)

Maulana Rumi
Maulana Rumi
Rumi on Fire
Rumi by Shahram Shiva
Maulana Rumi (Wikipedia)

Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie Website
Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie (Wikipedia)

Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell Society
A Free Man’s Worship
Bertrand Russell Gutenberg
Bertrand Russell Quotes
Bertrand Russell (Stanford)
Bertrand Russell (Wikipedia)

Jean Paul Sartre
Jean Paul Sartre Archive
Jean Paul Sartre (Stanford)
Jean Paul Sartre IEP
Jean Paul Sartre Philosophy
Jean Paul Sartre (Wikipedia)

Arthur Schopenhauer
Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860
Arthur Schopenhauer (Stanford)
Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes
Arthur Schopenhauer (Wikipedia)

Ali Shariati
Ali Shariati Site
Ali Shariati
Ali Shariati Works
Ali Shariati (Wikipedia)

Socrates (Stanford)
Socrates Philosophy
Socrates (Wikipedia)

Abdol Karim Soroush
Dr. Soroush Site
Abdol Karim Soroush (Wikipedia)

Zoroastra Spitmata
Zoroastra, the Real Story
Zarathushtra (Zoroastra)
Zoroastra (Wikipedia)

Joseph Stalin
Dialectical-Historical Materialism
Joseph Stalin Archives
Joseph Stalin (Wikipedia)

Timeline Eastern Philosophers
Timeline Western Philosophers

List of Philosophers (Wikipedia)

Philosophy Articles

Philosophy Debates
Philosophy of Existence: N Ginex vs AX

Famous Quotes
Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes
Donald Trump Best Quotes
Donald Trump Quotes Thread
Reagan - Thatcher Best Quotes
CIA Presidential Quotes on Deep State
Who Knows & Who Knows Not?
Famous Atheist & Secular Quotes
Funny Famous Atheist Idioms
Famous Quotes of Wisdom Thread

Religion 102: King David Israel 1
Religion 102: King David Israel 2

Ahreeman X
Liberal Made Climate Change 1
Liberal Made Climate Change 2
Iranian Youth Ask Parents Why ...?
Globalist Billionaire Jews Rule West
Google’s Conscious Robot is Alive!
Liberals are Not Progressive!
CIA Presidential Quotes on Deep State
Democrats are Destroying America
Liberal Plantation System
Reasons for Iran Backward Culture?
What is Patriotism?
Donald Trump’s Best Quotes
Who Knows & Who Knows Not?
Trump News Network to Save USA
Chinese Coronavirus & Globalism
Subconscious Mind & Brain Wash
Universal Intelligence vs. God
Reagan & Thatcher Favorite Quotes
Mitra Foundation of Christianity 1
Mitra Foundation of Christianity 2
Mitra Foundation of Christianity 3
Mitra Foundation of Christianity 4
Mitra Foundation of Christianity 5
Trump vs. Hitler
Baha’i vs. Islam: Revision of Quran
Baha’i Cult 28 Contradictions
Persian Mythology - Part 1
Persian Mythology - Part 2
Persian Mythology - Part 3
A Bank Named Religion!
History of Federalism in Iran 1
History of Federalism in Iran 2
Theory of Everything! 1
Theory of Everything! 2
Alien Factor, Ancient Aliens 1
Alien Factor, Ancient Aliens 2
Social Darwinism & Raciology 1
Social Darwinism & Raciology 2
Social Darwinism & Raciology 3
Pan Iranism and Islam
Religion, Living in Fantasy
Republican and Monarchist Views
Why Monarchy has Ended?
Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism
Moral Revolution - Alternative Tactic
Philosophical Corner!
Brain and Mind
Movement of Minds
A Vision for Iran of tomorrow
Famous Persian Quotes of Wisdom
Famous Funny Atheist Quotes
Famous Atheist Quotes of Wisdom

Maziar Aptin
Why Civilizations Rise and Fall?
Unethical Values of Modern Man
There is No Need for Religions
Zoroaster, Prophet or Philosopher?
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Is it Creation or Evolution?

Amir Arsalan
A Few Questions on Christianity?
Monotheism versus Polytheism

Parvin Darabi
Fairy Tales

Sam Ghandchi
Ideology, State & Futuristic Pluralism
Pluralism in the Western Thought
God and Us
Futurism, Time & Consciousness
Modernism and Meaning of Life
Mahdaviat - IRI’s Hope or Despair
What is Secularism?
Marxist Thought and Monism
Meaning of Life
Monarchy, Ancestral Discrimination
Democracy and Iran Collection
Kurzweil, Harry Potter & Futurism
Futurism & "3rd Wave" Terminology
Singularity and Us
Sufism and Fatalism

Nicholas Ginex
Introduction to Truth 1: Anwar Shaikh
Introduction to Truth 2: Anwar Shaikh
Amen & Jesus’ Revelation
God, Us & the Universe
Legacy of a Father: God Past & Future
Amen: Beginning of Creation of God
Everything has a Beginning Book
Artificial Intelligence Benefit Mankind
The Question for Muslims & People
Islamic Problem & Solution Debate
History of God and Religion
Alien Culture, History & Beliefs
Understanding Alien Mind
Electron Began the Universe
Everything has a Beginning, Even ...
Religious Reformation of Islam
Future of God Amen
Allah, We, Our and Us
Consciousness Pervade Universe?


Anwar Shaikh
The Mysteries of Rig Veda Book
The Universal Mystery Book
India & Democracy: Roots of Problem
Eternity Book Series

Ali Sina
Islamic Problem & Solution Debate
Purpose of Creation
Who Created God?
How I an Atheist met Jesus?!
Dare to Doubt
Does God Exist?
What is God?
Evolution of Monotheism
Bahai Faith
Why be Good if there is no Afterlife?
What it takes to be a Rationalist?
God: Some Logical Difficulties
The Origin of God
Morality vs. Ethics

More Philosophy
IPC Iran Online Library


ANTIFA – Refuse Fascism
ANTIFA (Wikipedia)

Secular Web
American Atheists
Atheist Netwrok
Atheist Alliance
Freedom From Religion
Religion is Bullshit
Positive Atheism
Atheism (Stanford)
Atheism (Wikipedia)


BLM - Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter (Wikipedia)

Black Panther Party
Black Panther Party Archives
Black Panther Party - Marxists Org.
Black Panther Party (Wikipedia)

Buddha Net
Fundamental Buddhism
Zen Buddhism
Shaolin International Federation
Shaolin Kung Fu Institute
Shaolin Wahnam Org.
Northern China Shaolin
Buddhist Texts
Essentials of Buddhism
Buddhism (Wikipedia)

Communist Party USA
Communist Party of Canada
News of Communist Party of China
Marxists Internet Archive
In Defense of Marxism
Communism (Wikipedia)

Institute for Creation Research
Creationism (Stanford)
creationism (Wikipedia)

National Endowment Democracy
Democracy and Technology
Democracy (Stanford)
Democracy (Wikipedia)

Eastern Philosophy
Timeline Eastern Philosophers
Eastern Philosophy (Wikipedia)

Epicureanism (Wikipedia)

The Talk Origins Archives
Evolution PBS
Evolution (Wikipedia)

Existentialism: An Introduction
Existentialism Friesian
Existentialism (Stanford)
Existentialism (Wikipedia)

Falangist Movement Spain (Wikipedia)
Falangism (Wikipedia)

Doctrine of Fascism
National Fascist Party (Wikipedia)
Italian Fascism (Wikipedia)
Fascism (Wikipedia)

World Future Society
Sam Ghandchi-Futurism vs Terrorism
Iran Global
Futurism (Wikipedia)

British Humanist Association
American Humanist Association
Humanism IEP
Secular Humanism
Humanism (Wikipedia)

Idealism (Wikipedia)

Iranian Philosophy
IPC Iranian Philosophy
Iranian Philosophy (Wikipedia)

Ku Klux Klan
Ku Klux Klan  (Wikipedia)
Ku Klux Klan Orgs. (Wikipedia)

Complete Manichaeism
Manichaean Writings
Manichaeism Art
Manichaeism (Wikipedia)

Philosophical Materialism
Historical Materialism
Cultural Materialism
Cultural Materialism, Marvin Harris
Materialism (Wikipedia)

Nationalism - Patriotism
Alex Jones & Info Wars
Nationalism (Wikipedia)
Proud Boys (Wikipedia)
Proud Boys Telegram
Censored TV: Gavin McInnes
Patriot Prayer (Wikipedia)

NPD (Wikipedia)
American Nazi Party
National Vanguard
National Alliance
Hal Turner
Aryan Nations (Wikipedia)
WAR (White Aryan Resistance)
Aryan Brotherhood (Wikipedia)
National Socialist Movement USA
Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf (Internet Archive)
Zweites Buch (Hitler’s Second Book)
Arthur Kemp Blog
National Socialist Party Platform
Nazi Party (Wikipedia)
Neo Nazism (Wikipedia)
Nazism (Wikipedia)
Neo Nazi Orgs. (Wikipedia)
White Nationalist Orgs. (Wikipedia)
Daily Stormer

Counsil for Secular Humanism
National Secular Society
Free Thinker
Secularism (Wikipedia)

Sufism-Sufis-Sufi Orders
International Association of Sufism
Sufism Journal Online
The Threshold Society (Sufism)
Sufism (Wikipedia)

U.S. Constitutionalism
Constitution Society
Constitutional States

Western Philosophy
Timeline Western Philosophers
Western Philosophy (Wikipedia)

The World of Zoroastrianism
Avesta-Zoroastrian Archives
California Zoroastrian Center
European Zoroastrian Studies
Traditional Zoroastrian
Zoroastrianism (Wikipedia)

Philosophy Pages
Internet Encyclopedia Philosophy
Major Western Philosophers
Iranian Christians International
Humanistic Texts
Stanford Encyclopedia Philosophy
Iranian Philosophy
Iranian Philosophy Index
Timeline Eastern Philosophers
Timeline Western Philosophers
List of Philosophers (Wikipedia)
Iranian Philosophy (Wikipedia)
Eastern Philosophy (Wikipedia)
Western Philosophy (Wikipedia)
Philosophy (Wikipedia)

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