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All Roads Lead to Islam!

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture?
All Roads Lead to Islam!

Ahreeman X
February 20, 2021

Iranian Liberal Woman with Shiite Islamic Mindset: Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture? Beats me!
Bright Baby: Get a clue woman! You’re a liberal westernized woman but still have Shiite for brains! All Roads Lead to Islam! Shiite Islamic Indoctrination and brainwash begins at home and school in early childhood!

Today’s Iranians are Not Yesterday’s Persians!

The time has come to speak bluntly about our social problems and cultural ills, rather than as usual sweep them under the Persian Carpet! Our cultural ills have deep historic roots. Maybe by pinpointing the problems, we can listen, learn, discuss and solve our problems! Let us tackle the roots of our problems!

Yesterday, we had visionaries, people of principles, people of substance and people of conviction who respected the global cultures but empowered and spread the Persian Culture globally. Yesterday, we had the founding fathers of the Persian Empire such as Cyrus, Darius and Xerxes who ruled the world.

The Persian
Epic Persian Poetry

The Cyrus Cylinder

Today, we have degenerates who sell their own mothers for $5! We have a nation of sheep, a silent majority who is satisfied with as less as possible to remain victims, and then an elite class with no morality, no standards, no decency, no humanity and no love for Iran, whom are solely derived by stashing money in to their bank accounts and building fortunes any which way they can, even by wheeling and dealing with Iran Lobby, Mullahs, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime, IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), Hezbollah and Islamists!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iranian American Liberal Democrat Woman with Shiite Islamic Mindset: Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture? Ummmmmm, Ahhhhhh, Um, I don’t know!
Pondering Persian: It’s your Mind Full O Bull Shiite Woman! Oh Lord, what to do?!

Then and Now!

Iranians are wise people but back then, they were building the world with new ideas for humanity; however, today they have already infected Iran and now they are infecting America and the world with censorship, oppression, corruption and crimes!

In the Imperial Iran, the Iranians were backward to begin with but now in Islamic Republic of Iran, they are fanatical (omol) and superstitious (khereft)! They are the same inside and outside Iran! You don’t need to be religious to own a Shiite Islamic mindset and have Shiite for Brains! The Shiite is all over the Iranian society, secular or religious, inside or outside Iran! The mindset is still in Dark Ages! We can conclude that then (1970s) Iranians had backward mentality (Aqab Oftadegi-ye Fekri) but now (2020s) they have retarded mentality (Aqab Oftadegi-ye Zehni)! We are one nation that regresses backward rather progresses forward! That is the bonus of living in a theocracy! Allah works in mysterious ways!

The west is exploring the Mars but Iranians are still exploring ways to cover women’s vaginas and tits! That is morality, Iranian style! If they could, they would put chadors on Mars and Venus! Shiite Islamic Indoctrination and brainwash begins at home and school in early childhood!

I bet with you, 2000 years ago, we were more mentally advanced than today!

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

Iranians are so concerned about women covering themselves and not showing nude bodies but they have no problem with fraud, forgery, theft, bribery, pedophilia, polygamy and so on! Iranians see morality in women’s privates!

Iranians are happy and satisfied with as less as possible, no uprising because it takes courage, sacrifice and efforts. Just give them Food, Sex, Booze and Drugs, and they are happy campers!

Culture of Corruption

Give Iranians a daily bread, a hole to screw, a booze to drink, an opium roll to smoke, a pack of cigarettes to puff and they are happy as a kid in the candy store or a puberty teen in a whorehouse! For the Iranian resident of the silent majority land, life is Belly and Under the Belly! Freedom, Individual Rights, Civil Rights, Democracy and Human Rights are fiction they read in magazines!

Unfortunately, Iranians see the morality in the privates of women! They insist on women to cover themselves, do not show cleavage, thighs and even ankles; however, they see no problem with pedophilia, polygamy, theft, fraud, forgery, larceny, kickbacks, opportunism, and such.

They go to a party, feast on host’s variety of Persian food selection, then go claim that they got sick from Abgusht meat stew and then they sue the host!

Iranians bite the hand that feeds them. They drink the wine and break the vase! They use you as long as they need you, but once they are done, they will become your worse enemy! Back stabbing, opportunism, deception, inuendo, ambiguity and treason are famous characteristics of Iranians!

Do you know why they have survived for 8000 years?

Because they have never stood up straight, stood their ground and fought the enemies, but they bent over and allowed the enemies to walk all over them, conquer them, take turns on them and then pass them and go on to their next victims!

New Improved Prophets for Persians!

If you think of it, a nation of 85 million people are in fact 85 million thieves co-existing with one another in a perfectly corrupt environmental eco-system of swamp named IRI AKA Islamic Republic of Iran, and it doesn’t end there but they drag their infected culture abroad and infect not only Inxile (Exiled in their own country) but also Exile! Take a good look at Iranian Americans in Tehran-Geles (Los Angeles)! It’s one large Bangarooni, just cover your rear and front with both hands so you don’t get screwed!

Every time you see someone starts his statement with the term “My Friend” and continues ……, this means he is going to hand you a deal which will end up screwing you Big League!

The Change

Throughout the history, the change had always come to Iran from a slim minority because the silent majority has always been cowardly silent! When will they wake up? Whenever they learn the meaning of sacrifice and courage! Whenever they respect themselves as human beings with rights and not only animals to graze and breed!

Some Roots of The Iranian Disease

* The Helpless Victims Disease
* The Eye to The Sky Disease (Waiting for the Savior)
* Life of Lies and Dual Lives (one input and different output)
* Seasonal Fans and Fair-Weather Friends
* Dead Worship (Never Give Heroes Credit While Alive)
* Foreign Worship (Neighbor’s Grass is Greener)
* Mob Factor (Follow the Mob and Destroy Our Livelihood by back stabbing ourselves)
* Nation of Cowards
* Cultural Poverty
* Lack of Historical Knowledge
* Not learning Lessons from the past
* Mordab Culture (Swamp)
* Shifting Responsibility (Never Accepting One’s Fault)
* Hero Worship
* It's God's will and I am not in charge Syndrome

and most important,
* Lack of Education (Well-Schooled but not Truly Educated)

The Iranian Disease!

Backstabbing Iranians

Take a good look around and you will notice that every ethnic group got each other’s backs and they help one another to build their community except Iranians wo are masters of backstabbing! Iranians screw each other big league and they call this, being cleaver (Zerangi)!

The richer the Iranians are, the less they care about Iran and fellow Iranians! Their goal is to become billionaires at any human cost, even if they have to make a deal with the Devil! They never spend a dime supporting the Iranian opposition but they hand feed the Iran Lobby with tens of thousands of dollars!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iranian Infected Culture

Picture if every Iranian had paid only $10 to support the cause, only $10 donation, we in IPC would have by now built a full army to overthrow the IRI Islamic Regime! But no, Iranians are too busy in their cabarets, concerts, discos, opium dens and booze bars, getting stoned and drunk, dancing the nights away, building their bank accounts, financing Iran Lobby, bribing the Islamist Regime for doing business in Iran, traveling to Iran to screw underage girls, banging little boys in backrooms of the mosques and then reading Namaz Prayer to get closer to God and feel better about themselves! Iranians are great with justifying everything that they do and to clear themselves from any immoral crimes!

They have no desire to fix Iran because they are swamp creatures feeding on working class blood and getting rich off of the swamp! Why change IRI to end your milking cow and piggy bank! Screw Iran and Iranians! The elite, the wealthy, even the upper middle class has absolutely no conscience, and surely no sense of morality. They have no clue if nationalism is edible, wearable or a pot to piss in!

It All Comes Down to Islam

Anyway, you hack it, you will clearly see that it all comes down to Islam! It is true that historically we had Persian Traitors even before Islam and Treason is a fine Iranian characteristic; however, we also had decency, standards, bravery, pureness and Persianhood! After Islam, everything become fair game, all human decency and values were trashed and replaced with Islamic degenerated Sub-Culture!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected 1

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected 2

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Roots of Iran’s Backwardness

To comprehend why Iran was fallen behind the west and why IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), a theocratic fanatical regime was created, first we must go back in history and seek the roots of why Persian Colonial Empire had fallen and become the Persian Kingdom?

Until 1797, Iran was an empire (Persian Colonial Empire) and ran by the Last Persian Emperor (Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar), but after him, the Qajar Empire had become the Qajar Kingdom, meaning the Persian Empire had become the Persian Kingdom and was run by Fath Ali Shah Qajar (1797 - 1834).

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years

Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar the Last Persian Emperor (1794 – 1797) tried to remain Iran as a powerful empire but he did not have the chance, nor he had the means to do such!

First and Last Persian Emperors

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Historically Condemned or Historical Hero?

So, let us analyze the roots of the problem:

Why was Persian Empire fallen and turned to the Persian Kingdom?

I. Progress and Freedom of the Press
Progress and Freedom of the Press due to the Printing Revolution (15th Century) that itself was in fact due to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg of Germany which covered Europe had never occurred in the Islamic empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

II. Reformation and Religious Reforms
Reformation and Religious Reforms (16th Century) initiated by Martin Luther which continued by the Protestant Reformers and reformed Catholicism and Christianity had never occurred in the Islamic empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

III. Renaissance
Renaissance (14th to 17th Century) and Rebirth which caused the literary, artistic, cultural, political, industrial, economic and scientific Revolution that dragged the westerners out of the Medieval Ages and into the Modern Era in Europe had never occurred in the Islamic empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

IV. Enlightenment
Enlightenment (18th Century) which caused the Intellectual and Philosophical Revolution in Europe, had never occurred in the Islamic empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

V. Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution (18th to 19th Century) which transformed the west to the modern nations with modern manufacturing processes and industries in Europe and USA had never occurred in the Islamic empires such as the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

These 5 above factors in the west had caused the European nations to build:

- Powerful Industry
- Powerful Manufacturing
- Powerful Military
- Powerful Administrations
- Powerful Economy

Their population growth and limited land mass demanded them to capture new markets to sell their products. This is how colonialism started. Eventually the West colonized the east.

At the same time in the east, the Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire were fighting bloody battles with each other because the Ottomans did not recognize the Persian independence, set aside authority and Empire. Persians also valued their independence more than their lives; therefore, a series of bloody wars had occurred between the two powerful eastern empires (16th to 18th Century) which benefited the western European powers. By the end of the 18th Century, both Ottoman Empire and Persian Empire declined.

The only reason that Russia did not join the decline of the Ottomans and Persians is due to 2 factors:

- Peter the Great’s Reforms (17th to 18th Century)
- Russia is not an Islamic country

On the contrary Russia the same as European nations industrialized and had become a colonial power.

What historical lesson have we learned from the fall of the Persian Empire?

Islam did not only cause the fall of the Ottoman and the Persian Empires and turned them to backward countries but it also caused the fall of the Islamic world behind the west.

Islam in its nature is reactionary and not progress minded. Islam cannot be reformed because it believes that it is the most perfect form of government, society, politics and religion. Islam is a dangerous political ideology posing as a religion. Islam is a way of life which controls every aspect of your life.

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

The only solution is the destruction of Islam and its removal from the Persian culture. Unfortunately, Safavid had the power to remove Islam from Iran, but instead they created their own brand of Islam which is the Shiite Islam.  In addition, Nader Shah Afshar and Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar could also remove Islam from the Persian culture because they had the power and means to do this task but alas that they were both deeply religious and devoted to Islam. Nader Shah was Sunni and Aqa Mohammad Shah was Shiite Muslim. The simple solution is:

Islam needs to go.

For Iran to become great again is for Islam to die in Iran.

Statements of Facts

I would like to clarify a few points here,

I. Iranians by Majority are Addicts
Iranians by majority have become some of the greatest addicts in the world. Iranians do drugs, alcohol and nicotine. You don’t need to go far but drop by an average Iranian party, concert or cabaret, specifically large house parties and you will see that Iranians young and old drink like a fish, mostly vodka, whisky and beer; do drugs, mostly marijuana, hashish, opium and cocaine; smoke cigarettes or vape, many are chain smokers.

These are not segments of the Iranian society, if you go to an average Iranian party, high class wealthy business people Iranian party, Intellectual political Iranian party, artists and poets Iranian party, young and naïve Iranian Disco party or whatever else Iranian party, you can witness this trend. This goes for both inside and outside Iran.

Almost everyone gets buzzed, many totally lose control and make ass of themselves. In general, the whole place is full of smoke to the point that a healthy person cannot breathe! Everyone is drunk, smells like alcohol and cigarette and somewhat weed and opium.

Now, don’t go bring some examples of healthy parties without any of these drugs because you and I both know that your examples are not the norm and mainstream!

II. Iranians by Majority are Cowards and Lazy
Today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians. I elaborated on this issue before. Islamic slavery of Persians and in general religion of Islam has made Iranians corrupt, weak, immoral and cowards. They are afraid of their own shadows and you know it. They have been the silent majority for centuries and have no intention to make a move. They are happy slaves with Stockholm syndrome.

Domestication of Persians

III. Iranians by Majority are Immoral
Iranians are highly immoral people. We have again elaborated on this issue in the past. In the future, I will write more about it. The society in general sees no problem with lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, being two face, deceit, conniving, being con artists, being a traitor and backstabbing; furthermore, they see these characteristics as positive and being smart and a go getter (Zerangi)! Again, Islam played a big role because Islam is the most corrupt religion which corrupted the Iranians.

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

IV. Monarchists by Majority are Worse of the Iranian Addicts, Cowards and Immoral
Take a good look at the monarchists and the trend shows. They are addicts which leads to cowardice and laziness. They are immoral which leads to everything goes!

Liberal Pacifist Monarchists are no use to the struggle for freedom of Iran and to us in IPC. Take a look:

Reza Pahlavi and Constitutionalist Party of Iran are good examples. The worse of the monarchists are these types.

Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist!

* Pacifism makes one weak, passive, lazy and useless.
* Liberalism makes one immoral, without principles, and with no code of honor
* Monarchy is flawed, outdated, illogical, backward, fanatical and medieval.

Now if in addition they are also Muslim, then Vaveyla! Khar biyar o baqali bar kon! You will be in deep Shiite!

Imagine a Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist! That is Reza Pahlavi! That is the clear definition of a Sheep!

A whore in the whorehouse and a bum in the street is more use to us and the opposition than a Muslim, Pacifist, Liberal Monarchist such as Reza Pahlavi. Now go chew on that one if you can?!

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI
Reza Pahlavi’s Condemned Crimes Against the Iranian People

Reza Pahlavi did not Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Pahlavi Documents Published After 4 Decades
Reza Pahlavi Betrayed Iran and Iranians

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Monarchy or Republic? Thread

Words of Wisdom

I am now going to hit you with some words of wisdom:

Pot of Gold

“Imperial Iran was a pot of gold full of Shiite. Shah used to put a lid of gold on top of this pot and show it off to the globe as a Great Civilization. Once Imam Khomeini came to power; he took the lid off of this pot, so the stench of Bull Shiite from this Shiite filled up the skies of Iran, Middle East and the Globe! Only then, the world had found out what is the real content of this pot!

Today’s Islamic Iran is not even a pot of gold, but it is a corroded and rusted brown pot full of brown Shiite. The stench of Bull Shiite from this Shiite has infected Iran, Middle East and the whole World! This stench is called Islam; but the western liberals and Islamic apologists like to falsely refer to it as the Radical Islam, Political Islam and Militant Islam; however, the truth is that the content of this pot is Pure Islam of Muhammadan!

We can’t change the pot by decorating outside the pot, yet we can change the pot by changing the content of the pot. To change the content of the pot, we need to shovel all the Bull Shiite out of the Shiite’s brains; therefore, there will be no Shiite left in the pot. Cleanse the Shiite out of the pot and the pot will change. To change the pot, we need to change the mentality of the people; only then, the pot will become an Islam Free Pot named the Great Civilization!”

There are 2 Types of Muslims!


"Definition of Persianhood

Persianhood = The essence and knowledge of being a Persian! The amount of efforts made by one, to protect and serve The Persian Culture! To belong to an 8000 years old civilization, the Mother Civilization of The World, the First Indo-European Aryan Civilization in The Globe!

People often ask me, how did you come up with this term, what is the exact meaning of Persianhood?

They ask me: What is Persianhood?
I gently reply:

Persianhood is the inner light and warmth, which you feel inside your heart, towards the rich Persian Culture.

Persianhood is the fundamental of values set by Zarathustra Spitmata.

Persianhood is the very soul of a deprived exiled Iranian sitting in a lonely room somewhere in the west!

Persianhood is the tears in the eyes of a lonely little girl isolated from the world, sitting in a dark room in Tehran!

Persianhood is the fabric of whatever Iran means to us!

Persianhood is the lost prestige of our people, destroyed by the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government).

Persianhood is Glory of The Past!

Persianhood is the blood pumping in our veins!

Persianhood is the Hatred we have for Arabo-Islamic Fundamentals!

Persianhood is the reason we fight for!

Persianhood is our survival!

Persianhood is The reason we live!

Persianhood is The Hope of Tomorrow ...........

That My Friend, is Persianhood!"

Universal Intelligence vs. God

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess and Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Mitra and Mitraism Pictorial History

Time Traveler

"I am a Time Traveler!

I can travel through times.
My Memories are my travels to the past.
My Dreams are my travels to the future.
My Status Quo is my arrival at the present.

I can travel to the past.
I can travel to the future.
Only if I could change the past,
Only if I could change the future,
My present would become a Dream!

I have a Dream!"

The Time Poem

Moral Revolution

"Before we even consider a "Social Revolution", we need a "Massive Social Education". First, we are in desperate need of a "Moral Revolution", starting from the personal level as the "Personal Rehabilitation", which ends up to a "Social Reformation", so we can finally establish a "Mass Salvation" to achieve our "National Recognition" and "Persian Identification". Until then, our "National Identification" is lost in Arabo-Islamic or Foreign Worship and "Mass Infiltration."


“Our problem is not education and culture but our problem is morality. Iranians are the most educated, well-schooled and cultural people on earth but our people are the most immoral people on earth!”

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

The Iranian Disease!

Why Moral Revolution is our salvation?! Thread

The Iranian Disease! – Chapter 4: Epidemics Thread

The Amazed Persian!

Some Persians come to this world as calves (Gusaleh) and leave it as Cattle (Gav)! What have they learned? What was the result of their life? Some remain sheep for eternity!

“The world changes and moves forward but some Persians remain amazed! The Amazed Persian stands in the middle of a field of prairie naked, with his right hand’s thumb up his butt and his left hand’s index finger in between his teeth, staring at the sky with the googly wide eyes, wondering what has happened and why he was left behind?!”

Listen, learn, stand up and say something or do something, so we know you are alive!

Don’t be the Amazed Persian!

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Reasons for Iran’s Backward Culture?
All Roads Lead to Islam!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Hope for better days ……


Dr. X


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