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Ahreeman X
October 9, 2022

Lady Justice on Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, London, England, UK


Justice is a quality of fairness and being reasonable. Injustice is the lack of fairness and being unreasonable. Unfortunately, after millenniums of civilization, our world is still unjust and this injustice causes severe social issues in our local, national and global levels. The Globalist corporate greed for fortune, power and control of the public has put the Workers in direct conflict with the Globalists. Trump Era was the historical period in which the social gap between the Upper Class, the Middle Class and the Lower Class had shrunk most, because everyone gained more opportunities, better standard of living, and naturally wealth. Everyone in America was better off during the Trump presidency. World was better off during the Trump presidency. A National Populist Movement of the people was on the rise worldwide during the Trump presidency.

Therefore, the Globalist Establishment, the Deep State and the Democrats had to commit an Internal Coup to steal the election and oust Trump. It was not Trump that had to be destroyed but they wanted to destroy Trump to destroy the Will of the People because Trump was the Will of the People. The Globalists had to destroy the people’s resistance to tyranny! As the result, for the first time in history, CIA and the Deep State got so bold that they have committed an “Internal Coup” to steal the election and establish a Communist Regime in America! Throughout the history, and around the world, CIA had done many coups but never before in America! 2020 was the first CIA Internal Coup to take over the government. Since January 20, 2021, we have been living under the Deep State Reign and moving rapidly towards a Communist Tyranny. Picture that this is all occurring in America, land of the free and home of the brave.

At this point in our history, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Samuel Adams, John Jay and the rest of the Greats who visioned the American Experience to be the greatest and the most unique experiment in freedom and the most unique form of democracy in the globe are turning in their graves!

If the Founding Fathers were alive today, no doubt, they would have formed a militia and fight the Neo Monarchy which is the Deep State Tyranny and the establishment of a Communist Dictatorship in America. Democrat Party is committing grand treason in America. They are using DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS and the complete Government to steal elections, silence, censor, raid, arrest and jail the people while they mass brainwash the kids with the educational system, entertainment industry and Hollywood. At the same time, they mass propaganda falsehood via Media and Tech Giants whom are their crime partners.

Never believe a word which comes out of this illegitimate administration, specifically CIA, FBI, DHS, DOJ and other security agencies of the government. All of these so-called security agencies combinedly testified and released a verdict that Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian disinformation! Now it has been proven that all of it was true! That is just one example. The Deep State consists of unelected bureaucrats who are high on power and they believe that it is their right to decide what is right for the people; therefore, they have been ruling over you for over 3 decades! Never trust the Big Government. Time has come to bring down the Deep State, cleanse the complete government and replace these traitors with American patriots!

The Establishment had created a Fake but Rosey Virtual Reality for the American people and the global citizens!

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

This is the greatest injustice which can be imposed on the American people and the global citizens because when you destroy America, you will destroy the world! When you bring servitude and globalism to America, then enslaving the rest of the word is easy. America is the beacon of the free world, once the beacon dies, the world dies!

The question is: how can we bring back the justice to America and the world? How will the justice be served?


People through propaganda, brainwash, indoctrination and training become compliant. They become numb to injustice. That is the goal of the Establishment to create compliant zombie slaves. This way, they kill the American spirit.

Even animals are sensitive to injustice. A herd of buffalo just doesn’t stand aside for a pack of wolves to slaughter a baby buffalo! They do their best to fight the wolf pack off. Once the battle is lost and the wolf pack are all over the calf, then they fly away to save the rest of the herd. Animals resist injustice.

New generation of Democrats are trained to be less than animals! They are insensitive to injustice. They are braindead puppets who comply to every will of the Establishment. They have been trained through indoctrination to be weak, coward and feeble. Men are trained not to be masculine and be pathetically compliant to the government rather than be combatant and willing to fight for their rights as free people.

Government had fooled them by meaningless cheap terms such as Toxic Masculinity, Inclusion, Equity, Climate Change, Affirmative Action, and so on into compliance, servitude and government dependency rather than growing up to become real men and Rock of the traditional family! A generation of pansies, sissies and pussies were trained to serve the Globalist Establishment as “Sheep” AKA “Sheeple”!

Prologue to Disaster

You cannot steal the elections in the largest and most unique type of democracy in the world and then select an incompetent dementia patient as the usurper puppet, regime leader, sitting in the office of the leader of the free world! The results will be catastrophic not only for America but for the world. As you can witness, the American economy, security, society and morality has already Collapsed and the old fool is guiding us towards the WW III and annihilation of the global civilization!

When US economy, military and society is in chaos, it directly affects the western world and as the result, the western world and in that manner somewhat the whole world is in chaos! What Deep State does not understand is that the consequence of them steeling the election did not only destroy the United States but it did destroy the western world and put the whole world in chaos!

Deep State Extermination in America

New World Order Slavery

The globalist organizations such as UN, EU, WEF (World Economic Forum), Black Rock, with their fabricated concepts such as Climate Change, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), Green New Deal, Great Reset, New World Order, designed by the psychotic globalist tyrants such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and other demons had cooked a perfect plan to enslave the world under globalism. There was only one problem and it was called the “American Free Spirit.”

Globalists managed to even get America on board by stealing the 2020 election, assigning a fool in the White House and establishing a Communist Dictatorship in America; however, they have underestimated the Free Spirit of the American people! Americans unlike the rest of the world are Free Spirits, love their freedom more than their lives and are armed to their teeth to defend their freedoms. Globalists, Deep State and Democrats can never train Americans to be obedient, compliant slaves! Not until Hell freezes over!

Liberal Bizarro New World Order!

The Great Brainwash

Since 1960s, the old Hippies and Marxists turned to new Yuppies and Establishment have changed plans from the takeover of America via violent revolution to the gradual indoctrination of America into acceptance of Communism. They have moved on and distributed themselves in to the American system structures such as the Educational System, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, Media, Technology, Military and Government to corrupt America from the within. Eventually after many decades, the plan seems to be working and in 2020s, they have finally committed the first CIA Internal Coup (2020 Elections), ousted Trump and taken over the control of America! They have put America, directly under a Communist Dictatorship!

Globalists as the Neo Communists were almost successful. I say almost, because they have underestimated the Free Spirit of the American people and their will to fight to keep their freedoms!

Gun Rights Protect Freedom and Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment


Women are the essence of this world. In reality, women are not second-class citizens and the weaker of the species but the backbones of the global civilizations. Without women, the earth collapses. Show me a successful man and I will show you a Rock-Solid woman behind him! Women are the foundation of earth!

I was raised with strong and powerful female role models. My grandmother was a phenomenon:

DeChadorization Day!
"Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

My mother was an amazon:

Mother and Persian Immortals

They don’t build them like that anymore!

Today, I have powerful and intelligent women around me. Take a good look at IPC, my web mistress, my club admin and others in IPC Operations. In my private life, I have giants who accompany me around the world, keep me safe and take care of me. Supreme amazons such as Blondie and Brunetti. I have independent, highly educated, powerful women around me with bigger balls than the complete Iranian Opposition and by that, I do not mean that they are Shemales and Chicks with Dicks! These women are literally some of the bests in their fields!

Fools such as Muslims who underestimate the women are doomed to be disappeared in the dusts of history.

Persian Women Say No to Islamic Hejab!

I love strong, powerful and highly intelligent women. I love all women but my favorites are those with evolved brains!

Elephant’s Grudge

Elephant is an amazing creature. Many underestimate the elephant! The elephant has a digital memory! Once you do something wrong to him, he will never forget, even if he has to keep the grudge for days, weeks and years. It has been documented that elephants even kept the grudge for various years and on the perfect moment, they snuck behind the unsuspected victim, in quiet stealthy manner and crushed him like a leaf! Elephants are very large and make a lot of noise when moving, but when needed, they can be very quiet and move so calmly behind you to the point that you never see them coming until it is too late and they sneak behind you and suddenly crush you like a twig! Elephants are very large and powerful, so it is highly unlikely to survive an elephant attack! Many animals and humans are not aware of these facts and that is why many predators and marauders including the ivory hunters, fall victims to this elephant vengeance also known as the “Elephant’s Grudge”!

Throughout my life, I had to fight tooth and nail to keep what’s mine, my territory, my property, my domain and my dignity! I am a type of person who fights until the bitter end and goes down with the ship. If I have learned nothing from my mother, I have learned one thing that be brave and never back down from a fight for the just cause. She despised cowards!

Today, we see cowards all over the Iranian politics and the American politics. According to the latest polls, 60% of the Democrats said that they would not fight for America if attacked but they will fly away abroad! When all throughout his life, one gets indoctrinated by the liberal educational system and Hollywood, then he becomes a pansy, sissy little faggot! So, comprehend that the Democrats who keep this regime alive, are only social media and Tech Giant bullies but when it comes to get down and dirty in the trenches, they are weak, puny cowards. They fight like little girls. Look at BLM and ANTIFA. They are good with burning down cities but face them head on and they bend like willows!  

In Iranian politics, we also have giant pansies, flip floppers and cowards such as Reza Pahlavi and the Liberal Monarchists around him! I do not have to say anymore because the past 4 decades’ records speak for itself!

Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI & 2nd Iran Coup 1984

I am the same as the elephant, I am large, strong, martial artist and I can be moving extremely quietly! I never forget, I never forgive and I never hesitate to use all my means to destroy my enemies, specifically with extreme violence. Once you do a wrong to me, to my crew or to my sacred beliefs, you are marked! My reaction will be silence; therefore, you believe that you got away with bullying me but, I keep and hold the grudge for days, weeks, and years. I watch you in silence, I monitor every move you make and I always stalk you in the dark. One day, when you are least expected, I move stealthily and silently behind you and crush your skull like a broken twig!

IRI Regime had managed to assassinate almost every Opposition major character but me! Those who tried, have never been heard from since! I am still alive, I do not care to die for the cause, I never back down, I will fight to the bitter end and I am the worst type of obstacle for the enemy, thus I have no fear of even death because I am Death!


Pacifists speak of violence like it is taboo! So-called civilized, modern folks such as liberals condemn violence but then the same people use BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchists and Communists to burn down America for 3 months straight, level cities, kill people, destroy businesses, damage properties, steal elections, establish a dictatorship and rule with the Iron fists! Then they go brag about it over and over; have you just heard Biden told one of his fans on the open microphone on live TV that “No one FAQs with Bidens”? How about the time he bragged on live TV on how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden, fired by threatening the Ukrainian government to withhold the American funds to them? Biden has no fear of bragging about his Crime Family’s corruption because he knows that he is well protected by the liberal two-tiered justice system and the Deep State! There is one set of laws and justice for the wealthy or even the average liberal criminals like the Biden, Clinton and Obama crime families and then there is another set of laws and justice for the rest of us!

Look at what the Deep State, Globalists, WEF, UN, EU and the Climate Cult are doing today to the European farmers, European people who will freeze this winter, American fossil fuel industry workers, American coal miners, American people crushed by the food and gas prices? They do it with Iron Fists and Will. They crush the will of the people, so they can rule over the people, maintain power forever and establish the American Communist Regime and the New World Order!

Look at what IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has been doing to the Iranian women and the Iranian people for over 4 decades via the blessing of the American Democrats!

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

Do as the Democrats say but do not do as they do! That is the liberals’ Golden Rule!

Liberals are the most racist and violent people on earth!

US Democrat & Republican Party History, the Real Story

Violence is great and it can be used to achieve goals. Ends justifies the means but this violence must be used to achieve the just cause not to achieve suppression, oppression, and tyranny!

Hardship and Adversity

Even though I was born in wealth, raised in wealth, yet I had my share of hardship for over five years. I ended up to drag myself back up without anyone’s help! I came to San Diego from Jersey and Philly with 3 cents in my pocket, ended up being homeless for a month, lived in the street, dragged myself up and back to regaining my dignity. I helped myself without asking for help from anybody, any government agency or any God! I changed my own life and situation. I took control.

I believe a boy does not become a man until he goes to hospital, court and jail at least once each during his life! I been in all three!

I been upper-upper class and I been under-class, I seen it all, I been around a long time. I have always done it My Way!

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life
X Diaries - A Bit about My Life!

Religion, God and Morality

You do not need religion or God to be a moral person and distinguish between wrong and right. You don’t have to rely on religion or a God to keep you in line. All you need is a strong mind to stand on your own feet and make wise decisions. I understand that not everyone has a strong mind and they need a religion and a God to keep them in line. If a religion and a God can keep you in line to be a decent and a moral person, then more power to you, believe in your imaginary religion and God and whatever else which works for you but do not undermine me because I can live my life without an imaginary God, and a fabricated Religion, yet still lead a decent and a moral life! Strong mind is a blessing!


Wealth must be used to do some good and evolve the human civilization. What is the wealth good for, if you leave this earth without marking your mark on the history. You have piled up money on top of money all your life without accomplishing any good via this wealth. Then you die! What was your accomplishment?

Definition of the term “Wealthy” is tricky! There is a difference between Rich and Wealthy! Your next-door neighbor is Rich but George Soros, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are wealthy!

People like Trump (on the high end) or myself (on the low end) are doing the best that we can with whatever capital, power and means that we have. Our means is nothing in comparison to Multi Billionaire Globalists who run this world but with as little as we have and with as little as we can, we manage to do great tasks and accomplishments because we stand with the people, we are amongst the people and we are fighting for the Workers and the People.

I was a Trumpist before Trump had become a Trumpist! Trump, I admire, because he does as he preaches. He is the first American president who done as he preached and actually accomplished more than he promised. Trump did not only change America but he changed the world. Trump gave a new definition of Trumpism to the National Populism. That is why Trump is a legend and then you have low lives and rats roaming around in DC!

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in history
Trump Administration Historical Accomplishments as of January 2021

MAGA Book: How to Make America Great Again?
New 3rd Edition of Crippled America!
Trump’s Greatest Best Seller Book

We were waiting for someone like Trump to take initiation to lead the National Populist Movement and make it Nationwide and Global! Hey, I’m an atheist but you know what they say: God Bless Donald John Trump!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President


Vengeance takes backbone. People without the will for vengeance are dead people. There is no life left in them. They are compliant to the establishment as obedient pets! It takes guts and balls to have determination for vengeance. People who commit vengeance are not violent but just and they stand for something!

Iran Lobby’s Future

Iran Lobby in USA has a dark future. Today, you can witness the same Iran Lobbyists on the payroll of the IRI Mullahs, Reformist Fraction of IRI and George Soros have suddenly jumped the protests’ bandwagon and are all over the Fake News Media becoming Iranian Political Experts and Voice of the Iranian Freedom Movement on CNN, MSNBC, CBC and other State Media stations, preaching rhetoric! These are opportunist charlatans. Perfect example is Trita Parsi, the number one Iranian agent in America!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby
Why Mullahs have been Running Iran for Over 4 Decades?

These Iran Lobby characters assume that by jumping on the revolution bandwagon, they can get away from the future justice! They take the Iranian and the American people for fools.

Allow me to make it very clear to the Iran Lobby:

The justice for the Iran Lobby will be served not in afterlife but in this life! If not this time, next time and if not next time, then the time after that, soon or late, IRI Regime will go and a Free Democratic Iran will be established. Same as the Free Democratic America which will be established, a Free Democratic Iran will also be established. Afterwards, An Iranian version of Mossad as the Intelligence Agency will be built. Do you recall what Mossad had done to the escaped Nazi criminals? There is no escape!

Major Iran Lobby characters whom everyone knows who they are, have been living a life of comfort in USA, bribing the Democrat politicians such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other low lives for 3 decades! They have been sucking the blood of the Iranian people and living like kings in America while the Iranian people have been starving for food and freedom in Iran for over 4 decades. Do you really think that if you are an Iran Lobby Agent or Financier, we will let you get away with all your crimes?

Justice has a name and it is Ahreeman X! One way or another, I shall make sure that one of the most important priorities of the future Free Democratic Iran’s Intelligence Service will be the creation of a special task force (Mossad Style) to relentlessly search, capture, kidnap and drag Iran Lobby criminals back to the Free Iran, where they will be put on the public trials with evidence provided by us the IPC Operations, from here to the Moon! After the conviction, you better pray to your God that you will be prisoned or executed because I am thinking to hand you over to the people of the streets! Same people who have been suffering for over 4 decades! What do you think these people in the streets of Tehran will do to you? You will be torn in to pieces and your largest pieces will be your ears! Justice served!

There is no escape from the justice. When justice will be knocking at your door, Neither Democrat Party, nor Deep State and surely not George Soros can save you. We will have no respect for the American liberal justice system but we have all the respect for the Future Free Iranian Justice System (Persian Style)! My advice to all of you low lives is to enjoy your lives to the full while you can! Do you see the Teenage Girls fighting with the skin of their teeth in the streets of Iran and with the bare hands fighting the Anti-Riot machineguns. We will make sure that these teenage girls will get their justice when they lay their hands on your chubby well-fed California and DC bodies! Your final chapter is approaching soon! End is near! Justice shall be served!

Coalitions in Iranian Politics

I strongly recommend to all Iranian opposition groups to comprehend the value of the coalition making. Even though there are drastic differences between the political, philosophical, economic and foundational ideologies of the opposition groups, yet one factor clings them together: Hatred of IRI and Mullahs! Make this hatred constructive and use it for coalitions to work together, so we can accelerate the death of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we can celebrate the Free Iran which we have been fighting for decades to achieve!

Coalitions in USA Politics

Once again, I recommend to the Iranian opposition groups and Iranian Americans to make coalitions and join with Christians. I perfectly understand that many in the Iranian American community despise Islam, Religion and in that manner all religions but please have an open mind about the logic which I bring forward to you:

Not everyone has a strong mind not to rely on a religion or a god to be a moral decent person. I do understand the negative and deconstructive elements of the organized religion, church and faith. But what if religion and God can make a person a moral and a decent person? What if weak-minded people can become good moral people via the aid of Christianity? I say, more power to them!

Look, no one is more Anti-Religion, Anti-Creation and specifically Anti Organized Church than I. Yet, I also understand that Many Christians make great patriots which are crucial for our struggle. What is wrong with making coalitions with the Christians to progress our common National Populist agenda and goals? Think about it, will you?

I have a real dilemma of aligning myself with the Christians; however, I rather eat Shiite and Die than to align myself with the Liberal Democrats!

We are destined to align ourselves with Christians. At least, by majority, they are good patriots and moral people. They are heartland America. I am all about Apple Pie and Old Glory; I am all about Heartland, Constitution and that Glorious American Flag. If you seek Freedom from the Deep State, you need to get with the coalitions, all under one banner of Trumpism. MAGA is our movement and Trump is our leader. Embrace your fellow Christians because in their heart, by majority, they are good, decent and moral folks.

Not every church is a part of the corrupt organized religion and not every Christian is a braindead backward moron! Actually, I find a great number of Christians to be highly enlightened, politically educated and aching for liberty. They are truly patriots. Together, we can get to our common goal sooner.

Storm is Coming!

Do not take the present silence as compliance. It is the silence before the coming of storm. There is no doubt that soon or late, the storm shall come. No rabbit hole will be large and deep enough for the Deep State to run and hide in them! The Storm shall blow away DC to Hell!

On 2022 and 2024, people will get things right. Soon or late, one way or another, the wrong shall be corrected to right. The Storm is Coming!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Justice Will be Served!

We shall change the:

Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite

To the:

Government of the People, by the People and for the People

As was originally designed and visioned by the Founding Fathers. American Exceptionality was based on George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s vision, not Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ vision!

Eventually, soon or late, the Sun will shine because we the people will make sure of it.

Register, vote, volunteer as poll watcher, poll attendant, campaign worker, and run for any office from school board, city council and all the way up to state Senate and national Senate. Get involved now because tomorrow when all your freedoms are gone, it will be too late.

Democrats and Deep State are here to establish a Communist Regime, Chinese Style in America. We must unite, we must act and we must act now. It is do or die. There is no other option. We will not live as mindless sheep like liberals living under the Deep State Regime! Live Free or Die. Give us liberty or Death!

Together, we can change the country and the world. Together we shall be a mighty force, a tsunami, a storm which will blow away the corrupt swamps of DC.

Together, we shall find our path through the dark and winding road, obscured by the clouds and gloomy fog to the Shining City Upon a Hill!

At the beginning of this essay, I asked: how can we bring back the justice to America and the world? How will the justice be served?

Follow every point of the essay and then I assure you that the Justice will be served!

MAGA Now, Tomorrow and Forever
More Power to the People


Dr. X

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