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What is Patriotism?
Ahreeman X
February 12, 2021

Donald Trump with his American Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at Trump Office in the Trump Tower
Making America Great Again

Immigrants Love America Most

Before I begin defining and speaking of Patriotism and Nationalism, I would like to mention that in this day and age that Degenerate Socialists and Anti-American Democrats are running America, the immigrants, legal immigrants, love America most and they are True American Patriots! Patriotism is in the mind, in the heart and the soul of the immigrants. Patriotism is a state of mind, it doesn’t matter where were you born!

Many Immigrants have lived under totalitarian regimes such as Socialist, Communist and Islamic Regimes and they know what a Hell Hole those regimes are, and that is why they risked everything, even their lives to come here to America to live free! They are the true lovers of America. Immigrants are the ones who wave the Old Glory Flag, stand proudly for the anthem, wear American Flag apparels, know the constitution, celebrate Democracy and love America.

Abroad, they don’t understand why we wave the flag and why we love the flag so much! We wave the flag because we love what it stands for, the Unique American System which represents Freedom and Democracy.

Separate American Patriotic Immigrants’ accounts from these degenerate American born or illegal aliens who wave the Mexican, African, Communist, Anarchist and ANTIFA flags, rioting, looting, protesting and purging in the streets of America due to sheer ignorance, lack of historical education, absence of brain and brainwashed by the leftist propaganda. These degenerates are either suburban pampered millennials, still living in their parents’ garage and basements or stupid and uninformed social justice dwellers still living in the LaLa Land Fantasy World of Systemic Racism, Institutional Racism and Social Racism, wile that con-artist Hussein Obama was elected a two-term president, black millionaires and billionaires run their own companies, work in music industry or play ball in sports!

These baboons burn the flag, kneel and fist during the anthem and wear the name of some dead black criminal on their jerseys and helmets while playing ball. These slaves to the “Liberal Plantation System” will born, live and die on the “Liberal Plantations”! They are the results of the “Failed Liberal Educational System.” Except some of these ignorant Social Justice Dwellers, the true immigrants, love and die for that flag, anthem what they stand for.

Immigrants came here to be free, to be all that can be and to live free. They came here because they escaped Socialism, Communism and Islam but now, they see that the garbage of Socialism, Communism and Islam had followed them here, stole the elections and committed a coup to take control of the government! Nightmare all over again!

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!
Islamic Invasion of America

Patriotism Definition

Patriotism is the true devotion and love for one’s country. In America it is mostly known as Patriotism but in Iran it is mostly known as Nationalism. In IPC, I created a term “Persianhood” and then globally a new system was born and then enhanced by Trump which is National Populism. It has many names but they all have specific factors in common:

Patriots Common Grounds

* Patriots wave the flag because they love what it stands for
* Patriots salute the national anthem out of respect for the country and military
* Patriots respect the military who fights to secure the nation
* Patriots respect the veterans who fought and died for citizens to live free and safe
* Patriots respect the police because they restore law and order so citizens live in peace
* Patriots have principles
* Patriots have standards
* Patriots are moral
* Patriots truly love their country
* Patriots are willing to risk everything for their country
* Patriots will do the greatest sacrifice and die for their country
* Patriots are trustworthy
* Patriots are substantial people
* Patriots are critical thinkers
* Patriots see beyond mainstream propaganda
* Patriots are not easily brainwashed
* Patriots are passionate
* Patriots do not trust the mainstream media and social media
* Patriots have a conscience
* Patriots are not corrupt
* Patriots have a value system of wrong and right
* Patriots are emotional but logical and calculated almost as synchronicity
* Patriots have deep family values
* Patriots are old school and old fashion
* Patriots are decent people
* Patriots are honest
* Patriots judge people by their merits
* Patriots see beyond the façade
* Patriots use violence only as the last resource
* Patriots believe in law and order
* Patriots believe in civility and social order
* Patriots avoid chaos and destruction
* Patriots avoid mob rule
* Patriots are disciplined and organized
* Patriots can be relied on
* Patriots are not weak
* Patriots have a strong belief system
* Patriots have faith
* Patriots are not seasonal fans and fair-weather friends
* Patriots will make a stand
* Patriots fight for their belief
* Patriots see beyond shallow fads of the day
* Patriots have solid beliefs
* Patriots give their word and it means something
* Patriots make promises and keep them
* Patriots stand by their conviction
* Patriots do not back down
* Patriots will not fly the battleground
* Patriots will live, love and die by their word and conviction
* Patriots believe in individualism
* Patriots believe in individual human rights
* Patriots are prime of humanity

Globalism Definition

Globalism is the belief in the global whole, one world order, one world nation, one world culture, one race, one economy, one social order, one discipline, one international community, and one global society which is prior and rules over the individual rights, freedoms and benefits. One size fits all!

Globalists see one system fits all. Globalists’ priority is Internationalism and they are against nationalism. Globalists’ concern is one world economy which is planned and executed by the Global Corporations for the benefit of the Global Corporations who know better on how to operate the world as one international community and they know what’s best for the individual nations, individual workers and individual rights. The decision is made from the top and the individual at the bottom is a part of the whole who must follow the one world order.

Globalism is in direct antagonism with Nationalism, Nations’ Workers, Individual Labor, National Economy, National Resources, National Wealth, National Pride, Individual Rights, Individual Freedoms and Individualism.

Leftism Definition

Any political, economic, philosophical and social ideology which is pro Big Government Control, Big Government Economic Planning, Social Engineering, Top to Bottom hierarchical system of government and puts society above the individual is considered the Left.

Examples of Leftist Ideologies

Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, Nazism (National Socialism), Fascism, Falangism and Internationalism are on the left.

Rightism Definition

Any political, economic, philosophical and social ideology which is pro Free Market System, Free Market Economy, Capitalism, Individual Freedoms, Individual Human Rights, Individualism, Less Government, Small Government, Servant of the People Government, Bottom to Top System of Government and puts individual above the society is considered the Right.

Examples of Right-Wing Ideologies

Free Market System, Capitalism, Democracy and Nationalism are on the right.

Leftists are Globalist

If you pay close attention, you will notice that Globalism is in harmonization with any leftist ideology promoting Big Government Control, New World Order, Global Economy and Social System.

Basically, any system of government which is pro Big Government Control, Social Engineering, and Top to Bottom Hierarchical System such as Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, Nazism (National Socialism), Fascism, Falangism, and Internationalism is absolutely in harmony with Globalism.

* Note:
Please note that in contradiction with the common belief, Nazism, Fascism and Falangism are not “Right Wing” but they are “Left Wing” ideologies because they are pro Big Government Control, Social Engineering, Top to Bottom Hierarchical System of Government and Society above the individual rights.

Right is Anti-Globalism

On the contrary Nationalists are Anti-Globalism because globalism destroys nations’ work force, plunders nations’ resources and destroys nations’ economies to flourish the Globalist Corporations and their rule above the global labor force and the people. Globalism, Internationalism, Socialism and Communism are the worst enemies of the countries’ national work force and workers.

Nationalists are pro Free Market System, Capitalism, Democracy and Individualism. Globalist ideologies take away the work incentives from the workers. Why would workers thrive towards excellence when the rewards do not increase and the benefits remain the same?

Globalists are pro enslavement of the national and global labor force. Globalism has one duty and it is to pillage and plunder the wealth of the nations and enslave their labor force.

Liberals are Not Patriots

I am a United States and World Traveler. In my lifetime, I have traveled to many US States around the nation and many countries around the world. I speak with many people, that is my social study. Throughout my life, I have never, even once, met a single American Democrat who is a patriot. The concepts of the salute to the flag, respect to the national anthem, right hand on the heart while its playing, reading the constitution, studying the Founding Fathers and blessed to be American are strange to these people!

Liberals are morely the flag burners, kneelers, fist raisers, protesters, looters, rioters, arsonists, destroyers, bitchers, moaners and complainers’ types! They have no clue how lucky they are to be American, to born here and to live here. They have no clue how privileged they are only to be here.

Black Privilege

Millions of people jump over each other’s shoulders and go through hell to come here but these imbeciles talk about Africa and African Americans! You know, I travelled to Africa and I been there. Why don’t you morons take a visit to Africa and witness firsthand that the African Middle Class lives below American Lower Class poverty level! What we consider poor over here is considered middle class in Africa! Why don’t you unappreciated black bastards go to Africa and see with your own eyes that the Africans love to come to America and live free in the land of opportunities? The problem is that the American blacks got it too good and they are truly having the “Black Privilege” but they are not aware of it! The constant liberal brainwash and propaganda indoctrinated them to the point that they truly believe that they live in a racist nation with no opportunities for them as victims! Democrats rigged the system for them and then propagate that they are black victims! In other words, these blacks and minorities live in heaven but they are brainwashed to believe in the victim mentality and therefore, they are still slaves in the Liberal Plantations!

White Liberal Plantation Owners

The worse of the liberals are the Lilly White Suburban Rich Liberals who keep the minorities enslaved with the victim mentality and incarcerate them for a lifetime in the projects hooked on welfare, food stamps, Kool-Aids and that Big Ol Government Cheese Block!

Is there any wonder why the majority of the racial minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics, the ethnic minorities such as Jews, Persians and others are still residing on the liberal plantations? People are bombarded with liberal biased media, social media, search engines, tech giants and Big Government lies 24/7!

* Note:
Please notice that the problem is not the Jews but it is Liberalism because a minority of Liberal Jew Masters run the liberal plantations but the majority of the Jews are Liberal Plantation slaves same as the blacks! These Liberal Jew Masters run every aspects of the Liberal plantations such as the Media, Tech Giants, Academia, Hollywood, Global Banking System, somewhat Wallstreet and so on. The only Jews who freed themselves from the Liberal Plantations and oppression by the Liberal Jew Masters are the Conservative Jews. The conservative Jews are the True Jews with brains who love America, who love Israel, are patriots and are historically, economically and politically aware of what really goes on in the globe! Except the Conservative Jews, the rest of the Jews are as much victims and slaves to the Liberal Plantations as the Blacks and Hispanics! They are all slaves to the Liberal Jew Masters owning the Liberal Plantations.

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Welfare States of America: WSA

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

European Liberals

Europe is mostly under the spell of Globalism and Socialism. Europe is also destroyed by Globalism and Socialism. Except Poland, Hungry and few other places, Globalism, Socialism, Immigration and Muslims have destroyed Europe but the good news is that Europe is waking up to the sound of Conservatism and National Populism. Even UK, Germany and France are waking up!

Iranian American Democrats

Now let’s focus on Iranians, specifically Iranian Americans.

In the past I spoke enough of Iranian American Democrats. They are far from patriotic. They have no love for America. They are only using this country’s democratic nature and freedoms. They are milking the system. The one’s who are Iran Lobby or Millionaire and Billionaire High Tech Industrialists or Tech Giants’ Executives are only using the democratic process of America to destroy the American Democracy and turn America to a police state. Their parents or themselves destroyed Iran on 1979 and now they are destroying America.

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?


Trump had increased his voters amongst all segments of the American society.  Trump gained more minority and ethnic voters than any other GOP president of the past.

Trump Voters 2020
Blacks 12%
Latino 32%
Orientals 34%
Jews 22%
Persians 31%

Iranian American Vote Distribution in US 2020 Elections
Democrat 40%
Independent 29%
Trump / GOP 31%

Police State of America

With Cancel Culture, Snitching on Neighbors, Political Correctness, Mass Social Media Censorship, Mainstream Media Fake News, Tech Giants Monopoly, Social Justice Hoax, Race Card, Climate Change Fantasy, Big Government Control and now stealing elections, the coalition of the Deep State, Tech Oligarchs and Democrats are silencing all the opposing voices for freedom and turning this wonderful and unique system of Democracy in the world to a Police State and a Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship. 

Democratic Socialism is an Oxy Moronic Term

Let’s not kid ourselves, there is no such thing as the “Democratic Socialist” or a “Democratic Socialist System” because Democracy and Socialism are in antagonistic conflict with one another and they contradict each other. Either you believe in Democracy, Free Markets and Freedom or you believe in Socialism, Big Government Control and Nanny State but you cannot believe in both!

Democratic Socialism is as oxy moronic as the Islamic Democracy! Only fools can believe in these fabricated terms.

Soul of Patriotism

Patriotism is the soul of a nation. Without Patriotism, you have nothing, your nation is balanced like a house of cards and it is destined to fall apart. To gain patriotism, it must be taught in families and in the schools. Without a strong patriotic society, family units and schools’ educational curriculums, it is not possible to gain patriotic children. Without patriotic youth, you will not gain a patriotic nation. Everything needs to be changed from the foundation or else the nation is bound to fall in the abyss and doom.

Dr. X


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