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Learn Your Terminology & Call them Communists!

Liberals are Not Progressive But Regressive!
Learn Your Terminology and Call them Communists!

Ahreeman X
November 29, 2021

Bright Baby: What’s wrong with you people? Get your terminology straight and don’t give credit to the Liberals by calling them Progressive! Don’t parrot what FOX News babbles! Even I know that Liberals are not Progressive, but they are Regressive! Progressive comes from Progress which means moving forward, modernizing and advancing the society. Regressive comes from Regress which means moving backward and returning the society to the reactionary primitive era! Get straight and educate yourselves like me! Learn your terminology! Call the Liberals, Communists!

Intro Reality

You cannot change the definition of a term to something totally opposite of what it means and then due to ignorance and illiteracy, spread it and make it a popular pop culture term. At least as a responsible conservative you cannot do this! As a matter of fact, creating Bull Shiite terms is what liberals do, so stop doing this!

I don’t know what character in FOX News had branded liberals with this nonsense term “Progressive” and then bunch of people on the right, like monkey see, monkey do, blabbered it and repeated it without even knowing the meaning of the term “Progressive”! Today, many people on the right are mistakenly refer to the liberals as “Progressive”!

This is not logical behavior but it is liberal behavior! People on the left do this behavior. Some bozo at CNN or New York Times barfs something out, creates a Bull Shiite Term which does not even makes sense and then everyone on the left repeats it and makes it popular! Bull Shiite terms such as a hundred of them, take your pick, for example “Toxic Masculinity” or “Environmental Racism” or such. Here is a list:

Liberal Made Bull Shiite Terms
Toxic Masculinity
Green New Deal
Environmental Justice
Assault Weapon
Social Justice
Critical Race Theory
White Privilege
Affirmative Action
Political Correctness
Safe Space
Systemic Racism
Social Racism
Structural Racism
Institutional Racism
Environmental Racism
Subconscious Racism
Unintentional Racism
Traditional Racism
Historical Racism
Behavioral Racism
Cancel Culture
Climate Change
Global Warming
Carbon Footprint
Mentally Challenged
Diverse Cultures
Green Products
Green Energy
Birthing Person
African American
Native American
LGBTQIA Pronouns
Gender Pronouns

And much more Bull Shiite ……

Don’t become like liberals and create asinine terms!

Liberal Democrat Socialism in a Nutshell
Liberals are Not Progressive but They are Regressive! They are destroying every fabric of the civilized society by riots, looting, theft, violence, murder and burning down the cities! Call Liberals by their names: Communists!

Educate yourselves,

Definitions of Progressive and Regressive

Progress = Going Forward, Movement Ahead, Modernization, Advancement of Society, Reforms for Better, Accomplishment of Evolving Society Forward, Gradual Development of Constructive Social Reforms, Step by Step Pushing of Society Towards Modernity, Implementation of Constructive Changes for Industrialization and Hi Tech, Pro-Science

Progressive = A Person Who Pushes Society Forward, A Person Who Moves Ahead, A Modernizer, A Social Advancer, A Revolutionary, A Social Reformist, A Social Evolutionist, An Industrialist, A Hi-Tech Person

Regress = Going Backward, Movement Back, Backward, Fanaticism, Pushing Society Backward, Returning Society to Primitive Era, Efforts of Returning Society to Dark Ages, Anti-Science

Regressive = A Person Who Pushes Society Backward, A Person Who Moves Backward, A Fanatic, A Reactionary, A Social Devolutionist, A Backward Person

Liberals Love to Refer to Themselves as Progressive

Liberals love to call themselves progressives because they truly believe that they are advancing the society for better. They believe that step by step, they are progressing the society to a better tomorrow. This is a flawed analogy and metaphor.

Don’t Give Credit to the Liberals!

The question is that why are you conservatives giving the liberals this pleasure by referring to them as the “Progressives”? Why do you wrongly call them progressive? Referring to the liberals as Progressives is to give them credit and to promote them as the advancers of the society! By referring to the liberals, as the Progressives, you are honoring them with this title!

Every time you call a liberal by the term progressive, you are giving them credit. It is like calling an Islamist Fanatic, by the terms such as the Modernist and a Scientist! Think about it.

Stop calling liberals as progressives. Stop using a wrong terminology. Stop behaving as liberals do!

Call Liberals Communists

If you have to refer to liberals by a term, then be realistic and call them by what they are: Communists!

Call them Communists, Socialists, Marxists or more of a derogatory term: “Brandon Seeds” (from Let’s Go Brandon) but not progressive! If you want to brand them with a term, then refer to the liberals as Communists because that is what they are.

Liberals are Regressive

Progressive means going forward step by step towards advancement for the better.

Liberals are Anti Logic, Anti-Science, Anti-Industry, Anti-Business, Anti-Development, Anti-Civilization and therefore Anti Progress!

Liberals are Regressive, not Progressive!

With Green New Deal and Climate Change Fantasy, Liberals are pushing the society back towards the stone age! Liberals are not moving towards the Dark Ages but the Stone Ages! They are clearly against industrialization, manufacturing, business, mining, drilling, fracking, planes, trains and automobiles!

Liberals are foolishly chasing a dream of replacing the fossil fuels with the weak energies such as solar and wind. Liberals are destroying the American energy independence and economy by seizing the flow of the fossil fuels; however, they are enriching the China by purchasing their solar panels and batteries, also enriching Germany by purchasing their Windmills to replace the American Energy Independence and unlimited sources of Fossil Fuels which we are sitting on them!

Liberals are so ignorant that they do not realize that without the Fossil Fuels, they will not have products such as Computer Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles, Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Motorcycles, Helmets, Clothes, Shoes, Sneakers, Keys, Water Bottles, Goggles or even Glasses to Wear! All of these items are made with materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Carbon Fiber, Hard Plastic and Minerals made of Fossil Fuels! In other words, without Fossil Fuels, humanity will be back to the Stone Ages living in the caves or hanging from the trees! That’s how ignorant, illogical and illiterate these Liberals are! That is why we refer to them as “Environmentalist Wackos”!

Liberals are Anti-Science

Most unscientific people are Democrats. Here is a simple list of Scientific Facts which Liberals deny:

I. Life Begins at Conception.
When egg and sperm mix and infant embryo forms, that is when life begins. Democrats deny that.

II. We Only have Two Genders.
The two existing genders are male and female. Democrats deny that and claim 6 to 60 genders!

Democrats are Anti women because they allow transsexuals which are biologically male in to participating in the women’s sports; therefore, women will never win any tournaments in their own sports classifications!

III. Climate Change is Only a Flawed Theory.
Global Warming and Climate Change Catastrophe which is threatening the earth does not exist and there is no scientific evidence of it. This hoax has been going on since 1970s when Democrats and Liberals claimed that Earth will be destroyed in 10 years!  If anything, the ozone hole is getting smaller and the world is getting cooler. We are now in 2020s and the Earth is still here! Democrats deny all of these facts and keep on promoting the fantasy of the global warming.

IV. America is the Most Environmentally Friendly Nation on Earth.
United States under Trump had the cleanest air, water and environment in the world. Trump’s environmental policies were the greatest in the world. We even planted the most trees in the world. Democrats deny that.

China, India, Russia and many 3rd world nations literally pollute and trash the earth but no one seizes their economies and industry! It is only America which is being shafted by stop industrialization, manufacturing, mining, drilling, fracking and business as usual. The world progresses, China digs coal like there is no tomorrow and expands its manufacturing but the idiots in Scandinavia and Paris Accord are destroying the American economy like they have destroyed the Western Europe’s economy!

Global Warming had become the religion of the left which is based on Bull Shiite, yet has many moronic followers who are making Clintons, Obamas, Al Gore and alike, very wealthy!

V. Conservatives are Pro Progress but Liberals are Against It.
We the Conservatives are pro progress, industrialization, business and civilization. Democrats are against all of that. They are pro regulations, bogus environmental laws, and red tapes to the point that progress turns to regress and going back to the caveman era and stone ages. Democrats are not progressive but regressive. I don’t know what fool labeled Democrats as progressive but it is technically flawed.

I think American millennials are too ignorant, illiterate and uneducated about the world and history to comprehend that Socialism, Globalism and Islam had miserably failed around the world and they do not appreciate what they have here which is the most functioning system in the globe which is called Capitalism, Free Market, Freedom and Democracy.

If they truly understood America, then they would have not become Democ-Rats, voting for Globalist Old Farts such as Joe Biden, following Marxists such as Bernie Sanders, erecting bimbos like Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi) and worshiping a retarded mentally ill teenager Greta Thunberg as a prophet, believing that the world would be destroyed in 12 years (now since 1970s when I was a teenager)! We have been hearing this Climate Change garbage now for over 5 decades! World supposed to be destroyed in 12 years since the 1970s! If anything, the o-zone hole got smaller and the weather got cooler not warmer! Glaciers in Arctic are not melting and the polar bears are getting fatter and flipping their middle fingers to the liberal environmentalist wackos, yelling FAQ you liberals!

Liberals are Anti-Nature

Liberals are against the laws of nature. Liberals want to destroy every fabric of the civilized society. With their BLM, ANTIFA and Marxist foot soldiers, they are burning down the civilization, business, economy and progress. They are creating anarchy to destroy the “Progressive Capitalist System”.

Liberals are even against the simplest laws of nature and science such as procreation and reproduction! They are promoting unnatural homosexuality to replace the natural heterosexuality. If everyone would become homosexual (LGBTQIA), then how would humanity procreate? Maybe that is the goal: to destroy human population, so in their derange minds and delusional Climate Change Fantasy, they can save the planet by killing off the human population!

End Notes

As you can see, being progressive is a good thing and it is Conservatives who are Progressive.

Conservative = A Person who Conserves the society and maintains it in tiptop shape

Conservatives are true Progressives. Liberals love to refer to themselves as Progressives but they are the Fake Progressives. Liberals are Regressive, Reactionary and furthermore Communists. Liberals love to regress the society back to the Stone Ages!

Today, a great number of journalists, politicians, cartoonists and even bright conservative minds and economical minds mimic this term “Progressive” and falsely refer to the liberals as Progressives! They do this blindly following some uninformed character in the FOX News because mistakenly he referred to the liberals as Progressives. Please stop this insanity and do not repeat after your media guru like monkey see, monkey do! Educate yourselves to the true meaning of the terms.

You are giving credit to the liberals by calling them Progressives, so don’t give credit to the liberals. Call them by what they truly are. Call them by their true names: Communists. Today’s Democrat Party is the Communist Party and today’s Democrats are the Communists. Biden, Harris and Top Congressional Democrats are all on the China, Russia and Iran Lobbies’ Payrolls. Their job is to destroy the American Capitalism, Democracy and Exceptionality. Their goal is to replace it with an Authoritarian Communist System. This is why we refer to Biden as the “Regime Leader” and this government as the “Regime”. Stop calling Biden, “President” and the Regime, “Administration”!

Liberals are not Progressive. Liberals are a bunch of Regressive Communists and that is a statement of fact.

Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!


Dr. X


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