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Part Three: Behavioral Analysis

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy
Part Three: Behavioral Analysis

Ahreeman X
October 23, 2008
2nd Edition: August 4, 2015

Science of Raciology hidden from the public due to political correctness.

Micro Analysis of Social Darwinism
(I, The Collector)

Friends, Fellow Persians, Activists and Comrades:

Let us go Micro and study the micro aspects of Social Darwinism. Let us analyze the situation of Iran.

This issue (Social Darwinism) has nothing to do with the Race, but it has everything to do with the Brains! Race can be a deciding factor but not the Major Element to decide the nature of a species! This is all about the Brain, The Gray Matter.

Allow me to elaborate a bit:

Species Examples in Iran


Uber-Mensch (Superman)

In Iran,

Rafsanjani, is an Uber-Mensch, because he is single handedly controlling the economy of a nation and pockets the national resources and income of a huge nation in his and his family's pockets!

Rafsanjani is an Uber-Mensch, because he has risen from the level of a Fixer Upper, (buying junk houses, fix them up, putting Shiite on shingle and then selling them double price) to the level of an Ayatollah, head of Kar Gozaran, head of Moderate Faction of Hezbollah, actual head of Basij Militia and the only person in the administration and hierarchy of Mullahs who knows anything about economy!

I refer you to:

Akbar Shah and 1001 nights at The Cayman Islands
(Middle of the page) in X Diaries

Caribbean Venture - Chapter II: Cayman Islands

So anyone who can rise himself from the level of a drunken bum in prisons of Shah (he was a certified drunk and hell raiser, not a political prisoner!) to the level of running a country, must be an Uber-Mensch.

Mensch (Man)

Shirin Ebadi, with all her education, all her publicity, all her prizes, “Piss Nipple Price” (Peace Noble Prize) from Norway, etc., is a tool, a pawn that if she plays her cards right, she will become the president of IRI, maybe a Vice President (Massoumeh Ebtekar is giving me the dirty look!), or at least a Majlis Rep.

Shirin Ebadi, is the Neo Face of the Reforms (Khatami is giving me the dirty look!). She is the new face of Islamic Democracy! She is a pawn who is up there in the spot light to keep the Gav O Guspandan (Cattle) occupied for another 8 years!

Shirin Ebadi is a Mensch. She is the Mensch in the Doll Collection of the Uber-Mensch Rafsanjani!

I refer you to:

An Islamic Halloween

Unter-Mensch (Sub Man aka Sub Human)

Then you have Gav O Guspandan (The Cattle)! The oodles and oodles of Cattle from 12 year olds all the way to 60 year olds who willingly went to the Iraqi front and over the mine fields as human mine finders! Presently, they are residing with Allah in heavens sucking on milk and honey and a tity from one of the 72 Houries promised to them!

The Gav O Guspandan, a plenty not too few, are the Unter-Mensch! They follow the leader without even knowing what is the leader all about, who is the leader, what does he stand for and why are they following him!? The Unter-Mensch is even in a lower level of the Evolutionary Scale than the Mensch! At least the Mensch is semi conscience!

Therefore, you have:

Uber-Mensch: Rafsanjani
Mensch: Ebadi
Unter-Mensch: Guspand-e Basiji

That's the definition of:

(Sub Human)

That was one example for you.

More Elaborations

Elaborate on the issue and take a look around you!

* Look at certain Mojaheds who burn themselves in Paris for Maryam Rajavi to go free out of jail! They burned themselves, some died, some scarred for life and deformed forever, burning in excruciating pain to get Maryam out of jail! Do you believe that they are fully aware of Maryam's nature? Hell no! They follow the leader to heaven and hell with no clue!

* The same goes for the brain-dead Monarchists, loaded with Tribal Emotions towards their Sect or Cult to worship Reza Pahlavi, no matter what! Ask them why they worship RP? They hand you gibberish such as he is son of Shah and legal owner of the peacock throne and crown, he is the unifier of all Iranians and symbol of Monarchy, he is a democratic man who must lead Iran but as a ceremonial figure, bla bla bla........... and similar nonsense!

I bet with you, they don't even know what the hell are they talking about! None of them look at Reza Pahlavi as a regular human being with no qualifications whatsoever to be a leader of a nation! They look at him as Son of Shah! They want the glory of the past but with a ceremonial monarch as a figure head!

They simply fail to understand that a ceremonial monarch cannot revive the glory of the past! But a Reza Khan as an Absolutist Monarch can!

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Reza Shah the Great, Real Story

Not Monarchists but Pahlaviists!

These Monarchists are often extremely confused people, that's why I call them Shahollahi! They are not Monarchists by the definition, yet they are pro RP and Pahlavi Dynasty no matter what! Even if the next Pahlavi is a Retard, they will kiss his Ass and follow him to the grave!

This is what I mean about the Culture of Captivity, Culture of Hero Worship and even when there are no Heroes, they invent one and name them:

Maryam Rajavi
Reza Pahlavi
Adib Boroumand
Seyed Ali Khamenei

The Mensch loves to Hero Worship. The Unter-Mensch follows the leader to the grave!

You see, none of these people: Shahollah, Hezbollah, Marxollah, Mosadeqollah, etc. function with a full deck! some worship Reza Pahlavi, some Maryam Rajavi, some Mosadeq, some Mansour Hekmat, some Khosrow Roozbeh, some Imam Khamenei, some ..................

Ask them why?
They reply to you with extreme fanatical responses of why do you even have to ask such questions!?

Some of the more advanced species amongst them, reply that so and so,............... a bunch o cheesy false reasons as logic but basically Maqlateh Bazi and Safsateh Bazi (providing false reasoning as actual logical reasoning)!

Fanaticism is in the blood of these people and that's why they will be following the leader without a clear mind of knowing why are they doing so! But sometimes, that leader ends up to be a Benevolent Nationalist who saves a nation, like Reza Khan! And then again, sometimes that leader is someone who Shiites all over a nation like Khomeini! With these folks, it’s like playing dice and leave things to the chance!

The public remains a Helpless victim who follows the leader of their own sects forever!

This is the Culture of Captivity. This is the Infected Culture of Arabo-Islamic. This is the Iranian Disease!

The Iranian Disease! - Chapters 1, 2, 3

The Iranian Disease! - Chapter 4

Domestication of Persians

Actually, sometimes, I am thinking to create yet another level below the Unter-Mensch!

Let’s call it the:

Amebas-Mensch (Single Cell Brain, Species of Man)

Ameba, Amebus (Latin) or Amoeba (singular) and Amoebae (plural) is a genus of protozoa which moves by means of pseudopods  and is known as a representative for the “Unicellular Organisms”.

That would be the dancing fools in Disco Tehran or Club X in search of the highest level of High via Ecstasy, Coke or Hash and getting a piece of nightly meat to bang! Give them a Nun Kabob Kubideh and a Hole to Screw or a Husband to Hitch (depending on male or female!) and they will be happy as a little puppy dog with a brand new bone! Halle Lujah!

Hows about some o these Iranian Forum Dwellers in these Bang O Salavat Iranian Forums?! sounds familiar?!

Yes, I might have to go one step beyond Nietzsche and add a fourth level of consciousness to the psyche of the Human Species!


Simple Mind, Simple Pleasure!

Praise The Lord!

................. Some comrades tell me:

Shoma Yasin be gushe khar mikhanid!
(You are singing Holy Verses to the ears of a Donkey!)

Do you think these people will change?

I tell them, I don't know!
But I tell you one thing,
I will preach the Bits O Wisdom!
That's what I can do!
If they change or if they do not change,
That, I have no control over it!
I am just a Bicycle Ryder, passing through this Prairie full of Cattle Shiite, lost cattle, prairie dogs and shepherds!

In this scenario,
Cattle Shiite: Amebas-Mensch
Cattle: Unter-Mensch
Prairie Dogs: Mensch
Shepherds: Uber-Mensch
The Bicycle Ryder: Ahreeman (Beyond this world!) Beyonder

I sing my tune,
I do my part,
The Future will tell!

I, The Collector

Consider me a collector!

I am a collector who collects the Elite Brains of the Iranian community and friends of Iran, in a place called IPC.

If I cannot presently force a regime change, then at least, I am managing to gather The Supreme Minds of our society under one roof, so I do not have to suffer consorting with Morons, Baboons and Insectoids!

I am The Collector

I, The Collector!


My words, pisses many people off!
Hell, I would not want it any other way!
At least I make people think!
Ain't that a progress amongst the Iranian Community?!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeees Comrades,

I am The Collector!

I, The Collector!

Behavioral Analysis

Please allow me to post an old IPC File, directly related to this issue. It can be helpful for the better understanding of the topic.

Let’s take a walk in the memory lane, shall we?

Our Mission!
A Behavioral Analysis
Oldies but Goodies
From Old IPC Files 2003

Dear Comrades:

Where Does IPC Stands on The Evolutionary Scale?!
What is our mission?

My word is with the sum of you who are in seldom posting in other forums. For instance …
My remarks are also specifically towards the latest episode of my dear … in Faith Freedom and Jebhe Meli!

Allow me to elaborate for all of you, so you would completely get my point. When I speak of IPC Members, I am talking about All our members including the majority who do not even post on the board, Operation members, Movement members, Club members, members who communicate via IM, Net Meeting, Video Net Meeting, Yahoo Voice Chat, ICQ, etc. The whole shebang.

I believe some of you are miscalculating the overall situation here! We over here, in general are one of the selected group of people which belongs to a slim minority of the very Evolved Beings of this planet! We are the "Uber-Mensch", we are the Highly Sophisticated, we are the Superior Intellects. Let me draw a first table for you to comprehend better:

IPC = Superior Extra Terrestrial Beings
Faith Freedom = Human Beings
Jebhe Meli = Baboons
Afghanistan Forum = Cock Roaches

Let me elaborate more and expand it a little:

IPC = Uber-Mensch
American/European Cyber Community = Homosapien
Iranian Cyber Community = Missing Links
Near Eastern Cyber Community = Primates
Middle Eastern Cyber Community = Apes
Central Asian Cyber Community = Reptiles

Do you get the picture?

More compare/comparison:

We are not communicating in the same wave length, speed or modem! For instance:

IPC = Cable Modem
American/European Net = DSL
Iranian Net = 56K
Near East Net = 32K
Middle East Net = 28K
Central Asian Net = Turtle Modem

Got it?

People in different modem speeds are not compatible. They will download huge info files with different speeds; some people with slow modems cannot even download the bloody file. Some people with Flintstones modem cannot even know the meaning of Download! Even people with average modems could not be able to see the file clearly after downloading! They could see hazy visions!

I had a vision when I started this whole episode known as IPC. We had a vision when we grew this entity known as IPC. We are here to make a difference, furthermore, to build minds and transform them to Supreme Minds, Free Minds, Open Minds of the future generation. We, the Uber-Mensch, are beyond Censorship, beyond Tribalism, beyond Gang Mentalities, beyond Cyber Games, beyond Racism, beyond, Categorization of Human Beings, beyond Good or Evil, beyond my gold ring is better than yours syndrome! We are debating on future of humanity, deep political issues, pure argumentation. We are beyond deleting, censoring, banning, or judgment of people, prosecution of voices, inquisitions of minds, and etc.

These primates are still putting each other's hand on each other's mouths and shut each other up and some of them rule over the rest of them as totalitarian Supreme Elite! The Gav O Gusfand Syndrome! Let me clearly state here that for instance you will go to Afghanistan Board and you meet Rag Heads with Fatal Blind Faith to Allah who will silence any voice unlike their own. Then you will go to let’s say Faith Freedom or Jebhe Meli and you meet Schooled, yet not Educated people, a group of Doctors and Scholars who consider themselves intellectuals of the society, a group of Militant Atheists; however, the game is the same, they will also put their hands on rest of the societies mouths and shut them up!

One is a Turbaned Baboon yet the other is an Intellectual Evolutionist Militant, one is wearing Robes and flip flops and the other is wearing a suit and a tie; however, the fundamental is the same, the mental evolution and analysis is the same. They both have created an atmosphere of police state, an inquisition of thoughts, a Killing Field of Minds. Shall it be Faith Freedom or Afghanistan Board, the results are the same and it means:

No Freedom of Speech
No Democratic Process
No Human Rights
No Tolerance
Gang Control
Elite Control
Totalitarian Control
Mind Control

All of these Authority Figures create an atmosphere of "Us" and "Them" Environment and they allow the "US" to freely express himself but the "Them" is not allowed to express himself. They will bring all kinds of excuses such as Bad Taste, Improper Words, Vulgarity, Harsh Expressions, Derogatory Remarks, Political correctness, etc., to shut people up even with the use of Double Standards. Their subjects and puppets can talk freely but the other party must be shutten up.

This is the oldest form of on the net and off the net rule by the Cyber Lords and Tribal Lords. The same system does exist in Mountains of Afghanistan and the same system exists in Harvard University. shall it be American Media or shall it be Iranian Media. The point is that majority of the people have not evolved to the point that they can self govern, self judge, self rule, self power and self respect. The majority of people are in need of a Guardian, authority figure, Velayat, Guru, or in this case Forum Moderator.

Globe does consist of the elite Uber-Mensch, the Mensch, and then the Primates.

We are The Uber-Mensch, we have been born a few centuries early! Not that we are beyond the petty issues of today’s Middle East, Near East, Iran or America, yet we are beyond the petty issues of humanity. We are beyond these petty issues. We are Superior Intellects, we are Pure Minds, we are pure argumentation, we do not sacrifice the argument for political correctness. We are a few centuries early for the mankind!

We are the Uber-Mensch looking towards the planet from outside looking in! We are the Superior Aliens looking onto Earth from our space ship and we see these Human beings, primates, Apes, Reptiles, Cock Roaches, Amebas and Vegetables banging on each other's heads and we wonder:

"What kind of behavior is this?"

We are communicating in different Band Wave and Sound clearance, that’s why these people do not understand us. Simply because we are no more part of the game, we have evolved to become The Beyonders.

We are The Beyonders.

We are too evolved for these creatures. Their concerns and problems sound silly to us. They are looking at the TV Screen while we are looking at the Cinema Scope Half a Circle Movie Screen. We view the whole picture and we see the whole show while they are only capable of observing the 17 inch screen of their TV!

This is like preaching spiritualism to a Baboon or teaching compassion to Hezbollah!

Do you get it now?

Let me clearly state here that even though I am terribly disappointed with Humanity, lost my faith in humanity, yet humanity is not my concern to fix. My concern is Iran and Iranians; therefore, I am doing my best to show the other side of the coin to the Iranians. I know very well that it is too late for the older generation of Iranians in their 70s, 60s or even 50s to change and that is why I have been working with the Youth to change their superficial values to Real Values, so I can affect them to commit a Social Change in Iran. By doing this, I can hope to Force Change the Degenerated present Culture to a Superior Sophisticated Persian Culture.

I aka Us aka We are here to create a superior Culture with Superior agendas from an annihilated Broken Culture and You bet your last dollar that I have great hopes to do so, and you are asking me why?

Because of my weapons and Ammunition! My weapons and ammunition are the Superior Minds, The Selected Brains who are available to me in IPC. Yes, my friends, I have hope, because I have the power because I have the weapons and my weapons are you...........

You the elite, you the Superior Minds, you The Uber Mensch.

The Youth Factor

That is why our agenda has been changed from a Political Revolution as a Tactic to The Moral Revolution of the Youth. The only winning Ace in our sleeves are the youth. That’s what are we working with, the youth. If we re-shape the youth, the re-shaping of Iran will come in the bag. If the youth grasps the meaning of Democracy, then Iran will be salvaged. The Moral Revolution will bring on the Political Revolution.

Leave the old in the grave yard of history thus they have nothing new to teach us, heil to the youth thus they shall be the ones to build the future. Infection is too deep in the brains of the old, stop trying to save the old, they are half dead, let’s concentrate on avoiding the Contagion to infect the youth and fight the virus while it is still in the beginning stages and before it infects their brain. Before they become too old!

Do you get my point? Does this make sense to you?

This is why we shall avoid as much as possible to discuss issues with the Old, thus they are beyond the cure. Start a new, preach to the Youth, cause you shall never find an open mind amongst these Exiled Doctors and Engineers, never my friends, never........... Give the info that must be given to All The people around the net, yet avoid discussing or arguing with them, simply because we are on a different Band Wave than they are. Concentrate on the Readers of all these forums and not The Writers. All over the net, concentrate on the uninfected Youth.

We are beyond the comprehension of these Cyber Lords and Cyber Peasants. These Feudals do not comprehend us.

We are The Uber-Mensch of The Cyber World.

Avoid the Reptilian Minds

We are part of a Small Group of Superior Minds of The Earth who are open to Learning, open to view the other side of the coin, open to The New Horizons.

We are The Beyonders. So avoid the Reptilian Brains. Reptilian Brains size of the needle point with no frontal and mid brains. Reptilian brains only capable of reaction and reflex. Reptilian brains incapable of logic, emotion, spirituality, analysis and debate!

Avoid the Reptilian Brains ……

So in a nutshell,

Give information but avoid arguments with reptiles!
Concentrate on Readers of these forums, not the Writers!

So as you reviewed this complete series, you have noticed that this issue is not just about philosophy, but it is also about raciology, biology, anthropology, sociology, politics and life in general.

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"

More power to Free Speech
Someone from the outside looking in!


Dr. X


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