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Ahreeman X Famnous Persian Quotes
Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom!


Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes
Ahreeman X Bits of Wisdom
The Ahreemanic Quotes!
Written and Compiled by Ahreeman X
Updated: December 8, 2023

“May the Truth Shines Upon All”

“The difference between the IRI Islamist Regime of Iran and the American Deep State Regime is that the former puts the hejab on the people’s heads but the latter puts the hejab inside the people’s heads! The former produces religious fanatics while the latter produces brainwashed woke liberal communists! Both regimes are oppressive dictatorships which control the media and the entertainment industry, use extreme censorship, commit mass propaganda, and train people to be obedient puppets. The concepts are the same! Muslims and Liberals are cut from the same cloth”

"Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!"

“There is a thin line between Democracy and Socialism which is called Freedom. By eliminating the Freedoms, Liberal Democrats are pushing the society to cross that line towards Socialism!”

“There are only two things worse than living under Socialism and Communism, first is living under Islam and second is Death! Democrats are Communist Party USA!”

“Life without Evolution is like American Football without Forward Pass!”

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”

“What does the man worth, if his word means nothing? Man should deliver upon his word!”

“Armed People are Free People!”

“In today’s America, we have only three types of people: Patriots, Traitors and the Sheep; the Sheep who follow the Traitors!”

“Anyone who tells you that Islam is just a religion, is either having a political agenda or is flat historically illiterate; furthermore, Islam is not a religion but a dangerous political ideology which intends to conquer the world and convert the global population to Muslims.”

“Our problem is not education and culture but our problem is morality. Iranians are the most educated, well-schooled and cultural people on earth but our people are also the most immoral people on earth!”

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”

“At least a third of the US government employees can be fired so waste, fraud and mismanagement can be cut down to size. Government never meant to be this big and powerful. Government used to serve the people but now rules over the people!”

“Let us clean house first (GOP), before we clean our nation (America)!”

“Totalitarian Regimes including Communist, Socialist and Islamist Regimes in a nutshell are:

Elite ruling class on the top.
Shrinking middle class dying in the middle.
Vast lower class slave force at the bottom.”

“The world changes and moves forward but some Persians remain amazed! The Amazed Persian stands in the middle of a field of prairie naked, with his right hand’s thumb up his butt and his left hand’s index finger in between his teeth, staring at the sky with the googly wide eyes, wondering what has happened and why he was left behind?!”

“I believe in the American Founding Fathers, American Exceptionality, American Unique Form of Democracy, American Patriots, Iranian Nationalism, Iranian Opposition, Iranian People and the Global Workers. In our global battle between the Individualist Workers and the Globalist Establishment, I am with the Workers. More power to the people.”

“Until there exists a single homeless person or a hungry child in America, we have no business importing a single illegal or legal immigrant to America. Let’s take care of our own people first.”

“The reason Deep State have not assassinated Trump yet is because MAGA is a massive movement and there will be a bloodbath in America which will bring the violent death of the Deep State!”

“Iran Lobby Lavish Banquets of NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, PCC, PEC and IABA thrown by the Rich Kids of Iran Lobby goes on every week! Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires dance the night away and indulge in great gourmet foods and drinks, while they suck the blood and life out of the Iranian people living in misery inside the Iran. They are getting richer while you are getting poorer and Mullahs rule forever! Rich with resources country of Iran has collapsed. Nothing has left of Iran, our nation is destroyed, when will you the Iranians wake up?”

“The days of GOP being an Establishment Globalist Republican Party is over. We are turning GOP to Party of the Workers, the Conservative National Populist Party of America.”

“Trump – Mullahs vs. Biden – Mullahs Relations

With the Mullahs, Trump was showing them a carrot with his left hand and waving a big stick with his right hand. With the Mullahs, Biden is handing them a big juicy watermelon with a white flag pin top with his left hand and waving a little thin twig with his right hand; while at the same time, Iran Lobby is putting a big fat wallet full of greens in Biden’s right pocket and George Soros is shoving a blank check in his left pocket. George Soros works in mysterious ways!”

“What is the difference between the Iran Lobby and the Iranian Opposition?

Iran Lobby is buying the American Establishment Politicians to appease and to prolong the lifespan of the Mullahs and the IRI. We, the Iranian Opposition are fighting the American Establishment and the Iranian Establishment to Free the Iranian People and to Save the Persian Culture.”

“Democrats are Destroying America

When you want to completely change a system of government, primarily you eliminate all aspects of that system’s culture. That is what Democrats are doing. They are erasing the American history, culture, philosophy, heritage, traditions, holidays, and festivals. Democrats are destroying the soul of a nation and the American Exceptionality, so they can destroy the American system of government and replace it with Socialism.”

“What is Trumpism?

Trumpism is the very Essence and Fabric of the National Populism, the Heart of the Heartland America, the Nationalism in the Patriotism, and the Unique Flavor in the American Exceptionalism! Trumpism is the Love of America and the Will of the Global Masses to achieve Freedom.”

“What is the Difference Between Republicans and Democrats?

Some of the Republicans (RINOs) are Establishment, but All of the Democrats are Establishment! The Establishment is against the will of the American people. The Establishment is also against the will of the Iranian people, because the Establishment appeases or is on the payroll of the Mullahs and the Iran Lobby!”

“What is the Nature of the Democrats and the Republicans?

Democrats are an Elitist Coastal Party of the Deep State, Hollywood, Professional Sports, Silicon Valley and the Globalist Corporations located in a slim landmass on the west coast and the northeast coast of the USA. Republicans under Trump are the party of the American workers. I am with the workers.”

“What is the Future of the RINOs?

RINOs must and will be eliminated and exterminated like microbes and stains on the body of the GOP, because if they do not get exterminated, then the GOP will never fully become the party of the American workers.”

“What is the Reality of the Big Government?

Democrats want:

Government of the Establishment, by the Deep State and for the Elite.

Trumpists want:

Government of the People, by the People and for the People.”

"Future of Liberal Cancel Culture and Political Correctness

The Way Liberals are going gong ho with the cancel culture, political correctness and affirmative action, they have already destroyed the Educational System, Professional Sports, Social Media, Hollywood Movie Industry and Entertainment by making everything inaccurate, baseless, unfair, fake, dull and boring. Soon we will have a society full of Trannies, Sissies, Flaming Faggots, Illegal Aliens and Hijabed Muslim Refugees who will bang each other up the Shiiter for our entertainment, and it will be broadcasted live by the mainstream media and on the Hollywood, Silver Screens for all to enjoy! Welcome to the Liberal Socialist America and Europe!”

“Ask what America and the Old Glory means from the oppressed immigrant who went through Hell to become an American Citizen; ask not from the privileged lazy liberal millennial in the suburbs of what America and the Old Glory means!”

“We will Teach you the past, so you can build the future!”

“China is the kind and generous source of many presents to the world. Every few years, China sends various gifts such as H1N1, SARS, Coronavirus, and many other Influenzas and Deadly Diseases to the globe! Some of these gifts are natural from the Chinese exotic wildlife cuisine and some are genetically engineered biological from the lab; but all of them are Deadly Lovely Epidemics and Pandemics! How can the world ever return all of this lovely Chinese hospitality?!”

“Google and Tech Giants, as the Big Brother serve one purpose in America: to censor and silence half the people (Conservatives) and to brainwash the other half (liberals) to remain as obedient sheep!”

“Can you forget the past and live in today but build the tomorrow with me?”

“My spirituality is not due to fear of God,
My spirituality is due to fear of losing my humanity!” 

“One day in the future, the world will remember who built the US Space Force and carved many other achievements to progress US and the world. On that day, Trump’s bust will be carved on Mount Rushmore. On that same day, Obama and Pelosi’s busts will be dumped in the dumpster of history or toilet, take your pick?!”

“Religion is the Welfare for the mind.
God is the affirmative action for the weak.”

“One does not need Religion to have Morality.
One has human sense of right and wrong to have Morality.”

“Secret to My Success
Many ask me what is the secret to my success? I tell them it is very simple:
I publish what the politically correct mainstream media does not and the social media allows not! I give the average Jane and Joe in America and the average Pari and Parviz in Iran, what they are deprived of! I give the people what they want. People are forced vegetarians, I give them Steak Kabob, Persian Style! I am only the chef; people will do the rest!”

“Islam, it’s not a religion, it’s an expedition!
Islamism, it’s not a culture, it’s an adventure!
This expedition and adventure will guarantee your ticket to heaven,
Where rivers of milk and honey, and 72 virgins are waiting your arrival!
Either that or a horned red skin man with pitchfork waiting to stick it up your Buttocks!”

“To keep the Revolution Train moving, sometimes we have to not only dump coal to fuel the engine but even the fine wood furniture!”

“During every Revolutionary’s life, there were times that he had to get help from all the wrong sources to continue his Revolution. After all, Ends justifies the Means!”

"Sometimes, you have to get a mild flu (Flu Shot) to fight the heavy flu!"

"Always remember that:

Sticks and Stones can break your bones,
But words can permanently scar you!"

“At some point of their lives, Iranians and in that manner All Non Arabs must choose between Islam and Being a Civilized Human?! Islam is nothing but Arab Imperialism and Pan Arabism in Disguise!”

"Iranian Killers Levels!

In IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran):

Level 3
When you kill a person, they call you a “Murderer” (Qatel) and they punish you according to Sharia’ allowing the family of the murdered person to decide the punishment.

Level 2
When you kill a number of people, they call you a “Serial Killer” (Qatel-e Zanjirei) and they hang you upon the crane.

Level 1
When you kill tens of thousands of people and commit genocide to exterminate the political opposition, they call you “Supreme Spiritual Leader” (Velayat-e Faqih) and they set you as a role model to follow, praise you and pray behind you!

Ain’t Islam lovely?!

Praise be Upon Allah!"

“Islam is a cesspool swamp full of infection of minds.”

“Iranians are nosey people by nature. Everywhere I go; Iranians gather around me and want to know the details of my life! I have discovered a way to make them run! I start talking politics! They start running and stop snooping in to my affairs! Do you want to see Iranians run? Just start talking politics! Iranians are afraid of their own shadows, they never talk politics, set aside, get involved in politics!"

“Imperial Iran was a pot of gold full of Shiite. Shah used to put a lid of gold on top of this pot and show it off to the globe as a Great Civilization. Once Imam Khomeini came to power; he took the lid off of this pot, so the stench of Bull Shiite from this Shiite filled up the skies of Iran, Middle East and the Globe! Only then, the world had found out what is the real content of this pot!

Today’s Islamic Iran is not even a pot of gold, but it is a corroded and rusted brown pot full of brown Shiite. The stench of Bull Shiite from this Shiite has infected Iran, Middle East and the whole World! This stench is called Islam; but the western liberals and Islamic apologists like to falsely refer to it as the Radical Islam, Political Islam and Militant Islam; however, the truth is that the content of this pot is Pure Islam of Muhammadan!

We can’t change the pot by decorating outside the pot, yet we can change the pot by changing the content of the pot. To change the content of the pot, we need to shovel all the Bull Shiite out of the Shiite’s brains; therefore, there will be no Shiite left in the pot. Cleanse the Shiite out of the pot and the pot will change. To change the pot, we need to change the mentality of the people; only then, the pot will become an Islam Free Pot named the Great Civilization!”

“Liberalism is a mental disadvantage which obscures the vision so the liberal becomes incapable to comprehend the true human nature. In the real world, human nature seeks free markets, competition and thrives to achieve better life and excellence. This is called Survival of the Fittest. In the artificially equalized liberal aquarium, everyone is equal, no motivation is needed to progress or evolve, competition is politically incorrect, socialism is the key word and the Big Government provides for all, controls all and rules over all because the Big Brother knows best. This mentality forces the liberal to live in LaLa Land, detached from Reality, mentally challenged and incompetent to cope with the challenges of life. As we have seen in USSR, East European Block and now the European Union, these challenges will eventually bring down the Socialism and push the masses to either force a peaceful change towards the Capitalism or to collapse the complete system.”

"Liberalism like syphilis is an epidemic which in its advanced fourth stage can eat the brain out. This would make the patient to become senile, delusional, illogical and detached from the reality, living in the LaLa Land!”

“If everyone remains afraid, inactive and keeps silence, then that God forsaken land will never become free! Do you think America would become free and independent if everyone remained afraid, inactive and silent on 1776? At some point in history, Iran needs to become free and this will not occur all by itself, but someone must do it. This is where we separate Mice and Men, Cattle and Humans! This is where Doers Do and the Cattle continue grazing grass!”

"Sins of The Fathers

The Fathers of 1979 committed The Sin, and now their sons and daughters are paying for The Sins of The Fathers. Wrong or right, sad but true, we are still trying to repair the unfixable damage which has been done due to ..........The curse of The Sins of The Fathers......"

"People of Iran have been shutten up for 8000 years, isn't it time to let the masses speak freely, uninterrupted and without censorship?"

"Democracy, individual rights, freedom to assembly, and mostly freedom of speech, cannot be partial, either it is all the way or non at all, either it's For All or For Non. Freedom of Speech shall be for All The People, not only for Some of The People."

"As far as politics goes, let's say that I have more knife marks from hezbollah on my body than most of the 'Iranian hypocrisy' (Jebhei, Tudehi, Nehzate Azadi, Aksariyate Fedayeen) has hair on their heads!"

"If Shah had put a dollar in his pocket, he spent ten dollars for the nation, yet if a mullah puts ten dollars in his pocket, he is still doubtful to spend, even a dollar for the nation."

"Before we even consider a "Social Revolution", we need a "Massive Social Education". First, we are in desperate need of a "Moral Revolution", starting from the personal level as the "Personal Rehabilitation", which ends up to a "Social Reformation", so we can finally establish a "Mass Salvation" to achieve our "National Recognition" and "Persian Identification". Until then, our "National Identification" is lost in Arabo-Islamic or Foreign Worship and "Mass Infiltration."

"The primary step for a Social Revolution is the achievement of a Moral Revolution, through a personal and Social Education."

"What is a glory and progress for Arabs, is a retarded reactionary move back to The Dark Ages for Iranians."

"All these interrupters are interrupting because there are always authority figures shutting them up, so they will never get a chance to speak freely."

"Many are schooled, yet only a Few are truly educated!"

"It is an absolute necessity for the creation of a United Opposition."

"The 'As Is' situation is Absolute Curtains, the goal and the 'To Be' situation is Absolute Freedom."

"Without a proper knowledge of the past, you will remain only a slave to your future."

"How can you build your future, if you do not know your past?"

"To be illiterate to our true history, makes us merely slaves to our future."

"To study the mistakes of the past, avoids the difficulties of the future."

"Arabo-Islamic Worship is nothing to be proud of!"

"Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on a 1400 years old torn rag paper, creation of a delusional, epileptic, schizophrenic, rapist, bandit, thief, murderer, pedophile, child molester, oppressor of the women, assassin, charlatan Arab, called Mohammed the bandit of caravans."

"One dead Persian is better than ten live Arab Worshipers"

"Wake up, get up, get out of your 28 + years of Islamic cocoon and revive Persia"

"Persians, live Persian, love Persian and die as proud Persians."

"The sun will shine from beneath the dark clouds of ignorance"

"Break down the two ton walls on both sides of your temples, break free of superstition"

"More power to the resistance."

"You best recognize, there is no free ride to achieve freedom and salvation for a nation. There is a long and winding road, there are many troubles ahead, there will be blood shed and sacrifice, yet at last, at the end of the long road, the prize will be worthy and valuable."

"Tell me Islamic Republic of Iran is gone and it was just a bad nightmare for many decades, and I'll be as happy as:

A Dollar, French Whore, in French Recession after the Second World War, with a brand new Twenty Dollar Bill from a GI!

A 13 year old two-toned voice boy in puberty, who just finished his first masturbation with the picture of a fully hejabed ex-vice president of Iran Ms. Massoumeh Ebtekar in Chador and in Tehran!

A deprived little sissy boy from San Francisco Flaming Fag Factory, who did not get any prime meat for a month and all of a sudden had a session with a couple of thick boned Black Brothers from Harlem, NY, for a straight 6 hours in his LUV Shack!

A virgin Talabe clergy student rag head young boy in school of Elahiyat of Qom, who been having a month of Butt Itch to give it away to a veteran hairy Hojat-ol Eslam Butt Banger of Qom!"

"Give me a Hezbollahi young boy in bondage to torture, and I'll be as happy as a little girl screaming in joy after her Mama given her a new Barbie Doll!"

"Show me a person with balls in Jebhe Meli (Iranian National Front), and I will show you an 'Anal Virgin' Cleric in Qom!"

"Chunky little blondes with milky white smooth chunky legs are good for both the body and the mind! Good for the body because they physically revive and energize the man, and good for the mind, because a revived man will have an open mind to gain more wisdom!"

"They call them Eye-Rainians because they always have their Eyes to the Rain to fertilize the Barren land, rather to create a system of irrigation themselves!"

"Weak illiterate masses, always seek a Hero to rescue them from oppression, rather to uprise on their own with the strong weapon of literacy and education to destroy and send the beast to the abyss."

"Start to think outside the box!"

"You best recognize, the true meaning of Nationalism."

"Help yourselves and help your nation by self educating yourselves."

"Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology!"

"No Compromise
No Negotiations
No Reforms
No Deals
Absolute Over Throw of Islamic Republic of Iran, by All Means possible."

"Educate yourselves to true history and philosophy, so you will not remain slaves to superstitions."

"What we need to know is that, all the great ancient cultures of the world by the order of their historical age, including:

Egypt with about 6000 years of history
China with about 5200 years of history
India with about 4600 years of history
Peru (Aspero) with about 4600 years of history
Greece with about 4000 years of history
Mexico (Olmec) with about 3200 years of history
Lebanon (Phoenicia) with about 3100 years of history
Tunis (Carthage) with about 2800 years of history
Italy (Rome) with about 2500 years of history
Japan with about 1700 years of history

Are no match and by no means even near the:

8000 years of Iranian History
The Oldest Civilization in The World

Iran will be free
Iran will live forever
Iran is eternal
Iran will rise again
Like it always done before.......
We, The Free Thinkers of Iran will do this task."

"The Artistic Manifestation:
The End to The Enslavement of The Body
The Beginning of The Freedom of Body
The Trashing of Rotted Old Traditions
The Birth of Live Persian Miniature
The Start of The Neo Visual Poetry
The Birth of The Naked Free"

"Holy Books are nothing but story books made for adults by charlatans called the prophets and their sidekick saints; furthermore, when sitting at the dinner table and thankfully praying to some invisible myth for giving you the food, try thanking your brain and arm muscles for working hard and providing that meal."

"Critical Thinking is the key to open the door towards the scientific and logical ultimate alternative; therefore, this key will save us from sliding down towards the depths of ignorance, superstition, supernatural, and the dark pits of the Religious Abyss."

"Mothers, do play a crucial role in development of the children's intellectual capability. Most likely, If the mother is bright and/or educated and a career woman, then the child grows up to be open minded, knowledgeable and intelligent; yet, If the mother is a backwarded superstitious religious uneducated home body, then the child grows up to be some unshaved fundamentalist thug with the head band on his head reading "Allah O Akbar" or "Hezbollah", a bomb strapped on to his waist, running around with a machine gun in the streets, seeking to reach Allah...."

"Give me The Choice and I shall choose Death over Degeneration."

"I take a day of living as a Lion over a century of life as a Rat."

"To be Persian, is to live Persian, to love Persian, and to die as a Free and a Proud Persian."

"More power to all freedom fighters of Iran"

"Scientific Knowledge is the key to freedom, Religious Superstition is the key to infection!"

"It's Zeros (Decade 2000s), everything goes!"

"Until there is life in this Earthly body,
Our Kabbah and Prayer Direction, remains Iran!"

"We shall never sacrifice the essence of argumentation for the sake of political correctness"

"More power to all"

"You do not necessarily have to be born in Iran to be called "Persian"! To be Persian is "A State of Mind", you must feel it in your heart and bones!"

"Self Education is the primary key to The Personal Evolution and The Social Revolution."

"You cannot help the people whom they do not want to be helped!
We cannot drag people by the hand and bring them here to a higher level of awareness!
We cannot inject Iranian Heads, with Brain Serum!
We cannot shove Logic with an Enema into Iranian Rectums!
We can only hope to leave an impact on Iranians.
We can only hope to gather some Good Individuals here.
I can only hope to surround myself with the company of you bright people (IPC Members)
That is all we can hope for and do my friend."

"What will you get, when you have:
One Persian?
Civilization and Ingenuity!
Two Persians?
Disunity and Conflict!
Three Persians?
Anarchy and Chaos!"

"Always keep some blood on the blade and never clean up all the blood
drops from the blade so that you shall always remember what sacrifices has been made to reach the present desired status and you shall always remember not to turn soft and let it all go down the drain!"

"The minute that you abandon the need of the masses, will be the minute that your downfall starts."

"If you stare long enough into the Abyss, the Abyss also stares back into you!"

" You can take the Iranian out of the Dictatorship but you cannot take the Dictatorship out of the Iranian!"

"A Boy shall never become a Man, unless at least at some point of his life, he experiences all three:

He goes to hospital for a surgery,
He goes to criminal court for a trial,
He goes to Jail and gets incarcerated.

And I have done all three!"

"Some like more Bang for their Buck,
I like more Buck for my Bang!"

"When you can kill a few, the society calls you a Murderer,
When you can kill many, the society calls you a King (Shah),
When you can kill them All, the society calls you God!"

"All your life, you search for the truth out there, yet you seize to search inside yourself.
Before you find others, try to find yourself.
The truth is within you!"

"Many, often ask me with curiosity:
Why not reveal your true identity?
I gently reply:
It is not who I am underneath but what I do, which defines me!"

"Whatever does not kill you, will make you stronger!"

"For each of our eyes which they blinden, we will blind ten eyes,
For each of our throats, which they cut, we will cut ten throats,
For each of our heads, which they behead, we will behead ten heads,
For each of us they put in hospitals, we will put ten of them in the morgues,
Extreme Reaction is the only key to victory!"

"Islam is a pond. And a pond is a trough of stagnant water...
it is never is easily polluted, like a
watering hole for livestock of little value.
The pond does not love life: It loves death..."

"Any Thinking Iranian, at some point of his life, has to decide between Islam or Iran? You can't have both!

No Iranian Muslim can save Iran from disaster, because first, they have to save themselves from Superstition, Arab Worship and Allahic Virus, and only then save their nation from disaster! After all, the disaster is Islam!"

"Monarchy in its nature is at worst 'Reactionary and Oppressive' (Absolutist) or at its best 'Outdated and Illogical' (Constitutionalist)!"

"Many believe they have the upper hand on Ahreeman, but Ahreeman often proves them wrong, so they end up in a 'Surprised Motion':

Stand amazed in a field of prairie, with their right hand's thumb stuck in their rectum and their left hand's pinky bitten between their teeth, frozen in this position, wondering how the Hell Ahreeman knows All that?!"

"There are two kinds O people in the world:
Persians and those who want to be Persians!
Which one are you?"

“On the stage of life,
There are 3 types of people in the world:
Ones who make things happen.
Ones who watch things happen!
Ones who wonder what has happened?!
Which one are you?"

"Khoshunat-e Parsi, tanha javab-e Khoshunat-e Eslami"

"Persian Violence is the only answer to Islamic Violence"

"Khoshunat-e Nab-e Eslami ra faqat mitavan ba Khoshunat-e Nab-e Parsi javab dad!
Jomhuriy-e Eslami, pashe nist ke ba Solh Talabi va Eslah Talabi kaleh pa shavad!"

"Pure Islamic Violence can only be answered with Pure Persian Violence!
Islamic Republic of Iran is not a measly mosquito to be squashed with Pacifism and Reforms!"

"Why are Iranians always stuck in the past, instead of visioning the tomorrow?
Why are Iranians always into Dead Worship?
I believe it has to do with the lack of present accomplishments and lack of imagination!
People with no imagination cannot build tomorrow!
AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational-Government) has killed the imagination in our people!"

Mussolini used to say: Today's Italians are not Yesterday's Romans!
I say: Today's Iranians are not Yesterday's Persians!
Our people have been enslaved, oppressed, brainwashed, domesticated, degenerated, Tazified, Islamized, and now have become the prisoners of their own Shiite Traditions! How can we commit to revive the Persian Empire with today's Iranians? A Moral Revolution is needed! Total Change of All Fabrics are needed! Everything must Change or we will Stagnate, go round and round, and then go down as Dead Weight or cattle in the quicksand of our own fabricated Shiite Sub-Culture!"

"Dependant Voters!

US Liberal Democrats need dependant voters:
Uneducated and Unemployed, Housing Project Dwellers
Welfare Recipients
Illegal Aliens
Convicted Felons
That is why they constantly try to get these people register to vote or get them the right to register to vote!

These social classes are dependent to hand outs by US Democratic Party and The Welfare State.
They are dependant voters.

Mullahs of Iran also need dependant voters:
Shiite who are in need of "Marja'e Taqlid" (Theocratic Spiritual Leader) to follow; Monkeys are in need to copy someone!

Shiite who are in need of "Velayat-e Faqih" (Theocratic Guardian) to watch over them; Children are in need of an elder!

Shiite are dependent to Allah, Islam, Quran, Supreme Spiritual Leader and Hezbollah!
Shiite are dependant voters.

Liberal Democrats and Islamists are using the same tactic to maintain power!
Here is the keyword:
Keep the masses dependent to yourself and rule over them!
The Oldest Trick in the Book!"

"It's hard to start a revolution
It's harder to sustain a revolution
It's hardest to win a revolution!"

"Easy is boring, Difficult is interesting, Impossible is a challenge!"

"Ultra Nationalists are stuck in 651 AD
Jebhe Meli Liberals are stuck in 1953
Monarchists are stuck in 1979
Mojaheds are stuck in 1970s
Marxists are stuck in 1980s
But I moved on ………….
I am already visioning the future and that is why,
I am pointing at the moon, yet many fail to see the moon, yet are only able to see the tip of my finger! That's as far as they can see!

While these people live in the past,
I vision the tomorrow!"

"Regain your national identity to regain your Persianhood, so you can insure the survival of Iran."

"Be aware ……
If you stare for so long in to the Abyss,
You may become part of The Abyss!"

"All people, have two faces, one outside and one inside! Some people have pretty and some have ugly inside faces; however, Others have extremely ugly, beast-like inside faces! You cannot see All's inside faces, thus beware of people's inside faces!"

"An Iranian without 'Persianhood' is like an Animal without a 'Soul'!"

"Definition of Persianhood

Persianhood = The essence and knowledge of being a Persian! The amount of efforts made by one, to protect and serve The Persian Culture! To belong to an 8000 years old civilization, the Mother Civilization of The World, the First Indo_European Aryan Civilization in The Globe!

People often ask me, how did you come up with this term, what is the exact meaning of Persianhood?

They ask me: What is Persianhood?
I gently reply:

Persianhood is the inner light and warmth, which you feel inside your heart, towards the rich Persian Culture.

Persianhood is the fundamental of values set by Zarathustra Spitmata.

Persianhood is the very soul of a deprived exiled Iranian sitting in a lonely room somewhere in the west!

Persianhood is the tears in the eyes of a lonely little girl isolated from the world, sitting in a dark room in Tehran!

Persianhood is the fabric of whatever Iran means to us!

Persianhood is the lost prestige of our people, destroyed by the AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government).

Persianhood is Glory of The Past!

Persianhood is the blood pumping in our veins!

Persianhood is the Hatred we have for Arabo_Islamic Fundamentals!

Persianhood is the reason we fight for!

Persianhood is our survival!

Persianhood is The reason we live!

Persianhood is The Hope of Tomorrow ...........

That My Friend, is Persianhood!"

"I am a Time Traveler!

I can travel through times.
My Memories are my travels to the past.
My Dreams are my travels to the future.
My Status Quo is my arrival at the present.

I can travel to the past.
I can travel to the future.
Only if I could change the past,
Only if I could change the future,
My present would become a Dream!

I have a Dream!"

" On Guns, Knives and Condoms!

People often ask me: Why do you usually carry guns and knives?

I respond: Guns and Knives are the same as Condoms!
I prefer to have them when not needing them,
than needing them and not having them!"

"I admire people who possess gigantic size balls. These are the Shakers and Doers who lead the society towards Greatness. What I cannot stand are useless ball-less people. What are they good for? All Major Changes and Progress in human history has been caused by Great people with Gigantic Size Balls. It is all about Balls!"

"Morality has nothing to do with the belief in religion and God. Morality is a doctrine and principles, which the man can set for himself to become a better man. If anything, the religion is the most immoral phenomenon in history of mankind, because it is The Big Lie."

"Who is Persian?

To be Persian, does not necessarily means to be born in Iran! To be Persian, you have to feel the Persianhood in your heart, soul and bones! You are surely Persian, if you can feel The Persianhood in your Bone marrow!"

"Monarchs are the same as Syphilis Wounds full of pus and Monarchists are the same as Canker Sores around the wound. Monarchists are leeches around the monarch who give the monarch a false perception of himself; they enlarge monarch's head so it will float in the sky like a large empty balloon! Then monarchists will ride this balloon! Monarchists create the dictator monarch, detach him from the masses and prepare him for a downfall. Finally a small pin will blow this balloon and the monarch and monarchists will fall. Same story throughout the history."

"Blind Fanatical Absolute Dogmatic Belief in anyone or anything obscures one's vision to view the realties of the world. May this fanaticism be towards a person, a religion, an ideology or anything else, it effects the person's logical interpretation of the reality."

“I spread sheer fear, fear brings power, power causes revolution, revolution creates change, change provides discipline, discipline establishes order, order is what I seek. Fear is the key. I am the Fear.”

"If Atheism is a religion, then health is a disease!"

“They tell me:
Your ideas are extreme and disrespectful to people’s religion. The public will never buy them.

I tell them:
I am not here to win a popularity contest, but I am here to make a social revolution.”

“When there is one delusional and insane person running around in the street, they call him crazy, but when there is a community of delusional and insane people controlling the society, it is called a Church!”

"Life is a chess board and we are the chess pieces, which piece are you?"

"I play the Blues Piano
I wear the Blues Shades
I dig the Blues
I feel the Blues
I live the Blues
I am the Blues Man”

“Blues is a state of mind; you must feel it in your soul and in your bone marrow!”

"Simple Logic to deny the existence of the God

Ask yourself these questions before continuing to believe in the story books made for adults (Holy Books) and a myth named God:

I. Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not almighty and does not have infinite power.

II. Is God able to prevent evil, but not willing?
Then he is malicious and evil himself!

III. Is God both able to prevent evil and is willing?
Then where does the evil in the world come from?

IV. Is God neither able to prevent evil nor is willing?
Then why call him God?

In any case, this God is not worth worshiping and surely not worth dying for!"

"It is neither the strongest, nor the smartest, but the one most adaptive to change which survives!"

“Religion is an infection of the mind.”

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man."

"God is a myth.
Religion is a superstition.
Prophets are charlatans."

"I am pointing at the moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?"

....and the Saga will continue on .........

Dr. X

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Ahreeman The Chain Breaker (Graphic Art by Mandana)
Ahreeman breaks the chains of religious ignorance
"I believe in fighting against the norms.
I believe in breaking all the statues.
I believe in destroying all taboos …"

(Part of a poem "What I Believe?" by Ahreeman X)

The Atheist Flag
The A (Symbol of Atheism), breaks the chains of religious ignorance around The Globe. This is the symbolic flag of the Atheists. The representation means that Atheists break the chain of religious ignorance and bring on the present of science for the people all over the world.

Atheist Logo - Original Version
Atom represents the modern Atomic Era and the information age. Open-ended vertical orbital signifies that not all is yet known but the more science discovers, the more we progress. The A in the middle represents Atheism. All together the Atheist logo represents Science.

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