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2500 Years Celebrations of The Persian Empire
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2500 Years Celebrations of The Persian Empire was held on 1971 at Persepolis, Pasargad, Tent City and Shiraz. Events included: Arrivals at airport; Celebrations in the streets; Banquets at Tent City; Light and Sound Show at Persepolis; Military Parade of the Iranian Dynasties' Military Units throughout the 2500 Years of Iranian history at Persepolis; Tribute to Cyrus The Great, starter of the Persian Empire at Pasargad; Receptions at Tent City and other Ceremonies. Guests were World's heads of states, heads of governments, Royalties, World and Iranian government officials and an Elite Iranian Guest List by invitation only. This event was one of the most glorious celebrations in history of Iran. This event was once in a lifetime extravaganza. I have well-kept and still own and cherish my 2500 Celebrations Parade Guide, Uniform Guide, Plate and other Memorabilias from this event. Cyrus, rest in peace, thus we are awake ……

2500 Celebrations 0 My Copy of the Official Guide.jpg

2500 Celebrations 1 Official Coin.jpg

2500 Celebrations 2 Official Coin.JPG

2500 Celebrations 3 Official Logo.JPG

2500 Celebrations 4 Official Plate.jpg

Arrival 1 Immortal Officer.jpg

Arrival Shah w Malek Hussein during National Anthems Ceremony.jpeg

Arrival Farah at airport Arrivals.JPG

Arrival Farah at airport.jpg

Arrival Shah w President of Finland, Dr. Urho Kekkonen.jpeg

Arrival Shah, Nicolai Ceausescu of Romania & Immortal Officer.jpeg

Arrival 1971 Shah, Farah & Imperial Family at airport awaiting for guests.jpg

Arrival President Suleiman Franjie of Lebanon, Shah & Immortal Officer.jpeg

Arrival Shah w Nikolai Podgorny, President of Presidium of USSR.jpeg

Arrival Shah w Sheikh Isa bin Sulman al Khalifah, of Bahrain.jpeg

Arrival Shah w King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho.jpeg

Banquet Shah w Farah.JPG

Banquet in tents.JPG

Banquet at a luxury tent.jpg


Banquet 2500 Celebrations.JPG

Banquet Shah & Guests.JPG

Banquet Consorting at Banquet.jpg

Banquet Padgorny, Shah, others.JPG

Banquet Farah & Malek Hussein of Jordan dining.JPG

Banquet Arab Sheikhs at banquet.jpg

Banquet Padgorny of USSR & Shah.JPG

Banquet Guests at a banquet.JPG

Banquet Malek Hussein & Farah.jpg

Banquet Musicians play for Farah.jpg

Banquet Guests talking at Banquet.JPG

Banquet 2500 Celebrations Guests.jpg

Banquet at 2500 Celebrations.jpg

Banquet Padgorny of USSR on the right w guests.JPG

Banquet Guests & Chandeliers.JPG

Banquet Guests at the banquet.jpg

Banquet Farah w Emperor of Ethipia.jpg

Banquet Chandeliers in luxury tents.JPG

Banquet View.jpg

Banquet Guests Greetings.JPG

Banquet Dutch Queen, Shah, Malek Hussein at Banquet.JPG

Banquet 1971. Prince Rainier of Monaco, Prince Philip of UK, Prince Gustav of Sweden & Vice President Spiro Agnew of USA.jpg

Celebrations Shah & Farah.JPG

Celebrations A Persian Woman reaching to talk to Shah during 2500 Celebrations.jpg

Celebrations Malek Hussein & others at Celebrations.jpg

Celebrations Malek Hussein at 2500 Celebrations Banquet.jpg

Celebrations Shah & Farah w reporters.jpg

Celebrations Shah w Giscard d'Estaing French President.jpg

Celebrations Sutay of Turkey, Haile Selassie of Ethiopia & Shah.JPG

Celebrations Shah w Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.JPG

Facilities Guest Tents 2500 Celebrations of Monarchy.JPG

Facilities Tent City Model.jpg

Facilities Tent City near Persepolis.jpg

Light Show Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia & Farrah.JPG

Light Show Guests arrival before the show.jpg

Light Show Shah, Farah & Guests.jpg

Light Show Celebrations Chief of Protocol Hormoz Qarib.jpg

Light Show Emperor of Ethiopia, King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola.jpeg

Parade 00 2500 Celebrations Herald.JPG

Parade 01 Achaemenian Guards at 2500 Celebrations.JPG

Parade 02 Audience.JPG

Parade 03 for 2500 years Celebration of Monarchy.JPG

Parade 04 Guests obsrving the parade.JPG

Parade 05 Emperor of Ethiopia, Shah, Farah, others at parades.JPG

Parade 06 Reza Pahlavi at Ceremonies.JPG

Parade 07 2500 Celebrations.JPG

Parade 08 2500 Celebrations Achaemenid Infantry.jpg

Parade 09 2500 Celebrations Achaemenid Wheeled Tower.jpg

Parade 10 Achaemenid Wheeled Siege Tower carried w bulls.jpg

Parade 11 Achaemenid Armoured Cavalry.JPG

Parade 12 Achaemenid Army at parade.jpg

Parade 13 Achaemenid Parade.JPG

Parade 14 Achaemenid Troops at parade.JPG

Parade 15 Achaemenid Immortals at parade.jpg

Parade 16 Achaemenid Chariots.JPG

Parade 17 Achaemenid Chariots at parade.JPG

Parade 18 Achaemenid Chariots in parade.JPG

Parade 19 Achaemenid Chariots carrying Eagle Banners.JPG

Parade 20 Achaemenid Chariots w Eagle Banners.jpg

Parade 21 2500 Celebrations Achaemenid Vessel & Transport Ships.jpg

Parade 22 Imperial Achaemenid Navy Vessel.jpg

Parade 23 Imperial Achaemenid Navy Trireme Battle Ship.jpg

Parade 24 Pasagard 1971 - 3rd from left is Sharif Emami, Dr. Eqbal, partly hidden is Amouzegar.jpg

Parade 25 2500 Celebrations Sassanid Infantry.jpg

Parade 26 2500 Celebrations Sassanid Infantry & Cavalry w Derafsh Kaviyani.jpg

Parade 27 2500 Celebrations Sassanid Armoured Cavalry.jpg

Parade 28 Sassanid Cavalry at parade.JPG

Parade 29 2500 Celebrations Saffarid Infantry.jpg

Parade 30 Safavid Troops at parade.JPG

Parade 31 Afsharid Troops at parade.JPG

Parade 32 2500 Celebrations Afsharid Artillery Camel Corps.jpg

Parade 33 Qajar Troops at parade.JPG

Pasargad 00.JPG

Pasargad 01 Imperial Family at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 02 Arrival at Ceremony.JPG

Pasargad 03 Ceremonies at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 04 Shah's Speech at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 05 Shah, Hoveyda, Farah, others.JPG

Pasargad 06 Shah Speech.JPG

Pasargad 07 Shah's Speech to Cyrus at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 08 during tribute to Cyrus.JPG

Pasargad 09 1971. At the tomb of Cyrus the Great, celebrations of the 2500th anniversary of the monarchy..jpg

Pasargad 10 Shah speech to Cyrus at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 11 Shah w Immortal Officers during speech for Cyrus Tribute at 2500 Celebrations at Pasargad.jpg

Pasargad 12 Tribute to Cyrus at Pasargad.JPG

Pasargad 13 Shah at tribute to Cyrus at Pasargad.JPG

Persepolis Shah at Persepolis.JPG


Persepolis View of Persepolis.JPG

Persepolis Grand View.jpeg

Reception Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco w Shah & Farah.jpg

Reception Guests at a fine tent.jpg

Reception Guests arrival.jpg

Reception Prime Minister Hoveyda on right & others.jpg

Reception Farah, Shah & others.JPG

Reception King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie.jpeg

Reception King Hussein of Jordan and Queen Fabiola of Belgium.jpeg

Reception Grand Duke & Duchess Jean and Josephine Charlotte of Luxembourg.jpeg

Reception Farah & Heile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia at 2500 Celebrations.JPG

Reception Queen Mona & Malek Hussein of Jordan.JPG

Reception Guests at 2500 Celebrations.jpg

Reception Prince Franz Joseph II and Princess Gina of Liechtenstein.jpeg

Reception Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco.jpeg

Reception Prince Bernhard of Netherlands w Shah.jpeg

Reception Princess Anne and Prince Philip of UK.jpg

Reception Queen Fabiola of Belgium & Princess Sofia of Spain.jpeg

Reception Guests.jpg

Reception Princess Sophia of Spain and the Begum Aga Khan III.jpg

Reception Shah & Farah w Guests.jpg

Reception Shah & Farah at a formal Event.JPG

Reception Shah & Farah at 2500 Celebrations.JPG

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