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A Nationalist Nowruz with Ahreeman X

Nationalist Haft Sin Table of Nowruz Persian New Year 2020
A Nationalist Nowruz with Ahreeman X

Ahreeman X
Nowruz 2579 PIY Shahanshahi
March 16, 2020

It is Nowruz

Nowruz Persian New Year lands on the first day of Spring (Spring Solstice) and it is near. It is the most important festival and celebration of Iran and the Greater Iran (The Iranian Plateau) Iranic nations in the world.

Nowruz and its 2 weeks of Persian New Year holidays starting with Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Persian Fire Festival) and ending with Sizdah Be Dar (Persian Picnic Outdoors) are simply fabulous. As a kid back in Iran, I was always looking forward to the Nowruz Holidays.

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During these hard days of inflation, unemployment, Arabo-Islamic Occupational Regime, cold war, economic sanctions, and coronavirus, all and all creative presents from Mullahs to you, many say that it is not politically correct and proper to celebrate Nowruz! On the contrary, I say that Nowruz celebration is intended exactly and especially for hard times like this, so we can lift up the people’s spirits and give them hope.

This year’s new Nationalist Haft Sin Table is your Persian Cultural Month, Nowruz present to enjoy.

Persian Cultural Month of March
An IPC Tradition on Month of March

If you wonder why a Republican uses PIY (Persian Imperial Year) Calendar, read:

Why Persian Imperial Year (PIY) Iranian Calendar?

Nowruz is Persian New Year, the most import event not only in Iran but in all Ex States of Iran and present independent countries which got stolen from the motherland, annexed and then fabricated by Russia and Britain as independent countries.

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Historically Condemned or Historical Hero?

Google is Anti-Iran and Nowruz

All across Iran and its past states of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan (Baluchistan Half), Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq (Kurds), Bahrain and many other countries, the Nowruz is celebrated. Over 300, 000, 000 people worldwide celebrate Nowruz, yet the Anti-Iran Giant Tech Google which is also a great threat to the American Democracy, refuses to put a Google Doodle on its front-page representing Nowruz each year. We have tried pushing Google to do this task since the Google opened its doors on 1998! After all these years, Google still refuses to recognize Nowruz.

Google management are a bunch of whores who sell their own mothers for the highest bidder. Google management is in the pocket of Arab Oil and that is why they are Anti-Iran. Google management is also in bed with China and that is why they are Anti-Conservatives and Pro Liberals and Deep State. Google Management bends over backwards for Arabs and Communist Chinese. Google builds custom search for Chinese Government and actively censors the Chinese people, yet refuses to work with the US government!

Google refuses to celebrate Nowruz but the funny thing is that basically a great number of the Google Management are themselves Persians! These low lives are the greatest traitors to Iran and Iranians.

Google Iranian American Management

These whores, faggots and low life Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst the Google Management of the past and present:

Omid Kordestani
Google Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders
Twitter Executive Chairman

Parisa Tabriz
Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering
Chrome is her baby

Salar Kamangar
Google Senior Executive
YouTube Past CEO

Babak Pahlavan
Google Executive

Nima Asgharbeygi
Google Executive

Amin Zoufonoun
Google Past Director of Corporate Development
Facebook Present Vice President of Corporate Development

They are some of the greatest globalist traitors to America and the Iranian People. They are no Iranian Heroes but they are a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution. If you wonder who is censoring people in Google, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, it is these low lives!

So, basically the Google Management are globalist, opportunist, Anti-American and pro Deep State liberals. Google Employees are also consisting of a great number of Socialists, Marxists, Anarchists and Liberal whores, faggots, trannies and degenerate insects who care about the Global Warming Fantasy and Gay Marriage more than Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly!

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Is Google a Cult?

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Is Google a Cult? Thread

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons Thread

Amazon ANTIFA Cyber Censorship & Espionage! + Cartoons Thread

Breaking Global Traditions

I was born a rebel and I shall die as a rebel. Throughout my life, I have always challenged and fought against the Establishment in Iran, America and the Globe. The Globalist Establishment is getting rich off of the labor of the hard-working workers. The various regimes’ Establishments are also there for their own greed and benefits. They will gladly step on workers’ rights. This is why I am a National Populist. I am a hardcore American National Populist and a solid Iranian Nationalist. I am Anti Establishment and Pro Worker. These are the reasons that we, the National Populists and our spokesman Donald J. Trump have made the 2016 American National Populist Revolution.

Trump National Populist Revolution

Naturally the Global Elite Establishment are against Trump and National Populists.

Deep State
Military Industrial Complex
Tech Giants

And so on …

The Establishment are the enemy of the people and they must be fought with and cleansed from the inside of the system. They must be replaced with People’s Representatives who work for the people and not the Establishment.

Breaking Nowruz Traditions

When it comes to Haft Sin, I do not have much respect for so-called traditions. Who knows if Karibu Shah, Cyrus, Darius or Yaqub Leis were actually displaying today’s specific items on their Haft Sin Tables?! Did they put Quran on their Haft Sin?! Same goes for the rest of the Haft Sin items!

Susa is not Elam; Susians are not Elamites
Susians are not Semites or Hemites

Founding Documents by the Founding Fathers of The Persian Empire
The Cyrus Cylinder

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters - Chapter 3. Achaemenian 2

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters - Chapter 14. Saffarid

Most of these traditions are not ancient Persian, yet Shiite Muslim traditions, and where did all these traditions get you? Shiite Islam, Mullahs, IRI and Coronavirus (in that order)! I am Anti-Establishment, Anti-Traditions and Pro Persianhood.

I start my own traditions. You can break traditions and follow me. Let us start anew.

Haft Sin

Haft Sin means 7 S’s which are seven items starting with “S” in Persian, put on the Haft Sin Table. 7 is the Holy Zoroastrian number.  Each S of the 7 S has a specific symbolic purpose.

Zarathustra, the Real Story

Iran Culture and Language Index

Basically, you can use various items starting with “S” in Persian and put them on your Haft Sin (7 S’s) Table.

Nationalist Nowruz Haft Sin Table

I am a simple man with simple needs. I am a Nationalist. I am pro Persianhood. I am Anti -Islam. My Haft Sin Table has no trace of Tazi and Arabo-Islamic Sub Culture, no Hemitic (Hamitic) roots. You will not find Quran or any other Arabic garbage on my Haft Sin Table.

In my house, everything has a Persian root. Persianhood roams all over my estate. Even my estate’s name is Ecbatana (Today’s Hamedan), the capital of Median Persian Kingdom and a major ancient Persian city.

I never cared for Samanu (Wheat Germ Pudding) and Senjed (dried fruit of the oleaster tree). I have found them taste disgusting. I love eating Sir (garlic) in food or Sir Torshi (Persian Garlic pickles) but I don’t want a smelly vegetable on my Haft sin Table! So, I do not care for Sir (garlic) on my Haft Sin Table.

Many people use Sa’at (clock), Sonbol (Hyacinth flower), Sabzi (fresh herbs), sang (stone), Siyah Daneh (fennel flower seeds), Sangak (Persian Wheat Bread), and so on as replacements for the traditional Haft sin items. People do what they want. Who is to say that what are the original and proper items to put on the Haft Sin Table? Who sets these regulations? Who decides what’s PC and Proper? Screw traditions, where did they get you? As I stated before, they got you Shiite Islam! Let us start anew.


Why not “Saqqez” (Natural Chewing Gum)? Saqqez is made from sap of the Mastic tree, symbol of good digestion and fresh breath. In Iran, Saqqez is made from the Saqqez Trees of Kurdistan. It has a vast domestic demand and it even exported to various other Middle Eastern and European nations. Saqqez has many benefits.

Saqqez Benefits
* Cleans breath and makes it fresh
* Helps food digestion and relaxes the stomach
* Brightens the teeth color
* Keeps your digestive system healthy and young

Who is to say that Saqqez is less than Samanu? What does great smelling Saqqez has less than disgusting Samanu? You see, as Sohrab Sepehri stated:

Cheshmha ra bayad shost,
Jur-e digar bayad did …

(Must wash the eyes,
Must view from a different perspective …)

Sohrab Sepehri: The Footsteps of Water (Seda-ye Pa-ye Ab) Poem

As a simple Nationalist and lover of Iran, I use items compatible with Persianhood on my Haft Sin Table. I use what I like on my Haft Sin Table. I break the traditions and start my own traditions. I start anew.

Lion and Sun Tricolor Iranian Flag

Then there was the question of Haft Sin Table Cloth. I could use the best golden cloth, Persian Silk, Colorful Fabrics and so on but why? How can any of them replace the Tricolor Iranian Flag? Lion and Sun Old glory is our heart and soul. We love that banner. How can we replace it with any other?

Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviani and Persian Colors

Fereydoun Farrokhzad: Flag (Parcham) Poem and Song

I am a Persian Nationalist. My Haft Sin Table’s Sofreh (table cloth) can be no other but the Iranian Old Glory Banner. The mighty Persian Lion with Sword while the light of Mitra Persian Sun Goddess is shining all over it from behind.

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Chapter 4: Iran’s Pahlavi Imperial Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Chapter 14: Iran Politics Club Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Book in 14 Chapters

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess and Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Mitra and Mitraism Pictorial History

Here are items on my Haft Sin table:

Ahreemanic Nationalist Nowruz Haft Sin Table

Item (English Name): Description and Representation

Haft Sin Table Items
Sabzeh (Wheat Green Grass): Wheat grown in a bowl represents rejuvenation, growth and greens
Sib (Apple): Fruit representing woman, reproduction and rebirth (Love Green Apples)
Somaq (Sumac Spice): Spice of life representing water and rain, the essence of life
Serkeh (Vinegar): Sour liquid in Persian vase representing disinfection and immortality
Sekeh (Coin): Monetary antique Imperial Iran coinage representing wealth
Sekanjebin (Persian Sweet Syrup): Liquid in antique Persian pitcher representing long healthy life
Sohan (Persian Sweet): Gourmet pistachio honey saffron brittle, symbol of sweetness and happy life

 Haft Sin Table Other Edible Items
Ajil (Mixed Nuts): Nuts and fruits mix in Immortals design antique bowl symbol of joys of munchies
Persian Noql (Sweet Almond Sliver Candy): Traditional Persian Sweet representing sweetness
Afghan Noql (Sweet Whole Almond Candy): Traditional Afghan Sweet symbol of sweetness
Saqqez (Natural Gum): Made from sap of the Mastic tree symbol of good digestion and fresh breath
Tokhm-e Morq (Eggs): Sweet Chocolate Eggs of inception symbol of fertility
Nabat (Rock Candy): Crystalized Persian Rock Candy Lollypops in vase symbol of good digestion
Khorma (Dates): Fruit representing reproduction and life

Haft Sin Table Decorative Items
Shahnameh Persian (Book of Kings): Epic poetry book by Ferdowsi which revived Persian language
Shahnameh English (Book of Kings): Shahnameh in English symbol of revival of the Persian Language
Parcham Sofreh (Flag Table Cloth): Lion and Sun Old Gory true symbol of Iran
Parcham-e Bozorg (Large Flag): Traditional antique banner with sentimental values
Parcham-e Khord (Small Flags): 2 small Iranian old flags for waving
Sham’ (Candles): 2 white candles in crystal candlesticks symbol of light and illumination
Rose (Rose Flowers): 2 white rose bouquets vases symbol of love and passion
Mahi (Fish): 3 crystal fish, 1 in Iran Flag, symbols of infinite life
Jam (Rhyton): Persian Artifact Winged Lion drinking mug symbol of spirit and health
Homa (Persian Bird): Persian Artifact Mythical Bird column top, symbol of aerial protection
Faravahar (Persian God): Persian Artifact symbol of Ahuramazda and Ahreeman dual god entity
Makhrut-e Kaj (Pine Cone): Pine tree fruit On Ryton top is symbol of enlightenment and third eye

Haft Sin Table Wall Decorative Items
Ayeneh Bozorg (Large Mirror): Reflection glass symbol of unseen and illumination
Ayeneh Khord (Small Mirror): Reflection glass symbol of light
Sini Shapour (King Tray): Copper antique Emperor Shapour design Persian tray
Sini Gol (Flower Tray): Silver work antique flower design Persian tray

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In hope of better days and better year for you beloved Persians. In hope of you beloved Persians finding your true Persianhood and Persian identity, thus people without the true knowledge of their own identity cannot be prospered. How can you build your future without knowing your past?

“Islam is a cesspool swamp full of infection of minds.”
(Ahreeman X)

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Nowruz-etan Piruz
Happy Persian New Year

May this New Year be a Great Year for All


Dr. X

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