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Chapter 3: History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Achaemenian Uniforms 2


Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 3. Achaemenian 2
Ahreeman X

February 23, 2012

Achaemenian Persian Golden Eagle Standard
Gold on Purple, the Imperial Persian Colors

Achaemenid Dynasty (559 BC - 330 BC)

Darius the Great at Pasargad celebrating after the victory in the battle

Darius the Great on throne at the Persian Courthouse, Persepolis
L – R and Back to Front: Median Guard, Persian Courthouse Eunuch, Xerxes (Crown Prince), Shahanshah Darius (sitting) and Median Messenger

Darius the Great of Persia on throne in Apadana Palace, Persepolis (522 BC - 486 BC)

Darius the Great of Persia hunting lions at the hunting ground

Darius the Great between his Hittite Charioteer and Hittite Royal Guard
L – R: Achaemenian Hittite Charioteer, Shahanshah Darius and Hittite Royal Guard

Darius the Great Persian Shahanshah - Darius The Great [Dariush I] (522 BC - 486 BC)

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Commander - Baivarapatis (General)

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Army Officer - Hazarapatis (Colonel)

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Axe-men Unit Officer with Sharp Hammer - Satapatis (Captain)

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Officer - Satapatis (Captain)

Achaemenian Arstibara (Elite Royal Guard)

Achaemenian Parsa Arstibara Elite Royal Guard

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Armored Battle Immortal at Pasargad Mausoleum of Cyrus

Imperial Achaemenian Immortal Archer Spearman

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortals

Persian Immortal Archer

Persian Immortal armed with akinaka, bow, spear and shield

Ancient Persian Guard Soldier at Apadana, Persepolis

Ancient Persian Warrior with Bow and Arrow Pack Bag, Spear and Akinaka

Achaemenian Persian Soldiers of various regiments

Ancient Persian Central Asian Legion Soldier with Persian Akinaka (Short Sword)

Ancient Persian European Legion Soldier with Persian Akinaka (Short Sword)

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Wicker Shield Bearer Soldier (Sparabara)

Imperial Achaemenian Iranian Shield Bearer Soldier

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Spearman

Ancient Persian Soldier

Persian Soldiers

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Thanvabara (Archer)

Ancient Iranian Archer

Imperial Achaemenian Persian Long Archer

Achaemenian Persian Light Cavalry

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