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Chapter 6: History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Achaemenian Uniforms 5


Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 6. Achaemenian 5
Ahreeman X

February 23, 2012

Achaemenian Persian Golden Lion Griffin Roundel 500 BC

Achaemenid Dynasty (559 BC - 330 BC)

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Soldiers
L – R: Thanvabara with Sharp Hammer, Sparabara, Arstibara and Takabara Standard Bearer
Thanvabara = Archers
Sparabara = Long Shield Bearers Frontline Infantry
Arstibara = Royal Guards
Takabara = Short Wicker Half Moon Shield Bearers Secondary Infantry

Persian Army in Greece
L – R: Aethiopian Marine, Persian Infantryman and Sparabara 479 BC

Achaemenian Infantry Forces
L – R: Achaemenian Phrygian Mercenary, Persian Spearman and Persian Officer

Persian Light Infantry Forces in Greek Campaign
L – R: Achaemenian Lycian, Persian Light Spearman and Archer Infantry fighting Greeks 5 BC

Achaemenian Satrapal Forces
Satrap (Khashtara) = State
L – R: Achaemenian Satrapal Mercenary Lasso Thrower Asabari, Lydian Sickle-man Infantry and Anatolian Nobleman Asabari (Cavalry) 470 BC

Achaemenian Heavy Armored Infantry Dathapatis Leader (Sergeant)

Achaemenian Parsa Amrtaka Heavy Asabari (Immortal Heavy Cavalry)

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortal shooting bow arrow

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortal throwing spear

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortal throwing short spear

Ancient Achaemenian Persian Immortal with Spear

Achaemenian Persian Immortal Warrior

Achaemenian Ancient Persian Soldier

Achaemenian Caucasian Slingers

Achaemenian Parsa Akinaka Swordsmen

Achaemenian Persian Spearmen with Akinaka Daggers

Achaemenian Persian Sparabara Light Armored Spearmen

Achaemenian Persian Sparabara Regiment

Achaemenian Persian Light Takabara Spearmen Unit - Taka Bearers (Wicker Crescent Shield Bearers)

Achaemenian Parsa Takabara Heavy Armored Infantry

Achaemenian Susian Pasti Light Infantry
Susians (Today’s Khuzestanis) were fierce warriors

Achaemenian Thanvabara Archer with Akinaka Persian Sword

Achaemenian Persian Medium Armored Archers

Achaemenian Persian Light Thanvabara Unit (Archers) on the march

Achaemenian Scythian Foot Archers

Achaemenian Thanvabara Light Armored Archers

Achaemenian Persian Heavy Infantry in action

Achaemenian Persian Light Infantry in action

Greco-Persian Wars Battle Scene
Persian Asabari (Cavalry) fighting the Greeks

Greco-Persian Wars
Persian Sparabara Spearmen versus Greek Hoplites

Ancient Persian Army

Persian Heavy Cavalry

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