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Chapter 17: History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Safavid Uniforms


Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 17. Safavid
Ahreeman X

February 23, 2012

Safavid Lion and Sun Flag of Shah Ismail II 1576 – 1577

Safavid Dynasty (1501 - 1736)

Shah Abbas the Great Lion, Sun and Sword Flag 1587 - 1629

Safavid Persian 2 Tongued Lion and Sun Standard Bearer Qezelbash Soldier

Safavid Persian Nosrat Standard Bearer Cavalryman

Safavid Persian Zolfaqar Standard Bearer Cavalryman
Zolfaqar Sword (Double Bladed Sword) of Ali (The 1st Shiite Imam) was promoted as a Shiite, Iranian and Safavid Icon by the Safavid Court.

Shah Ismail Safavid of Iran, Patriarch and the Starter of the Safavid Dynasty 1501 - 1524

Shah Ismail I of Safavid Dynasty 1501 - 1524

Shah Ismail Safavid of Iran 16 AD

Shah Abbas I (Shah Abbas the Great) 1587 – 1629
Abbas was one of Iran’s greatest Shahs. His achievements are second to none. He modernized the military, modernized the nation, reconstructed the country, rebuilt the economy, enforced industry and progress, dragged Iran in to the modern age and turned Iran in to a regional and then a continental Super Power. Shah Abbas revived the old glory days of the Persian Empire and gave birth to the 2nd Persian Empire (after Sassanid). Safavids created a “Persian Shiite Empire”.

Safavids Judgment in History
Safavids have done many goods for Iran and created the 2nd powerful Persian Empire (since the Sassanid Era). They made Iran once more a relevant super power in the Middle East and Asia. They made Iran a global power. Safavid had done a ton of goods for Iran but only one mistake.

Safavid’s Gravest Mistake
Shah Ismail I (1501 - 1524) the starter of the Safavid Dynasty, Shah Abbas I (1587 - 1629) the greatest Safavid Shah and the Safavid Hierarchy have made a grave mistake. They created the new and powerful Iran by creating a religious sect named Shiite Islam and used it as an ideological, political and fundamental base and power source for their new Iran.

Safavids took a small historical idea (Shiite Islam) which had existed in the region since the time of Ali (4th Rashedin Caliph and the 1st Shiite Imam) and Hussein (3rd Shiite Imam); yet, they polished it, glorified it and gave birth to a grand global ideological sect of the “Shiite Islam” which down the road it had become a powerful political and ideological force in the hands of the Mullahs and the Mosque.

Safavids used this ideology as a motivational force and generator to push Iran in to greatness. Safavids were successful turning Iran to once again the Persian Empire but along the way they gave birth to Shiite Islam and created a monster which down the road created the hierarchy of the Shiite Theocracy and Mullahs. Back then Mullahs were in the bag of the monarchs but step by step they have become so powerful until 1978 when they committed an Islamic Revolution, kicked Shah out of Iran and established their own Islamic Republic.

Shah Abbas I the Great Safavid Persian Emperor 1587 - 1629

What should have the Safavids Done?
Instead of creating and glorifying the Shiite Islam, they had to destroy Islam in Iran. Safavids had the power and they used sheer brutal force and massacre to spread the Shiite Islam and replace it with the Sunni Islam all over Iran. Safavids had the means, the will and the brutal force to eliminate Sunni Islam in Iran (and they almost did), so they could put all this will and force to eliminate Islam in general and replace it with Zoroastrianism.

Back then, Safavids could complete this task not easily but much easier than it is possible today. Iranians by nature need a religion and a God to believe in. They are not evolved enough to stand on their own feet and rely on their own brain and intellect. They are lost without a God and a religion. So why not replace the Arabic infection of Islam with a good Persian Philosophy of Zoroastrianism?

Safavids gravest mistake was to:
Replace the old Sunni Islam with the new Shiite Islam
Safavids greatest achievement could have been to:
Replace Islam with Zoroastrianism

So originally Safavids saved Iran and revived the Persian Empire but unfortunately at last they have condemned Iran and Iranians by creating a gigantic global infection named the Shiite Islam.

Shah Abbas the Great Safavid Iranian Emperor 1587 - 1629

Shah Abbas the Great of Iran

Shah Abbas the Great

Safavid Persian Military Commander in Chief
Armed with the Persian Curved Sword and the Command Mace

Safavid Persian Armored Cavalry Commander

Safavid Persian Armored Cavalry Spearman

Safavid Persian Armored Cavalryman

Safavid Persian Armored Cavalry Axe-man 18 AD

Early Safavid Persian Guard Soldier 16 AD

Safavid Persian Lancer Cavalryman

Safavid Persian Qezelbash Special Forces Cavalry Spearman Archer
Qezelbash (Red Hats) were Special Forces Units
Qezelbash were Hardcore Safavid Fanatics willing to lie down their lives for their beliefs

Safavid Persian Qezelbash Special Forces Cavalryman

Safavid Persian Infantry Commander

Safavid Persian Musketeer Soldier

Safavid Persian Qezelbash Cavalryman
Qezelbash (Red Hats) were Safavid Special Force Units

Safavid Persian Qezelbash Red Hat Soldier

Safavid Persian Qezelbash Swordsmen Special Forces 17 AD
Qezelbash were the nightmare of the Safavid Rival Ottoman Turkish Empire

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