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Chapter 1: Exotic Chador

Chador, Sexy and Fashionable!
Sexy Muslim Women in Fashionable Chador

5 Chapters of Chador
Chapter I. Exotic Chador
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 21, 2008
2nd Edition: October 14, 2013

Joon Chador!

I. Exotic Chador
II. Funny Chador
III. Sports Chador
IV. Militant Combat Chador
V. Sexy Chador

Chador 101 – Chadorology Course
Offered from the Ahreemanic University of Islamic Perversions

Don’t you just love to know what’s under the chador?!

When I was in my early teen years living in Iran, people used to base on, bash and make fun of chadori girls. Any woman or girl who would wear any type of hijab (veil) may it be lachak (scarf) or full chador (veil) in Tehran, was looked down upon and branded as Religious Fanatic and Un-Chic! People used to call them Dahati (villagers), Omol (fanatic), Aqab Oftadeh (backward) and Bademjoon (eggplant); of course that was the Imperial Iran of the 1970s but today in 2010s, things are different. Today’s Iran is far from the good old progressive Imperial Iran; in fact it is 180 degrees on the opposite direction. IRI is the central heart of the global Islamism! In today’s Iran, women wear nothing but hijab and if you can make chador or lachak fashionable and sexy, hey, then more power to you!

Iranians are fashionable and they can make even a box of matches fashionable! They surely are making hijab and chador fashionable. This is called the Persian ingenuity!

Vay Chador!

Back then, I was so westoxicated and I was only going out with the most westernized and fashionable mini skirt wearing and bell bottom wearing chicks, after all, I had a public image to keep up with! But even back then, secretly I was attracted to the chadori women and girls! I always wondered what’s under the chador?! I kept on wondering until finally I ended up inspecting the voluptuous and luscious servant’s daughter and maid’s daughter up close and personal! I really got close and personal with them and explored my way deep underneath the chador! Boy, I’m telling ya, there’s gold in them thar hills! There’s a whole new world down there waiting to be unveiled!

They always told me that chadori girls are the worst when it comes to morality, purity and naive-ness. They keep the face and body covered but they mess around with every Hassan and Hussein at every chance that they get! Actually I was told that chadori girls are far more mature and sexually knowledgeable than your average mini skirt or hot pants wearing Persian girl. I have heard all of these rumors until I explored the chador first hand, so hear it from the horse’s mouth! I went deep in to the uncharted territories of chador and I truly did not find much used products! All I found was fresh and hot out of the oven passionate burning hot Persian bodies under them chadors! To make out with a true pious chadori girl is nothing like making out with your typical fashion frenzy Persian girl!

Akh Chador!

The closest thing to a true pious chadori girl make out is the naïve Christian life long home-schooled girl entering the public college make out! And believe me I done both but the pious Christian girl does not even come close to the pious Muslim chadori girl! The Christian girl is like a shooting star while the chadori girl is like an exploding sun! The chadori girl just melts in your mouth and not in your hands!

Since I was an itsy bitsy little bold and cheeky boy, I always wanted to find some chadori girls at the dead end dark alleys of Tehran, grab them hard and jump their bones, and then explore my ways deep in to uncharted territories of underneath the chador. I loved to well feed myself from all the Allah given goods, prime meat and juicy syrup under the chador! I just loved them chunky Abgushti thighs and freshly squeezed grapefruit meme breasts well hidden from the public under them chadors! Boy, I’m telling ya, there’s nothing like freshly squeezed and tenderized delicious Persian girls under them chadors! I guess I have always had a Chador Fetish!

Akheysh …… Traditional Chador!

So, aren’t you anxiously curious about what’s really under the chador?

Now we will jump the Ahreemanic submarine and dive deep in to the unknown uncharted territories well hidden under the Chador! Wash your face and hands, get ready to dig in and dine. Feed your hungry eyes, belly and soul. Enjoy and Bon Appetite:

Akh Joon, Ay Chador, Vay Chador, Oof Chador, Fadaye Lachak! Whoo Hoo Chador ......

Have you ever wondered what’s under the Chador?

Hmmmmmm, I wonder what’s under the Chador?!

The anticipation and the unknown makes it more appetizing!
Especially when the face is do damn cute!
You can have all the naked girls in the world, but at the end of the day, you just wonder what the hell can be under Dokhtar Haji’s (Pilgrim’s Daughter) chador! You just want to peek and steal a little peekalou from when she takes it all off, lying next to her swimming pool, inside his daddy’s fortress of a home with 10 feet tall brick walls, to avoid the horny peekers!
Just a little peekalou!

Some girls make it fashionable!

Some girls make it fashionably questionable?!

Some girls make it the Sun Shine of our lives!

But I just like plain black Chador!
Those willful chadori eyes, those denying eyebrows, those covering the neck flesh hands, and if you ask them:
- Could you just show me an inch of that unknown good thing?
They will reply:
- Get lost, go see an inch of your mother’s and sister’s good things! Khak bar saret!
Damn, even when they cuss, that is such a turn on! I can feel an erection appearing in the horizons! Hello? Can you hear me now? Haji Kuchike is calling?
Those damn eyes! They are just asking for it! You just want to grab them at the dead-end alleys of Tehran, lift up the chador, see what’s down there, and then do the nasty to them!
I need to take a cold shower! I’m losing control! Chador has that effect on me!
One may think that I have a Chador Fetish!

And then there’s the girl down the street, … ye, the one you saw at the Mosque, … ye that one! The one you tried to catch chadorless at the women’s section … remember her? The one you been chasing after her for years …

The one who given you the wet dreams …, ye that one!

Not the one with the beauty mark ….

But the one with the hazel almond shape eyes, …. Ye that one!

The one you saw at her bedroom window with the head-scarf! Remember when you were peeping from the alley?

She always takes off her clothes and changes from bottom to the top, not vice versa!
And I bet you had captured the moment!

And then tried to draw it on the paper ….

Nothing can copy it better than art …
Just picture them eyes, and then figure the rest …

And then you check out the beauty pageant at Qom!

And you call: 1-900-Siqeh Hot Line, and Mehri askes you:
Hello? This is 1-900-Siqeh and I am Mehri, can I Help you?

Sahel: Hello this is 1-900-Siqeh Hot Line, the largest Muslim Siqeh temporary marriage hook up sex hot line in Iran. We are 100 % Sharia’ Law compatible and Islamically Halaal. Can I help you?
Abdullah: Yeh, I would like a Siqeh …
Sahel: Would you like to chat and flow or would you like to Siqeh and glow?
Abdullah: Eh, Ah, Oh … Ahhh … how do you mean?
Sahel: Do you want a Halaal Voice or Cyber Climax or do you want an hourly in person Siqeh to Orgasm and Explode like a suicide bomber?
Abdullah: Uh Oh I surely would like the Bomber Explosion Special!
Sahel: Not to worry, I’ll send a specialist right over to your place ASAP …

Abdullah: Allah bless you Sister, Goodbye!
Sahel: Hello Fatimah would you send a specialist to Abdullah’s place?

Fatimah: Hello Sahel, I’ll locate someone for Abdullah. Give me a few minutes to find a call girl, Oops I mean a Muslim Sister for our Muslim Brother.
Sahel: Thank you Fati joon, do your miracle …
Fatimah: Praise be upon Allah!
Sahel: Praise be upon Allah …
Fatimah: Hello Roqiyah, this is Fati, do you have time for a quick Siqeh?

Roqiyah: Sorry Fati joon, I’m in the middle of a triple chat and flow
Fatimah: Are you having a cyber Menage a Trois?
Roqiyah: Yeh and we are all about to flow, blast and see the light of Allah!
Fatimah: Sorry for interruption, I’ll find someone else …
Roqiyah: OK, Ahhh …Oohhhh, bye bye ….
Fatimah: Hello Hameleh, do you have time for a quick Siqeh delivery?

Hameleh: No I’m in a middle of hitching a husband online. I must marry someone before I pop wide open and give birth!
Fatimah: Are you knocked up again?
Hameleh: Yeh it was an accident!
Fatimah: Not to worry, Allah will provide …
Hameleh: Inshallah … see you later, Allah Gator …
Fatimah: Hello Soqi joon do you have time for a quick Siqeh?

Soqra: Hello Fati joon, sorry I’m taking a day off to give rest to my Habibati. I’m at the Internet Café, smoking Qalyan, drinking tea and chilling on the net on our special Muslim Sex Hotline chat room …
Fatimah: OK Soqi joon bye …

Soqra: Bye bye …
Fatimah: Hello Saliteh, all my girls are booked solid, would you do me a favor and send one of your girls for a quick Siqeh to Abdullah’s place?

Saliteh: Hello this is 1-900-Bang-O-Salavat Muslim Party Line, who’s this?
Fatimah: It’s Fati from 1-900-Siqeh Muslim Sex Hotline.
Saliteh: Hello Fati joon, sure will do, I’ll get right on it.
Fatimah: I’ll owe you one.
Saliteh: Just send Roqiyah over my place tonight to give me one of her special Full Body tongue and hand jobs and we call it even.
Fatimah: We’ll do, I’ll tell her to make it Extra Special.
Saliteh: Roqiyah is surely a great Cunilingus Masseuse!
Fatimah: Yes indeed!
Saliteh: See you Fati joon
Fatimah: Love you dear …
Saliteh: Hello Ozra, do you have time for a quick Siqeh?

Ozra: I’m on my way to Abdullah’s place, Kobra is with me. She’s on the phone with the office. We are having a Triple Lavat Special Siqeh at Enayat’s tonight. Kobra is arranging it.
Saliteh: Triple Lavat Special?!
Ozra: Yeh, nothing like Triple Islamic Anal Sex recommended by Allah!
Saliteh: Let me dial her so we can have a phone conference to arrange our own online Trio for later this evening before you take off tonight!
Ozra: OK Saliteh
Saliteh: Hello Kobi joon, Ozi, you and I for Online Trio this evening?
Kobra: We’ll do Sally joon.
Saliteh: Bye Ozi joon, bye Kobi joon …
Ozra: Bye Sally joon, I’m on my way to Abdullah’s for a quick Siqeh …
Saliteh: Praise be upon Allah …
Ozra: Allah works in mysterious ways!

What is it about the chador that we like?

When they look away and ignore us?

When they look at us right in the eye?

When they are totally incognito with full hijab?

When they partially reveal those eyes?

Or when they fully unveil their face?

No matter what we like about chador and why we like chador,
We always like to catch them!

We like to catch them in the supermarket!
- Excuse me, how can you shop if you can’t see what you buying?!

We like to catch them in the mall …

We like to catch them in the hall …

We like to catch them on the phone …

We like to catch them at the political rally …
- Even if they are pro Ahmadi!

We like to catch them in the street sucking on ice cream cones …

We like to catch them in the woods, isolated!

… and we surely love to catch them at the back, swinging relaxed!
- Excuse me, you look very relaxed, lavand (sexy) and appetizing; however, have in mind that showing forearms are Haraam (forbidden) and for showing ankles, you will surely go to Hell! Showing ankles are strictly Haraam in Islam!

Ahreeman Joon: Excuse me which way to the beach?
Sakineh: Do I look like I have ever seen the beach in my life?
Ahreeman Joon: Pardon me Madam!

Ahreeman Joon:  Ah there’s the beach, hey wait a second, what are these Arabs doing at the beach?

Ahreeman Joon:  Arab Lesbians too?!
… and what the hell are those? Arab hijab bikinis?

Ahreeman Joon:  Now I know for sure that’s an Arab Muslim Bikini! Excuse me Madam, did you do your nose and cheek jobs in Iran?
Habibi: What makes you think mine are fake and what makes you think they’re done in Iran?
Ahreeman Joon: Because Persian Plastic Surgery Jobs are pretty obvious and because Iran is the plastic surgery heaven in the world!

Ahreeman Joon:  Now I know that flat chested girl is Arab and I know that is an Arab Muslim Bikini!
Um ol Kulsum: Who are you calling flat chested you son of a bitch?
Ahreeman Joon: I didn’t mean anything by it Habibi!
Um ol Kuslum: For your information, this is the latest Muslim Swim Suit in the Islamic World.
Ahreeman Joon: But only one problem!
Um ol Kulsum: What?
Ahreeman Joon: You are showing ankle!
Um ol Kulsum: Allah forbid, I have made a sin! I should have worn my water proof swimming sox!

… and now for something totally different, we will take you live to the Female Beach Volleyball Tournament: Afghanistan versus Brazil!
… and now we are waiting for Zobaydah from Team Afghanistan to serve!

An Infidel at UAE
Maliha: Look at the way this western bitch is dressed up in an Islamic country!
Sharifa: Not to worry, Allah will dump her in the depths of hell!
Maliha: Look at her bare legs, she has no shame!
Sharifa: Yeh, actually I like her legs, they’re kind o smooth and soft, I want to touch them!
Maliha: Yeh, I like her breasts, I want to squeeze them!
Sharifa: Yeh me too, I want to take a milk and honey bath with her!
Maliha: But she’s not a big deal The hell with her, that infidel!
Sharifa: Yeh, she doesn’t even have the body for that dress!
Maliha: Yeh … that dress looks better on me!
Sharifa: Yeh but that dress surely looks best for my body type, picture me in it!
Maliha: Hell yeh, the hell with that infidel bitch, Arab girls Rock!

Some Persian girls are natural.

Some Persian girls are unnatural.
Check out the nose job!

Some Persian girls are fake all over …
Fake nose, eyes, hair, face and everything else …
Hello Miss Persian Hybrid!

Some Persian girls are not even really natural girls!
Because they used to be boys!
After all, Iran is Transsexual Heaven providing the best priced Sex Operations in the globe.
Say hello to ever famous Persian Transsexual!
Hello Miss Persian T Girl!

Some girls like to openly challenge the system by waving the Gay Rainbow Banner as Lachak!
Hello Miss Muslim Lesbian!

Some Girls are mysterious!
The Assassin Chador!

… and then some Persian girls are plain Delicious!
Hello Miss Juice Bar!

Critics say chador enslaves the Eastern women and hijab is women’s prison!

But Chador can be pretty Westernized and American Chador can also groom the Western Women!

There’s even Rock Fashion Hijab and Chador!

Chador can Rock and Roll!
The Hard Rock Biker Chador!
Marlon Brando and Elvis Essence with a spice of Islam?!

The Four Chadors!
They can be Art Rock Chadors!
4 Chadors: Hey we’re just some innocent school girls eating Pofak Namaki (Cheese Puffs) and this infidel Ahreeman X has shoved us in to one of his “Net Spoofs” and turned us in to “The Four Chadors” Artsy Fartsy Rock Chadors! This Allah condemned Ahreeman used and abused us and now turned us in to Art Rockers! Ahreeman has no shame!

The Sci-Fi Dark Chador!
Chador can be pretty much out there and it can look like a Sci-Fi Dark Assassin Chador!
I have seen some of this stuff coming out of Iran, so bizarre, so bizarre …
She is just making a fashion statement!

The Sci-Fi Retro Burqa Chador!
Chador can look like a 1950s bad Sci-Fi Movie’s cheesy costume resembling either a futuristic Burqa or a latex condom with radio dial eyes! Now that’s pretty much out there!
But hey, she’s just making a fashion statement!

The American Chador!
Chador can be as American as Apple Pie and White Cake!
This one fits the profile of the Muslim American born or Born Again Muslim Converts and all the Lost Lambs of Allah in the belly (land) of the Great Satan!
Allah bless America!

Western Chadors – Future of the Western World!
“Liberal Political Correctness guarantees the West to bend over for Muslims, and the Muslims to really shove it deep and hard in to the Westerners’ buttocks!” (Ahreeman X)
Let’s face it, with the Liberal Political Correctness ruling and infecting the West, this will be the future of the France, America, Germany, Britain and rest of the Europe and Americas! One Big Happy Islamic Family under the Chador! Niqab and Burqa are recommended but optional!

Exotic Hijab!

So that’s what’s going on under the Hijab!
Do you see how much work it takes to put on a Saudi Wahhabi Hijab aka Ninja Getup? And now ready for the battle, we go…

Sex, Violence and Hijab
The Islamist Femi-Tazi Hijab!

Hijab and Meme!
Sometimes they can be Femme Fatales. Nothing like Hijab and Meme (That’s of course Esfahani
for Mame, meaning breasts)!

Naeimeh Eshraghi (Khomeini’s granddaughter) with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
It all started with Khomeini. The whole Neo Islamist Fundamentalist Ideology started with Khomeini and of course Khomeini started with Carter. In fact Carter gave birth to Khomeini and Neo Islamist Fundamentalism. Allah blesses Carter for Islamist Terrorism in the world, and now Carter’s son, Obama follows his path! Over here Ayatollah spends time with his favorite granddaughter Naeimeh Eshraghi whom they were very close.

Ayatollah: Honey promise me that you will always remain faithful to the True Quran and Islam which is the Islamist Fundamentalist Philosophy, ok?
Naeimeh: Yes Grams, I love you and I will forever remain a lamb of Allah!

Naeimeh Eshraghi (Khomeini’s granddaughter) with Ex President Seyed Mohammad Khatami
The funny thing is that Ayatollah’s favorite granddaughter Naeimeh Eshraghi has all grown up and now she turned out to become a hardcore Islamist Reformist! Over here Naeimeh Eshraghi is all lovey dovey with the father of Islamist Reformism Khatami! Ayatollah Khomeini is now shaking in his grave for his granddaughter’s sin! Ayatollah would have preferred to drink poison and die than to witness his favorite granddaughter deviates from Islamist Fundamentalism, becomes a revisionist and joins the Islamist Reformist camp!
Naeimeh (pondering): Oh he has such beautiful smile and a kind face …
Khatami (pondering): Akh joon, I think I got this Zaife in the bag of Reforms Hype; this is great propaganda for me. I may even take her to the out-house and check out her Bar O Run (naked face and thighs)!

“Naeimeh Eshraghi (Ayatollah Khomeini’s granddaughter) is a hardcore Reformist!" (Media)
Ahreeman Joon (pondering): Actually she is not just an Islamist Reformist, but she has potential to also become a Sexual Reformist! Take one look at her healthy bright face and you can tell that underneath all that hijab, there lays a Chunky Little Tuna. I can tell that under the chador, this lamb of Allah has some white beefy thighs and lamb shanks! This girl is a juicy girl and her juices have been piled up for decades and they are now ready to flow. This lamb of Allah with beefy lamb shanks must be manhandled!
Naeimeh: My grams always warned me about Monharef (perverts) like Ahreeman!
Ahreeman Joon: Hello Naeimeh, would you like to meet the Big Bad Woolf? Here I am! I would like to dig in to your Halaal Meat and Sharbat (syrup) under the chador!
Naeimeh: Well I would never! My Grams wouldn’t allow it!
Ahreeman Joon: But Grams joined the Allah and he’s not here!
Naeimeh: But his spirit will always protect me from Qorbati Wolves like you! Go dig in to your cousins’ Haraam Meats and Sharbat, you infidel bastard!

Ahreeman Joon: I can see some of Naeimeh’s Qabqab (double chin)! Showing double chin is Haraam in Islam! Hey Naeimeh you are showing some double chin and it is surely a sin and also a turn on!
Naeimeh: It doesn’t take much to turn you on, does it?
Ahreeman Joon: Well what can I say, I grew up in an Islamic society, I’m just another Hungry Carnivore Pervert Monharef!

“Naeimeh Eshraghi has interesting Poses!” (Media)
Ahreeman Joon: Oh by the anger of Allah and rattle of the Muhammad’s testicles, Allah forbids, is Naeimeh posing?! This is a Playboy Style pose! Tahrik Konandast (What a turn on)!

Sometimes you can catch them at UAE, wearing hijab, Iranian style! They come both in colors …

And indeed Black and White! Whatever tickles your fancy!

Sometimes they make it romantic!

Sometimes they make it mysterious ……

Sometimes they make it sexy ……

I like it ……

You like it …

Council-Woman from Tehran in her formal chador likes it …

Imam Khamenei likes it …

Even Ahmadinejad likes it!
Tight Islamic uniform and a big smile does it!

But at the end of the day, nothing does it better than a glance at them eyes!
Those damn sexy and bold, willful chadori eyes! Those faraway eyes. They’re just asking for it! Like a ripe peach asking to be plucked from the tree, like a flower waiting to be blossomed. Like a pious woman anticipating to go to the mosque for the prayer, like a virgin anxiously waiting to be manhandled! Those damn sexy and bold, faraway chadori eyes …

Those willful eyes ……

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